Black Salve Cancer Treatment

I just received the following testimonial from a woman who used black salve to draw out part of a breast cancer tumor. This is an old treatment that is used for drawing out anything from an ingrown toenail to a splinter, but some people have used it to remove a skin cancer growth, or even a breast tumor as you will see.

“Yes I have cancer – but I was diagnosed 2yrs ago (september 2009) and told that if I didnt have ‘treatment’ immediately I would die.
Well – I’m still here – and healthier than I’ve been for a long time lol.
My lump also hasn’t got any bigger for the whole time I’ve been using alternative treatment. (it initially got much bigger after they did the biopsy though and thats when it began to get painful)
Tried a few different alternative treatments so far including amygdalyn (laetrile).
One of the most effective, visual ones (one I could see physically working) was black salve – I managed to extract part of my tumour out through my skin (its usually recommended more for skin cancer) – but omg its so painful – I wouldn’t recommend anyone try it without having some morphine on hand. Unfortunately it was a waste of time even asking my doctor for some because our laws prevent my doctor helping me in any way to overcome cancer using alternative therapies. (research the cancer act of 1939 -uk)
I know the black salve sounds ridiculous and if I hadn’t experienced it for myself I wouldn’t have believed it, but I found out that it was widely used many years ago for the treatment of cancer. From what I’ve seen, I’d say its probably very similar to the Hoxsey treatment. I found this online – an original book from when they used to use it in clinics:
I’ve also recently discovered another treatment called protocell that I’m looking forward to trying. I think I’ll know within a few months if this is going to be the right one for me. Sometimes I think certain things work for some and other things for others.
The black salve however, works – FULL STOP. (research it, youll be amazed)
Here’s a couple of examples:

Of course you’ll find quackwatch telling that it doesn’t work and that it burns your skin but its not true – I’m living proof of that. Before I used it, I tried it on a bit of healthy skin for a day or so and NOTHING HAPPENED. That says it all.
I had to persist with the salve where my tumour is, and I think I had success because my tumour is actually attached to the underside of my skin and that’s why after a few applications it came into contact.
I can’t tell you how painful it was though once it started killing the cancer. I haven’t been brave enough to try it on the rest although I know for sure that if I were in a life/death situation I could get rid of it that way.

It’s yet another example of a cure that cant be patented so they’ll do their utmost to ban it. It’s actually been banned now for use in humans but not for use on animals so many sites have to sell it under the guise of it being for someones pet.
You also know its not a scam when these people actually tell you how to make it. Problem is, the herbs used to make it have been banned in our country so not much chance of that. (the only chemical in it is DMSO which is used as a ‘carrier’ to help it penetrate through the skin)
All I can say is it works – and my family know it works so they now no longer worry about most cancers.” -Michele

Here are two recipes for black salve. The person who sent me the above testimonial says some of the ingredients are illegal in the USA. I am not giving medical advice or recommending for anyone to use this, I am just putting this here for my own and other people’s information. The recipes below are from
I am mirroring it because it is not uncommon for sites disseminating information on natural remedies, especially ones for cancer, to get suddenly shut down or censored.

Cansema Black Salve Recipe #1
One tablespoon each of powdered bloodroot and polk root
1 tablespoon zinc chloride
DMSO (5 drops per 4 ounces of salve)
One tablespoon Charcoal (optional)
Vitamin A, 10,000 IU (more vitamin A can be added up to 200,000 IU.
Pine tar (one teaspoon to one tablespoon)
Pascalite clay
Dissolve the zinc chloride in one to two tablespoons of warm distilled water. Use only enough water to dissolve. Set aside. (Be careful with this, do not get it directly on skin and keep locked from children), and do not breathe fumes.
Mix bloodroot, charcoal and polk root in a separate container with a little cooking oil, just enough to cover the herbs, mix well. Carefully add the zinc chloride and water mixture, stirring well. Gently heat the mixture in double boiler, stirring constantly for 30 minuets Remove from heat, stir well, let cool, add DMSO.
Next, mix one teaspoon to one tablespoon at a time of the Mennonite clay to the bloodroot mixture until you have a smooth, thick paste that is easily spreadable. Do not put too much of the clay into the mixture or it will be lumpy. If the mixture is too thick, add a few drops of oil or water to thin. If too thin, add a small amount more of the clay. The clay is important in this recipe since it helps to draw out impurities from the skin. If you do not have clay and need to make the paste right away, it can be thickened with flour.
You will only need to apply this paste once. Apply to the cancer, cover with gauze and tape (band aids will not work), leave undisturbed for 12 hours. At the end of 12 hours, wash area with soap and water, and then clean with hydrogen peroxide. This can be applied every 2-3 days if you feel you need to, usually one application is all that is needed for very small cancers. The cancer will drop off by itself in one to five weeks. Your may have pain, fever, stinging, intense itching or burning; this is normal. You can apply some chickweed salve to the area for the itching, but do not use anything else such as healing salves. Healing salves will heal up the area before it has time to kill the cancer.
Cansema Black Salve Recipe #2

Cansema is a natural skin cancer treatment. The active ingredients of Cansema are Zinc, bloodroot, and chaparral. It can be ordered from Alpha Omega Labs in the Bahamas. There is a Recipe available.

This is a recipe for a black paste very similar to the Cansema. But this is a preferred paste for melanoma and all suspect skin cancer like lesions. This paste also has worked well for all manner of cancers provided that they have become exposed to or close to the surface of the skin.

1/2 cup powdered Blood Root (Sanguinaria Canadensis)
1/2 cup Zinc Chloride, crystals or liquid
1/2 cup common white flour
1 1/2 cup warm water
100ml Chaparral extract or 100gm of powdered Chaparral (Larrea mexicana)

Pre-mix all but the water, thoroughly, before adding to the water. Using a stainless steel double boiler. Put in water, then stir in the other ingredients. Stir in well using a wooden spoon. Cook for thirty minutes over boiling water, stirring constantly. Application is much the same as Cansema. Apply a thin layer (2-3mm) of the paste over the affected area and cover for 24 hours. Then remove the covering but do not disturb the lesion at all, do not attempt to pull the cancer out at any time, it should fall out in 10 days or so. Some people with sensitive skin put Vaseline around the cancer so that the paste does not irritate the skin.

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this post is for information purposes and should not be construed as medical advice.

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  1. Im on it now and its working! This stuff is bloody awesome.

    • You are all loony and delusional. Baking soda didn’t do anything. I am now COVERED with cancer. Thanks crazy lady.

      • Maybe a class-action law suit against some crazy person selling medical cures without a license. You deserve to roast in Hell for telling people to buy your shit instead of seeing a doctor.

      • So you’re covered in cancer, are you? Mmmm, that’s nice. Now, for several years, I’ve been using that dark, tarry stuff of Greg Caton’s (Hi Greg!) that you seem to call baking soda (hey, are you colour blind?) and it truly works. Perhaps too well, sometimes. Having learned a thing or three (for the benefit of those who are sincerely interested, but probably not for you) the application of a good poultice for the usual 24 hours on a deep BCC on the nose that penetrates right through to the nasal interior WILL KILL THE TUMOUR AND LEAVE A HOLE, which probably won’t close up afterward. Mine didn’t and required plastic surgery. Lesson learned. I found the trick, and this certainly works for similarly big and deep BCCs as I subsequently proved, but should probably also work quite well even if much of the nose is consumed by BCC, is to put a small amount of salve on for ONE HOUR and remove it. Repeat that every couple of days and if the BCC or SCC is spread widely, then choose a different location for the small amount each time. An eschar will not form. Only a small fraction of cells in the tumour will be killed at any one time without generating scar tissue and it will allow healthy cells to proliferate and fill the space left by the dead cancer cells, which the immune system cleans up internally, rather than ejecting them in the usual manner. It will leave no scar and no crater. The only drawback is that it takes more than twice as long to eradicate the tumour and requires more attention, too. But it is worth the extra trouble. One does not end up being “cosmetically challenged”.

  2. Just to make note of a misspelling, The plant used is Poke root not Polk root. I make this salve at the herb farm where I am doing an internship and this is a common mistake.

    • Hello Carolyn, it’s only a small thing, but BOTH spellings are correct. Polk is the rarer spelling and may be geographically restricted to a particular area, but’s nonetheless legit for that species of plant.

  3. These herbs maybe illegal in most countries but at the moment they are still legally available for purchase here in the states. I have access to all these ingredients on a daily basis. What is illegal is to combine those listed above into a salve and then using it for human consumption.

    • I live in Melbourne Australia where can I get the ingreadiance to make black salve


      • Rocco, I can tell you where you can buy it in ozzy if you send me email to lovingterra at gmail dot com
        Also here to report the successful use of blacksalve in Russia by russian women who had melanoma spread from her shoulder to underarm area. She had a surgery to remove it but obviously they could not remove it all. She had to wear salve for the week to get positive reaction of salve. She is amazed … word is spreading…
        Greg – sorry, I promised to translate some of your pages, but I am currently working on very important project for Russian people
        to arsh..e Michael – I HAVE NOTHING TO PROOVE TO YOU in case you ask..

        • Terra . . . I would never have thought you had “anything to prove to me” to begin with. Yours was a generous offer. I appreciate what you’re doing. So we can converse at a later time when you’re not so busy.

        • Completely convinced now

          I wouldnt have suggested anything else. I take wholeheartedly whatever you say. There could not be any other possible explanation . if you say it has happened then it must have happened. What more evidence do you need that someone “being amazed” and “word is spreading”. I take it all back. Only an unbeliever would look for anything more………..

          • Completely convinced now

            Of course something like ….she has been cured…….. have a verifiable picture……………….she is alive and this was five years ago…………but never mind…………”She amazed” .that will do……

  4. We need to start a movement to change everything that is wrong with orthodox medicine. We need to be clear and precise on what we are trying to achieve and remain focused at all times. I for one have had it and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish our goal. Rosemary Pustak from Queensland Australia

    • Hey Rose, love your work xx

    • Where do we get this stuff from in QLD? 🙂

      • hi kerri,you can actually buy on prescription a new jel called picato jell, it’s made by the drug companies, so it’s legal and very expensive. they say to apply it 3 days straight and it will kill skin cancer and it’s made from a comon garden weed.all natural!

