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Moscow Bombings-Advance Knowledge

On March 29, 2010, two suicide bombers struck in the Moscow Metro (subway), killing 39 people.

According to an article in the Guardian, authorities had been warned in advance that there would likely be an attack on the Moscow subway. Three telegrams had been distributed among law enfocement, but no action was taken. A woman who was detained for reasons unrelate dto the incident overhead a senior officer say “How could you let them through when we had the information?”


On March 31, a second suicide attack occurred in Dagestan, involving a car bomb and a suicide bomber dressed as a policeman, killing a total of 12 people and injuring 28 more. The bombings have been attributed to ‘The Black Widows’, a group of wives, daughters and sisters of Chechnyans killed by Russians during Chechnya’s war of secession.

In response to the march 29 incident, the NYPD has been sending cops into the New York subway armed with macine guns, as well as doing rounds with bomb sniffing dogs and random bag checks.
Evidently, in NWO logic, the equation goes something like this:
subway attack in Russia= police state needed in America.



Now, what remains to be seen whether anyone happened to be running any kind of drill on the 29th of March. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Ban The Niqab

This has been going on for a while, the push to ban the Niqab. I’m no muslim but this one bugs me in a big way and I’ll tell you why.
If you read the papers around here, you will see that the debate appears to center around whether the niqab makes people uncomfortable and whether it is fair for veiled muslim women to receive government services without having to uncover their face. While you are busy raising your bloodpressure over the question of whether foreigners should have to sacrifice a certain amount of religious freedom when they move to Canada, you are missing the true reason for why the niqab has been made into an issue at all: it interferes with the implementation of facial recognition software in surveillance systems.

In Quebec, the debate centers around the hapless pharmacist Naema Ahmed, who was twice thrown out of a government- mandated French class for refusing to remove her veil. The second time she was given the boot, it was in the middle of an exam, adding academic injury to cultural insult.
The public immediately split up into camps on the issue of religious freedom versus cultural intergation, spouting phrases like “If you want to come to Canada, you have to abide by Canadian law”, although no law exists against wearing a veil, and “The veil makes people uncomfortable: we want to see your face”.

Baaa, baa, baaa.

You don’t appreciate a veiled pharmacist? Is it for security reasons? Maybe you think she will send an impostor and poison her clients. Or perhaps, you just don’t like to be served by someone whose face is hidden. Allow me to just point out that when you go to the pharmacy, you give your order to a technician and pick it up from a cashier. The pharmacist often does nothing more than verify the prescription. She does give consultation, but if you are willing to take consultation over the phone from Info-Sante, not being able to see her face should be a non-issue. And if it still bothers you, you could always go across the street to another pharmacy.

Or is the issue just one of making people feel uncomfortable in general? Many things make people feel uncomfortable: public nose-picking and farting top the list. Maybe public rudeness should be outlawed, too. Unusual dress of all kinds makes some people squirm. Will that kid with the green mohawk be forced to remove his plethora of piercings before entering the classroom? How about transexual men in cheap wigs? And the guys who wear their pants so low you can see their crack? And while we’re on the subject of pants, how about the girls with the low-rise jeans who flaunt their neon-green thongs for all to see? Maybe what Quebec needs is a Minister of Modesty who will oversee the new dress code. Modest, but not too modest. Something that will ensure that no-one is ever offended by another’s attire. Maybe a uniform. It worked so well for communist China, after all.

Oh, but I digress. I was going to tell you why this has nothing to do with culture or religious freedom and everything to do with implementing a police state through the installation of cameras with facial recognition software.

You may remember that a little while back, the debate over facial coverings in Quebec had nothing to do with niqabs and everything to do with protesters. Unmask the trouble-makers! It’s for public safety!

I would like to point out that if anyone is doing anything illegal at a protest, the omnipresent riot police should be able to arrest them on the spot. So what is the problem with facial coverings? Oh, it prevents suspects who got away from later being identified and apprehended. This, of course, would not be possible either unless there were cameras in place to capture their naked mugs for later analysis.

If you want to see where we are heading in terms of surveillance, all you have to do is look at England, where they now have not only thousands of cameras eyeing your every move, but even programs by which citizens can serve their country by spying on their fellow- Londoners and promptly correcting their behaviour by addressing them through loudspeakers. “Madam, you have dropped your cigarette butt: please pick it up”.

We are surrounded with propaganda when it comes to the niqab debate, but it is not about manipulating you to suddenly feel there is a pressing need to force people to accommodate to ‘Canadian culture’- whatever that is. It’s about making you think that is the issue in the first place.

The War Against Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religion with about 20 000 converts each year in America alone. It is the most practiced religion today with 1.5 billion followers all over the world and is about is about submitting yourself to God. Doesn’t that sound like a beautiful thing? Unfortunately there are people behaving quite aggressively toward these peace loving people.

The Israeli police have been restricting access to Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem since Monday. Al-Aqsa is regarded by Islam as the third holiest site. Located on the Temple Mount, it is regarded as the holiest site by the Jews because it is where the Second Temple stood. Is it possible that this is where the third temple is to be built? Or will the Mosque be re-opened for service and tourism? Busloads of Muslims will be arriving in East Jerusalem in the coming days.


Further North, Geert Wilders is a Dutch politican and maker of the movie “Fitna”, a 15 minute film depicting the Qu’ran as associated with terrorism, homophobia, the repression of women with a title which transliterates to a strife or conflict within a group. This man is calling for a ban of the Qu’ran in the Netherlands because he perceives the book to be more dangerous than Mein Kampt. If elected he says he would close all Islamic schools, ban construction of new mosques, and expel Dutch Muslim criminals if they held dual citizenship.


