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The Truther Girls was started in 2009 by ‘TrutherGirl’ Sonia as an online multimedia project that blends performance art with activism and highlights the role of women in raising consciousness and bringing about positive change. The TrutherGirls project includes this blog, as well as a youtube channel and radio show by the same name. Over the years, many activists and performance artists, both male and female, have contributed to the TrutherGirls.

The Youtube channel is anchored by TrutherGirl Sonia, with contributions and collaboration by Montreal truth seekers, Canadian activists, and visiting speakers. Every week, we bring you news updates and commentary on video as well as footage from various truth actions and political or other events we engage in or attend locally. This is done for the purpose of sharing information and encouraging one another in our question for truth, justice, and freedom. The Youtube channel features comedy skits and other lighthearted videos on the weekends.

The TrutherGirls radio show airs Friday nights from 10:00 pm -midnight EST on americanfreedomradio.com and features special guests as well as News & Commentary. Topics covered include everything from natural health, the pharmaceutical industry and alternative medicine, to metaphysics, ancient mysteries, hidden archaeology, and much more. Radio guests are announced on the blog before each show.

While this is a project launched by women and we especially encourage the input of female truth seekers and commentators, male gender is no preclusion to participation and we gladly involve anyone with anything interesting to contribute.

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  1. Great job, ladies! Thanks! : )

  2. This is a great idea! And, thanks for all your videos, I really look forward to them! You guys are really great!

  3. Most excellent 🙂
    Thank you for all you do.

    Much much love from Cali ❤

  4. Just thought I’d put my thoughts on the world and my research in a nut-shell for you to take a gander at, and maybe there’s stuff in there that you didn’t know.

    Obama is playing a dangerous game. First of all hitler was a socialist and the first thing he did was centralize healthcare. The nazis weren’t really defeated in WWII that’s why Germany has been the biggest economy in Europe and Japan has been almost the biggest too. Foo Fighters were flying around allied planes and then the war ended. More or less is was a truce and not quite the win that our textbooks claim. The CCCP(KKKP)/uSSr were the first to declare hilter was still alive and they’re guarding the North Pole because the Earth really is hollow.

    So what is their plan is now is to use Obama to centralize things in the U.S. as they used mao to do in China.

    Don’t believe me? Check out these facts and then draw your own conclusions …

    Is this the real reason that magnetic motors are not accepted yet by the Western world?

    China owns all the materials for magnetic motors and other renewable energy, that was the motive behind Copenhagen … if oil/gas and coal are taken out then the world will have to rely on The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for energy. David Rockefeller and the powers that be have said that the CCP is the perfect model for the world government! (one-child-policy, labor camps, no one will question the media, easy to control from a central point, …)

    Now … most full houses in Calgary only use in the neighbourhood of 500-700 kwh/mo. The Perendev motor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxReArGbE_s can generate a minimum of 20 kw/h (14 400 kwh/mo) From what I can tell the magnets on that motor cost about $250 right now and that’s wholesale prices, but imagine what will happen once people realize that the only reason we’re not using this is because China owns it. The price of rare Earth magnets (that last for 400 years before needing to be replaced) will shoot to the moon.

    Some people have given very detailed instructions on how to make these motors as a gift to the world so as for patents I think that if we were to make one in our own way there would be no problems in making and selling them. I’ve seen a lot of these motors and they all work. I saw a video of an Amish guy who made one that powers their farm for free, for instance.

    I know of individuals in Quebec who use this. I also know that governments and businesses are secretly using this to make electricity.

    The Perendev motor could be made with maybe at most $500 of materials plus the cost of an alternator to generate electricity, but it would generate about $1 440/m of electricity (average kwh is 10 cents in the U.S., it’s about 9 cents in Calgary) and this is just one example of one motor. China also owns the materials for making other necessary things as well.

    What I’m saying is that it wouldn’t take much investment to quickly build it up to making a lot of money. I first heard about that China owns 97% of the Earths rare earth magnets and so I checked into it an found out that it’s true …

    There are other reasons that we’re being kept dependent on oil, but it sounds crazy … for instance, oil naturally floats on top of water … so what will inevitably happen when you’re taking 90 million barrels of oil out of the Earths crust per day? … I’m not joking, oil really does float on water and the Swiss, French, Germans, Austrians and Italians because they all share the Alps that they can climb into if it floods … It’s just my own conspiracy theory, but it makes sense I think.

    The grays and reptilians have also wanted us to sink ourselves for obvious reasons. …

    About the global carbon tax thing …

    Although the plan detailed on the Georgia Guide Stones http://www.thegeorgiaguidestones.com/Message.htm (that the Earth must not have more than 500 million people on it) has not been as easily implemented as they had hoped and if Copenhagen had been a success then their Orwellian plan would have been realized much sooner, we still must stop mining oil for this reason (I’ve been campaigning about this for years, I even stood in downtown Toronto a few years ago handing out fliers detailing how oil actually does float on water and if we keep sucking it all out of Mother Earth’s face then we will inevitably slip under the ocean) I made these videos recently about it

    Regardless, for right now your chances of surviving are much better if we keep mining the oil. China has been spending more on their military than the U.S. has and it’s not even at war. I made a video on this too of an actual speech made in China

    Also, it’s good to always be vigilant about people being planted in every group with an agenda http://mostlywater.org/olympic_cops_wont_rule_out_agents_provocateurs

    This totally happens I’ve been to organizational meetings for protests like these over the past decade and most of the leaders seem to be Federal agents. The anarchist bookfairs I’ve been to mostly are promoting socialism. I’ve always thought that this is really crazy because if you look in a dictionary socialism and anarchism have opposite meanings. But there’s a disappointing amount of actual true anarchists out there it seems. Capitalism is about individual freedom, without ads all there is is government, and taken to the extreme this is essentially the definition of anarchism as well. True Capitalism’s been dead for decades as everything is run by secret central connections.
    I’ve been to anti-war organizational meetings in Vancouver as well and the leaders are so obviously on a payroll its ridiculous. If there are people organizing things from the inside it really takes the wind out of everyone else, especially because they’re attractive, intelligent, and dynamic guys and girls working on it. In Vancouver what they were doing is taking all the protesters and funneling them into one group the anti-war-protest-group any time anyone suggested other things to take action on these certain people would always stand up to oppose them and talk on and on about how important the anti-war-protest is.

