murdered for leaks buttoonNew information coming out is re-opening questions about Seth Rich’s murder and whether a hit was put out on him for leaking DNC emails.

The mainstream media has called this story a ‘conspiracy theory’, and has  endeavoured to discredit private investigator Ron Wheeler, but new tweets from Kim Dotcom appear to confirm that Seth Rich was the insider who leaked the embarrassing DNC emails. This again raises the possibility that his murder may have not been a random robbery gone awry.

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SUPERBUG THBA new mutated bacteria which is being called a ‘nighmare superbug’ is rising out of Illinois. Who is at risk and what can we do to protect ourselves?

As pharmaceutical options run out, we may have to look more and more to natural solutions.

CRE is a bacteria that normally lives in the gut but can cause life-threatening infections when introduced into other parts of the body via medical interventions. What’s worse is, a new mutation of it is proving to be resistant to even the strongest antibiotics. And infections continue to rise as hospitals struggle to decontaminate equipment.

Other hospital-acquired infections like C. difficile cause thousands of deaths a year in the US and Canada in people whose immune systems have been thrown out of balance by antibiotics. In the case of C. difficile, it was discovered that the high-potency probiotic can be used to restore gut flora and improve survival rates.


AUTISM AND THE FEVER EFFECT (Why Fever Surprisingly Improves Autism Symptoms)

fever still wpHave you ever noticed that when your autistic child is running a fever, they start to act less autistic? They may engage more with you, have improved language and communication, and decreased oppositional or obsessive behaviours.

If you have, you are not alone.

The ‘Fever Effect’, is a well-known phenomenon, whereby behavioural changes occur in autistic children while they are running a temperature. I have witnessed this in my own son, and it is quite dramatic. The heat from the fever modulates a part of the brain, called the locus coeruleus-noradrenergic complex, and this temporarily normalizes brain function. Through observing this phenomenon, scientists are realizing that the autistic brain is more structurally normal (albeit dysregularted) that previously believed. Understanding this may pave the way for new treatment approaches for autism.

It turns out that vigorous exercise, which also heats the body, can have similar effects on improving behavior, although it is not known whether it modulates this same region of the brain in particular.

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scientology thumb ytA scientologist-owned rehab in Tenessee, which was closed after police found disabled people padlocked in shacks, was part of a nationwide underground industry of kidnapping kids to rehab. All the details and back-story here!
Also, I spent three and a half years in one of these sham ‘therapeutic’ institutions myself as a teenager. This is not therapy, it is abuse.

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video thumbnailMy autistic son just got kicked out of school. Again. Wherever he goes, I always warn them that he has serious behavioural challenges, but they never believe me until they have dealt with him themselves. And then they usually give up pretty quickly.

If there is one thing I have learned about my son, it is that what needs more than anything is a trusting relationship with the adults around him. A lot of problematic behaviours in autistic children are driven by anxiety. Having a buddy relationship with someone takes the edge off. The schools always take the approach that my son needs stern discipline, but what he needs first is a relationship. If they would take the time to invest in that instead of making compliance their priority, things would go a lot better. The way the schools have handled him has always led to problems escalating, until they end up putting him in restraints. All this accomplishes is that he decides he hates school and everyone who works there. He loses all motivation for school.  Their approach backfires: his behaviour only worsens.

My son is a child who requires extreme patience on the part of the adults around him, but it’s worth it to exercise that patience or you end up with an unmanageable situation.

Second, it would serve the schools well to accept his autism and to stop perceiving him as a wilful, disobedient child. The sooner you get it through your head that he is autistic, the better. Let go of your stereotypes and preconceptions. Autism comes in many forms.

Third, don’t assume that severe behavioural problems are the domain of children who have ‘lower functioning’ autism with more verbal impairment or who have co-existing intellectual disability. And don’t assume that because someone is outgoing or has a sense of humour that they aren’t really ‘that autistic’ or that their problematic behaviours are something they can turn on or off at will. Just don’t assume anything.


paracas baby

DNA tests have finally been carried out on the mysterious elongated skulls of the ancient red-haired in habitants of Peru knows as the Paracas. The photo at left is from the Paracas Museum in Peru and shows a baby Paraca skull next to a normal baby skull.

Because the Paracas differ in many ways from typical South American people, and even from humans in general, many have speculated that they may be either a lost race of humanoids, or that they may be hybrids between humans and aliens. To find out more on the DNA results, check out the video below.

To learn more about the Paracas, visit the Hidden Inca Tours website.


Hey Harper, Stop Banning Our Medicines!

Mitragynine2DACS.svgThanks to our Harper-run Nanny State, I may some time in the near future no longer have access to the medicine I have been using for RLS, the mysterious neurological disorder that has plagued me for nearly a decade. Why would the government ban my medicine? Because it’s a plant. And no, it’s not cannabis.

Today, I went to one particular local headshop ,which is more like an herbalist supply store, to get some kratom, which is what I use for RLS.  Kratom is ground leaf from the mitragyna speciosa plant, an Asian tree in the coffee family which acts as a partial opiate, binding to the MU receptors.  It’s something like the herbal equivalent to buprenorphine. A few years ago, they had every herb you could want and pages of cannabis seed types in a catalogue. Things have changed. No more seeds, that is not so surprising. But several plants have been newly banned and the manager said he was even arrested for importing illicit drugs when he tried to bring a couple of them over the border.

What was he bringing in? For one, he had mimosa- the tickle plant! Accused of importing DMT for having a tickle plant! And he was also accused of importing mescaline for having some cacti, and of course cannabis for having some seeds.  A few years ago, the Australian government set out to ban every one of the thousands of  types of plant that contains DMT or any component that could be used to make it. Turns out, it’s not just Australia doing this. Here in Canada, Banisteriopsis Caapi is now banned, even though it doesn’t contain DMT, but because it can be used in the making of the ayahuasca brew, which does contains the molecule.

Plants are an important source of medicine, and having access to them is an important source of health freedom and power. I use kratom for RLS. It works, I don’t need a prescription, I control when and how much I take, and the side-effects are minimal. Now and then, it has me wake up with a bit of a headache. The alternative is pharma’s RLS drugs, which are really Parkinsons’ drugs that are only a little more effective than a placebo for RLS. But the side effects are a lot more serious than a placebo. It can cause sudden impulse and compulsive behavior. I’m talking binge eating, hitting the casino to blowing your life savings, and jumping into bed with every random guy you fancy. How does it make sense that a drug that can do that to you is considered ‘safe and effective’, but an herb that does none of that and works a lot better is threatened with being given an illegal status as contraband? I use kratom safely and responsibly. I don’t need some government or professional looming over me to make sure I don’t turn into an herbal junkie. In fact, if it wasn’t for the availability of herbs like kratom, I might end up in bad enough shape from lack of sleep to develop some serious problems. I’m keeping myself healthy by enabling myself to get some sleep. And as a healthier person, I cost Canadian tax payers a lot less money.

Banning medicinal plants just because they have psychoactive properties only limits people’s access to good health, both physical and psychological. Those who use them are in a minority, and it doesn’t benefit anyone to clamp down on them and their herbal medicine cabinet. All it does is empower the enormous pharmaceutical multinational corporations to hold an iron grip monopoly on our health and the decisions we can make regarding it.