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London Riots and Provocateurs

If the police shooting of Marc Duggan sparked the riots in London, why didn’t the police shooting of this 19-year-old do the same in the USA?

The answer is simple: the police didn’t let it happen. They quickly came out with their riot gear to disperse the protesters who gathered that night. And that was the end of it- no riots in San Francisco. In London, they likely did more than just let the fire burn by itself: they probably used provocateurs, as reported by young people on the scene who tweeted that people posing as reporters tried to bribe them to go looting.

1- They look like cops, i.e. pretty big and/or buff.
2- They act like cops, i.e. pretty unfriendly and aloof with a telltale bad vibe.
3- They dress like people who are dressed up like protesters, i.e. their clothes look new and not worn-in like the rags on every other hippies’ back.
4- Or they dress up like ‘anarchists’, often with face coverings, but their police-issue boots give them away.
5- They instigate violence.

Here are some examples from Canada:

G20 in Toronto:

Montebello, Quebec, 2007

I am just waiting for some footage like this to come out of London.

London Riots A Conspiracy?

Civil unrest broke out in London and spread to surrounding suburbs over the weekend and has continued to rage for the past four days. Young people of various ethnicities have been rioting and looting, torching buildings, breaking into shops and making away with consumer goods such as TVs, alcohol, electronics. The police have been slow to get things under control, appearing to stand down as mobs of people rampage in the streets.

Looters making off with stuff they don’t really need:

Why are these people running amok like this? Unlike in the episodes of civil unrest in the Middle East that took place over the previous year, those participating have not made any clear statements concerning their reasons for acting like hooligans. Officially, what sparked this was the death of a young black man by the name of Marc Duggan, who was reportedly shot by police while sitting in a taxi. Well, this is what the mainstream media has been repeating, but it doesn’t quite make sense. First of all, it is odd that not only are the rioters not holding up placards drawing attention to the case of Marc Duggan, nor are they chanting any slogans related to police brutality, but only small numbers of Londoners even payed tribute to Mr Duggan after his death: a few in his neighborhood held a vigil, and even fewer placed flowers at the site where he died. The death of Marc Duggan does not seem to have directly acted as the natural catalyst for the chaos we are now seeing.

Even more suspiciously, it was reported on Russia today that people in the neighborhood where Duggan was killed stated that a police surveillance vehicle had been filming the area for days before the shooting, that armed plain-clothes agents had been spotted hiding in bushes nearby and that the taxi in which Marc Duggan had been a passenger had been taken away after the incident and then returned later for more tests. Were they planning to kill someone to use it as a cover for riots that would then be instigated by provocateurs?

And why has this been allowed to go on for several days? Are the police and government dragging their feet? Russia Today reports that Parliament is holding a debate on what to do. A debate? At a time like this? Surely, they could take a lesson from Canadian and American police and deploy sound and water canons or use rubber bullets to keep people in check? They have such means at their disposal, yet they seem to be intentionally backing off and playing helpless, allowing the violence to escalate. They also say that those participating in the looting are doing so for excitement, and that there is a deficit in the police force as many officers have been laid off in previous years, while the government has been spending enormous sums on foreign wars. The message appears to be that this is happening because there is not enough of a police presence to keep these people from acting like unruly children.

Footage shows ‘mob mentality’ taking over after a few men initiate an attack on the police, pushing them back. But who are these men, dressed in black, with face coverings and shiny white sneakers? Could they be agent provocateurs sent in to herd the black sheep into engaging in an attack?

The following report appears to confirm my suspicions that provocateurs are being used to instigate and fuel the rampage, as youths are claiming they have been offered money to loot by people posing as journalists.
Meanwhile, police have been ordered to stand down. http://www.prisonplanet.com/police-were-ordered-to-stand-down-as-london-burned.html
After the 2010 G20 and other such events, this is starting to look all too familiar to me.

Member of Parliement Gerard Batten states that what we are seeing is a display of ‘pure criminality’ and that the solution would be to bring troops back from Afghanistan and deploy them against British Citizens.
“Let’s get our troops back into this country and actually put them on the streets supporting the police in order to crush this criminal insurrection,” he says, which translates simply into “it’s time for us to have martial law in London.”
He also declares that the problem is not lack of jobs, but lack of willingness on the part of these people to do them, and that what has further contributed to this wanton criminality is the lax laws that make it hard for people to get arrested and allow them to get away with just about anything. I have a hard time believing that. In London, where Big Brother reigns over the inhabitants with him myriad ever-present, all-seeing eyes, where the government has invested probably billions in surveillance equipment, there are not enough laws in place to punish people for criminal behaviour? Then what is the point of having all those cameras? I have a hard time believing that. Rather, it is looking to me more and more like this violence is being allowed to take place in order to bring in the next step in the agenda of creating a total police state. Britain was the first to install cameras on every corner, to ban guns outright, and to bring in the naked scanners at the airports. Will they now become the first living model of the NWO martial law police state?

So, again, what are these rioters ‘fighting against’? Justice for Marc Duggan? Doesn’t look like it to me. Is it backlash against austerity measures that were imposed in 2010? Are they just so angry that they can’t afford iPods that they have taken to pillaging local shops? Or, possibly, has this situation been designed and instigated by the globalist elites in order to herald the advent of martial law in Britain and soon the rest of the Western world? Given the evidence, it seems to me like the last option is the correct one.

Olympics, Protests and Provocateurs

Article written by Kiwi Kush aka Youtube user bruisedkiwi
Website: http://yourepidemic.blogspot.com/

I was at the protest and have done a bunch of searchings on news items written about Vancouver and the protests.

The world wide media seems to really be picking up on the real issues and why 60% of people in Vancouver oppose the Vancouver Olympics and think it’s a waste of money.

I’ve compiled some of the best from my internet searchings around, for those who are interested in what the world is hearing about us.

One of my favorite quotes of today from the news:

“As the protesters headed down the street, numerous bystanders started lining the curb, taking photographs, not unlike the torch relay”


The Angus Reid poll, released Thursday, found that a majority of those interviewed — 63 per cent — expect the Vancouver Games to run a deficit, and 83 per cent believe the Games are planned to benefit elite members of society.

Almost 60 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement that the Vancouver Olympics are a waste of money that could be used for more important things.


Kansas Times writes about Vancouvers World (and extreme poverty) outside the Olympics Bubble…


Read more about provocateurs being used at the Vancouver Olympics on the MTL 911Truth website