Agenda 21 With Bryan D. Hill

Today on The Truther Girls at 2:00 pm EST, I will be talking to activist Bryan D. Hill about Agenda 21, the UN agenda for the 21st century implemented supposedly in teh name of sustainable development, of which the goal is actually to herd people off the land and into large cities where they can be controlled.
Please visit Bryan’s website at and Bryan’s YT channel more information on Agenda 21 and much more.

Bryan addressing the Town Council of Mayodan on Agenda 21:

Second Hour (3:00pm EST), I will be joined by Rupert Quaintance from ‘Hi, It’s Rupert!’ for News and Commentary. The Travyon Martin shooting: starting a race war? Will Obamacare survive the Supreme Court?
See Rupert’s YT channel here:

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2 responses to “Agenda 21 With Bryan D. Hill

  1. I went to a GOP caucus recently in support of Ron Paul, and despite the disappointing shunning of Ron Paul and his supporters I was pleasantly shocked by something. The official proposed GOP platform for my county actually mentions Agenda 21. THEN, as GOP folks running for office came to the podium to speak many of them mentioned Agenda 21! I had to explain to other delegates sitting around me what Agenda 21 and sustainable development was and that is was behind the micromanaging of their land…blocking them from building or digging or cutting down a tree, etc. They had no idea. Then I’d finish my explanation with “and people like me have been trying to tell people like you about this for the past 20 years and have been being called kook conspiracy theorists!”

  2. The anti-Agenda 21 fear mongering has reached an absurd level. Too bad it is based on disinformation and outright lies. No, Agenda 21 does not “herd people off the land and into large cities where they can be controlled”. This is absolute garbage. People should read what the Actual Agenda 21 document says. Agenda 21 is a NON BINDING, NON ENFORCEABLE set of guidelines or vision on how to make development more sustainable that reduces our dependency on fossil fuels and excessive destruction of the environment, and to give people more CHOICE in not being totally dependent on the car and fossil fuels. If you take away the fear mongering bs, sustainability is actually something that most people agree with.

    People are failing to use their critical thinking skills. Think about this: If you know that the Republican Party represents a reactionary, right wing agenda of corporate control, anti-environmentalism, Christian fundamentalist social backwardness, and the elimination of all regulations to protect workers, the environment, democracy, and anything that can get in the way of unlimited corporate profits, don’t you think it is a little strange that the Republican Party has come out officially against Agenda 21 if Agenda 21 is really that bad? Since when has the Republican Party been on the right side of ANY issue that is of concern to the little guy? The fact that the Republican Party is officially against Agenda 21 should make most normal intelligent people (who are not themselves right wing reactionaries) realize that Agenda 21 is most likely a good environmental policy.

    People need to not just believe everything they hear on the internet about some dark conspiracy that purports to take our freedoms away, particularly when it is peddled by the paranoid right wing, who are consistently opposed to ANY environmental protection. Don’t just allow yourselves to be made fools of by such right wing disinformation. People also need to educate themselves about the long history of Big Oil and other corporate interests who spend Billions to create front groups and think tanks that are used to manipulate public opinion against any sort of environmental regulations. If people want to know about some of the big money behind the anti-Agenda 21 fear mongering, you should look up the Koch Brothers and Big Oil that is funding a lot of this. “Americans for Prosperity” and “American Policy Center” are two of the Koch Brothers funded front groups actively involved in the scare mongering campaign against Agenda 21, and any major environmental policies or regulations. They have been using the exact same tactics to fight against awareness and action to deal with climate change and anything that might hinder their profits. CONNECT THE DOTS, don’t be gullible.

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