The Katrina Virus

virusTonight on Truther Girls Radio: Special Guest David Andrew Christenson is an Air Force Officer and Veteran who has been classified as a terrorist.

The Department of Justice classified Captain David Andrew Christenson as a terrorist. This was done to bypass Federal Law and the Federal Judiciary. It was relayed to Captain Christenson that if he did not stop his research and quest for justice that he would be assassinated as a terrorist.
The FBI attempted to murder/assassinate Captain David Andrew Christenson while he was being held in isolation in the Orleans Parish Prison. Coast Guard Commander William Wesley Goetzee was not so lucky. He was murdered in the Orleans Parish Prison on August 7th, 2011. The FBI failed with Captain Christenson but succeeded with Commander Goetzee.
What was so important that the United States Government had to classify Captain David Andrew Christenson as a terrorist and then attempt to murder/assassinate him?
Chemical warfare ingredients, “THE KATRINA VIRUS”, were released during Hurricane Katrina. The end result will be GENOCIDE for the residents of New Orleans. (“The Katrina Virus” represents all of the contaminants that were released from government research/laboratory, manufacturing and storage facilities. These facilities were controlled directly and indirectly by the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency and included public institutions such as local hospitals and medical schools. The Harvard University Medical School has been tasked with studying and tracking the long term health/medical issues and “The Katrina Virus”.

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Contact & Website info for David Andrew Christenson
website is (Very slow. Open the Documents tab and double click on every line.)
YouTube: “David Andrew Christenson Channel” Index of over 175 Videos!

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9 responses to “The Katrina Virus

  1. I am glad that you are covering this CRUCIAL story… Down here in the Gulf Coast region, those of us who are informed on the array of assaults we endure on a daily basis, understand that we are witnessing/experiencing genocide in slow (and sometimes not so slow) motion, all while most others still wonder why so many of their friends are sick, or why there have been more ‘colds’ and coughs, cancers, and rare immune disorders and diseases in the recent years than before. David’s story is an important and relevant one that concerns us all. THANK YOU for sharing this one!

    • Check out other truther girls hot info on the cure of hiv/aids,cancer and diabetes,in googal type it’s national HIV testing scam day truther girls blog
      read the comments after the woman speaking about the hiv scam,scroll down to the comments,after that.

  2. Just another Voice

    GOOD for you girls’s keep it up, spread the word like “they” spread the virus, bring these violator’s SHAME, like they brought MURDER to the innocent people of New Orleans!! Let’s not forget about Mayor Ray Nagin, he too has tried to investigate and fight back, but he too is in trouble with the EVIL forces that is the shadow govn’t of the US and other countries, otherwise known as a cabal, oligarchy, NWO, illuminati,or my favorite satan’s feces!!
    KUDOS to you “girls”, don’t give up the fight! g. bush and his father are so corrupt that it only proves how the US govn’t has been so severely compromised, and people aren’t connecting the dots. The US govn’t needs to be re-built due to its corruption for at least the last 60 years, we need to or it will continue regardless of who get’s into office, from the top down to the bottom, so many have a price and the psychotic elite running the ship will just keep putting FAKE and illegal and non-american so-called president’s in obama’s place even if we got rid of that illegal terrorist! Coporations are buying the souls of these weak morons, and we need to go after these coporations and create new laws by the people for the people, to hold them accountable for ALL the EVILS they are doing, we can rebuild govn’t but we need to control these corporations as well, becaue combined, they are destroying America, if we rebuild govn’t we can keep the psychotic elite OUT, they will create wars and use weather war fare, like they have on other countries i.e. Japan who now has a new corrupt president that will do what they say, which was the reason for fukushima…it was do what we say and want or we attack you, and so they did! HAARP (combined with cell phoen towers), is REAL and it is also what was used for Hurricane Katrina and the more recent Hurricane Sandy (notice how it was right before elections, which is a common thread). Good luck girls and keep exposing the SICK, MURDERING, LYING psycho’s of this world!

    • check out the other truther girls in googal type it’s national hiv testing scam day truther girls blog read the comments after the drug addicted woman ,there is the cure for hiv/aids,cancer,and diabetes plus
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  3. I am not inclined to believe this story, but I do know that its pretty common for people who get too close to the truth to be killed. In some cases if it seems far fetched “they” let it go. Long term survival usually means disinformation, inadvertant or deliberate.

  4. Silly girls!

  5. what about mold exposer down there, it has to be bad there

  6. Voice of Reason

    Yet another wacko conspiracy site! David Andrew Christenson is a nut job to the extreme and after seeing his YouTube videos, I too consider him a domestic terrorist. Katrina virus? Is there no limit to one’s insanity. I lived in Kenner, La.. I was in New Orleans (stayed in a hotel with the ABC news crew) during and after Katrina. There is no such virus nor is/was any government conspiracy. This is insanity and you must have a special kind of stupid to believe this insane person.

    Don’t worry, this is a one-off message; I won’t be back. My only agenda at this point is to get his wacko videos removed from YouTube; but apparently YouTube doesn’t see them as a violation thus far.


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