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Recovered texts are now showing that some people within the government were plotting against Donald Trump during and after the election. These  include Peter Strzok, who was working on both the Clinton emails probe and the Russia probe, and FBI laywer Lisa Page. Their texts reveal they were strongly biased against Trump and may have been participating in a conspiracy to stop him from getting elected, and to get Hillary Clinton off the hook for her email scandal. And what’s more, 5 additional months of texts are mysteriously (and conveniently) missing from the FBI records! Republican Congressman Ron Johnson even went so far as to say this is raises suspicions of a conspiracy by a secret society within the government, although he has now backed off his claim, probably after realising that he would prefer to keep his job.
More info in the video below.

UPDATE: The NSA may be able to access the missing text messages.

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  1. Dear Sonia and Aaron,

    It’s my guess people were asking about your son’s drink in your recent video because he’s obviously (BMI) consuming too many calories…Adult eating can be out of control too if nutrients are lacking – age is no factor. If my “vitamin” D3 is low (i daily take 10,000units in Minnesota winter) I crave carbs like crazy and desire more coffee, though I limit it because I’ve no desire to have a caffeine addiction. If my hair, finger/toe nails grow well in winter, I know my D levels are good.

    Doing the research one finds children become angels when supplied with the needed nutrients, avoiding all fake food (“food” defined – nutrition) and other toxins (metal cans) as well as allergy type foods, which can include dairy, as well as wheat, the nightshade family of foods and more…

    A good doctor tests for nutrients lacking, not what drugs are needed… Gunther could need iodine – we in the midwest are typically lacking iodine…

    … I’m sure your candy making and candy bars in the car, was a joke, because after all you know vaccines are detrimental, why wouldn’t you know fake sugar steals nutrients (so does caffeine) from the body to metabolize. None of us needs fake food, processed sugar, nor processed flour, anything from can or bag… I quit breads, pasta etc and easily lost so much weight people thought I was sick – at 5’5″ – 118lbs
    is Healthy!

    Your son is truly gifted, and I hope you see his talents shining. Adults like children, keep focused with nutrition.



  2. Please listen to these testimonies from 1:51:30-
    The second is about an autistic boy.

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