Las Vegas Shooting: Not a Hoax! (But evidence of accomplices)

las vegas signMore investigations into the footage from the scene show undeniably that there had to be more than one person involved. Also, new footage on Live Leak shows the true aftermath of the event. Something is being covered up- but what, and why?

i feel like i need to talk about Las Vegas and I’ve been looking a lot into what happened because it just didn’t sit right with me. when i see something where a lot of people lost their lives and something is not honest about what happened, I’m not ok with that

i don’t like to jump to the conclusion that everything is a conspiracy. i am more interested in truth and often i conclude that there is no conspiracy because there is not enough evidence for that. in this case, something just doesn’t add up . also, in this case there are a lot of rumors,

first of all i’d like to get on thing out of the way. there are people who say this was a hoax, they were all actor sand nobody got hurt or died. I said from the beginning that i do not subscribe to this. people have said they have not seen any gore on the news. but the news is ‘sanitized for your protection’, so what do you expect?

However, the Internet is not nearly as sanitized and there is graphic footage online from the aftermath of the shooting. and if after seeing that footage, you still think they are faking, then I am not having this discussion with you because clearly you are working backwards from your conclusion. You have already concluded this and you’re looking for proof of what you have already decided. So you are not really looking for the truth. If this isn’t proof, you’re not being honest with yourself because this is as real as it gets.

Here is another point regarding the hoax issue. At this point, the ‘hoax’ issue has gotten really big. There were 22000 people at this event. You would think that someone in that crowd would be on to the ‘hoax’ business. It was an event that was open to the public, and surely some of those in attendance would have been aware of the theories that events such as these are fakery. And you would think that some such person, having seen evidence of fakery would have come out by now and stated that they were there and that it was fake. Because the people who believe things are hoaxes are looking for proof and what better proof could you have than being at an event. But nobody is saying that. The people who were there are saying they saw people died. Not to mention all the people who were involved at a secondary level, such as other witnesses in the are, or the cleanup or medical crew, but out of all those people no=one has said, even anonymously, that there was evidence of fakery. The only people who are claiming there was fakery are the people who were not there.

However, witnesses are coming forward with information that contradicts the official narrative. As reported by the Courier Mail, Australian Brian Hodge, “who previously worked at Jupiter’s Casino the on the Gold Coast, claimed that he was staying in the room next to the shooter on level 32 at the Las Vegas resort and he said i got outside safely and was hiding in the bushes. there were multiple dead and multiple shooters. i was just waiting for the police to come and get us.

There are several people who claim they heard ere multiple shooters. The footage here on MidnightintheDesert is of the hotel and it seems to show gunfire coming from the fourth floor. I thought this was unlikely because there were no blown-out windows on that floor and all the rooms at the Mandalay have windows that do not open, but apparently they do have ‘ventilation strips’ that open slightly, so maybe this is possible. The explanation that the flashes were a strobe light sounds to me like a poor argument, as the flashes match up exactly with the sounds of gunfire.

There is also footage from a taxi driver who picked up some people who were feeling the scene. In this footage, you hear distant shots and close-up shots.  It has now been argued that the more muffled shots are the echo of the gun firing. I am not personally sure of whether that is a satisfactory explanation.

There was also a FB post by one Nadia Gissell who claimed there was also a shooter in the Paris Casino and a reply by Cameron Espino saying he witnessed there being two gunmen in the Miracle Milesshops. However, this post and Nadia Gissell’s profile has now disappeared from the Internet, which can only mean that either the poster has made it (and her whole profile) inaccessible, or that this was  a fake post. This post was reported in this article titles, ‘Las Vegas Casino Staff Saw Multiple Gunmen During Shooting‘. However, this came from Your News Wire, which is known for posting a lot of false and misleading claims and outright fabrications.

So you have people saying there were multiple shooters and you have video and audio that seems to confirm this, so why is this not being investigated?

There are also many questions about whether the shooter acted alone from the 32nd floor, based on photos of the scene and news reports about it. Several issues are covered in this article on WorthTruthTV. It was reported on the news that dozens of shell casings were found in the room. However, if Paddock fired thousands of rounds, as has been reported and as can be plainly heard, why would there be only dozens of casings on the floor? Did there rest of them go out the window or did those shots come from somewhere else?

