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Brian Deer Accusations Against Wakefield Fraudulent

On January 11, 2011, journalist Brian Deer published an article in the British Medical Journal entitled, “How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed” in which he alleges that Andrew Wakefield falsified data pertaining to the children in his 1997 study which linked the MMR vaccine to a condition he named autistic enterocolitis, a novel bowel disease associated with autistic behavioral symptoms.

Wakefield’s study had resulted in parental suspicion of the MMR vaccine and a decrease in MMR uptake. It was retracted by the Lancet, where it had been published, and a massive campaign was launched to increase public confidence in the MMR vaccine and portray Wakefield as a fraud and an unethical scientist. His medical license was also revoked and he was charged with professional misconduct.

However, what has emerged since the publication of Deer’s article are newly-published documents proving that the medical histories and behavioral changes reported by Wakefield had previously and independantly been documented by researchers Professor Walker-Smith and Dr Dhillon, and had been reported in a 1996 presentation to the a meeting of The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study Group
at the Royal Free Hospital entitled, “Entero-colitis and Disintegrative Disorder Following MMR – A Review of the First Seven Cases.”

According to Dr Wakefield, this new evidence “completely negates the allegations that I committed scientific fraud. Brian Deer and Dr. Godlee of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) knew or should have known about the facts set out below before publishing their false allegations”.

Of note, Brian Deer is a journalist, not a doctor or other medical expert. Yet his ‘study’ has been blared all over the propaganda media as new evidence that Wakefield is a dishonorable person guilty of fraud. In light of the new evidence, however, one might want to re-think who is truly committing fraud here and why Deer’s article has been given such publicity and prominent publication in the BMJ in the first place.

Despite the media and medical/pharmaceutical industries best efforts to demonize Wakefield and exonerate the vaccine industry, parents are not stupid and more and more of them are investigating matters of vaccine safety and coming to their own conclusions. From the great amount of material avaiable showing, without a doubt, that vaccines cause auto-immune and neurological disease in animals and have never actually been proven safe in humans either, many parents are deciding that the theoreticl risk of not vaccinating is overshadowerd by the mounting evidence that vaccines do cause extensive damage to the human organism.

People are indeed not stupid and the more the industry pushes their propaganda instead of performing real studies with unvaccinated control groups, the less confidence the public has in vaccines, especially in light of things like the ‘swine flu’ vaccine campaign, which proved to be unnecessary (the swine flu turned out to be far less deadly than regular seasonal flu) and unsafe (a 700% increase in miscarriages was documented in vaccinated mothers).

Try as they might, the industry is losing ground. People are waking up and the change in consciousness is unstoppable.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031116_Dr_Andrew_Wakefield_British_Medical_Journal.html#ixzz1CeJjNHNe

The Dreaded, Deadly Measles

Measles deaths in the UK, 1940-2008. I dug this up looking into measles deaths after I heard a claim that Wakefield’s study had led to such a drop in MMR uptake that this had resulted in 500 deaths. Where were these deaths? Not in the UK, obviously, because there were only 14 deaths from measles from 1998-2008 and as the source explains, all but two were caused by late complications of measles acquired earlier in life, not acute measles.

Deaths from measles fell 60% worldwide from 1999 to 2005. In 2005, there were 12 deaths from measles in Europe: 11 in Romania and 1 in Germany. Shall we blame Wakefield and the vaccine resisters in the UK for this? The vast majority of deaths occur in developing nations. Do you think this may have something to do with poverty, poor sanitation and nutrition? I guess it is more profitable to send them vaccines than to work on the underlying problems that make children in these countries susceptible to disease.

The TImes of India attributes the resurgence in measles since 2007 (mostly in Africa) to lack of political support for MMR campaigns, not vaccine resisters in Europe.
Data from England and Wales: 1940-2008
year cases deaths
1987 42,158 6
1988 86,001 16
1989 26,222 3
1990 13,302 1
1991 9,680 1
1992 10,268 2
1993 9,612 4
1994 16,375 0
1995 7,447 1
1996 5,614 0
1997 3,962 3
1998 3,728 3
1999 2,438 3
2000 2,378 1
2001 2,250 1
2002 3,232 1*
2003 2,488 0
2004 2,356 1
2005 2,089 0
2006 3,705 1
2007 3,670 1
2008** 5,088 2

* Known not to be measles infection
**Provisional data

Source: Office for National Statistics

“In 2006 there was one measles death in a 13 years old male who had an underlying lung condition and was taking immunosuppressive drugs. Another death in 2008 was also due to acute measles in unvaccinated child with congenital immunodeficiency whose condition did not require treatment with immunoglobulin. Prior to 2006, the last death from acute measles was in 1992.

All other measles deaths, since 1992, shown above are in older individuals and were caused by the late effects of measles. These infections were acquired during the 1980s or earlier, when epidemics of measles occurred.

Graph: Measles notifications and deaths in England and Wales, 1940-2008”