        • Picato is for the cutaneous treatment of non-hyperkeratotic, non-hypertrophic actinic keratosis in adults.- so not skin cancer. It is considered to be a potentially pre malignant condition and is strongly associated with HPV virus.
          It is made from a plant extract of a common plant – which by most accounts on here shouldnt happen as a plant cannot be patented and therefore cannot be a commercially viable product. However as 25% of medicines come from plants it is clearly a wrong assumption in the first place.
          As for the cost it is approximately $100 Au – minus the subsidy. In England is will cost £ 7 and in Scotland nothing. In the US $51 with insurance and $600 without. That is a reflection on the American commercial health care not the cost of the drug.

          • hi kerri, i saw this jel on a current affair program, so i was just telling you what was said.I will not be using it but will continue with the black salve, as I know personally that it works.however, i will not use it on my face again as the pain was really bad.especially if used near the eyes.a lot of pus went behind my eye, it was unbearable.I had to go to hospital, and the doctors were really angry with me for having the nerve to try natural remedies.they had to squeeze the pus out, i thought my eyeball was going to explode.I’m fine i said i will use it on my body but not my face.

        • that is radium weed or milkweed and grows in a park nearby. I have known about it for years and my father (redhead) used it to kill a very aggressive skin cancer almost immediately.
          it is ridiculous that people have to go to a doctor to get a prescription when all they need to do is find it and apply for nothing – absolutely disgusting

      • Rosemary Pustak died 22/3/2013

      • Rosemary Pustak died 22/3/2013
        So no need for a reply

    • Hi Rosemary,
      I’ve studied cancer for the last nine years and still working on it, together with a huge book I hope to finish and get “out there” in the next two years. The research delved into the politics as well as the cures, which truly do exist (but not in mainstream medicine). What you are talking about is the political problem and Greg Caton can tell you plenty about that. (Hi Greg!) The epicentre is in the USA, where Big Pharma and the AMA have a stranglehold on medicine through just about every medical organisation you care to name, including ACS, NCI, NIH and FDA – whose senior executives are nearly all puppets on the hidden payroll. You can thank Rockefeller, just for starters. Only way to beat it is sheer weight of numbers and activism. Spread the word, that’s all.
      By the way, black salve should not be considered a cure. It may be a partial cure at best. That’s because although removal of skin tumours will help to normalise the physiology, it still doesn’t fully address the original causality factors. Unless you do this in any cancer treatment, you don’t get a cure – only a reprieve. For that reason, no single treatment such as using black salve should be expected to yield the complete result and what ought to be used instead is a multi-modal approach modelled on what is called Integrative Medicine. This should first of all address nutrition, lifestyle, detox, tissue oxygenation, infectious microbes (bacteria, viruses, yeasts etc.) and immune support in order to normalise the body’s biochemical terrain.and restore healthy homeostatic mechanisms. These things done, the body will do the rest in most cases. For the few people who need more, you get down to finer details – considerations such as drug resistant malignancies, cachexia, ‘low energy cancer stem cells’ and so on. Effective treatments exist for ALL such considerations and problems, with the only exception being the genetic one, such as in Philadelphia Chromosome. Yes, they’re ALL natural and even genes can be inactivated – you just have to find the right agents to ‘switch them off’. I’ll highlight two single substances, which I personally rate as the most important metabolic cancer agents on Earth. The first is Clinoptilolite (a Zeolite mineral) because it’s the world’s second-best detox and one of only two that’s genuinely safe in what is otherwise a very tricky business; plus it’s the world’s very best anticarcinomic because it’s a totally safe and non-toxic G-phase apoptogen that causes malignant cells to fail the DNA fidelity tests during division. It modulates the p21 gene and also interacts with the p27 and p65 genes. This stuff has produced 78% complete remission in terminal cancer cases plus a further 9% extended survival in a trial with a cohort of 64 patients with various stage 3 & 4 cancers – it will even cure liver and pancreatic cancers. The other is DMSO – the world’s single greatest Medical Principle. Powerful analgesic, chelating solvent, transmembrane transporter, potentiator, catalyst, antimicrobial, antiviral, oxidative agent, antiarthritic, healer and more. But there’s something even better: The Rife Beam Ray or Rife-Bare Machine. Only treatment modality in medical history ever to have yielded a 100% complete remission for all 16 terminal cancer patients in a Scripps Clinic trial at La Jolla circa 1950. Mainly, this electromedical modality works by (a) destroying infectious pathogens, which are ALWAYS involved where there is cancer; and (b) stimulating metabolic and immune function, including detox activity.
      As for the black salve – yes it’s handy and it does work. Just be careful with it. We know Stephen Barrett is an outright liar, but poke and sanguinaria do contain toxins, zinc chloride and DMSO are not to be carelessly messed with and chaparral contains NDGA, which although not toxic itself, is a potent mobilising detox compound that can cause toxaemia because it leaches poisons out of tissues, but doesn’t actively eliminate them from the body. That’s why I recommend Clinoptilolite or MCP for detox – not EDTA, NDGA, DMPS, DMSA, IP6 or any of the others commonly called detox agents. Only those two operate in all necessary detox functions independently of the liver.

      • this is one of the biggest piles of convoluted pseudo scientific pile of utter crap I have ever read in my life.
        The Rife machine paper – published where? What proof? Its not circa 1950…..It should be published somewhere – to make outrageous claims and not know when the paper is published. Where is the proof?
        These machines are still available for hundreds of dollars and it is simply a battery with two electrodes
        Detox ? Detox what?
        “This stuff has produced 78% complete remission in terminal cancer cases plus a further 9% extended survival in a trial with a cohort of 64 patients with various stage 3 & 4 cancer” Where?????
        As for” Hi Greg… doesnt cure cancer…….” I think poor Greg might disagree with you “Cansema cures cancer”

        Just utter garbage

        • Coming from you, that’s a gigantic compliment.
          I specified the Rife trial being conducted at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla. Your ignorance of both that and the Zeolite trial does not surprise me. I suggest you find them, yourself. They’re not that difficult. I’m not your proof gatherer and in any case, I think you’ll theorise that they were faked in some sense or another, no matter what evidence is presented. I don’t care.
          Greg is welcome to his own views and we may not be expected to agree on everything. For all I know, since we have not had discussions, his definition of “cure” may differ somewhat from mine. I am well enough satisfied that topical black salve (which is what I was specifically referring to) will eliminate whole tumours in the role of a localised epidermal/subdermal treatment. It cannot deal with metastases or really deep tissue malignancies, nor completely address causalities. That is not a criticism of it, but a perception of its limitations. Beyond that perception, there are possible (and quite plausible) theories on black salve mechanisms of action in the stream of stripping masking proteins and activating immune response which, if further research should happen to favourably indicate the likelihood of veracity to me, will further improve my estimation of its potential. I am interested in that other oral formula (Cansema III?) too. That holds promise as a more broadly systemic adjuvant treatment.
          May I quote you on “These machines are still available for hundreds of dollars and it is simply a battery with two electrodes”… No, I retract that. Consider yourself quoted, instead. Call it a return compliment, but I do think you have a Rife Machine confused with a GEIPE. Oh, but even a GEIPE isn’t anything so simple as a battery and electrodes…
          Now, a Rife Machine (or Lakhovsky MWO for that matter) may take the form of several different configurations. The basic unit is a precision frequency oscillator able to produce square, sine and/or other waveforms at between 0 and 30 KHz. Modern versions are able to sweep through sequential frequency programs. To configure the most potent type typically called a Rife Beam Ray or Rife-Bare Machine, one feeds the signal from that basic unit to an audio amplifier of up to 200W. This then amplitude-modulates a high frequency carrier wave of 1 MHz to 30 MHz. 3.1 MHz is a good carrier that provides excellent signal penetration. The output is then put to a plasma globe. This is the emitting device – a rarified gas vessel much like a typical fluorescent tube – which emanates the signal predominantly as scalar wave energy. It is the Beam Ray design developed by Rife I think around 1948 that was used at La Jolla.
          Oh, and please don’t tell us you don’t know what detox is, what it’s purpose is or how to safely conduct a detox program – that would surely be SO embarrassing for you.

          • well in order to remove the bacteria causing the cancer I would apply an enectrical current throught the skin using a nine volt battery. I would then put him in an orgasmatorn machine to remove the dangerous thoughts that cause cancer. I would then give him raw liver smoothies, coffee enemas and send him to a clinic in Mexico to give him tradtional chemotherapy. but say it was personalised.. Then huge doses of vitamin C, chelation therapy and get the latest detox diet from Cosmopolitan magazine to suck out the badness. Then take oral as well as topical Cansema which has diagnostic powers and would extract the cancer from all around the body……

          • Detoxification is the removal of toxins. If you mean in the grown up sense – not that hard
            If you mean the Lala definition
            “Many alternative medicine practitioners promote various other types of detoxification such as detoxification diets but scientists have described these as a “waste of time and money”. Sense About Science, a UK-based charitable trust determined that most commercial products’ “detox” claims lack any supporting evidence”
            It means absolutely nothing. There is no definition what the toxins are how you can demonstrate they have been removed, problems with having them etc. In short it is a pile of mumbo jumbo by people who generally like hose pipes in their rectum or extracting money from the hard of thinking.
            As regarding the Rife machine dress it up what ever way you want. The paper doesnt exist.It has never been shown to work nor can it nor do baceria cause all cancers. He was a laughing stock to intelligent people then and now.
            Trying to dress up a battery with two electrodes into something from Star Trek is laughable

          • GOT YOU. CHARLATAN. I’ll leave you in your half-witted state of apoplexy. I have a weekend to commence. It doesn’t include your bulldust.