It has also been pointed out that shell casings are hot when they are released and should have melted the carpet, but the images of the carpet where they fell shows no burn marks.

In addition to this, firing this many rounds creates a lot of fumes and smoke and the shooter should have not even been able to remain in that room, according to this analysis on WorlTruthTv. If you take all this into account, it raises more questions about the possibility of there having been more than one shooter.

In the same article, the writer points out that the 22 calibre bullets that were used would not have been effecting projectiles from a distance of 400 yards. I would say that this actually backs up the story that shots were fired from this distance because, as they would have lost some of their power and accuracy on the way into the crowd,  this could account for why there were not even more victims. If they had been shot from closer-up, there toll of death and injury would have been much higher.

Here is some additional information about the shooter. According to CTV news, the gunman transferred $100k and set up cameras in the hotel room. He had sent money to his girlfriend in the Philippines, in order for her to buy her family a home. He appears to have made extensive preparations before the attack. To me, it looks like Paddock was definitely involved. There is quite a trace of evidence for this. I just don’t think he acted alone. I also still think Isis could have been involved and could have had the shooter under mind control.

This event appears to have been  a coordinated attack, but that doesn’t mean the US government was necessarily behind it. People tend to accuse national governments when these things happen, but there are also governing bodies that are supra-national. If you want to get into conspiracy theory, I’m talking about a secret shadow government that is above any national government, even above groups such as Bilderberg or any other known secret society. These are societies that are so high up and so secret that their names and the extent of their reach are not known to the public. They control- or attempt to control- not only national governments but also groups like ISIS. And when a national government displeases them by refusing to do their bidding, they can use ISIS against them.

This is the top of the pyramid of the New World Order.

If were to carry out an attack, they could use ISIS, and they could also use a guy like Paddock. A national government could not disclose to the public the nature of such a strike. You can imagine the chaos this would create. So even if a government was not complicit in such an event, they would naturally be compelled to participate in covering up the deeds of their overlords. If they disclosed that it was ISIS, that would be only half the truth.

In any case, there are still too many holes in the official narrative.

Note: this is the transcript of a video which I had to remove from Youtube and includes all the links originally posted. It had to be removed because it appears that Youtube has a policy against including links from Live Leak.

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6 responses to “Las Vegas Shooting: Not a Hoax! (But evidence of accomplices)

  1. I haven’t seen any evidence showing Mr. Paddock had anything to do with this thing — I’ve only heard accusations. But we’ve seen a similar scenario play out many, many times now. This time it seems people were actually killed and injured. That doesn’t mean it’s not a conspiracy or a false flag.

  2. Looks like Paddock is turning into another Lee Harvey Oswald.

  3. There was a woman who put up a video of photoshopped vegas shooting pics. Tons of photo shopping going on. Pictures that were on the front pages of newspapers. Im sorry but I didnt see enough carnage and blood. Nice clean white sheets and anomalies. You werent there, I wasnt there. Unless Im sticking my finger in the bullet holes and checking for a pulse, I dont believe any of it. Multiple shooters, shooting blanks. Thats what im seeing. Another masonic magic trick. 32nd floor, the obelisk, luxor pyramid etc. They have a maxxim in law, “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” meaning if one thing is wrong, its all wrong. Find this PBS video “documentary” called “Memories of the Camps” it was directed by Billy Wilder and produced by Alfred Hitchcock (hint). They used actors and staged scenes. See if you can figure it out. They have been doing this for decades. Americans are so gullible, its pathetic.

  4. You see this ? A woman scoured thru hundreds of photos showing the photoshopped pics of the “vegas shootings” and her youtube was yanked.
    She was spot on too. Too many things wrong in the pics. Clean white sheets. There was one pic with fake blood on a womans leg. I saw no carnage.

  5. Memories of the Camps
    This was a fiction hit piece passed off as truth. All bullshit. The shrunken heads, lampshades and soap made from jews were admitted to being lies by Michael Schermer of Skeptic Magazine. This film footage is LIBEL . If the stupid Americans ever figured out how much they are being lied to , they will rampage.

  6. For some reason this music video seems to be very censored on you tube!
    I recently quit using google,logged off you tube.The two party censorship is unreal now.

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