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BC Police Taser 11-Year-Old

I remember when I talked to a Montreal cop about tasers a few years ago. I asked him what he thought of them, whether it might not be a good idea to get rid of them, but he was of the mind that we should have more of them. But what about these incidents where people die from being tasered? he said those people must have had some underlying medical condition and they would have died whether you used a taser or not.
Excuse me?!
Yes, he really said that and I just imagined him and all the other cops sitting spiral-eyed in front of a screen at a brainwashing seminar on tasers where they are told, “If the person dies, they were weak and were probably going to die anyway. It’s just a coincidence that it happened after they got tasered.”
Looks to me like the people who indoctrinate cops about tasers are the same ones who program the medical professionals about vaccine ‘safety’.
That cop seemed like a nice guy. He really did. But he had been programmed to believe the most absurb things when it comes to electrocuting people to keep them in submission to you as a policy enforcement officer.
Now, please explain to me how an 11-year-old kid got tasered and why the police is refusing to tall the public whether the child was armed or not? How did we get to the point of having ‘peace officers’ who electrocute children in this country?

Dealing with Police: Traffic Stop

This was an interesting interaction that was recorded by someone on the World Freeman Society forum.

Ok, so here’s the way it went down… I recorded it on my cell phone but it’s an old phone and I don’t have any way to put it on my computer…

I was traveling to Calgary in my girlfriend’s truck (which is registered, insured, etc) and I obviously do not carry a “Driver’s License” anymore….

I was going about 130 in a 110 zone and sure enough the lights started flashing in my rear view mirror… The highway sherriff (a female) approaches my window…

Me: Good morning officer! (with a big smile) Are you a peace officer?
Her: Yes I am
Me: Have you observed me breach the peace today?
Her: You were speeding, 131 in a 1… (I cut her off)
Me: Violating a statute is not breaching the peace. Have you observed me breach the peace today?
Her: I need to see your… (I cut her off again)
Me: You don’t need to see anything, have you observed me breach the peace today?
Her: I need to see your…. (again cut off)
Me: According to the constitution act of 1982 I have a right to be free from interference with my personal affairs and the right to refuse interaction with a peace officer who has not observed me breach the peace, Is that correct?
Her: Well… (cut off yet again)
Me: Am I being detained?
Her: Sir I need to… (cut off)
Me: No, have you observed me breach the peace?
Her: No but you were (cut off)
Me: Am I being detained?
Her: Sir I… (you know by now that I cut her off again)
Me: Am I being detained?
Me: Am I free to go?
Her: No I need to (again)
Me: Am I being detained? I have a right against this. Am I being detained?
Her: No I just need (yup, again)
Me: So if I’m not being detained then I’m free to go right? Am I free to go?
Her: No I need (haha ya, again)
Me: If I’m not free to go then I’m being detained right? Am I being detained?
Her: No you’re not I just… (you get the picture)
Me: If I’m not being detained then I’m free to go… (starting truck again)
Her: (with hand on gun) Sir I need you to step… (wanted to say “out of the vehicle” but I cut her off again)
Me: If I’m not being detained then I am free to go right? Am I free to go or am I being detained?
Her: No…. (cut off)
Me: So if I’m not being detained and I’m not free to go what am I? I’m gonna drive away now (I put the truck in gear)
Her: (almost yelling at this point) Sir I need you to!… (cut off)
Me: You don’t need anything, I’m going to drive away now (I know I shouldn’t have used the word drive but whatever)

So at this point I let my foot off the brake and coasted forward a few feet. She just stood there with the most CONFUSED look on her face, and I had butterflies in my stomach that I thought were going to break through the skin and fly away…
I was expecting her to come chase me down and taser me or something but I looked in the mirror and she was still just standing there with a look that clearly said “What the hell just happened here?”

To read the full post go here:

“Habs Hockey Victory is No Excuse for Debtor Behaviour”

An update on the local Montreal Police State scene.

The Montreal Canadians hockey team appears to be at the heart of our social fabric in the city. It brings everyone together, to drink beer at the rink or in front of a tube at home or a bar which Montreal has quite a fine assortment of while people dress in team spirit. One could be dining and keep track of the score just by listening to the drivers honk along the street with every goal as they tune in to the radio. We mourn by drinking when they lose, and we drink to celebrate when they win. During the playoffs people flood the streets and go wild, walking all over the road, impeding traffic as they leave the stadium. It takes forever to walk a couple of blocks. The noise produced is incredible so toddlers get all excited and can’t sleep. On the main street, police will gather in a group of six and watch the game end as its being projected outside atop a building. The city’s attention in fixed.

Sure, we can all take pride in our Habs winning a game and celebration isn’t wrong. The problem is that there are people in our society who can’t keep their shit together when it becomes an opportunity for looting as this article reports:

This destroys it for everyone. It creates havoc and it sends the message to our parents, the government, that we are too irresponsible to maintain our own peace and that we need the police to interfere with our lives and supervise us. During the playoffs, as soon as they win helicopters will make their way into the city and hover above. We already have CCTV cameras propped up, do we need to be watched everywhere we go? Well that is the message these people who are smashing windows and looting send. They are stealing. Why would a creditor ever steal? They wouldn’t because they always pay, a debtor on the other hand cannot be trusted. Why are people acting like alcohol thirsty debtors? It is so uncivilized.

“In fact, as thousands of hockey fans spilled out of downtown bars and clubs onto Ste. Catherine Street on Wednesday night to celebrate the Canadiens’ win against the Pittsburgh Penguins, rarely had so much testosterone been unleashed onto Montreal’s streets with so little consequence.”

Why are we unleashing our testosterone on Roman gladiators? Why do we all come together for hockey and never anything that matters? Are we condescendingly simple? Should we lay off the beer or the hockey? Or both? Take a look at what’s going on in your community and how systems are being used to trick you in to giving up your autonomy to authorities that care not for debtors – and how we’re fully consenting to it.

Can we at least use a fraction of that testosterone to for something useful and good? Or are the masses really truly convinced that there is no world beyond hockey? Look at what we’re begging for:

“The large presence of police, some on horses, some behind their shields, others in helicopters hovering overhead, surely helped keep the peace along Ste. Catherine, which was closed to traffic as of 7 p.m. to leave room for fans to party, police said — and get as many shiny, breakable objects out of the way.”

Large presence? I have never seen so many riot police with shields in Montreal at once in my life since the playoffs.

People need to teach responsibility and do their own citizens arrests when witnessing a crime. We must maintain the peace ourselves. When events like these happen, it ruins it for everyone. It tells the “authorities” we can’t manage ourselves. Read a book. Then again, if you’re reading this you probably don’t subscribe to mass-opiates like professional hockey.

I hope their game on Saturday goes well and that Montreal fans show more responsibility or creditor-like behavior. Remember, if you use paper money with a dead person’s face on it that means you’re a debtor and acknowledge that you operate in admiralty law. Now, just because we’re debtors doesn’t mean we have to be belligerent about it.