          • Benefits of using zeolites in animal feed include increased mineral utilization, reduction of heavy metals-induced anemia, and reduction of aflatoxin toxicity. However, none of these benefits are applicable to humans

            A small pilot study sponsored by the manufacturer of a proprietary oral zeolite supplement in immunodeficient patients suggests some immunomodulatory effects, but no additional studies validate these claims. In an Alzheimer’s mouse model, zeolite reduced oxidative damage and plaque generation. Two older animal studies suggest that micronized zeolite may have anticancer benefits, but this also has not translated into any further studies. Currently, no studies of zeolite as a cancer treatment in humans have been published.

            A company filed a U.S. patent application in 2001 for a synthesized form of zeolite as a cancer drug . Data submitted were based on in vitro, plant, and animal studies. The patent specified that the substance must be injected directly into the tumor, which rules out any benefits by oral route. In addition, the FDA has issued warning letters to several Internet distributors of zeolite products for misleading claims about health benefits

            Zeolite can affect brain serotonergic receptor activities of mammary carcinoma-bearing mice, but the clinical implications for humans is unclear. Zeolite supplementation did not prolong survival in tumor-bearing animals

            Zeolites are carcinogenic when inhaled.There are no published studies investigating the purported antitumor effect of zeolites in humans. Large prospective studies have demonstrated that inhaled zeolite is carcinogenic, and responsible for a well-described epidemic of malignant mesothelioma in Turkey

            So thats pretty much that taken care of………as for the “Rife trials ” – a study almost eighty years ago . I wonder what cancer they had and how it was shown? Ultrasound? CT scan? Killing the “viruses” that caused cancer??
            I was aware that new trials were on going but presumably if they are on going they havent been done yet. Still it will be much more interesting when cancer can be seen and recorded.

            charlatan? The last time I saw anything as thick as you it replicated by dividing itself in half. Its interesting you go very quiet on subjects when it is pointed out that you have no basic understanding of what you are talking about.

            They don’t put arsenic in food you thick fuck it is a trace element. Carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas – try an atmosphere of it – it is how they slaughter pigs in many countries. The fact is you have no understanding of basic concepts.

            I’m afraid that lack of insight is not the same as being impervious to criticism – many paranoid delusional schizophrenics exhibit the same symptoms.

      • Rosemary Pustak died 22/3/2013
        So no need for a reply

  5. This is so important.

    I’ve seen first hand, also how eating asparagus daily can have an impact on cancers, as a loved one has been eating it to reduce his skin lesions. We got the idea from another friend who totally got rid of serious advanced cancer (lymphoma or something).

    I would also be really interested in hyperthermia treatments. Main important thing, I think, for people to remember is to embrace normal fevers. It’s a good way to flush away cancer in just a few days. I wonder, myself, how many children with cancer would be well if their parents wouldn’t race to suppress every childhood fever.

    • What? I suppose asking for any proof would be a ridiculous thing to do ?

      • TruthHunter . . . I agree . . . it is why in Meditopia, I refer to the suppression over the past 150 years as the “Great American Medical Holocaust.” Tens of millions of people who have perished at the hands of people like Michael Murray with their ridiculous chemotherapy and radiation modalities could have been saved were it not for the suppression of work like mine, or R.R. Rife, Wilhelm Reich, Nathan B. Stubblefield, William F. Koch, Nikola Tesla, Gerson, etc.

        Michael Murray says he wants proof. He is absolutely insistent that we haven’t provided any. Nonsense. I provide a plentitude of proof in Meditopia and my other online material, but he says that doesn’t count because I RESEARCHED IT, WROTE IT, and POSTED IT.

        Interestingly, I have no way — with the present tools that are at my disposal — of proving that the world is round. I really don’t. And if we apply the logic of Michael Murray, none should have the audacity to suggest that the earth really IS round.

        But let us presume that I DID want to prove that the world is round. The simple fact is that at the end of my pursuit I would have produced no more convincing an argument than I could that Cansema — or any other properly prepared escharotic — cures skin cancer better than 99% of the time . . . and a great many internal cancers at lesser percentages of success.

        This the big problem — as Thomas Sheridan makes clear in his work (“Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath”). It is the psychopaths who represent the authoritative, official position, and that is why we, ordinary people, have to use tools like the internet to sanity.

        Because if we don’t . . . no one else will . . . and then we are stuck with the ridiculous antics of the Michael Murray’s of the world

        • definately a quack journalist / disinfo agent ( i've changed my mind)

          Greggie baby …………..just a quick simple question . I can tell you are stressed………… can you die of radiation poisoning 30 years before x-rays were discovered?
          Simple question……..should be a fairly straightforward answer.
          As for chemo being first utilised after that and really only in the 1940’s ……but Im being kind .Just answer the first question….I know you dont like too ..but just for me …………..

          • definately a quack journalist / disinfo agent ( i've changed my mind)

            so you might be doing yourself out a job – all you need is a temperature “It’s a good way to flush away cancer in just a few days.”
            and “asparagus” ?
            You have done research on this as well? Amazing………….

            But please honey – just the x-ray question – im dying to see your answer!

          • Epidemiologically, cancer has accelerated as a modern epidemic since WW II. I have never asserted online or in Meditopia that anybody was using chemo or radiation therapies in the 1800’s — which have seen their real accrescence since 1950’s. Nor have I ever asserted that the use of chemo and radiation therapies alone are responsible for the runaway cancer rates we see today. I believe that modern technology — natively maladaptive to normal human functioning as it is (read the work of Dr. Rene Dubos) — has provided an onslaught of cancerogenic inputs that we are only beginning to appreciate. A good example of this is the work of Samuel Milham (M.D.) in “Dirty Electricity : Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization.”

            But whoever you are (“Quack Journalist / . . blah blah blah”?), I believe the larger issue related to your post is form. Your pubescent attack — to a person you have never meet or addressed before — has the same infantile manner that Michael Murray’s does. If you felt I had a fact wrong, you could have come online in a civil manner and asked me to address it.

            But you didn’t.
            We’ve never seen you before and yet right out of the shot block, you’re flaming me. It is typical of the way I am treated by people who are sent in to represent the Medical Industrial Complex. We can tell who you are by your complete and uncompromising lack of civility and hostility to the facts that are contrary to your financial and political interests.

          • definately a quack journalist / disinfo agent ( i've changed my mind)

            Greg I know it is really hard for you not to be a total asshole but do try. You have generally no idea about anything let alone my education but rest assured it is significantly greater than yours which is virtually nil.
            You ” remain convinced” I am a quack journo” until your next post when you have changed your mind to some anonymous secret agent for another countrys governement based on paranoid ramblings in an online magazine with an anonymous source- in most peoples eyes – an unverifiable conspiracy based fabrication.

            The assertions made were that having a fever got rid of cancer . This is false. Or eating asparagus will cure cancer either. This is clearly just utter crap. What happens to the cancerous growth ? it just dries up? or indeed the “internal cancers that you claim that your tablets treat – does a renal cancer just “get passed out? Extrude through the skin? Urinated out? The notion is physiologically impossible yet you claim that I dont understand physiology. Something having an physiological effect does not equate for normal people to a cure for anything. What is the bioavailabiity of the cansema capsules ? Do you know ? What “internal cancers” are you talking about? How do you know the long term survival? Do the people that die write in and tell you?
            These are perfectly valid questions which you will simply refuse to answer and create another excuse which I look forward to seeing ………..

            Max Gerson did not treat anyone . Once again your personal statements are utterly meaningless as you sell crap for a living , are a convicted liar and will provide any rubbish to try and justify your cause.
            His clinic has killed several people from electrolyte imbalances, salmonella from unclean equipment and colitis by infusing coffee enemas.
            But like you he claimed they were all out to get him, provided not a shred of proof and set up in a third world.

            You should really make up your mind what causes and what cures cancers. Gerson asserted it was sodium imbalances, then your other quacks thought it was a lack of orgasms, or a lack of vitamins, or an excess of sodium and need a pint of coffee up their ass with a raw liver smoothie (Gerson) or just “toxins” and can be treated by massaging or sexually abusing children( Reich – who thought his father was an alien) giving injections of distilled water,( William F Kock) or using the Rife machine ( which was recently available on a certain persons website for only $400 – and consists of a 9 volt battery and two electrodes.)

            Proof is not hard to get.
            If you want proof the world is round look at the moon. if it has a crescent shaped shadow on it then it must mean that something round is blocking the light from the sun – that would be the earth,
            Providing proof in medicine is much easier. You have people with evidence of a diagnosis. That means in most conditions pathology.
            You give them treatment and then follow them up for a time and see what happens – easy peasy.
            You dont see patients just sell jars of potions. You dont know what they have or what happens to them. You offer no logical explanation as to how tumours can be selectively killed or not and how they leave the body without defying normal physiology. You dont follow them up but claim to know who lives and who dies. If they do die you blame other treatment they have had beforehand.

            You refered to the “great American medical Holocaust over the last 150 years ” where “millions of people have perished… ridiculous chemotherapy and radiation modalities”

            The notion that millions of people would have been saved by sitting in an orgasmatron box, being massaged, having cappuccinos poured up their ass or given injections of distilled water simply shows you have scoured the freak books looking for delusional crap artists like yourself . Nothing more.

            Im still waiting on an explanation of the success of chemotherapy in leukaemia and falling death rates from cancer…………..

          • Dear “Quack Journalist” . . .

            I suppose I could make the claim and support it by saying that you are a complete moron . . . but even that would be giving you more credit than you describe.

            WHO on this blog ever asserts that getting a fever by itself cured cancer? Hmmm? Who? Who one this blog ever asserted that eating asparagus — by itself — cures cancer? Can you tell me? Who? You don’t know the difference between an adjunctive therapy or primary modality, do you? Show me where I ever said that that practitioners were using chemo or radiation therapy in the 1800’s. Never happened, genius. You are going to keep saying it, of course. But it never happened.