    What I’m saying is that everyone needs to be vigilant and assertive. I think that the reason people can’t figure out whats really going on is they refuse to believe how evil the NWO (New World Order) really is. There are plants everywhere so question everything.

    I’ve gone off on tangents here, but I think we need to see things from a whole-picture viewpoint if we’re going to get to the root of the problems concerning our present and our future.

    • we think it cannot happen again?
      these people are the same people, they have an agenda to depopulate at least 5.5billion people by mass genocide.
      I am not trying to scare anyone, but this is real.
      think about it. we know they are spraying us WHY. the only reason is to committ mass genocide this part of their plan.

      We need to ACT and demand answers NOW.

      why of all weeks these have had the nerve to publish thuis story. not only have they put this in print but the makers of the kings speech is to make a film on MASS GENOCIDE, 10 years after the death of the person trying to warn the world of mass genocide.
      this is a warning of what those planned to happen then is their plan now the PTB have not changed they are the same people and bloodlines.

      Amazingly back then there was a lack of interest from all of the ptb even president roosevelt was only interested in how the resistance was fighting back.

      my thoughts are; was is it soley because of the underground resistance groups that an end was brought to World War 2?

      Was the real plan in ww2 to depopulate the world in 1945?, and is it possible that without the resistance the world would have been reduced then by a few billion?
      were ww2 depopulation plans put on hold until they had more control over the masses?
      which brings us to where we are today and their plans to re-enact and try to fulfil mass genocide to depopulate which they failed to do in 1945?

      Eyewitness to genocide: He was first to warn of the Holocaust but no one believed him. How many lives could have been saved?

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti…#ixzz1LauOpUad

      ‘I don’t see many old people,’ he whispered to the Jewish guide. ‘Do they stay inside all day?’ ‘No,’ said his guide, in a voice that seemed to issue from the grave. ‘Don’t you understand the German system yet? Those still capable of any effort are used for forced labour. The others are murdered by quota. First come the sick and aged, then the unemployed. They intend to kill us all.’

      That day as he stepped out into its narrow, rubble-strewn streets the entire population of around 400,000 seemed to be crammed into the streets. ‘There was hardly a square yard of empty space,’ he recorded. ‘Everywhere there was hunger, misery, the atrocious stench of decomposing bodies, the pitiful moans of dying children, the desperate cries and gasps of a people struggling for life against impossible odds.’
      But, as he shuffled through the streets of the Ghetto, disguised in ragged clothes and wearing a Star of David, he could see with his own eyes that what was being done to the Jews was even worse than he feared. He watched appalled as 14-year-old boys of the Hitler Youth — ‘all round, rosy-cheeked and blue-eyed’ — hunted down human beings and killed them for sport.
      One of them took aim with a pistol and fired through the window of a house. From inside came the terrible cry of someone in agony. The boy shouted with joy and his friend clapped him on the back in congratulation. Here was a place where every semblance of decency, dignity and humanity has gone.
      ‘Everyone seemed enveloped in a haze of disease and death,’ recalled Karski. ‘We passed a miserable replica of a park, a little square in which a patch of grass had managed to survive. Mothers huddled closed together, nursing withered infants.

      who created and controlled hitler?
      who controls obama and the rest of the elite i.e kissinger, bush etc.

      the same families and bloodlines?

      the plan of mass immigration was that done to clear countries and herd everyone together in the uk, oz, and america? with a plan to microwave the masses with the use of haarp?

      and at the same time destroy economies and faiths building up to that!

      why has the ptb never supported and encouraged masses to create new lifes in africa, asia?

      if we think about this logically and coherently this could be more real than we think.
      look at whats happening everything is destroyed and manipulated.

      Global Genocide this certainly fits in to their plan and our worrys on depopulation.

  5. Sonia, Great idea with the new blog! Love your videos at youtube. thankyou! 🙂

  6. AWESOME guys ! (I mean gals!) I always love checking out your stuff Truther Girls; you are an incredible resource for current affairs and telling it like it is. You say what we are thinking, then add the links, the research, the resources to those of us who (in my case) don’t have the time to research as much as we’d like; you take us to the “straight dope” and I appreciate very much what you do!…take care & talk to you soon (PS, I have a little gift for you from Max Sonia, never got over yet to give you…soon) Later!

  7. Great page keep up the good work
    God Speed To You And Yours And Bless The Freedom Fighters
    Tiocfaidh ár lá !
    No/Illuminati/NWO !

  8. Well done i think once you believe these guys are working to suppress our awakening ,it becomes crucial we let our people know what’s going on .

  9. Regarding Haiti/Haarp/NWO.
    If you are interested in the context of NWO/OWO, the history of it s origins and its’ potential consequences for humanity I urge you ( and all you readers) to check out Voyagers 1 & 2 by Ashayana Deane( Wildflower Press)
    If you google “earth history anna hayes(former name) it will come up on u tube.
    The Haarp station in Alaska is the decoy in a larger array of scalar wave ‘circuits’ that will be ‘used’ to create destruction on the planet. Read the books to find out why.

    good work

  10. I am now on board with TG’s and shall be checking in often, if you could start a FB Fanpage that would be great too.

    Good work on the HAITI HARRP connect.

  11. CallingforFreedom

    I wish you both well. I thank you for your videos.

  12. Hey Sonia! 🙂
    Perhaps you should “tweet” also?…I mean, you do have a very active brain and an interesting life, and I am sure there are a lot of things that cross your mind and desk throughout a given day and you simply don’t have time to share it all in blogs or vlogs.
    May I suggest a twitter channel and then add your tweet feed to this blog on the sidebar. Also, you can set your YT channel to automatically tweet your activity on YT. 🙂
    Hey, did you notice the little smiley face to the top right of your blog header? What is that?

  13. Hi Sonia, good idea, this blog. I’m depending on you to help me keep abreast of things, since I like your approach. You’ve got a good thing going here. Just keep going with what you’ve been doing, is my gratuitous (but well meant) advice. Beware of “improvements.” I think I would do something like this, but I don’t think I’ve got the mug or the poisonality to do it or keep it up for very long. You are just being you, I think, which is a big part of the attraction, so you will probably be able to keep it up indefinitely if you want to, so more power to you!