Ban the Koran? Geert Wilders speaks out on his radical views on RT

Joe Stack- False Flag?

At about 10:00am EST on February 18, 2010, software engineer Joe Stack crashed his twin-engine Cherokee plane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas. Immediately, the debate started of whether he should be considered a martyr or a terrorist, and the media made claims that ‘extremist groups’ were hailing Stack as a hero. As much as I didn’t want to believe that the incident could be another false flag, I found that after looking at the circumstances, there were a lot of strange things about the case and it did start to look more and more like som ekind of an inside job. Personally, I am completely against the use of any kind of violence as a form of protest against government injustice or anything else, for that matter. Joe Stack supposedly committed suicide in this way because he had been wronged by the IRS and the diatribe he published on his website shortly before carrying out his actions was called a ‘suicide note’ and was used as evidence of his reasons for the attack. i don’t know what he really expected to accomplish, other than furthering the agenda of the NWO by giving the US government more excuses to further take away people’s freedom in the name of security.

Timeline of events:


Stack updated his website at 9:12 am (10:12 EST)

9:15 am Joe Stack’s house goes up in flames. Witness says “Its sounded like a small bomb went off”. Conflicting reports of whether wife and daughter drove up just when fire trucks arrived or were rescued from burning house

Sheryl Stack spent previous night in hotel with daughter Margaux. Former bandmate of Stack says act was out of character:

Hazmat Teams in place before crash: Megan Riley on Austin News

Explosives in Plane? ABC News

Windows exploded, “It felt like a bomb went off”, reminded victims of 9/11, “the plane hit with a “big whoomp” and then a second explosion”


Witnesses: nearby buildings shook

Plane may have been loaded with stolen drum of extra fuel

Stack’s daughter says letter doesn’t sound like it was written by him. Body of 2nd victim identified as Vernon Hunter:

Alex Jones reports FBI had prior knowledge, were anticipating attack

Joe Stack’s NSA and defense contractor-related clients

Strange parallels with the Sam Byck case:

Movie trailer of “The Plot To Kill Nixon” (2007) about Sam Byck

Boobs In The News

The following was discussed yesterday on my radio show with Truther Girls Karen on American Freedom Radio. To hear shows live or to download Monday’s The Truther Girls show, go to: http://americanfreedomradio.com

Man boob epidemic! Men are sprouting breasts and moob surgery is up 80%.

It is known that moobs are often the result of a hormone imbalance. Could it be that this problem is becoming more common because of all the xenoestrogens men are exposed to through their food, water and environment in general?

Looks like xenoestrogens may be a culprit in the moob epidemic. But while some m en are having surgery to remove their moobs, other men are having surgery to give them boobs. According to the CDC, homosexuality is on the rise.
“Etiology of Male Homosexuality and Current Rise of Male Homosexuality”
(Copyright 1997, http://www.naples.net/~nfn03605/dheaetio.htm )

While this may partly be due to an increase in openness about homosexuality due to increased cultural acceptance, it may also be due to other, more physical factors.
Scientists have explored the role of hormones in homosexuality and have found that homosexual men have an unusual ratio of DHEA to estrone, a hormone similar to estrogen, with DHEA being unusually low in proportion, and that this is determined by the mother while the baby is still in her womb.
“As I have suggested, DHEA is directly responsible
for growth and differentiation of the brain.” In the context of homosexuality, I
was saying that reduced DHEA will reduce growth of specific areas of the brain
that determine sexuality.”
James Michael Howard
Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A.

Estrone is closely related to estrogen. As we have seen, there are a lot of xenoestrogens in our environment. It has been shown that they can not only turn fish and amphibians into hermaphrodites, but they can also affect fetal hormone levels. Just by slathering on creams with parabens, mothers alter their unborn babies’ hormonal balance. So it is not surprising that the role of estrone as an endocrine disruptor has also been studied. Could it be that the rise in homosexuality is related to our increased exposure to xenoestrogens in utero?

And while men are either banishing their own breasts or paying for artificial ones, Australia has banned small-chested women from pornos to ‘protect the kids’. The rationale is that small chested young women may look like they are underage and this may encourage people with child-porn fetishes. Showing middle-aged women who are under-endowed shouldn’t be a problem, but 40-year-old milfs just don’t have the same marketing potential as teenagers. Youth is popular when it comes to naked booty.

Breast implants as terror weapon- From the DHS!
I told you scanners wouldn’t make a difference. They won’t stop until they get us all chipped.
The DHS claims that ‘chatter’ was picked up regarding London-trained doctors returning to Pakistan and Yemen (of course, not to any countries that are already under US military occupation) describing placing PETN explosive- filled implants into female terrorists.
The MI5 “Spy in the sky’ airplane uses technology to listen in on cell phone calls, radio transmissions and computer activity

According to World Net Daily,
Top surgeons who work in the National Health Service confirmed the feasibility of the explosive implants.
In a report to Evans, one said:
“Properly inserted the implant would be virtually impossible to detect by the usual airport scanning machines. You would need to subject a suspect to a sophisticated X-ray. Given that the explosive would be inserted in a sealed plastic sachet, and would be a small amount, would make it all the more impossible to spot it with the usual body scanner.”


The DHS is also investing a lot of time, money and effort to monitor social media in general for any terrorism tips, although you’d have to wonder why Al Qaida would be posting messages on Facebook about their next mission. Maybe it’s not Al Qaida that the DHS is monitoring and maybe it has nothing to do with international terrorism as we know it.