            What I DID say is that the general pattern of suppression of effective cancer curing remedies since the 1800’s has prematurely MURDERED tens of millions of people. You’ll never agree to that, of course. But everything I have experienced in my professional career in the alternative health care field over 30 years confirms it. People know that I know what I’m talking about. And that’s why I have such a large international clientele.

            You’re like Michael Murray — I respond to your questions in depth, and then your next response reflects no indication that I posted anything .. .. and like Murray you have this notion that if you just spread enough of your vomit around, the stench will be so great, nobody will want to hold a discourse.

            You’re wrong.

          • definately a quack journalist / disinfo agent ( i've changed my mind)

            Who makes the acsertion ? The person above who wrote the post thats who…she also stated that cancer was caused by childhood fevers.
            Who doesnt answer any of the following points
            Yes it did genuius as I clearly quoted – in the last 150 years…was your quote. Now you dont believe the shit you write yourself
            The people you quoted were all fakes
            You do not have any follow up to back up your statistics
            You cannot explain how the substance removes internal cancers
            You do not state the bioavailabilty of your tablets
            You still cannot explain chemo effects on leukaemia
            You cannot explain how something with a practically neutral ph burns the skin

            All of your statments are based on your own claims about what doctors have said to you, what patients have told you and what you beleive – so take you out of the equation and its all entirely based on your say so.

            Here are the questions again you have refused to answer.

            You stated that the best way to make cancer spread was to cut into it
            This is rubbish.
            You said that doctors knew more about cancer in the 1840′s than today. This is rubbish.
            You have said that cancer survival has not improved. This is rubbish.
            You have stated that the salve is “self diagnostic” . This is rubbish.
            You have quoted a “study” from 1840′s involving 4000 patient. This “study” does not exist
            You have said that the medical treatment of cancer has an “abysmal ” survival rate . This is rubbish.
            You have said that you do not need evidence to prove it works as you have lots of testimonials on the internet. This is rubbish.
            You say you have treated over 20,000 patients. This is rubbish., You have no qualifications and selling fake creams with false claims on the internet is not the same as treating patients.
            You have said medical authorities are killing millions – this is rubbish.
            You give no explanations as to vaccination and the reduction in deaths, public health campaigns or medicine. to name but a few
            You have said all orthodox organisations are corrupt – this is rubbish

          • Murray . . . you have the misguided notion that is one doesn’t have theories that are acceptable to you, all empiricism must be ignored. There is a REASON why people of your ilk resist “Evidence-Based Medicine” as I make clear in Chapter 4 of Meditopia (

            Cansema cures cancer. You would have the many thousands of people around the world who have reported their positive results ignored if the person making it doesn’t have an officially-sanctioned explanation as to the mechanism of action. This is bullshit. It’s why people don’t accept the official version of much of anything anymore. People trust their own experiences and when they are an eyewitness to their own cure, you feel that you — the Almighty God that you are and your friends in the Orthodox Medical Community — should have the power to veto what people are an eyewitness to. This is just nonsense.

            I’m not going to address the rest of your letter because it is a regurgitation of things we have already debated. You jwon’t address my comments or posts — so why should I waste my time taking your “SAT tests”? You don’t want to believe that Middlesex Hospital announced a cure for cancer in 1858 and did a clinical study with over 4,000 patients. You want to rewrite history, as do all tyrants who don’t want people believing in things they don’t like. Tough. It happened, and I cite my sources in Meditopia. You press the issue of follow-up, as if 4,000 people wasn’t enough in the original study. What follow-up? What more follow-up do you need to this multi-year study? As anyone been able to REFUTE the results? Of course not.

            You insist — in every one of your posts — on asserting that I’m a fraud, as if there isn’t a mountain of evidence to support my contention that modern, orthodox medicine isn’t the very epitome of fraud. I suppose you think that I have paid off the hundreds of people in Australia who are working with Panacea-BOCAP and are collecting a mountain of clinically valuable data to support my claims . . . none of them using fake data — the kind you see in JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine.

            No matter what I say or who I quote, you have to take issue with it. I understand that. You have no other recourse.

            This blog was set up by Truther Girls to report on two approaches to skin cancer that are consistently curing this ailment. One of those I am connected to; the other I am not. I find it curious that you would devote so much time to a blog that is — by its very existence — something you are labeling as fraudulent and untrue.

            Have you noticed yet that not a single person who has used Cansema or other black salve variant has come on this board to say that it didn’t work?

            Oh — I forgot — it couldn’t have possibly happened the way they described. Everybody is a liar if their outcomes don’t have your approval.

            Too bad. You are powerless to change reality.

          • still waiting for a answer

            if there is a study – name it – there is no reference to it on your website – only a reference to a book. If it was a study and published name it .

            It is not ” theories that are acceptable to me” – that is the argument of the mentally handicapped. But surely you must have a notion of how it works . How it is “self diagnostic” How it penetrates skin and seeks out cancers? How it burns with a practically neutral ph? Otherwise it just looks like it doesnt work – your only explanation is that it does because you or anonymous people you claim to have told you – say it does, Virtually all chemical physical , neuronal .pharmacological and pathological pathways are explained – except you simply attack me because you ask for an explanation. Or is it from Hogwarts?

            I am not asserting you are a fraud – you are a fraud . You have convictions for fraud. And forgery. This isnt in question.
            I simply enjoy exposing you – I do this for fun not for a living. And if someone sees that you refuse to answer simple questions they might just seek proper care rather than a cure all cream with “more than 99% success” – take your word for it – then all the better.

          • definately a quack journalist / disinfo agent ( i've changed my mind)

            I did laugh…….” if I thought you had a wrong fact “!!!
            No I did say you had several right ones. That the American health care system isnt very good and the ph of orange juice. Everything else has been pretty much utter bollocks.
            Please dont give the mock offence at an intelligent professional who doesnt even live in the country you claim I am a government representative of and then refer to people as prostitutes and rapists,.
            I am simply challenging a convicted con man and forger who sells fake products from the third world to answer direct questions . You dont. it is good for people to see you are a fake and a coward who simply makes up whatever fanciful shit he likes and then refuses to provide any evidence for the garbage you write.

            All quacks and con men do the same as you – rather than provide proof they try and demean the questioner. Happens all the time as they have no means of explaining – you have been asked straightforward questions over six times and you have so far given seven excuses.

          • Ok . . . now I get it. “Definately a Quack Journalist” is another screen name for Michael Murray. I wasn’t sure because you’ve been changing identities.

            Murray . . . every time you lie, I’m going to call you on it. Earlier on this blog I called you on every one of your questions (look above) and I detailed my responses point-by-point. Again, you can keep SAYING that I didn’t answer your questions, but that doesn’t make it true.

            BTW . . . you never responded to Panacea’s collection of hundreds of clinical reports of cancer cures using our products that appeared in the Jan./Feb. 2013 issue of Veritas . . . studies that would never, in a thousand years, be reprinted in JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Science, or any of the other publications controlled by Big Pharma. They suppress it in the same way that Linus Pauling was able to show that statin drugs are a complete fraud on the public, and despite being a Nobel Prize in Medicine laureate, he couldn’t get his studies published after that.

            If a Nobel Laureate in Medicine cannot get his well-structured studies published if he “bucks the system,” how would you propose that I would?

            Get your talking points out, show us the hack that you are, and come up with a ridiculous response. We’re waiting.

          • Oh well done…. No one replies to your garbage except me …. Sherlock .
            Linus Pauling we’ve been over before, he did not prove anything regarding statins. He didn’t get published because the research was rubbish. And now it’s a vitamin c deficiency – as well as toxins vitamins sodium …. Which one is it?
            And again you haven’t answered a single question
            As for veritas this is a crap hippy magazine that you took an advert in . Written by you . Which of course makes it true.
            Answer the questions . Copy and paste them – they should be moderated by now surely….
            Just remind me …. I’ve been through repeatedly and they aren’t there. Be a
            Man and answer them

          • I’m going to reply to your latest missive because there isn’t a single thing in it that’s true. To-wit:
            ( 1 ) Linus Pauling never said that hypoascorbemia had anything to do with cancer. What he did was show that statins mask the effects of deficiency as it relates to cholesterol. He was able to show that statin drugs are a complete fraud on the public. And he came out with his studies in 1991 — at a time when statin drugs were already pumping in $150 billion a year in revenues. I provide extensive detail in Chapter 4, Section 4 of Meditopia.
            ( 2 ) Veritas Magazine. I have never been in contact with anyone who works for or is associated with this publication. In fact, I received the PDF copy of the article only AFTER it came out — from a trustee who works for Panacea BOCAF. You pulled this one out of your rear . . . and you have no evidence to the contrary. But you’re good at that.
            ( 3 ) For the fourth time : I addressed your questions in a point-by-point response that you can see above.

            I am not answering your questions two and three times. You may have time for this nonsense, but I do not.

          • still waiting for a answer

            He never said anything about vitamin C and cancer – except for the 1979 book ” Vitamin C and Cancer” – I think the name is in the title.
            As for statins WHERE IS THIS LANDMARK STUDY ??? Other than your imagination / it was banned/ burned/.assasinated

            You are a liar who has refused to answer the questions at all.
            You are forgetting your previous excuses
            ” i dont need to answer”
            ” Im not going to answer”
            Case closed”

            And of course you didnt – what prove to I need – well I spoke to someone on the magazine who said you did and there were two witnesses – now you cant deny testimonials can you

            It is not a journal or anything or repute – it is hippy shite that proves nothing – if that is the best you can do it is pathetic

          • Murray . . . you are a complete and total liar.
            I have NEVER spoken to anyone at Veritas.
            In fact, I didn’t even know they existed until Panacea contacted me earlier this month. You’ve been caught. Give us the name and number in Australia of the person you talked to who said that I am the behind who is behind their article. You can’t. Because it’s a total lie. You made it up.

