H2O2 Cancer Protocol

I have decided to put all the information I have on alternative cancer protocols here on the blog. Disclaimer: this is for information purposes ONLY. I have absolutely no proof that the following will cure cancer or that is even safe to do. I am not recommending that anyone do this. If you have cancer, please talk to your health practitioner about treatment options.
As for my personal experience with this protocol, my mother used it last year. She was at first told she had what was suspected to be an angiosarcoma tumor in her breast. She followed the protocol and the only negative effect she reported was diarrhea. When she went in for surgery, a 4-inch tumor was removed, but it was completely calcified and was graded Stage0 or ‘carcinoma in situ’. In my opinion, there is no way she ever had angiosarcoma, but only carcinoma in situ. In any case, she did this protocol with only minor side effects. Here is the protocol:

“A lot of health food stores now sell a product called “35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.” There is a forty day way to get rid of tumors using only that product.

-Use a dropper to put 15 drops of “35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide” into a full cup of water. Because water is H2O and hydrogen peroxide is H2O2, you don’t even need to mix it; it mixes immediately, diluting immediately after you put the drops into the water. So for the first three days, you have fifteen drops of it in water along with your breakfast. That’s 15 drops in water with breakfast, NONE with lunch, NONE with supper.

-Ten drops in a cup of water with breakfast, and ten drops in a cup of water with supper.

DAYS 7-TO-14
-Ten drops in a cup of water with breakfast, ten drops in a cup of water with lunch, and ten drops in a cup of water with supper.

DAYS 15-TO-20
-17 drops in a cup of water with breakfast, 17 drops in a cup of water with lunch, and 17 drops in a cup of water with supper.

DAYS 20-TO-30
-25 drops in a cup of water with breakfast, 25 drops in a cup of water with lunch, and 25 drops in a cup of water with supper.

DAYS 30-TO-40
-15 drops in a cup of water with breakfast, 15 drops in a cup of water with lunch, and 15 drops in a cup of water with supper.

You may experience brief dizzy spells on days 7, 15, and 20. This is normal. The dizzy spells will not last more than ten seconds, and you will not have more than one of them in a day. That’s like thirty seconds of dizziness in the whole 40 days. Between days 15-to-30, all of the tumors will be shrinking and dying. By day 40, your body will be completely cleansed of tumors. A catscan will reveal no tumors and the doctor will say it’s a miracle. But it’s really just the proper application of “oxygen therapy” via the extra oxygen atom in hydrogen peroxide.

The tumors will be gone from your body, and you won’t have cancer. But it’s really just a recess from cancer. The cancer will return in 1-to-5 years unless you solve the underlying issues which caused it, which are usually related to stress and/or nutrition. You CAN do this hydrogen peroxide protocol again when it returns, and then you’ll have another 1-to-5 year recess from cancer during which again to try to solve the stress and/or nutrition issues which caused it. But if within the 1-to-5 years you successfully solve the underlying stress and/or nutrition problems which caused the cancer, the cancer will not return.

The fact that pH level 7.88 is the exact specific pH level that kills tumors does not appear in any books yet. The information was extracted from a very close friend of a successful cancer doctor.

It is days 15-to-30 when your pH will be at the appropriate level. Days 30-to-40 are just to make sure all the tumors are gone.”

14 responses to “H2O2 Cancer Protocol

  1. About cancer. Please, oh please, everyone should watch this video. I know, its a little long, a little technical, but well worth it. About 30 minutes. One brave woman speaks out to help us, but no one seems to have listened.

  2. I tried that Hydrogen peroxide. Gives me a headache.

  3. Thanks Sonia, this is great. I want to tell you about Red Elk, a native american leader. He went to the medical office where the women who treats people said to him, I am amazed you are so healthy after smoking so much, he has smoked 10 or even 20 packs of cigarettes a day, but now days being older he cut back. Anyway he says to her, smoking doesn’t cause cancer you cause cancer. Basically when they put the fear of something into you that means you have to face it. That is one of the laws of the creator., according to Red Elk . He has a web sight I think you woild like to interview him. Very unique and wise and he is half white too and a christian even. Many Blessings Joe in Korea

  4. HI, just curious why it is the 35% dilution that you recommend and not the 3% that is mostly recommended as safe to use?

    • wilmingtonncweb

      I have researched this. The 3 % that you buy at the local drug store contains stabilizers that you do not want to ingest. The 35%” food grade” is the ONLY drops you want to add to water to drink. And remember this: The 35 % is DANGEROUS when undiluted! It will burn your skin on contact, SO you must put the drops in water and dilute it before you ever drink it. Google it and you will find lots of info. I ordered mine on the internet. Store in a dark cabinet. AS she point out, you must learn to eat healthy or disease will return, You must learn not to let anything stress you or the disease will return. Start by drinking purified water, no soft drinks and eating lots of local organic veggies 🙂

  5. Just came across your youtube channel, subscribed, and (now) exploring. You might have already touched on these things, but thought I’d suggest some stuff I find interesting. Fodder for posts 😉 MMS (miracle mineral solution) an alternative to hydrogen peroxide therapy. Drinking only distilled water to melt & remove in-organic minerals from the body. Urine therapy. and the benefits of Xylitol to prevent disease by making cells ‘slippery’. Also kills biofilms! I’m just educating myself on these things, so I’m not touting anything. Although have had success with MMS. Bentonite clay also (P&B shakes) for cleansing.Bentonite: another must-have for the medicine cabinet!!!

    Just some ideas. Love the channel/site/blog.
    Keep up the amazing work!! Mom-Warriors………..Yehawww! 😀

  6. Obviously you did not read the correct protocol for taking this – highly suggest “The One-Minute Cure” by Madison Cavanaugh. You do not take it with a meal (has to be on an empty stomach), and you do not start out with the amount you said – way too much… Read other books and they state the same as The One Minute Cure…

  7. I love Red Elk, he’s so wise. Thank you and I must agree with Renee, start with just 3 drops a day, yes do watch or read The One Minute Cure.

    Happt healing,

    Betsy Balega

  8. yup same here i heard u cant use with food u got to take on an empty stomach,also i hear/turmeric,curcumin with bioperine kills cancer too.never did my research on this stuff tho,but i hear its powerful

  9. Perhaps if it worked for her mother WITH food… it was alright to take a bit higher dose, and that is why. It was with the food. Just some ‘food’ for thought… health to all!!

  10. Reblogged this on Our New World and commented:
    I’ve been following this protocol slowly for the last two months…

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