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Children’s Abuse Society- A Personal Story

This story was sent to me by one of my Youtube viewers and is her account of her personal experience with the CAS. She has given me permission to publish it, but would like to remain anonymous. The name of the author’s hometown has been omitted since this was quite a prominent case and this could possibly reveal her identity. The following is her testimony:

This topic is supremely painful for me therefore I try to avoid it, even when I should be speaking out.

Let me testify as to what happened when I was made a ward of the CAS. First of all, we were living in a small Northern mining town, and I was being sexually abused as well as physically battered at home. I showed up at school in a visibly battered condition one time too many. I was ashamed of my bruises etc, and had taken to skipping school and hiding in the woods all day, even in the frigid Northern winter, but some days I ended up class whether I wanted to be there or not. So, this one day, as the schoolday was ending, my teacher stopped me on my way out of class and said she needed to talk to me. Would I meet her in the seminar room? Unsuspecting, I innocently obeyed. A few minutes later, she arrived with the principal, the head nurse from the local clinic, and a woman I had never seen before. Immediately they became threatening and abusive. I was informed that the stranger was a CAS worker named Ellen Greene, who had flown up from Winnipeg, that I would be accompanying her back to Winnipeg that day, that i would not be returning to (author’s hometown), and if I chose not to co-operate (I had no reputation for rebelliousness so the threat was uncalled for), that they would hold me down, forcibly inject me with drugs, and then I WOULD co-operate. I was taken to my home where I was ordered to go in, speak to NO ONE, go directly to my room, pack my smallest suitcase and be back out of the house in 5 minutes. We took the plane to Winnipeg, where I was immediately placed in a locked ward for disturbed children and given hypnotic sedatives by force. These caused severe damage to my motor skills. I began veering into walls etc, passing out suddenly, etc, etc. I was taken out of the hospital one day by the CAS worker who took me to see a fat middle-aged lesbian doctor, who brutally masturbated me while telling me what a slut I was. I had just turned 13 and aside from an incident of rape, and the sexual abuse at home, was not sexually active. The leers exchanged between doctor and CAS worker afterwards told me that this was a filthy routine, that I had basically just been prostituted to the doctor by the CAS worker. After 30 days “observation” in which my person and my dignity were insulted at every turn, while they continued to pump me with more drugs than my body could withstand, I was picked up again by the worker, and taken to the first of 2 group homes. As soon as I was left there, the other girls descended upon me and beat me up, then divided my meager belongingsd amongst themselves. WHILE THE GROUP PARENT STOOD IN THE DOORWAY, ARMS FOLDED, LOOKING ON WITH A STRANGE SMILE ON HIS FACE! I soon ran away from that group home (no easy feat because we were kept in lockdown like criminals!) and sought sanctuary at my grandmother’s house, as she lived in Winnipeg. In no time at all Ellen Green was there with the police and I was dragged screaming for help from my grandmother’s house. Taken to a second group home where the abuse sharply escalated, where I was in fear for my life, and where I was told that if I failed to comply, they would drive me out to a friend’s house in the country and I WOULD NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN!!! Over and over, I was told I was going to end up a prostitute in the gutter with a needle sticking out of my arm. Finally, in terror for my life, I ran away, and skipped the border into the USA. I did have to sleep my way across the country to get to California but by then I had been reduced to nothing and I told myself I was doing it to get away from a fate worse than death, that i was doing it to save myself. besides, as a 13 year old girl on the run, saying no wasn’t an option. If i was a stuck-up little bitch and declined to put out, some sense was quickly beaten into me. I somehow survived several years on the streets, and it was often bad; but no matter how bad it got, I kept telling myself it was better than being at home, or being a ward of the CAS.

In 1996 I got a lawyer and tried to take the fuckers on. They had conveniently destroyed all records.

I just turned 51. I have a grade 8 education (thanks to what they did to me), am on Disability, have spent fully half of my life homeless, and suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Hashimoto’s Disease. I live in Vancouver where once a poor person pays rent there is nothing left for food. I am constantly battling suicidal despair, but I am a tough old bird, who doesn’t want THEM to win.

I am also a former Internet “celebrity” who had “fans” who were always telling me how great I was, while I continued to starve. It’s a funny old world. I am also a former activist who is watching the current world developments with intense interest. i am hoping that when the people take back what has been taken from them, that old fighters like me will be compensated for everything we were forced to endure, while “good people” looked on and did NOTHING.

I have not told you this for sympathy. I want you to have this info. Nobody else but my former lawyer has heard my testimony. Nobody else gives a shit. I hope you will be further galvanized by my testimony. As a footnote I will tell you that I proferred the olive branch to my family a few years ago. My Mother and Stepfather are both old now, and my Dad is bitterly sorry for what he did to me. My Mother remains in cheerfully righteous denial. I forgive them both. They are both elderly cancer survivors, and I do not want them to go to their graves with the burden of unforgiveness. You see, despite everything they did to destroy my life, i love my parents.

Casey Anthony: Was It Satanic Ritual Abuse?