            As far as Linus Pauling goes . . . again, see Chapter 4, Section 4 of Meditopia. I have all my references there — far more material than you can present on any post :

          • still waiting for a answer

            Of course I made it up . This is to illustrate the point that you knowing doctors ” you “having met patients treated by Gerson” methods and you having “thousands of patients sho told you they were treated successfully ” can be entirely made up as well.
            All of it relies on the word of a man with two convictions for lying – hardly reliable is it now?

          • still waiting for a answer

            Chapter 4 –
            It does contain information on vitamin B17 – trialled and shown to be ineffective
            Burzynski & Antineoplastins – where they use traditional chemotherapy – and can get away with fake medicine as they say it is a trial and get people to pay to be in it but have never published. They have no record of any successes – only patients who cant be traced
            William Frederick Koch & Glyoxylide – a compound which only exists theoretically and what was sold was distilled water.
            Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries concerning orgone energy – massaging people and putting them in an orgasm box – cancer was caused by bad sex. The man who thought his father came from a UFO
            Harry Hoxsey the salesman whose own treatment didnt work on himself. When his “patients” were examined there was no proof that they had cancer in the first place.
            Mathieus Rath – who killed people in South Africa by giving them vitamins and not anti retrovirals and not taking them to hospital
            And eventually after pages of boring shite about scurvy……there is still not a reference to show that statins are a consirpacy only your own extrapolation.
            Just pause for amoment – if ther eis no money in Vitamin C – can there be any money in aspirin – so why is it used in cancer prevention studies at the moment? Could it be that – heaven forbid – some doctors are trying to stop disease???? But no – no money – no study

          • Oh well done…. No one replies to your garbage except me …. Sherlock .
            Linus Pauling we’ve been over before, he did not prove anything regarding statins. He didn’t get published because the research was rubbish. And now it’s a vitamin c deficiency – as well as toxins vitamins sodium …. Which one is it?
            And again you haven’t answered a single question
            As for veritas this is a crap hippy magazine that you took an advert in . Written by you . Which of course makes it true.
            Answer the questions . Copy and paste them – they should be moderated by now surely….
            Just remind me …. I’ve been through repeatedly and they aren’t there. Be a
            Man and answer them . Your evasion for an expert is getting tiring . Please feel free to rebuke any accusations of the fakes that you think could have saved millions ….anyway off to have a rectal latte …. That should sort me out.

          • Murray . . . I cover some of the suppressed medical technologies as it relates to cancer in Chapter 4 of Meditopia ( The suppression of the work of Rife, Koch, Tesla, and escharotics alone has contributed to the premature deaths of millions of people.

            You won’t read it. But any others who may be reading this board might.

          • still waiting for a answer

            And I have highlighted the fact that they were fakes and psychopaths

            Their collective ” discoveries” were absolutely nothing
            Distilled water doesnt cure cancer. Sexually abusing children doesnt cure cancer. Applying small electrical currents doesnt cure cancer. Pouring a gallon of coffee up your colon is not going to take away a lung cancer.

            They are not suppressed – they dont work. People arent going to suppress a cure for a condition they might get themselves.
            However you have made a living out of exploiting the desperate.

            Fakes like you simply have to cling on to the same routine

            Cancer cures are “suppressed”
            Cancer is one disease with one common problem which can be remedied with their treatment
            All doctors,universities ,governments and pharmaceutical companies are all in a gigantic world wide conspiracy as clearly dead people are good for business,
            There is only one healthcare model in the world which is the American one, The fact that every other industrial country provides free health care and doctors get paid a standard amount is passed over.
            When proof is asked they deny it/ say it isn’t necessary/ not contain information or provide unverifiable testimonials
            When asked what is the physiological process it basically comes down to magic plus see above.
            They deny the need for a diagnosis.
            They will all deny basic facts like falling cancer mortality or the effect of established treatments
            When they are asked to stop making unsubstantiated claims they will say it is a conspiracy
            They will set up in Mexico /Third world and sell their wares.

            It is simply beyond the scope of normal intelligence to comprehend that there are at least six different deficiencies/ processes and that there are at least six or seven different treatments a- all with universal success and no recurrence

            Unless of course you are an ex – convict who sells potions for a living.
            Now I see why you post on a site called (truther) girls – because you dont have the balls to answer a single question

        • Just to chuck another two cents’ worth in, the Statin fraud is one of the big ones in modern medicine.
          (1) Cholesterols are not bad for you – they’re good for you and the body manufactures them because it needs and uses them. Primarily, they serve to rigidify cell plasma membranes, particularly in zones called “rafts” where influx/efflux proteins, signalling proteins and whatnot are mainly embedded. They provide binding between phospholipids and proteins.
          (2) The real culprits are not cholesterols – not even LDLs. Instead, they’re oxycholesterols and the LDLs figure more prominently because they are the ones that oxidise more easily. Oxidation renders them less soluble, so they precipitate as plaque on vascular interiors.
          (3) Inhibition of them by statins is harmful – not beneficial. Cells with inadequately reinforced membranes are inherently “weak” and may also manifest failure by cells to retain their plasma proteins properly.
          (4) Statins also inhibit CoQ10 production and this is even more seriously harmful. This vital endogenous antioxidant in its Ubiquinol redox state is what keeps the blood vessels clear of plaque. When it is depleted, there is little to prevent cholesterol oxidation and what little cholesterol may be left for the system to use properly is much more likely to oxidise and precipitate in the vessels and perhaps also the heart, instead. It effectively doubles the risk of heart attack, rather than reducing it.
          (5) Once Ubiquinol CoQ10 has scavenged a pair of oxygen radicals, which it may have done from oxycholesterol to become Ubiquinone CoQ10, it probably migrates into cells, where it participates in the ETC as part of the Mitochondrial Complex I in which ATP is produced. So CoQ10 is vitally important and statin drugs BLOCK the stuff. That’s dangerous.
          (6) Nobody who is breathing, and I mean absolutely NOBODY – should be using statins. Keep up the CoQ10 instead – Ubiquinol for clean blood vessels and Ubiqinone for energy production.

          • I think two cents would be a gross ecomonic over estimate.
            You just demonstrate you are a clone without an original thought once again.
            Your explanations are clearly wrong and you are speaking about physiological processes you dont understand. I thought you had “studied” cancer for nine years and hey presto you are an expert on cardiovascular medicine too…
            Excessive cholesterol is clearly pathological in cases of inherited hypercholestrolaemia and the treatment is well document and the reduction in mortality. However if you can demonstrate papers that show otherwise it would be great to see them.
            The 4S study on secondary prevention clearly demonstrated the reduction in mortality and has been repeated over and over. The main effect is due to plague stabilization and is therefore why it is effective in patients with normal cholesterol. The important issue is the cholestrol :HDL ratio but I am sure you knew this. This is taken in conjunction with the other significant risk factors to determine their use but again you knew this

            as for your manufactured statement
            “that little (?)cholesterol may be left for the system to use properly is much more likely to oxidise and precipitate in the vessels and perhaps also the heart, instead. It effectively doubles the risk of heart attack, rather than reducing it. ”
            What is this based on other than your imagination? And the effect on stroke or vasospasm post sub arachnoid hemorrhage ….?

            So far you have talked of AZT which isn’t used,papers which you refuse to quote as they dont exist, using posionous gases to treat HIV and demonstrate no understanding of secondary prevention in vascular disease, and processes advertised in womens magazines……..very impressive
            You are not my information gatherer but these papers dont exist so if you wnat to prove otherwise that would be good

  6. Oh, forgot to add, I also had a relative who used black salve to get rid of her lesions. It was wonderful, even if very painful. Frankly, I find it a little bit of a turnoff because of this problem. But it should be in every cancer-fighting arsenal, just in case it’s needed.

    • definately a quack journalist / disinfo agent ( i've changed my mind)

      A turnoff? I didnt think cancer treatment was supposed to be a turn on!

  7. I just read the below link about Black Salve and other like treatments. It’s horrific and will scare anyone away from using it. Perhaps that was the intent of the article however, it does raise concern of severe irreparable damage from this treatment. If it were I who had the skin cancer, I’d try the Gerson Therapy 1st as it addresses the actual cause of the cancer and discontinue eating sugary foods.

  8. I am currently using Black Salve on two skin cancers. Yes it is painful. I am going through a hot and cold over the time of the cancer being killed. I did not take anything for the pain. I have had other skin cancers burnt off and cut out over the years. These last two came up over a few weeks. Sores that would not heal.

  9. Hi,
    I just discovered your cool blog! So, on the topic of (escharotic) black salve, I’ve had one brand since the early 90’s. Once this runs out, the ‘veterinary only’ stuff looks good too. Over the years, a friend and I have used it several times for small -and not so small- red irritated patches that don’t go away. It’s still very potent! Here’s what I’ve found: It has always done what it claims. Yes it hurts, not so bad for small stuff, but, say, penny sized and more, WOW! The instructions aren’t kidding: “manage your pain”. However, I don’t take anything for the pain. Mind you, it’s impressively painful once ‘the process’ peaks. Yeah, I’ve seen the quackwatch picture, it’s gruesome! (She did NOT have the genuine stuff! Read the article) So, what did I do? Last year I put some on a nickel sized red patch on my nose. My face didn’t melt like that poor woman in the picture, but it was quite intense! Once again, it worked just like it says. Not for the timid or fearful! I will always have this stuff around. I definitely make no medical claims, non-chemical sunscreens are our friend, and your are responsible for your own not-approved-by-doctors health knowledge journey. All the best!

  10. Isn’t it possible that it’s the zinc ingredient that is doing the work? I used A & D diaper cream (with zinc) on a small skin lesion/tag/whatever and in a few weeks it gradually disappeared. I told my doctor, who is pretty open minded and he said “Hey whatever works!”

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  12. Would be a good idea to publish a list of known good suppliers of the Black Salve. Just to overcome the internet fake shops. In europe the authorities are planning to close the markets for herbal medicine. Even in the free morality of Holland I have to find suppliers from other countries for some herbs, while they leave drugdealers on the streets. If someone in Switzerland orders from outside, the package will be screened, the police will come to his house and fine him (and also the MD that gave him the prescription gets fined). The world goes upside down.

