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Man Brutalized In Court For Asserting He is a Sovereign

The following was written by Youtube user WeepingWillow2. Carol will join me on the radio today to tell her story and is seeking help from the public. you can listen to the show live today at http://americanfreedomradio.com Carol woll be on from approximately 3:07 EST to 3:26 EST.
Or you can download the episode later from the episode archived for April 28 at:
Carol’s son incensed the judge when he stated that he was a ‘sovereign being on the land’. Following his statement in court, he was painfully dragged away in shackles and had a taser held to his face. I don’t know what went wrong here, whether he was considered to be adversarial or made some kind of mistake that put him under the court’s jurisdtiction, but if you have any insight into this or would like to offer your help, you can contact Carol at the email or phone umber at the bottom of this page.
Carol tells the story as follows:

Hi my name is Carol Roberts. The following is a tragic story of my son, of whom I have power of attorney over.

he was beat up in court yesterday April 25, 2011 in Lagrange, Georgia, Troup county, for making his statement (the first opportunity to do so) since this ordeal/nightmare first began. he was responding to the question of judge Allen Keeble who will shortly be receiving a warning notice memorandum, as well as an application for writ of habeas corpus within a couple of days if not sooner.

the judge did not want what he (my son) had to say on the record, which is the following:

“Here and now, in, on and for the re-chord I speak:
I am a living breathing spiritual being of God ,
a sovereign being on the land, capable to handle, my affairs under universal law.
I do not need the court to appoint any foreign agent(s) such as crown accredited registry bar member attorney to present me as I am not in the fictional law society.
I, in forgiveness of any harms to me, wish and co-manned that you end this matter to keep all safe from harm. This is my loving wish.
Are you making a claim on me/us and my/our flesh and blood living and soul-full body, to harm me/us in any way ?
You may vacate this matter, with just cause and with prejudice, as is my wish to be in peace, honour and love for all and I wish to leave now in that same light.
What say you now in peace, honour and love? “

Upon his stating the part about being a sovereign on the land, judge Allen Keeble went ballistic, started screaming for him to shut up, then telling the bailiff’s to remove him from the court room. his ankles being shackled, wrists handcuffed, he was tackled and dragged on his knee’s taking off the hide from both of them, dragging him through the door which led out of court, all 3 or 4 sheriff’s deputies fell on top of him, his feet still lying in the court room itself, while they all screamed at him, jabbing elbow’s into his injured back, ribs, and stood atop of his ankle cuffs, injuring him further, begging him to just move, with a Taser stuck in his face, when all he did was try to address the court. He was not combative, was not rude, did not holler, nor give cause for any reason to have been treated this way. He stated to them while they beat him up, that he was not resisting, yet they continued beating him and injuring him further. All because the judge did not want what he was stating put into the record. The judge had asked him a question as to why he rejected the court appointed attorney and he began making that reason known. The judge did not like what was being stated and thereby had my son attacked!
He has been in immediate need of medical attention since yesterday a.m. and has as yet received none. the nurse saw him, and stated according to him to me in a phone conversation which I taped, saying she wanted to wait to see how much more the ankle swelled up, before she’d recommend he be transported to a hospital for x-rays, nothing at all said about his already having a back problem which they caused further injury to.
I beg of your assistance for my child.
I called the Georgia bureau of investigations to report this crime against my son, and pleaded repeatedly for this SPC agent Jeremy Dockins to acquire immediate medical care for my son, he refused stating that he could not go and lock up anyone until he was given word by the sheriff’s dept, police dept and the governor themselves. He again requested my name, phone number and town. Not specifically my address, but with their data base, I have every confidence, they can look that up regardless. I told him I was not seeking to have him arrest anyone, but to get my son immediate medical treatment and to investigate the complaint put before him. to date, i have not heard anything from the GBI.
thank you,
Carol L Roberts CLR

(I’ve lost my home phone for having received 3 phone calls from my son when he was first incarcerated back in December. Then bogus charges from the jail phone company raised those charges to over 400 dollars, I refuse to pay them. it’s theft and highway robbery. wherefore I’m using a cheap cell phone his fiancée got with a Georgia phone number so he can call home without it costing an arm and a leg. this place (jail) with dirty bribery sheriff has had my sons mail stolen, opened when it’s mail marked legal defence documents wherein they are to open those in his presence only, but don’t, made copies of his mail, lost his mail and now they resort to their goon squad beating him up ! )
I implore you to call me and help my son.