I can’t quite figure it out and that’s no surprise since the prosecution couldn’t either. Everything I may say about Casey and what might have really happened is speculation, but I speculate that her parents were very much involved- right from the start.
Some basic facts to the story include:
– Casey tried to give Caylee up at birth but her mother, Cindy, wouldn’t let her. Normally, if a woman wants to adopt her child out, that is up to her. This tells me that Cindy had a lot of control over her daughter.
– On the original 9-1-1 call, Cindy calls to report that Casey has stolen her car and needs to be arrested. Then, when teh call is transfered, one can hear Cindy saying to Casey that she will next bring up the ‘child thing’. Casey asks for ‘one more day’ but Cindy tells her ‘I’ve given you a month’. This sounds to me like it indicates that Cindy has known all along that the child has been missing. Also, the fact that Cindy first calmly reports an auto theft, then brings up the dead body smell in her daughter’s car, and finally discloses the fact that the child is missing and breaks into hysterics on cue, tells me that this was planned, staged and theatric. Again, it leads me to suspect that Cindy was heavily involved and was the one to decide how and when they would bring this to the authorities. If your granddaughter was missing, would you first bring up other issues before reporting this on a call? And why would you break into tears only at the end of the call? If this was the first Cindy had heard of it, I would imagine she would have called in tears and immediately reported the most important part first: Caylee’s disappearance.
– During the 9-1-1 call, Cindy also states to Casey that Caylee is ‘with Zanny’, the nanny, although it later turned out that there was no zanny the Nanny. The name Zenaida Gonzales had been chosen by Casey, or more likely Cindy, for some unknown reason, and the only woman in the area with that name is now suing Casey for defamation of character. I can’t help but notice that ‘Zanny the Nanny’ is very catchy, the kind of thing one woudl remember easily. The kind of name a suspect would have in a movie. Was it Cindy who came up with this? Cindy clearly knew there was no ‘Zanny’, yet she mentioned this fabrication to Casey while waiting for their call to be transferred, as if going over their invented story to make sure Casey had it straight. Why do I think Cindy knew there was no ‘Zanny’? Because she spoke about her as if she knew this woman, calling her by her nickname and not ‘her (Caylee’s) nanny’. If Zanny didn’t exist and Cindy talked about her like she knew her, my guess is it would be because she was involved in creating the lie about her. The alternative would have been that Casey had been lying to her mother for months about a fictitious nanny. What purpose would this serve? The only purpose Zanny served was to divert the cops’ attention, so I think she was made up during the month Caylee was missing.
– During the month that Caylee was missing, Casey partied, went shopping and got a tattoo that said ‘Bella Vita’ : beautiful life. This is bizarre behavious for someone whose kid is missing or has just died.
– During the recorded conversations between Cindy and Casey while Casey was in prison, it’s obvious that Cindy is the one in control. One can clearly see Casey’s frustration at barely being able to get a word in edgewise. Cindy looks to me like the brains of the operation.
– A couple of years into the trial, Casey suddenly states that her daughter died as the result of a drowning accident. Obviously, this is very bizarre.
– The coroner had found duct tape on the child’s skull. She concluded that Caylee was the victim of a homicide and that drowning was unlikely.
– Traces of choloform were found in Casey’s car along with undetermined DNA that was either human or animal- they couldn’t tell for sure.
– A search for ‘how to make chloroform’ was found on Casey’s computer. Cindy said she was responsible for it, but that it happened accidentally with autocomplete while she was looking up chorophyll. It turned out that Cindy was at work while this Google search was done, so she had to be lying about it. Why did she lie?
– Right near the end of the trial, Casey’s lawyer stated that Casey had been sexually abused by her father from the time she was eight and that this is why she was in the habit of lying about everything.
– While in prison, Casey did not act like someone who had just lost her child. She came across very self-centered, saying that this whole affair was ‘ruining her life’, and refered to Caylee as ‘that little girl’. Later, in prison, she had a change of behaviour and started acting like she didn’t have a care in the world.

My speculations are that not only were the grandparents heavily involved in whatever happened, but this might have involved ritual abuse. Possibly Casey had been ritually abused from the time she was a child. The accusations of molestation woudl fit in with that and it woudl explain casey’s bizarre behaviour, as people who undergo this kind of trauma often become very dissociated, sometimes to the point of splitting into two personalities. This could explain her sudden change in demeanor while in prison and her apparent lack of emotions with regards to the death of her child. I would even consider the possibility that Casey tried to give Caylee up to spare her whatever she had gone through herself. As for motive, when it comes to Casey the only motive I could imagine would be wanting to spare her daughter from the same abuse she had endured. This would explain why everyone she knew attested that she was a good mother. maybe she was. Either that or she saw the child as a burden, but the testimonies don’t point to this.
It is also possible that Casey actually had nothing to do with the murder, but that her own parents were directly or indirectly responsible for it.

Cindy comes across as a very strong figure, a mastermind, the one in control. I would suspect that she was the one who all along planned how they would turn Casey, who was not responsible, in. They would do this once the body was decomposed and would conspire in elaborate lies that would lead the police on more than one wild goose chase. Did Cindy or her husband kill Caylee as a ritual sacrifice, or did they allow someone else to sacrifice her? What did they stand to gain from it? I cannot make any accusations, I can only wonder.

But I do wonder, because this case reminds me so much of the JonBenet Ramsey case, in which mountains of circumstantial evidence pointed to the parents, yet they were exonerated. As it turned out, they were involved in a Satanic coven that included judges as well as others in high places. JonBenet had started to speak to teachers about people in robes abusing her, and she had been taken to the doctor 60 times in one year for repeated yeast infections. Her vagina was twice the size of a normal 6-year-olds.

Sexual abuse in both families, plenty of circumstantial evidence, obvious lies involving the entire family, and a verdict of ‘not guilty’ based on insufficient evidence: it is clear both cases have that much in common. But do they also have something even more sinister in common including involvement in Satanic ritual abuse? I can only speculate.