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Olympics, Protests and Provocateurs

Article written by Kiwi Kush aka Youtube user bruisedkiwi
Website: http://yourepidemic.blogspot.com/

I was at the protest and have done a bunch of searchings on news items written about Vancouver and the protests.

The world wide media seems to really be picking up on the real issues and why 60% of people in Vancouver oppose the Vancouver Olympics and think it’s a waste of money.

I’ve compiled some of the best from my internet searchings around, for those who are interested in what the world is hearing about us.

One of my favorite quotes of today from the news:

“As the protesters headed down the street, numerous bystanders started lining the curb, taking photographs, not unlike the torch relay”


The Angus Reid poll, released Thursday, found that a majority of those interviewed — 63 per cent — expect the Vancouver Games to run a deficit, and 83 per cent believe the Games are planned to benefit elite members of society.

Almost 60 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement that the Vancouver Olympics are a waste of money that could be used for more important things.


Kansas Times writes about Vancouvers World (and extreme poverty) outside the Olympics Bubble…


Read more about provocateurs being used at the Vancouver Olympics on the MTL 911Truth website