  14. JUST READING “THE LAST DAYS OF SOCRATES” BY Plato translated by hugh tredennick.. I was figuring that if its so obvious what these guys have been up to surely some of our wise elders would know about our common enemy . And what is he going on about ?…not being part of the oligarchs politics and secret societies unfortunately they killed him but he did is letting it be done as a symbol to show how important this is ,to change ,to stop letting these idots control us, as did jesus some 500 odd years later im guessing . When will we ALL wake up to this its been going on for the last 5000 odd years its time to change . I recommend reading the last days of socrates hes a very cool guy
    Yep they have been knocking off anyone who speaks against them and there infantile gods ,socrates also talks about THERE gods being ” supernatural beings are bastards children of the gods “. What i’m guessing though my studies so far is that we should find many of the storytellers and tales from the past speaking against the enemy and its exactly what i’m finding. The battle has been long but it will be won all mans great profits have spoken against the enemy’s structure. So this pyramid we are trapped in will soon be broken.

  15. I saw your latest video on Utube about the US ‘occupation’ of Haiti.

    Have you seen this? They’ll commit to Haiti for years but they won’t save lives NOW. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8489392.stm

  16. Dear Sonia,

    Here and now, I am officially casting my vote that YOU run for President of the United States! 🙂

    You certainly would do a much better and honest job than what we’ve currently got down here! (sigh)

  17. R. Giuliani was in Toronto in NOv 08. There was no media coverage about it. He runs a counter terrorism (aka false flag ops) consulting company. Check into it. They’ll do something big at the olympics and blame others.

    This is all so sad…we just want our kids to live a peaceful life.

  18. Hi Ladies, I just wanted to turn you on to a website that is offering some pretty well thought out insight into HAARP that may possibly be coupled with Scaler Technology capable of bringing about earth changes. It is EnterpriseMission.com. The story is titled :A Nobel Torsion over Norway” part 3. You may already be aware of it. Very compelling! Take care and thanks for all the info!

  19. Good work Sonia; you’re a hard worker and I like that. I don’t think you’re a 100% on everything, but overall a brave fighter for goodness.

  20. If these women seek truth, they should be objective and not portray women of other nationality as prostitutes. In fact, Russian/Slavic women are one of the most beautiful and educated and improve the overfed, sick and narrow-minded white race in USA, Canada, Australia. They are good mothers. As women u should oppose slave trade, especially sexual exploitation of women. Read white nationalist David Duke on Slavic women. http://www.davidduke.com/general/is-russia-the-key-to-white-survival_18.html.

  21. Hi, and thanks for posting your investigations and questions and search for information. Please check my blog for more information on Olympics, Haiti, etc.

  22. On behalf of sane people out there/here, and as a fellow Canadian, I wish to welcome you girls to American Freedom Radio. I caught your interview on Jack Bloods show, Deadline Live, last week, and I wrote to Jack to say I thought you girls did a great job.
    I didn’t expect your first show to be about man boobs, lol, but all truth is important.
    I have read, many years ago, that even the plastic lining inside canned food also contains chemicals acting as estrogen mimics; way stronger in effect than taking estrogen.
    For the sake of all the Americans listening you may want to avoid the expression A? LOL

  23. many thanks. I watched your video on youtube “Everything is a lie”. In our opinion, the basic for these lies is our money system, which is a lie itself. Therefore we started to put up an initiative in Germany establishing a healthy money system. We are about to print an English edition for Canada and the US and need people who would join us. For this, we would appreciate being contacted by you.
    Webside http://www.rheingoldregio.de
    e-mail info at rheingoldregio dot de

  24. TRUTHER GIRLS RULE…. You all are great. That Karen is Hot. Karen’s a pot head :(…lol


  25. Hiya ladies just wanted to invite you to New Zealand to visit like minded people check me out on facebook Krishna Manson. Oh and Karen you are hot and yes you can smoke all NZs finest with me at Hinterland >

  26. Great idea, really… 💡 😉

  27. Great blog Sonia!

    I wanted to bring this to your attention:

    * February 1st, 2010 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has declared state of emergency after severe ice storm devastates reservation
    * Storm topples more than 3000 power poles
    * 13,000 people without power, heat and water

    ‘Barb Fitzpatrick, a FEMA National Flood Insurance Program specialist, said the agency monitors weather forecasts and maps showing snow depth and water equivalent. Entire state could see floods

    In South Dakota, FEMA is keeping a particularly close watch on the Vermillion, North Sioux City, Sisseton, Watertown and Aberdeen areas, but nearly the entire state has the potential to feel the effects this year, Fitzpatrick said.’

    Also, another article here:

  28. I think the Golden Gate Bridge could be a target.


    p.s. You have a fantastic blog!

  29. TrutherGirls, have you seen this?

    Oracle is acquring Phase Forward, a company that makes clinical drug trial software.

  30. Two thumbs up!

  31. I went to germany last may with friend’s of mine who are from Bavaria. I asked them to take me to a concentration camp “none of them have ever been to one.” Shit, I thought these camp’s would be in a remote country side invisible to other people. Our text book’s in school make it appear to seem that way. The camp I went to was placed in the center of a village. To my suprise the camp’s were in the middle of town on main street. Not only were the camp’s visible to the people. The local businesses would hire the “prisinors” to work in thier factory’s if thier were avalible gaurd’s to watch them. I was in the military myself so I understand both sides of the fence. All I can say is spread the good word. Because the same people that write our history books are the same people who teach us about history. That is a very dangerous weapon. On one other note. I live in key largo florida and have a pretty good feeling the military is going to impose marshal law down here after the oil spill. This is a prime military strong hold. We already have a military base in keywest. And thier is only one road in and one road out.The rest of the Island is landlocked you can only access it buy water. And recently I heard threw the grape vine the secrete servive was supposidly constructing a facility down here. I hope I am just paranoid. God help us if I am not. To anyone that reads this make it a point to go to youtube and listen to Don mclean (american pie) with lyrics. Wake the fuck up America the boogee man is here and he is going to take your suv’s away.

  32. Hat tip – I’m (a) formerly America’s “18 year old” candidate for U.S. President of 1984; (b) founder/activist top dog at the China Support Network (since 1989, a consequence of Tiananmen Square); (c) in a group called COTO – Coalition Of The Obvious. We blog lots of the same raspy news that you vlog.

