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Truthers vs the NWO: 2010 in Review

Written by youtube user Getjiggy

As Britain loses its sovereignty I think it is the right time to recall to mind all our achievements in our fight against tyranny.

1. A little more than 1 year ago truthers completely destroyed the swine flu scam to the point where in the UK only 3% of the population took the swine flu shot.
This was an absolute disaster for the NWO.

This achievement results in any similar vaccination program being extremely vulnerable to credibility issues, as we only have to remind people of the swine flu scam of 2009.

2. At Copenhagen one year ago computer hackers completely destroyed the credibility of the claim of global warming.
This resulted in the immediate questioning by world leaders of the credibility of this claim and as a result, only 5 countries signed-up to carbon-trading.

The income to the NWO through carbon-trading was essential to the NWO to finance their global government.
We destroyed it.
The NWO has therefore lost that income & is about to lose also, funding from the Federal bank of America through the fed being forced to audit long overdue accounts and submit them to congress.

These two valuable incomes are now lost with not much likelihood of the NWO getting them back.

3. The NWO is badly losing the propaganda wars as our truth network keeps going from strength to strength.
The fact that our truth network has destroyed 2 aspects of the NWO’s is proof that the NWO monster has now met a monster of greater strength & power.

We can easily see that there is a very positive element to the UK and other European countries losing their sovereignty at the strike of midnight:

The NWO would be very unwise to accelerate their agenda now that the UK is no longer a sovereign country as this would enrage the populace and could create a physical battle in the streets that would highlight the authorities’ lack of strength when set against angry protesters. We already have seen recently in Greece and Italy that when protesters are enraged enough, even the police riot squads are scared, and tend to stand back and do nothing.
This is the best formula to get the police riot squads “onside”.

Another positive element to this is that we will have enough resolve to free ourselves from the tyranny of monarchy, forever, and monarchies will become a thing of the past.

The big question is, is the NWO feeling lucky?
They have been beaten-down a lot over the last 15 months.
They have been defeated on many aspects of their agenda.

It is inevitable that they are pondering whether to enforce martial law as many European countries lose their sovereignty.
They know that this has the potential to inflame people to the point when they will come out of it very badly.
This could give us the publicity we need, to get offers of support from other countries and other political inclinations.
It is inevitable that will want to avoid shooting themselves in the foot.
When during the last 15 months everything has fallen apart for them, they may feel that tonights’ development is little more than worthless as indeed, in exactly the same way that a schoolboy has to admit at sometime that he is not fluent in a foreign language just because he can recite a few words from a foreign song, the NWO will at sometime have to admit to themselves that their achievements have merely been the result of deceptions and therefore, are fairly worthless achievements.

So let’s not feel disheartened about tonights’ developments.
Let’s see it as the start of the end for the NWO because in essence, I feel that this is what it is.

The mainstream media has hidden from the public that Britain & many other countries in the EU lose their sovereignty tonight.
This could ne not only because they don’ want us to know, but also because it might just not work in the NWO’s favour after all.
My own guess is that publicising it on the mainstream media would be like a person advertising that they’ve won the lottery – which is NOT a wise thing to do.

As people all over the UK join in singing Auld Lang Syne we dismiss the words of this song as folly, and while savouring the sentiment it brings, look forward to a new dawn.

In the trying times ahead, may God guard over us and protect us.

UK Loses Its Sovereignty January 1, 2011

By Youtube user Getjiggy

We’re still a sovereign country called the United Kingdom until midnight tonight when the opt-out clause (to opt-out of giving-up Britains sovereignty) of the Lisbon treat expires.

The UK then becomes a state of federal Europe.

The reason a census took place quite recently is because the EU wanted to know what its gains are (land, people).
This is reminiscent of the census that took place in the UK knicknamed The doomsday book during the 11th century after William duke of Normandy (better known as William the conqueror) took the British throne by force in 1066.

Soon after the norman invasion english people were banned from speaking english as a way of preventing people from plotting against him.

No-one is giving this any of their attention & consequently this is going to pass unnoticed, into law at midnight tonight.

I wouldn’t mind betting that champagne corks will be popping in the dozens within the EU tonight, at the marxist-run BBC, & at whitehall.

There could be heavily-armed nazi storm troopers on our streets in the morning, but we hope this is not going to happen.

At midnight tonight the queens’ treasonous act of signing the Lisbon treaty that signed-away the UK to Europe, will be complete, and no-one is even talking about it.
This silence and lack of attention to what is happening, is of course, exactly what they want.

There are many people who are aware of what happens tonight but we are outnumbered by people who fail to see its importance.

To all those people, I can only say “I’ve warned you twice about this over the last 9 months.
You therefore CAN’T say you didn’t know!

I feel very pissed-off.
All my warnings, and all the warnings of Lord Monkton & ex-UKIP guy David Noakes have gone unheeded.
Cameron & Clegg have bided their time, deliberately causing diversions of our attention away from this issue, and they’ve been successful.

The full force of EU law comes into force at midnight – and it’s gonna hurt.

Watch all independant news channels for developements.

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party” said Winston Churchill (I believe).

Never before, has that quotation been more appropriate

We are Still Free to Choose

Posted by Karen

To sit or not to sit…
To stand or not to stand…
To spend or not to spend…
To consent or not to consent…
To being robbed blind…
Priviledged with promissory servitude…
To waive the benefits…
Free from sociopathic demigod rule…


If corporations are psychopaths,
And countries are corporations,
Are countries psychopaths?

If persons are corporations,
and corporations are psychopaths,
are persons psychopaths?

If corporations are fictions,
And fiction does not exist,
do persons exist?

If fictions have names,
Then how can that be you?

If countries and corporations are psychopaths,
And persons agree to psychopathy,
What is a “person” to do? Well nothing.
Well what if the “person” were a trust?

The living soul will have work to do.