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Rh Negative Conspiracy Theory and the 27 Club

I am very pleased to say that today I will be joined once again by Mike Dammann, Rh negative researcher, blogger on rhesusnegative.net and host of the popular conspiracy-theory website firetown.com . Today we will be talking about the the meaning and possible origins of Rhesus-negative blood and the significance of the high prevalence of Rh- status among politicians and music industry celebs.

Did you know that every US President since Eisenhauer has been Rh negative, as well as the British Royal family, the top pop stars of the hippie era and the most prominent member of the so-called ’27 Club’? Given that only 15% of the Western population is Rh-, could this be attributed to mere coincidence? Plus, what is the ’27 Club’ and did the members ‘join’ voluntarily or were they sacrificed as part of some kind of Satanic ritual?
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