    I just wanted to say that I enjoy your stuff, and it’s enough to make me wish that I was a Canadian! In America, it begins to feel like we’re just waiting around for our own doom.

    Anyway, kudos for all that you do. 🙂

    • I’ll vote for you for President if you promise not to be a puppet. Which looking at your site, it seems you are a free thinker with a backbone. Perfect nomination what party? Also maybe it’s the chemtrails that are immobilizing our citizens? I feel the same way & look to canadians to spread the news, although i try, they make me feel crazy when I say chemtrails and wonder that Seattle no longer has the bluest skies you’ve ever seen…

  33. Thanks for the update on the Conference de Montreal 2010
    Glad to see we were not the only ones that thought this conference would be a treasure trove of NWO propaganda! Keep up the great work you guys, your videos are always thought provoking, funny and very informative!

  34. I didn’t realize that the canadian people were just as docile and or ignorant as the american public? I guess I assumed that canadians were more literate and up on foreign and domestic matters. I just recently found one of your rants on youtube and was really interested in just what makes you tick? I mean how did you become so aware or what or when did something in you start to question reality as you thought you knew it?
    For some reason I thought that canada, was the ideal version of america???? I know silly but some how I convinced myself that this was true. Not so sure of what I based that falsity on… but as I a Black american who identifies with an Pan-Africanist ideology, I am always fascinated when I hear viewpoints from whites that are so fundamentally different from whites here in america! So that is why I am curious, are you an anamoly or do you represent some larger open minded minority in canada??????

    From a curious Blackman in amerikkka

  35. Hi Sonia & Karen! Greetings from London, Ont. I’ve been experiencing some “interference” in trying to watch your videos in the last 2 days especially. So it is either what you’re doing or perhaps what I’m doing and that is the purpose of this quick note. I co-host a radio show on Blog Talk Radio and we would be grateful if you would consider being a guest. A large part of our purpose is bringing insight and awareness as to what is really happening in world events, combined with a strong spiritual component. I won’t bore with you more details but instead leave a link so you can make a better assessment as to whether this would be in your best interest. The link above is to my blog and will give you a better idea of what my own efforts entail, which is a bit “different”. I have greatly enjoyed your videos and the work you’re doing in promoting awareness, something that is really needed at this time.
    I’ll conclude with a link to the show and whether you choose to appear on our show or not, I will definitely continue to be a supporter of the great work you’re doing. Thanks again for your efforts.
    Blessings, Nick

  36. would like to be on mailing list

  37. Hey, you are very sexy woman!

    Talking politics and all that..

    It’s kind of cute.


  38. Sonia & Karen, you’ve GOT to check out my blog about The Hemp Network and tell your friends! Truly revolutionary and designed for people who want to change the world. Equal parts Truth Movement, Political Movement and Business Opportunity.

    I think this is phenomenal and thought you’d might love to get involved!

  39. Sorry…should’ve put this in my original post: See http://hemphempress.wordpress.com for reference info.

  40. Why are you and Karen doing a show based in Texas? I mean they have Alex Jones in Texas .
    How much more effect could you possibly have over Alex Jones?
    Also your not even an American . Your Canadians doing an Amercan show telling Americans how it is in their own country when you dont even live there. Could it get more rediculous than that ? I don’t think so.
    Why don’t you do something for Canadians in Canada instead of going to the States to help them solve their problems?
    Anyway most of the time you do all the talking and Karen does all the giggling.

    • Uhh, you trust Alex Jones? You have a lot of research to do. He is part of the deception. Youtube the Alex Jones Deception 2/3 and do your best to explain his actions at that Austin 2nd amendment rally. That is just the tip of the iceberg with him. Just like Albert Pike said, they will provide their opposition with their leaders. Meet the “leader” Alex Jones. The rabbit hole isn’t just a shallow pit, it is a Grand Canyon of deception.

  41. Saw your video on http://www.disclosetv.com regarding the UFO’s, and you have a good mindest regarding the NWO, etc.

  42. If you will watch the above animation you will see that JFK’s driver shot him in broad daylight. Look closely.

    I’m a big fan of you guys.

  43. If you will watch [this GIF animation you will see that JFK’s driver shot him in broad daylight. Look closely.

    I’m a big fan of you guys.

  44. Hey, you should really do a skit abut Amazon.com. This site has been selling controversial stuff for years:

    How to smuggle cocaine by the ton
    Understanding Loved Boys and Boy Lovers

    and it’s newest how to be a creep advertising:

    The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and pleasure by Phillip Greaves

    This stuff is really objectionable. I am only shopping local now for my books so that I can mostly keep my money from supporting “how to for creeps” sites.

    Anyways, thanks for the fun and the info,


  45. hello, linked to your web site from natural news.com very delighted to find a group of ladies like you, truther in nevada usa

  46. Bada buph babaaa.. Im loving it.

  47. Sonia,

    I misplaced your email address. Please send it to me. Thanks,

    Janet Phelan

  48. What your doing is great, I’m a truther named Johnconner you can find me on chat plus in droid market I have pics you must see.Nwo hard@ it in tx.go to chatplus in driod market find community”Godisthefather” ….

  49. great shows – especially the videos of your chemtrail activism!

  50. In the seeking out of truth often one encounters many uncomfortable moments- moments that give rise to occasion for reflection on one’s own concept of reality -what is true and what is false- Often a time those values one hold’s dearest can be challenged at their most fundamental of levels and one is left with the choice to either bury head in the sand or accept the change and shift in paradigm and global perspective such new awareness brings.
    Our family for one,has gone through no less than monumental shift in paradigm with the stark revelation that Canada is not the country we once thought we knew- that it has become a backwater dumping ground and geopolitical/corporate slave to U.S. oligarchical militancy and venues for global conquest – otherwise known as “The War on Terror”.

    Canada would not protect us from the onslaught of U.S. driven barbarianism, and many public figures within Canadian office including Peter MacKay himself, have had very dubious parts to play in a fiasco centered about my unlawful politically motivated abduction and targeting of our family that has culminated in the psychological and emotional torture and torment we have collectively endured now 5 years ongoing.
    As such, we would welcome the opportunity to share this and other truths to the masses, many of whom as yet remain blind and deaf to the trepidations humanity has suffered as product of politically crafted social engineering; It is our hope-and faith-that in the sharing of these truths, that we can all benefit and grow within our mutual awareness consciousness and collective understanding while replacing from about ourselves the chains of hate repression and decadence with the ribbons of freedom and compassion for others as human beings that only such understanding can bring.