  13. marian dubrowski

    where in Australia can i get ingedients please?i need this cream ergently as i have been told they couldn’t get all the skin cancer out from my face.

  14. Hi I found this youtube video that gives a Black salve recipe is it correct, or a fake?

    • Jan,
      There are several black salve recipes – in fact the exact constituency of a black salve is almost open-ended. This recipe is a legitimate one, although I would personally leave out the Glycerine because it’s hygroscopic. The zinc chloride will already do plenty of that because its hygroscopic, too. Note that contrary to popular belief, glycerine does not moisturise – it de-moisturises, because it soaks up water and does not easily release it. DMSO is more than just a transdermal carrier – much more. In fact, it is directly anticarcinomic in its own right and dramatically potentiates other compounds into malignant tissues by almost a thousand-fold versus what healthy tissues would receive. In addition, it accelerates biochemical reaction speeds – said to be by a thousand-million to one. It is a powerful analgesic that works by blocking nerve signals, but initially produces a strong heat sensation for ten to fifteen minutes. I think it activates the nerve system’s heat sensing channels and then depletes the acetylcholine, leaving the area numbed – much like capsaicin from jalapeno. It have not yet tried it, but intend to experiment with repeating DMSO applications through the paste or scab without otherwise disturbing it, to ameliorate the ongoing pain problem. Graviola is rich in Acetogenins, which are lactone lipids. They are self-potentiating in malignant cells, because they have very high binding affinity with Ubiquinone Oxidase, a cell membrane enzyme unique to malignant cells. It’s not found in healthy ones. Actually, I suspect UO is also present in bacteria, but I won’t go into the rationales for that. Acetogenins actively inhibit Mitochondrial Complex I, the process of ATP production. For this reason, they are particularly good against multi-drug resistant cancers and also multi-drug resistant microbes. They practically shut down the p-glycoprotein efflux pumps that resistant cells or bugs use to get rid of cytotoxins. They cause the mitochondria to release apoptogenic caspase enzymes, too, so in these ways, they cause the deaths of cancer cells with minimal or no impact on healthy cells, depending on the cells’ energy requirements. Some Acetogenins are incredibly potent – there are two in Paw Paw (Asimina Triloba) with EC50 ratings against prostate cancer cells of less than 1 attogram per millilitre, marking them as the most potent selective apoptogens known to medical science. Those are Trilobacin and Asiminocin. The most notable one in Graviola is Annonacin – somewhat less potent, but still quite powerful. Sensitivities of different cancers to different acetogenins vary widely. One could even choose to use Goldenseal in one of these recipes. It contains the alkaloid Berberine, which is also a mitochondrial complex I inhibitor with many useful applications against microbes and malignant cells, including resistant ones. Galangal is similar to ginger or turmeric, so it has a range of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant and anticancer actions including Cox-2 inhibition. Bloodroot contains a toxic alkaloid called sanguinarine. Poke contains toxic alkaloids phytolaccine and phytolaccotoxin. Chaparral contains NDGA, a potent chelating toxin leacher/mobiliser. Bentonite or montmorillonite or pascalite clay will absorb toxins and also thickens the mixture. Charcoal does both likewise, while flour is mainly just a thickener. The zinc chloride raises the pH and may have other effects.
      Basically, a good black salve formulation will exhibit several distinctly different anticarcinomic actions ranging through pH modification, Cox-2 inhibition, mitochondrial complex I inhibition, g-phase apoptogenesis, caspase activation and so on; and is designed to work as a dermal exiguent that kills and draws out the tumour.

  15. Black salve hurts because it burns your skin, this much is obvious given the large gaping holes people are often left with. any sane doctor would prescribe surgery instead of this method of burning cancer off. To anyone wondering if they should use this, consider getting surgery instead or any other scientifically proven medical intervention and take their side effecs into consideration.

    • If that is what you choose to do then great! But if someone chooses to use this method what is it to you? I get real tired of everyone from the government to neighbors that think everything needs to be done according to their ideas and rules. Have the surgery my friend. I choose to NOT.

    • problem with surgery, is that they don’t get it all, this stuff does go to the root and then some, seems to pull it out. If you do it again so you know you got it, it does not do anything the second time around,only if you got it all. Always want to make sure it heals up, even if there is a scar, there is also with surgery. My father had a new nose from 4 surgeries on his nose, because they could never get it all. If a suave had been used under supervision and then reconstructed after on the skin, at least he would have know they got it all….

      • I am waiting for my black salve to be delivered as I have had very invasive surgery on my face twice in two weeks and they didn’t get it all and I’m so badly scarred that I don’t like to go out in public.I can’t afford to have plastic surgery as i’m a pensioner,I will give the salve my best shot.It’s the only thing I can do now. Marian Dubrowski.

    • Have you tried this..because I did and it did not leave any gaping holes…just removed a small spot I knew was cancer!

      • hi everyone the black salve worked for me! I’ve had several surgery’s to remove skin cancers and I can tell you they leave terrible scars.I’ll continue to use the black salve. Marian.

        • Hi Marian, very nice. I had used it on my forehead as well, my hubby on his scalp, my mother in law on her face in few spots, two spots were treated after she has done surgery, all worked wonderfully, we had wholes after moles fall out but they healed wonderfully and closed with the skin growth. I am in ozzie as well, our health department is so corrupted, unbelievable

          • hi everyone,it’s been 10days since my skin cancer fell off.the hole in my eyebrow is nearly fully closed.i am truely amazed the surgeon that is fixing my lip to chin scar will be amazed,cause he was going to remove the 1 on my eyebrow.i thank god for finding the blacksalve.

          • It is great Marian. But do not expect your surgeon to acknowledge the work of the black salve. It was the case with my mother-in-law, she used salve under “supervision” of her doctor, and after salve did it work, the doctor just said ‘hmmm’. She even suggested that their was mistake and it was not cancerous, even though my mum had lab exam confirmed. THEY JUST PATHETIC. Under their ‘medical license’ they are not ‘allowed’ to acknowledge the efficiency of herbal treatment. Our government and health system are totally corrupt, like mafiosy.

          • hi sorry for what happened with your mum.I have a great family doctor,who was amazed what took place with the black salve,I shown him the photo’s, and he told me to continue with the black salve because it had done its job. he totally backs me doing it this way.

        • Hi Marion, I too am in Australia, where did you get your black salve from? Kim

        • Marian! Where did you get your black salve from? I am in need of finding some! And im so happy for you..that it worked! 🙂

  16. How do I get that black sav

  17. Is there any where in Australia you can get Black salve from?

    • Black Salve is now illegal in Australia, but you can make it up yourself, there was a post above, this is from the “One answer to cancer” video.

  18. Black salve works very very effectively and efficent. I’ve been using it for over a year and a half now and have removed many many areas of cancer. Some painful some not. The larger the area the more painful it will be. Visit this site for all the answers to all your questions. I have ordered from them as well. Black Salve is used by some Vetrinary establishments in the US and as I know it it is not illegal to use it on yourself. It’s been around for well over a hundred years. You can get yourself cut,burnt and poisioned if that is your wish. We are taught from a very early age to run to the Dr. when we are sick so this is the normal reaction for many people, but there are alternatives that are 100% effective. I’ve walked the walk and will continue my use forever.

  19. Virgilio Minshew

    Skin lesions can be minimized through the use of acid peels and in the worst cases, it can be reduced by laser exposure. ,”;;”

    Please do check into our blog

  20. This stuff works. Go natural – herbs

  21. Lydia Fitzpatrick

    I have used black salve (escharotic salve) for over 15 years now. Having grown up as a “California Girl” baking in the sun all of my life, I am now dealing with massive basal cell cancers and melanomas. My sister deals with squamous cell cancers. I have used the salve to extract the cancer and it’s roots on more than 25 occasions over the years, the latest being a melanoma on my arm. During this time, I would occasionally go to a dermatologist who would cut out cancers from the sensitive areas (such as the nostrils), only to have the cancers return. I would then use the black salve and it would be painful, yes, but it took the cancer away with no returning. At this point, I will not ever go back to a doctor to have cancer cut off me, I only use the salve and with fabulous results.

    After looking at Quackwatch’s gruesome photos, I have come to realize that the swatch of skin that is missing from the woman’s face has been surgically removed (the clean straight edges show that it was cut away surgically). Now I’m sure she probably used the black salve incorrectly, and as such, had a huge eruption and ran to the doctor who then removed all the skin across the face and then took the photo and claimed “look what the black salve did”. Hmmmm……..funny how during the turn of the century, the U.S. had “escharotic hospitals” where the black salve was used to treat cancers, then they closed them in lieu of modern medicines pharmaceutical treatments and suddenly our cancer death rates started to soar.

    I recommend the black salve 100%, however, everyone who is using it for the first time needs to have an experienced user guide you through the process and show you how to use it correctly and responsibly.

  22. Most of the time, skin cancer is caused by too much exposure to UV radiation and malnutrition. .

    Our blog site

  23. Cedrick, ya think!

  24. marian dubrowski

    the sun screen that most people use is full of chemicals,which cause you to get more skin cancer .people need to use something like natural instincts,which doesn’t have the harsh chemicals.i know this for fact as i’ve used sunscreen for over 30years.ive had multipal skin cancers.marian.

  25. Its calked quackwatch for a reason. Ive seen more convincing evidence on Harry Potter…

    • what is point exactly michael? if you are what you’re claiming and working in the cancer research then why to ignore black salve cures, check blacksalve facebook, do you believe that so many people are making it up and wasting their time in photoshop editing pics???? why to be in denial? because it can be patented? because there is no big profit in it?

      • Presumably you can’t patent mould either .,.. That will be bad news for antibiotics ,… Or soil…. Bang does immunosuppressants ..

