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Mandela Effect IN MY LIFE? My father’s life story has CHANGED!

life story eyesI have always been skeptical about the idea of the Mandela Effect. Seems there is always an alternate, more rational explanation. Recently, I had seen a video of a woman telling about how she had had an experience of this phenomenon in her personal life. I thought that would indeed be compelling, but nothing like that had ever happened to me- and not long after, something just like that did happen.

You can hear the story in the video below.

Some additional details to clarify:

In the original story, my father was arrested when he went into the police station. In the new version, he was arrested for selling vodka and bagels for a street gang he was in. When I asked my brother about this- he confirmed the new version! However, he did agree that our father had gotten in trouble by going into a police station, and that they had tried to detain him, but that he had somehow gotten away from them. How do you get away from the Russian police when you are in their station?

In the original story, my father had never worn the star of David, and had managed to escape the Nazis by simply walking out of the town without arousing suspicion.  In the new version, he had worn the star. Obviously, he couldn’t have been wearing it when he left, but he supposedly had worn it at some point- but when would that have been, since he left on the first day they made the Jews wear it? Did he now leave on some other day?

In the original story, my father was homeless for a time after being released from the gulag in accordance with a treaty that liberated all Polish prisoners, and he made several failed attempts to join the army before he was finally accepted. In the new version, he was homeless before he was sent to the gulag, and he was liberated by two agents in exchange for going directly into the army to join the Allies.

Some have proposed that perhaps my father didn’t tell me the full story because he didn’t want to upset me. I doubt that, because why would he tell me that he was a ‘sneak thief’ but not that he sold vodka? How is it worse to sell vodka? How is it so much worse to be in a gang than to be doing these things alone? And why would he have changed the time line of events, to give me one version and another to the boys?

So what happened here? Is someone not getting their story straight- or did I just have my first experience with the Mandela Effect?