  51. Has anyone noticed the shut down of YouTube to anyone not willing to link to Googles’ Gmail? I have. I have been a truther for 4 years on youtube posting my videos and communicating with like minded individuals. Not anymore. Apparantly you have linked to gooogle or you wouldn’t be up and running. I was a subscriber and friend. Help the freedom movement, comment comunicate and inform. * help* Google is attacking my anonymity. I am not a world war two Jew and I will not cooporate!

  52. Hi ladies. Some might say I’m a radical, but yes, the government is the greatest show on earth. I’m a published writer and also make Youtube videos. I would love to speak with you and see if yoy have any tips on how I can better popularize my ventures. I enjoy spreading your videos on my Facebook page. Thanks.

    R.D. Peters

  53. Hi Sonia & Karen,

    Just discovered your blog site and YouTube channel.

    Can you please add Facebook sharing button to your wordpress posts for easy sharing.

    Thanks. And keep up the good work.

  54. My name is Kisha Ferguson and I’m a producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
    I’m trying to get in touch with Sonia from The Truther Girls.
    We’re interested in possibly the Hot CSIS agent song in a radio program.
    And possibly even getting her to record it in-studio
    My contact info is below.

    Kisha Ferguson
    CBC Toronto
    mobile 416.460.0111
    cbc: 416.205.6051

  55. Check this out

    I tried it and have no explanation for it.

  56. I have the same as Prior
    I also refused to take a Google account
    Youtube was bought by Google for e few Billion.
    Bribed spies…

    Well Prior, take some blogger account for movies, and upload them some where else. Make you own viewer, nuff video servers around. Video hosting more easy to find than audio hosting. Megavideo, Dailymotion, xshare, veoh, lots of ways to make blogposts with a comment area.

    A Monopoly is always a problem, Google property or not.
    Don’t become dependent.
    And maybe download all Truther girls video’s, just in case…

  57. Hi Sonia
    Im from the uk and think you are doing a great job.
    is there any chance you can email me so that i can send you some information?
    it goes along with what you have shown about the animals and earthquakes.
    this is what links them and this is so scary i dont know what else to do.
    you will not have seen this anywhere and it exposes the nwo’s whole sick plan and how they are doing it with proof.
    please email back

  58. you have attained everthing accurately regarding what is going on on earth.
    there will be ternination of life canada/usa. there will be an acession of earth change in ’12. please travel to cuzco, Peru before 11.23.11. it is a safe place that will secure your life.

  59. Hi Ladies and greetings from the UK.
    Some great stuff on here, keep on doing what you do best.

  60. Hello Sonia,
    you know, when you have come across somebody several times, and then there´s sort of a gap, but after some time you see or hear this person again and suddenly you decide to tell that person what you always wanted to say?
    Well, I always wanted to tell you that who you are and what you do simply touches my heart. Both in brain and in mind, both in soul and in courage, both in wit and despair, both in subconciousness and in 3D, for me you are wonderful, a beautiful lady.
    Keep going, and I´ll be true to you in my way.
    From Germany

  61. Can I join you guys? I want to learn more. I have radio/vo experience and am also a girl. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your info.

    Much ❤

  62. Hey Sonia, nice blog…just wanted to stop by and say hi…this is my business facebook but you would know me as ‘Truther Allen’ on youtube… peace, i love the Anita Hit Videos!!

  63. Hello,
    You have more info, but you really need just one.
    Guess what…

  64. Sonia,
    I’m a big fan. Your vids are informative, intelligent, funny and you are easy to look at. My wife gets jealous when I watch your vids. Keep up the great work!

  65. please email me about deleting my guest comment

  66. Hello Sonia,
    I need to remove a privacy item from a recent guest posting of mine. Please email me. -Thank you, Matthew

  67. Sonia- I saw your YouTube piece about tooth decay, and thought you should know about a new kind of brush that might help solve some problems. It works best with just water (no toothpaste) and most people who try them never go back to what they had been using before. You can get them through Nomad University. I’ve been using mine for ten years and my dentist is amazed at how clean my teeth are, with no new cavities.

  68. Christopher Waterhouse

    I’m coming to Montreal in a little while. Would you be open to having a coffee?

  69. Wake up read the PDF and wake up.

    ‘Silent weapons for Quite Wars’

    I used to work for Motorola designing circuit boards and
    there is one book that is explicitly for the economic
    computer designed in the 1970’s for the economic
    computer. All the circuits described in ‘Silent weapons
    for Quiet Wars’ are in Motorla’s book. All transactions
    in the U.S.A. go through the Depository Trust Bank
    directly to Brussels, which houses the main computer.

    ‘Blood Sport’ is mentioned in ‘Silent Weapons for Quite Wars’.
    Ruby Ridge, Waco, OK Bombing, 911, Columbine, Giffords
    shooting, etc.,etc, are all ‘Blood Sport’ events.

  70. Interview OPP: Demonology 101, K.W. Kesler

    “The average human doesn’t understand what they are dealing with when it comes to those things; they are just flat out EVIL!” – Ed Warren.

    His accounts in the field of Paranormal and Occult research will leave you wanting to sleep with the lights on! Heard recently on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (2 hour interview on 11.18.11)

    K. W. Kesler, is a Paranormal and Occult researcher in the field with over 20 years of experience. He is known for what can be considered the “common sense” approach in investigations, and is well regarded by his colleagues to always shoot for the clearest explanation in any investigation. He has an interesting style when approaching the subject of Demonology, “You must begin every investigation from the ground up, never cut any corners because another paranormal group has investigated it already, and when it come to demons, it is always best to remain on guard.” K.W.Kesler was born in Ohio, has obtained degrees and certificates in Broadcasting, Communications, Parapsychology and Metaphysics, and he has worked for a variety of institutions and museums. He is known for his work in de-bunking a wide assortment of paranormal incidents and claims “common sense always is the best resolution to help in doing so.” He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Central Ohio and passes time by investigating paranormal incidents around the State and Country.

    His latest book, Demonology 101 is a basic overview of the subject. Recanting well known demonic forces and even demonic tribes which live among humans and have had attacks as recently as this year, 2011. After being published, he has been informed that no less than 2 accounts of demonic attacks on humans were thwarted because of the knowledge given in the book.