        • LovingTerra . . . Michael Murray doesn’t work in cancer research. I know this because no one who is serious about cancer research would make so many glaring misrepresentations as I have seen here. I have associates who disagree with me on a variety of things and our discourses in sharing those disagreements do not affect our mutual friendships. But Murray is clearly not educated in alternative cancer therapies. He is a proud member of what naturopaths call the “burn, poison, and slash” crowd.

          If you read through the now very lengthy thread above, you will see that Murray is very motivated when he posts here. He has no objectivity, and is here only to bad-mouth something he knows nothing about. He doesn’t like the video that Truther Girls posted, so he is here to criticize it. He has not the background, training, or expertise to comment on the properties of escharotic preparations. His only capability is to criticize it and dilute valuable insights of other contributors with his spam.

          He doesn’t even consider the many testimonial submissions from conventional medical doctors that you find on the Cansema testimonial pages (linked from

          You cannot reason with Murray or hold a civil conversation. The proof lies above.

          • still not answering the questions

            I nkow you are too thick to actually read the statement above. The point is being made that natural things cannot be patented and no use or profit can be gained fform them. Penicillins , cephalopsorins both came from mould, and azothiprine came from soil. So hence the statement is inocrrect.
            But I doubt you understand the concept of something being wrong.
            And we are back to your imaginary firends again who tell you things….
            Greg – as your memory seems to be going I will remind you of one of the correct statements you made. You dont know who I am nor what my qualifications or experiences are. In spite of telling you I do not reside in America you have continued repeatedly with the garbage about secret agents for the FDA and “disinfo ” agent.
            You simply fill the box of the “alternative” salesman – you seek to discredit rather ant criticism as your livelihood depends on it.
            naturopaths – or unqualified potion sellers.

            But you are wrong again – i have never watched the video.

          • It is an established fact — as anyone who has worked in this line of work knows — that the deck is stacked against natural remedies, as opposed to isolated chemical compounds. I had friends who worked at Ozel Pharmaceutical in San Antonio trying to get amvirzel (an oleander extract) approved. They went through $15 million before they realized (and I heard this from the company president) that no matter how much money they spent and how positive their clinicals, they would NEVER get their product approved.

            As is typical with almost all purveyors of natural remedies who try to go the conventional route, they were forced to close their doors.

          • still not answering the questions

   know someone again who just happens to provide a quote that fills your point……… strange…..
            It sinteresting that the CAM centre in the US has spent $3 billion so far – perhaps he should try ther e- so far they havent proven anything that works yet

          • LOL . .. . the CAM crowd could spent $500 TRILLION dollars and never come up with a natural remedy that works. They are committed to not finding one. See. . . .


          • still not answering the questions

            Clearly that is your view point and that is backed up by a reference to ….your view point.
            A more realistic view would be that when examined some methods dont work or are less successful that others. Not an unreasonable assertation
            Professor Ernst – professor of complimentary medicine at Exeter University – (and a trained homeopath – which he later declared has no physiological basis) and trianed in acupunture, herbalism
            was quoted as being the ” best qualified person to assess the evidence” summarised
            “demonstrably generate more good than harm” was limited to St John’s wort for depression; hawthorn for congestive heart failure; guar gum for diabetes; acupuncture for nausea and osteoarthritis; aromatherapy as a palliative treatment for cancer; hypnosis for labour pain; and massage, music therapy, and relaxation therapy for anxiety and insomnia.”
            In a peer reviewed journal and all references were available.

            In an accompanying editorial he did say
            “But it was also a lesson in something else – the resistance of alternative therapists to evidence that does not suit them. “The healers had pestered us to do this trial. But when they got the results, only one was so disappointed that he gave up healing. The others reached the standard conclusion – if my healing art is not shown to work then it must be the fault of the trial.”

            So when a unit is set up with billions of dollars of investment by people who are enthusiasts to the cause and dont find any a childish summation is that ” they didnt want to” .
            But as you have been reluctant to admit that anything might not be effective this is hardly surprising

    • Man, this guy sounds like Andy Lewis.

      • Really? And you sound like a paranoid schizophrenic. Its the same pattern all the time. When asked for evidence for the exquisite pseudo scientific babble you dotn provide any. Just “disinfo agent” insults and pathetic attempts to discredit when you are asked a simple question

      • Ozone? You mean the poisonous gas? Why sint it used? Em….because it is poisonous mainly…….

        “Even very low concentrations of ozone can be harmful to the upper respiratory tract and the lungs. The severity of injury depends on both by the concentration of ozone and the duration of exposure. Severe and permanent lung injury or death could result from even a very short-term exposure to relatively low concentrations”

  26. Lydia Fitzpatrick

    As a matter of fact, I do…..and I do my “due diligence”…….Do you???!!!???

    • Am I suggesting that unproven unsubstantiated witchcraft and fairy stories may not be true in spite of having a webpage full of more tosh – then yes – absolutely – here is a reference for a website to stop alien abductions – I assume that makes it true as well.
      As for the imbecilic ” it cant be patented and therefore no profit” – cyclosporin comes from a fungus – which presumably you cant patent or make money out of – oh hang on – its a medicine – and yes you can – so please go away and realise that saying a catch phrase that is nonsense doesnt make it true. Morphine, aspirin, curare all come from plants .the list is huge. It isnt used as there is no proof it works.

      • Michael, what’s your problem? This stuff works for the people who are here talking about it. You don’t have to use it. Have an open mind or get lost.

  27. and really – I know this will come as a shock to you – but Facebook and YouTube are not were people who have any credibility publish “evidence” – and yes I am sure there are fake pictures and stories around . In order yto show it is cancer you need to look at it under the microscope … honestly – it I need to explain how you diagnose and prove treatments it simply defines the point that it is guff. I just laugh how a Facebook page suddenly makes someone an oncologist.

  28. “There is no such thing as “alternative treatments ” – there is either treatment that works or it doesnt . There is no alternative”

  29. with arseh..s like you in our health system what chance do we have? why you even reading it if you against alternative treatments, your mind is closed.

  30. it is proven that mainstream medicine particularly with cancer make the problem worse, i.e. all the “treatments” will give you cancer if you do not have it already. mainstream has no interest in cures…..just treatments that will kill you… it is all about money…. I can say million things, would someone like you listen, research – no, so go away.

    • Of course it is – proven ???? – this is the problem with morons like you – you simply create an alternative universe where doctors actually somehow give people cancer because some mysterious organisation pays them to do so – now – to normal people this just sounds – well crap frankly..
      It is all based on conspiracy theory based on nothing. When you are asked to demonstrate any proof that it works you look to Youtube or say it works for people…….a bit like the anti alien abduction helmet I’m sure works for the people that use it.
      Now the basis of this laughable piece is that cancer is sucked up out through the skin – – what – all cancers ? bowel cancer ? and what if there is nodal involvement – does it suck that out too?
      Once you visit reality and realise doctors and medicine dont give you cancer – its a disease – thart happens – you might be in a slightly better place. to argue.

  31. It just makes me wonder why you’d even spend time commenting here. And there absolutely IS truth in the ‘it can’t be patented therefore no profit’ “catchphrase” as you call it. Drug companies actively fight against alternative treatments at times. They even pay people to discredit and ridicule alternative treatments. Alternative is a word I’m using here to describe alternatives to prescription drugs and the treatments they teach in medical school. I’m allowed to use the word alternative, and so is everybody else. And guess what? The treatments they teach in medical school don’t cover every last treatment that actually works. Did you know that? Medical school just doesn’t cover everything. Isn’t that shocking?

    Black Salve has cured people of cancer. That doesn’t make me an oncologist. It makes me a person with a certain amount of awareness.

    • I comment because I can . I comment because this witchcraft has no proof it is effective.” Testimonials” and posting on social media and friends saying things isnt proof.
      Again other than conspiracy theories that suit your cause where is the evidence for drug companies discrediting people. Like most hippies that vomit this garbage you are unable to see that drug companies. researchers, doctors, pharmacists are all separate entities rather than some collective secretive organisation that conspires to kill people. If this was the case it seems to defy logic as to why vaccines would have been created or diseases eradicated or preventative medicine,
      Most drugs come from natural compounds whether you like it or not – but they are purified, standardised and distributed – that is how they make money – it really isnt that difficult . I am well aware that not all conditions are treatable. However for years homeopathy was claimed to treat and cure lots of conditions – when they tested it – it didnt work. It is called being discredited. If this works lets see some proof – but you weill make your excuses and run away or insult to avoid doing so

      Sadly people will come to harm rubbing potions on their body hoping to suck out cancer – that is why I post.

  32. Yet it is misleading to suggest that no research takes place. The US government has an agency (NCCAM) dedicated to complementary and alternative medicine, and in 2010 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) allocated nearly around $520 million to this field (around 1.5% of all federal funding for medical research). Potential HIV therapies investigated in government-sponsored trials include acupuncture, yoga, Reiki and distant healing.

    Although practioners of complementary and alternative medicine generally voice support for scientific research, they are often unwilling to accept negative findings. In 2005, medical journal The Lancet published the most thorough review of homeopathy trials ever conducted.Having analysed more than one hundred trials related to a wide range of illnesses, the authors concluded,

    “there was no convincing evidence that homeopathy was superior to placebo.”
    Homeopaths united in objecting to the methodology of both the trials and the review. Some even suggested that placebo-controlled randomised trials (regarded as the gold-standard of medical science) were inappropriate for testing their system of healing.”

    • These four treatment modalities are among the last I would entertain in the treatment of HIV. So you’re telling US those criminal bloody creeps flushed good money down the toilet to discredit modalities hardly worth an credit for AIDS in the first place? I tell you, that is par for the course. Now what about oxidative therapies like Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide, huh? Don’t tell us the best answer going is AZT, because it’s NOT.

  33. And this is from the National Centre for Complimnetary and Alternative Mecdicine

    “There is limited scientific evidence suggesting that some of the complementary health practices discussed here may be useful in managing some symptoms of cancer and side effects of treatment. At present, there is no convincing evidence regarding the use of these practices in preventing or curing cancer.”

