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War on Drugs, War on Food

A California co-op was recently raided by police who came blazing in with guns drawn as if they were busting a meth lab.
To skirt around laws forbidding the sale of certain raw foods, the co-op had been established so that people who were members could go there to pick up foods there that they technically already owned. They also did not agree to apply for a license, as demanded by the government. After all, who does the government think they are anyway, telling people what they can or cannot eat?

Investigators confiscated the club’s computer and 17 coolers packed with, among other things, 24 bottles of organic honey, 10 gallons of raw whole milk and two bottles of raw cane syrup. Stewart said the health department slapped a closure notice on the club’s front door that said it was “operating a food facility without a valid public health permit.”

So far, the organizers are undeterred and have re-opened show. Freedom, whether pertaining to food or any other are of your life, is a mindset and these people are reclaiming their food freedom from the nurturing tentacles of the government octopus. Good for them!


Meanwhile, governments and banks continue to get busted for their involvement in bringing cocaine into the country while purporting to be fighting a war on drugs. As this article states, news of this kind of thing ‘elicits a collective yawn’ from the mainstream media at this point.

Our governments import cocaine, they launder ther money through the banks, it’s a big scam and a conspiracy. So what? Read the article below for some official drug-smuggling intrigue.