    To arrange an interview please contact,

    K. W. (Kurt) Kesler

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    The Truth … it is Stranger than FICTION
    Yet, it is ALL an Open- Secret… A ‘Sea- Crate’

    Just look Deep in-Side the Admiralty Seæ – dezert-owl

    dezert had Two Civic Organizations, CNI – Council For The National Interest, and UTDC – United Truckers Defending The Constitution. U.T.D.C. also stood for ‘Under Threat, Duress and Coercion’ which is exactly where we are at Today, along with the Flag-Ship Radio Program called, ADF- America’s Driving Force. During this period, dezert was also under a squadron of 30 UFO’s on Easter Evening 1997 south of Memphis Tenn. and found out where they were based underground the next day.

    P.S. Along with all of the above, dezert Survived 5 years of persecution by MK Ultra Mind Control, and holds the record for the longest legal case in West Virgina’s History.

  72. It’s Tiny Fey. Look at the ears… Jig is up.

  73. You should compile this into a book format along with reader comments beneath disavowing responsibility for 3rd party contributions. Maybe a few pictures of some labels and simple drawings to clairify some ideas. Put a list of things to avoid in red and another list in green to look for in labels. Then make a second edition two years later with updated information. $$$

  74. Part 1: Investigative reporter reveals deadly bird flu contaminant in flu vaccine. Please click on the LARGE SCREEN icon [__] at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

  75. Anya Dreamchildd

    Fabulous work! I have a guest for you please contact me. 🙂

  76. I am so glad to have found The TrutherGirls. Fabulous blog and fabulous videos I am learning so much from. Thank you for your great work and contribution to awakening the ‘sheeple’.
    Here is some more about the cure for cancer;
    Antineoplastons: A Cure for Cancer Ignored For 45 Years?!!

  77. Generally, you don’t have to worry about Chem Trails or any of the stuff you mention. Your attention to such problems, feeds those problems and make them bigger than they were originally. Realistically, as an example, if you ignore the Republican Party you eventually reduce their power to zero influence. At which point they cease to exist. There is a time lag, but it does happen that way. The same can be said about anything else that you regard as negative The basis of civilization is the ignorance of your own personal power. A simple proof is to meditate daily for more than a minute on making the weather for the day. Make it rain or shine, dictate the temperature for the day. Then you can work on that uncooperative postman or any political clown. No exceptions, and no limits. BTW, death is a lie.

  78. I never post on blogs but Rosen you suck ass . Mate go pack your bags and head to the nearest Fema camp, With your new age personal power everthing will be ok if you click your heels three times and believe it enough .Nice one

  79. Thanks for the warmth. Pity to see people hold on to “excuse mentality” with such a tight grip. Reaffirming your self imposed lowly station in life. We will permit you to fail, like so many others. Perhaps in your next incarnation you will be more fortunate. Pounding sand for an entire lifetime is so dull.

  80. What worries me is millions of people buying into your dont worry about anything … poison in your water GM foods , doctors giving you vaccinations . Personal power means standing up and saying no I wont let this happen . Your little time lag will be long enough to see you to dust . But I guess with such wonderfull personal power you could…write a book

    Then make a second edition two years later with updated information. $$$

    $$$ Gotta love the $$$
    Anyway glad you and your friend who will permit me to fail Ill do my best ,take care K

  81. the books have already been written….by Seth and Abraham…but not the biblical characters. I had been conditioned to look for a Superman character in both and had to make some mental adjustments around cultural expectations others had given me. But it works, none the less. Everyone creates a god image in the mind comforting to resemble the self. So when god shows up and looks different they always deny him/her initially. There was a song that went around a while ago. “What if god was one of us?” Sometimes you get so close to the truth that the reverberations eclipse the inaccuracies. Others are Ophiel (a pen name), and a woman who ran an orphanage around 1900…can’t remember her name.

    • You have some beautiful pieces of jeelelwry. I love the green necklace. I bet you can't wait to jet off to the sun, oh what bliss when it's so horribly cold here. Xx

  82. Cool cool … we er … have fun with that ,, Just seemed strange for you to get on a blog that’s trying to warn people of whats going on , and tell them they have nothing to worry about . Apologise to your friends for me .

  83. Red_Wine_Lady

    You are one complete moron Sonia … you know that.

  84. Are you still on the radio?

  85. I thought you might be interested in the video just released for the single, I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.

  86. You should investigate a tactic called ‘bait and switch’. It’s very common for politicians and others to create imaginary monsters and have you run to defend yourself in the southwest zone while the real action is being concluded in the opposite zone. You think you score a win with the imaginary monster, but in reality you were screwed somewhere else. You need to develop a set of eyes in the back of your head and use them.

  87. Woah this blog is fantastic i like studying your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You understand, many persons are hunting round for this information, you could help them greatly.

  88. Hi Sonia,
    Could you give me a call please, at your earliest convenience?

    Same number as last time. If you cannot find it, please email. Its kind of urgent.

    Many thanks,
    Malcolm Pauley

  89. Hi
    it would be nice if there was a way of contacting you with stories and suggestions etc
    I realise you will also get a fair dose of abusive morons, hence the delete button.

    But it would still be nice to be able to reach you guys as I have a suggestion you may be interested in.

    Pat Foster

  90. I wish I knew a girl that is smart, educated, has a brain, is curious about everything: AND is beautiful…

    If you want to really want to have your mind blown wide open, check out the free e-book he Path of Splitness’ on the internet. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

  91. Oops: I left out the “T” in “The”

    Dont put creedence into what I am telling you till you check this out yourself. I am 66 and have the the ability of a 66 yr old to read and follow manuel instructions…
    I updated my firefox to 18 Beta…I was directed to a video which states if your firefox is slow from yrs of use, or just too many things your cant fix easily, just use our new reset button and all will be renewed…They do not state the fact your loose all your saved bookmarks, and settings…Yes everything went, and I saw a new Fresh firefox page. Without any of my saved information…I tried to retrieve it, but remember I am 66 so this was impossible..
    One more thing..I think they said they are now connected with GOOGLE..OUCH..I avoid Google as much as I can due to their connection with the government…No privacy …
    Anyway..PLEASE heed…I also use Ixquick start page, and all the available products to date..They are free and out of the Netherland Region..They have the only free protected browser I know of…
    They plan to come out with a secure non tracable email soon..Yippie…See 66 years old..
    If anyone knows how I can return to my origional firefox, or if there is anotheer Browser which will still help a bit with some privacy. pls let me know. REMEMBER the origional pacman..with the head that would open and eat everything in its path..Who would have forseen that head would be our Govs…Thanks for listening …Alan

    • Why are you postingon my comment? Make your own comment and don’t drop red herrings on a post which has nothing to do with your technical meaningless minutiae.