EMAIL wheepingwillow2@yahoo.com

The FBI makes me giggle

Last week, the FBI released a statement about domestic terrorism referring to the “sovereign citizen” extremist movement as a threat to security. I will entertain the fact that they are only a threat to those who want to impose their corporate rule. I just have a questions regarding their statement found below:


Sovereign citizens are not anti-government. The government either works for them to uphold personal contracts or they are indifferent to the government because those that are creditors, who conduct their business in the jurisdiction A the private or the republic, do not care for what goes on the jurisdiction B, the public, also known as the democracy because it is a fictitious place where everything is free – it doesn’t exist. In fact, those who are sovereign creditors are not anti-tax, these people have friendly relations with the IRS or the CRA because these organizations work for them. Creditors receive tax money to benefit everyone. Are the FBI referring to those supposed sovereigns who behave as debtors? They need to make a better distinction.

“They are separate or “sovereign”from the United States” Perhaps they think this because they realize that the United States is a corporation with a de facto government originally bought by England after the revolutionary war?

“For example, many sovereign citizens don’t pay their taxes.” Sure, because those that are sovereign creditors receive tax dollars because they manage their not-for-profit corporations.

“They use fake money orders, personal checks, and the like at government agencies, banks and business” Not necessarily, creditors know the power of the pen and how to use real negotiable instruments like accepting and returning for value. They may use their private assets to chip away at the national debt and balance books. Also, what is money? Is it not a promise to pay? Your signature is worth far
more than any bill in circulation because your body is owned by the state and in exchange you were given to ability to write off debt.

“Commit murder and physical assault?” Don’t non-sovereign citizens commit murder and physical assault? In fact, are there not many more people out there who are not sovereign so to propose that sovereigns are more likely to commit murder and physical assault is hogwash? Where is there proof? This is a big statement on the FBI’s part, sovereign creditors are about giving to the world, not destroying it. Is this antithetical to being a sovereign?

“Threaten judges, law enforcement professions, and government personnel” Perhaps if the sovereign is acting like a debtor – but debtors aren’t sovereigns. The sovereign creditor always bringing solutions. They have unlimited commercial potential so they always bring remedy. Creditors remain in honor by conditionally accepting offers which extinguishes conflict.

“Impersonate police officers?” No, they will behave as peace officers to uphold the peace as it is our duty to do so.
“Impersonate diplomats?” Perhaps its difficult for the people to distinguish sovereigns from diplomats…is it a problem?

“White-collar scams, including mortgage fraud and so-called “redemption” schemes…what about banking and mortgages? Is there full disclosure? Creditors
seek to know the maritime-admiralty law and apply it with due diligence in order to make everyone including the banks happy…why? Because they always pay.

Can the FBI come up with something better? Unless they are just scared of debtors I still do not understand why the FBI refers to this as the Sovereign CITIZENS movement. Black’s law (9th ed.) defines sovereign as “1. a person, body or state vested with independent and supreme authority”. Are they afraid of people becoming their own independent and supreme authority?

Perhaps…but how is a citizen defined? “A person who, by either birth or naturalization, is a member of a political community, owing allegiance to the community and being entitled to enjoy all its civil rights and protections; a member of the civil state, entitled to all its privileges”. Are sovereigns citizens? Maybe they exist in the public but their power is discovered in the private world. If men and women were to discover jurisdiction A they too will realize their potential to transform jurisdiction B very quickly into the world they’ve been dreaming of. Who are we? What are we citizens of? Are we a global community or not? Is the idea of scarcity hold us back? Are we citizens because we have been berthed? In exchange for title to our body did they not give us an instrument to discharge debt?

I can’t imagine how the FBI is after sovereign creditors because they are responsible and are paying back the national debt. They are the ones who are working to prevent foreign creditors from coming to our land to collect the debts which appear to be our bodies.