  93. Hi abdietrich. What did you mean with Netherlands region? I live in amsterdam. Curious what I should know…. Should I take a new browser? I have FFox…

  94. Hi there. I just used the Black Salve on my nose. The results were exactly as mentioned in this blog and associated videos. The salve condenses into a circle in the prime damage area. Then goes to work and after 10-14 days the process is completed and the scab falls off. It leaves a small crater which heals up. I went through the whole process in three weeks. Far out!

    I can leave a photo.

    PS thanks for putting out the message with this blog
    PPS not only are you very cute, you are very smart and outspoken on an issue that matters. Thank you!

  95. Hi Sonia,
    It was nice talking to you on the phone the other day ! I only wish we had a webcam and you were in your “Latina” peronality ;totally hot btw. I can tell you are not Tina Fay by your Canadian accent but your ‘husband’ looks alot like Rick Brickell from Honest Ed’s site , uh huh, das rigth sistah, I went there.
    Stay beautiful Babe,
    Cheers , out.

  96. Can I put some of your videos on my local cable access show with full credit to you and zero intended copyright infringement? Your videos are great and I want more people to see them. I don’t make any money putting stuff on cable access but it is good to think every once in a blue moon somebodies eyes are opened to TRUTH! Instead of all the crap we were brainwashed with growing up.

  97. Hello there, I discovered your website by the use of Google at the same time as looking for a comparable matter, your web site came up, it looks good. I’ve bookmarked to my favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  98. Patrick Dooley

    Can we converse by email? Story about DD-214 discharge papers corruption Thanks Sonia

  99. Hi – I was wondering if I could chat with you offline about possible Milab experiances. Thanks.

  100. Hello, how would I contact one of the truther girls. I have an important subject matter I’d like to discuss with them for a television program I’m producing. I can be reached at simone.cupid@ami.ca

  101. Hi Sonia,
    habe gerade in einem Beitrag gehört dass du deutsch als erste Sprache gelernt hast—also mal auf deutsch.Vor 2 tagen habe ich 2 links zu autism und seeing geschickt.Beim googlen nach “Augenübungen” hatte ich eure Videos entdeckt und dann gesehen dass du neben genialem Humor auch viel mit Bewusstsein umgehst.Autismus ist wohl auch so eine Art Nebenprodukt der Veränderung der Inneren Welt in uns allen,und das Sehen
    ist grob gesagt der Schlüssel zum individuellen Blickwinkel.
    Viele Grüße

  102. Sonia. Have Aaron email me to know more about the flat earth.

  103. Hi I was so taken up by your videos I am in a place of uncovering mystries everybody thinks I am crazy but I know I am not I agree with your talk about the third eye it can only be from God I have started with the activation and cleansing I am even shopping around for fluoride free toothpaste.Its nice to know that there is someone out there that thinks like me.Please keep me updated with whatever you find out I believe that the truth is being revealed.I am also a pastor.

  104. whoah this weblog is excellent i love studying your articles.
    Keep up the good work! You recognize, a lot of individuals are looking round for this information,
    you could aid them greatly.

  105. Dear Truther Girl Sonia,
    For some reason I can’t locate an email contact for you…so I will post this in the hopes that you get my message…
    I live in Burnaby, BC, Canada. I have lived here for 20 years. I run 3 times a week around a beautiful lake called Deer Lake. I am also an avid gardener. My connection with nature is deep and I have a relationship with the trees in my surrounding area.
    Last year I noticed that some of the trees around the lake were in distress. I took notice but figured that whatever it was it would work out and the trees would recover. I’ve watched a slow progression of decline in health over the months, but last June the decline increased exponentially. By the middle of July I was alarmed and dismayed at the rapid tree death. I began to explore neighboring areas to compare with other trees. All of the cities in the Greater Vancouver area are full of trees that are extremely distressed or dying. Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam and Vancouver have neighborhoods packed with dying trees.
    At first I thought the trees around the lake might have suffered from a three-fold problem: extremes in temperatures (we had 2 cold snaps last winter and a very hot dry summer currently), road salt washing into the streams leading to the lake, and birds (sap suckers) and insects that can harm trees. Now, I do not think any of these things are the problem especially because all of the varieties of trees are suffering (though the conifers seem to suffer most).
    Another thought is that the problem could be something with the water table level or the ground water. The fact that this is happening in a wide-spread pattern leads me to this thought.
    Some people think that our trees are dying because of chemtrails and the low frequencies generated by HAARP. This is plausible…but unfortunately if this is the case it will be VERY hard to open people’s eyes to the fact of our trees dying because everyone is so mind-controlled into denying any such thing. Perhaps this is why no one sees the dying trees? It took me a long while to convince my own husband the measure of death…after about the 300th tree I guess his eyes began to open…
    Attention on the matter has been nil. I’ve been asking people to notice, but most people have their heads stuck so far up into their cell phones and ipads that they can’t see the forest for the trees. My closest friends and family observe what I am seeing. I have an action plan in place. I am compiling an email list of our local universities, city halls, newspapers and environmental advocacy groups. This week I should have it together and send out a massive email.
    I am alarmed and very concerned. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. When all of these trees get cut down in the next 2 years–what does this mean for us?
    I feel something big, big, big is happening but I just can’t wrap my mind around it.
    I have taken around 200 photographs of the dying trees at Deer Lake. If you are interested in seeing them, I can send them your way.
    Please let me know on this page if you have a contact email I can reach you at…
    Have you heard from other people regarding dying trees?
    How is your area in Montreal? Would you be interested in broaching the subject on your vlog???
    Thank you for your time,

  106. Hi sonia,
    I see americanfreedomradio.com website is gone. Have you any idea whete I could find the archive for our Aug 23, 2012 interview?

  107. Compare all options carefully cabinets so that you don’t have to?
    You also want to make your kitchen plans a bit in order to complete the task properly such as a carpenter or
    handyman to get the best quality refinish achievable.

    New Year’s cabinets resolutions traditionally have to do.
    I love the feel of the room needs to be designed for the part as well.
    Usually there’s a happy medium somewhere in between these two.

  108. Hi Sonia, hubby and I are big fans! I’m wondering if you have spoken about the pope being served a warrant for his arrest, by Pastor Kevin Arnett of Canada this week when he visits the US…..http://itccs.org/

  109. Hi Truther Girls,
    Let’s try this post again.

    Ed of Dallas Goldbug does use an “obtained ” Computer Algorithmic Program from the FBI called “FACIT ” a very accurate program, but for some reason he doesn’t post the percentages of accuracy.

    Why? I don’t know. Prosthesis & Cosmetic Surgery can alter the percentages but not enough to positively Identify a person with a high degree of accuracy.

    He needs to publish these percentage ratings if he wants to be taken seriously.

    Most cases he has obtained a high degree of accuracy. Others, yes, but with lower percentage. He should reveal all of these percentile ratings.
    Sgt. DBM III USAF ( dav )

  110. Natural Vision Improvement – Natural Eye Care. Yoel Levy. Astounding results – Jerusalem, Bnei Brak. Better eyesight naturally – Jerusalem eye clinic.
    050-414-5359, 072-282-8034


    Yoel Levy is a religious Jew living in Har Homa in Jerusalem. As a young man, he was 70% blind and thought that his long future was already behind him. Through hard work and fantastic methodology he now has full sight without glasses, without eye contacts, without surgery.

    After much study, including the scientific literature, Yoel developed a natural method for improving vision and sight. His is not only a personal success story, but a success story for hundreds of children and adults that he has helped,including people that have come from abroad.

    To achieve better eyesight naturally, Yoel has developed a method for healthier living, diets that include the correct vitamins and minerals for the eyes and body, eye exercises that train and strengthen the eye muscles, brain exercises that can naturally improve vision and more.

    At the Jerusalem eye clinic, Yoel Levy will help you to improve you or your children’s vision by completely natural methods, with no need for eyeglasses, surgery or contact lenses.

    Yoel Levy does not only help with natural methods for better vision, but also for other eye ailments, including dry eye, cataracts, eyeball pressure, lazy eye, strabismus, astigmatism and more.

    To find a natural treatment for cataracts, dry eye or eyeball pressure is not common, but Yoel Levy has studied for years all of the relevant literature and has developed methodologies that people are increasingly using. Natural improvement of vision, sight and eye health is Yoel’s VISION.

    Give him a call at his Jerusalem eye clinic at: 050-414-5359, 072-282-8034

  111. Do you people believe the Earth is flat too?

  112. Hey Sonia
    Mucked about with a picture of you and said some. Thought in the end, (wasn’t gonna) – why not, tell her. Me and my barely read website. But sincerely, thanks. And if I bring you a smidgen of encouragement. Get a laf. Glad. You did me good, and now a re-watcher, doubtless will. Your cry I echo, loads… echo. Jesus-on-with and other precious ones – got plenty thankfuls. Switch ‘record’ as you will. Like a flowing river. Peace and much blessing to family.

  113. please circle back. Your awesomeness is needed. Cal

  114. Sanjay jadhav

    Dear Sir
    My son’s the follow up in Tata H. Hospital is continue.My family & I fully tension for my son’s health,I already spent more than Rs.fifteen lakhs on treatment.Total 18 chemoes & two major opreations done.First on his right leg ,kept rod inside & second on his right lung ,removing 30% of his lung.On 8 July 2015 again Doctor done RFA(Radio Frequncy Ablation) on his right lung.
    Dear Sir,I am 56 yrs old.

    Now on 7 April 2016 again cancer tumor found on his right side lung,where Doctor done operation,we all are in tension,as Doctor told that they can not do again operation or chemotherapy,so please,suggest any medicine,for my son,s treatment.So I am waiting for your reply Now can not sleep ,at night,crying due to cuffing.He is 15 yrs.old.His Tata Hospital File No.CK/15682.Please advice.I know that he is cuffing due to tumor is on right lung,Last 3 years he is taking treatment.Now Hospital stop his treatment,so we started him a cow urine therapy..Now my son is living in Mysore in India..I am waiting for reply.I wan to give my son,medicines which from Dandelion plant & Artemisinin & where it will get in India.I am waiting for reply.How this medicine will take per day.
    Sanjay Jadhav
    Reply Reply to All Forward More

  115. Advanced stage cancer of the type you describe after chemo treatment is very difficult if not impossible to cure but you are under that doctor who suggested chemo and should continue to listen to his guidance and you have my prayers for your son’s miraculous improvement! Many religions such as Hinduism believe that everything happens for a reason and nothing is a waste and so take heart in that idea if you can.

  116. Saw your latest video sorry you’re feeling down.
    Unfortunately I deal with daily aches and pains especially in the spine and feet and I know what dealing with this on a daily basis for years does to me. Not to sound cliche but I do feel your pain I see it in your eyes and your tears and your body language.
    I truly believe that all the things were being exposed to and learning at an accelerated pace is all building up in our minds and sometimes it shows itself in different ways.
    Please keep the faith that in the end in the long run things are going to get better.

  117. Please cover on your blog about my post regarding Alex Jones receiving a set up attempt. This is very important and the evidence is on my blog post. It is connected with the tormail.org attacks. Please repost the entire post on your blog in case my blog post gets censored. You have my permission to post my entire article about Alex Jones being put under attack by the CP set up political hackers squad or whoever they are at this point.

    Attorney Susan Basko’s declaration in federal court proves that people are getting set up with CP and are having to contact the FBI. Brian’s FBI filings via fax are in federal court records. So Alex Jones getting set up with CP is true according to the threatening email that is also reported to law enforcement and filed in federal court.

    Alex Jones the next set up attempt victim.


  118. If you don’t remove my name Tom Dizdul from your blog, you will be prosecuted and sued for slander and also prosecuted for drug use .

  119. Francis Boyle human rights lawyer: seems to have nailed it!,, th vyrus ,, ( ive looked into th mans back ground: he isnt a nut case fear monger( has lagit years of good works!,, https://youtu.be/3DAI3c9wE0Q

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