    Just thought you might like to see……….

  34. I know there isn’t any cancer conspiracy because I know that the people doing and running the research are human. Their lives, like mine, have been touched by cancer. They, like me, would do anything to save the lives of the people they love. Furthermore, I assume that any treatments associating themselves with a conspiracy theory have something to hide—the simple fact that their treatment doesn’t work.

    Michael Higgins was an Australian engineer who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001. This article was the centerpiece of a Web site he set up in 2003 to help prevent others with cancer from wasting their time, money, and even their health pursuing worthless “cures.” During its four-year lifetime, the site had more than 120,000 page hits and generated more than 300 feedback emails. Mr. Higgins died in 2004,

  35. Aside from inviting you to get lost, I did not insult anyone. And I really don’t know why there’s such a huge concern from you about the possibility somebody might hurt themselves with black salve. Lots of people hurt themselves with chemo and radiation all the time.
    As far as your opinion on the amount of honesty and concern for citizens that comes from drug companies, my opinion is different. We shall not come to an understanding.

    I don’t think doctors and ‘modern’ medicine are out to kill people. I just think that people should be free to treat their own bodies. Is that too much hippy vomit garbage for you? Love you man. It’s all groovy.

    • However the difference with chemo and radio therapy is that there is some evidence that they work and most people are aware of that risk,. Childhood leukaemia had a death rate in the 1960’s of approaching 100% is is now around 10%. There is a physiological basis for how it works.
      Skin cancer with the exception of high risk melanomas are not treated with chemo or radiotherapy but surgery so why drug companies are afraid of losing a market share that doesn’t exist is simply beyond understanding. I am well aware of corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and is a consequence of business and medicine colliding.

      I have no problem with people using whatever treatment they wish – but they should have some basis in reality. This story is attempting to create an entirely new physiological process where cells somehow become mobile, move and migrate through tissue and stick to a chemical compound. Is it seriously suggesting a large tumour would simply end up outside the body stuck to a lump of corrosive paste?
      Most “alternative” treatments are harmless and most have been proven to do nothing – but there is a real danger when a desperate person follows this and ends up – as in the case series in the American Dermatology journal – having reconstructive surgery that harm has been done because people were not provided with a realistic and honest explanation. Sadly the USA has more of this alternative health care as they are the only country in the developed world to not provide basic healthcare as a matter of right and so people resort to extracting their own teeth, smoking dried up plants and any cheaper or home made remedies.. Im not sure this should be the real definition of “alternative” – as it makes it sound as if some people have a choice.

      • You can read Ingrid Naiman’s book Cancer Salves. You can also choose to believe or not believe people’s first hand accounts. There is probably no certified big money research that will satisfy you. And yes, it does work. It’s not a new physiological process. It’s quite old. And I still don’t see your reason for being here arguing about it. Nobody’s asking you to use it.

        • Indeed it has been used for centuries. it is a simple chemotherapy paste which will destroy cells – that is not in doubt. What is stated above is that cancer cells will migrate out of the body – this is a new claim. There is no need for big money research – aspirin is still extensively investigated and most research can be done by simple observations. and it comes from a plant so cant be patented so no one would be interested in it anyway Saying it works is not proof – neither is personal testimony. Otherwise,any claim for anything to treat any condition remains completely unverifiable. I was simply asking for proof.
          So I assume you believe that cancer comes out of the body aka The Green Mile”? I am simply adding a little intelligence to this in case someone misdiagnoses themselves then applies a potion and subsequently dies of breast cancer. Surely people on here should have some strenght of ther convictions rather than running away every time a reasonable question is asked

          • I am not familiar with The Green Mile, and no, the cancer doesn’t float away on pixie dust. Forgive my lack of technical terms but for internal tumors such as breast cancer, it goes something like this: The salve makes a hole. It’s not magic, it’s painful. More salve is applied. The salve makes a scab inside. More salve is applied. The salve works its way in towards the cancer. It is a physical, painful process. It is not magic. For whatever reason (not magic, I assure you, most likely something to do with the ingredients in the salve, which unfortunately has not been scientifically researched or explained YET) the scabby mess works its way out through the wound. There is leakage of pustulent matter afterwards. It’s not pretty. It’s not painless. It’s not magic. But it takes the cancer out. I gave you the title of a very thorough book on the subject.

          • Michael Murray

            Thank you for the reply. However I am curious as to several points . How does the person know they have cancer and not for example a benign breat lump. The salve destroys normal tissue to make the hole. How does it get to the abnormal tissue and how would it know to destroy abnormal tissue and how does it heal?
            Is there not a risk that of someone has nodal involvement that this would be missed? I’m not sure I see any advantage to this if you don’t get a diagnosis , don’t know how long to treat , don’t know if it has spread if you actually have cancer in the first place and it would seem to leave a hole in a persons body.

  36. Lydia Fitzpatrick

    Well, thank you for all your ranting stupidity……you are showing everyone what an idiot you are….and you need to get a hobby or a love life and get the hell off this board, as you are eating precious server space with your diarrhea of the mouth. You have no credibility with the posters here, or are you too self-involved to see that?

    • Like many posters of limited ability you follow the same pattern of insult and evasion.
      I am simply asking straightforward questions.
      Hw do you know what you are treating ? Which cancers or is it all? When virtually all skin cancers are treated with surgery where is the evidence that “big pharma” wants to prevent curative treatment when the cure rate for non melanoma cancers is practically 100% without any resort to chemo a the moment. Are you saying hey are trying to protect a market share that doesn’t exist?
      Lastly please print any evidence it works- it has been used for hundreds of years before modern surgical techniques so there should be plenty….
      Having no credibility with people who believe in unproven witchcraft and you insult anyone who challenges them is a good thing. It might just stop h possibility of someone with a melanoma dying who would otherwise live.
      And regarding concern for my well being- are you not doing exactly the same thing?!
      However if you can’t or aren’t willing to answer the questions an apology would be a suitable alternative…. I wait with baited breath….

  37. Long story short. A woman has a life experience shares it on a blog. A idiot comes along and says her life experience is witchcraft.
    Sorry Idiot… you look like an idiot.

    • Joe thank you for that almost Kronkite like description….it really was extremely eloquently put.
      Now let me try – imaginary unverifiable story written by overweight unintelligent American woman claiming a new physiological process that human cells will migrate out of the body on application of a compound on the skin after having been on too many websites and overdoing her appreciation of “The Green Mile”.
      When asked for evidence or proof that this happens intelligent/inquisitive/ open minded person who has seen “The Green Mile” but realises it was a film, is told that if something is written down it therefore is true/works for them/ is an idiot/ go away/get a life/ big pharma/I believe anything that is written down including the page on alien abductions by rather aggressive hippies.
      And please Joe – try and use at least one variant of idiot … makes you look – well – you know…..
      But the offer still stands – provide some grown up evidence – or apologise

  38. Blah blah blah Your still an idiot.

  39. Try again Micheal. Ill tell you when your not an idiot.

    • Really …….? And this magnificent display of maturity and your command of both the English language and science makes you what exactly?(I’ll give you a clue – or one of your carers can explain it to you – but it isnt good…)

  40. In faxct you are so thick you give ignorant pot smoking toothless hillbillies a bad name….

    • Dope smokers suffer less from cancer. Cannabinoids are very strongly anticarcinomic. Check out the Virginia University and Madrid studies….

      • the Madrdi study was looking at ten patients with brain cancer who had extracts injected directly into their tumours – they were all dead in a year.Hardly proves “dope smokers get less cancer” – this is very difficult to prove as you dont know who smoked how much for how long and would really need twin studies as a control group to verifiy with sufficent power.
        This is just guff

  41. LMAO Still an Idiot Micheal!

    • I’m so glad…..just to point out “idiot” doesn’t need a capital letter and its “ael ” in Michael….as in the persons name…..

  42. Yup still an idiot.

  43. People, do not waste your breath with arse…e named machael, it doesn’t matter what you say, it is like beating the head against the wall.
    if this arse…e has a bit of common sense he would make his own fuc…g practical test.
    arsh.e, get the salve and apply to the melanoma mole and see for yr fuc..g-self, the results are seen in 24 hours.
    who the fuc… you are to call all us here lairs and witches…brainless bustard – i said it all

  44. Sorry “michael”, still think your an idiot. You should have a nice bowl of oats and relax. Silly little jock who makes the scotch look bad.

    • This is like Sesame Street – names have capital letters. So being told repeatedly you are stupid – repeatedly-by someone who is struggling to construct a sentence is highly amusing.
      And loving terra …. Such aggression . It is highly common for people who have no answers to straightforward questions to simply insult and run away. My friend has a melanoma – on his retina and on his liver. Presumably by rubbing this on it should disappear.
      The original poster said she rubbed it on her skin and nothing happened but only when it went through the skin was so painful it required morphine. The receipe stated “may experience burning ” several other posters described the pain on application . She also said her family weren’t worried about most cancers because of this – ? Really ? Lung cancer , bowel cancer , leukaemia ? Conveniently enough her cancer is near the skin. She still went to get it diagnosed properly and then took proprietary medicine for the pain. Other people here seem to be slapping it on anything without having a diagnosis . You can’t say you are treating skin cancer – there are lots of different types – unless you have had it biopsied . But if you choose to believe one poster who said ” I just knew it was cancer” – you might want to think again before calling other people stupid and mounting your broomsticks.

      • And Joe ( capital J – take note) please don’t tell me I am stupid again…. You have established your ignorant opinion sufficiently at the moment…. When you have another sentence you would like to add at any point with anything more substantial I would love to discuss issues with you further.

  45. Once again… your an idiot. I didn’t call you stupid, do you declare yourself stupid?, i called you an idiot and will continue to do so til the end of my days or til you send me proof that your otherwise.” Testimonials” and posting on social media and friends saying that your not an idiot isnt proof. I want proof provide some substantial evidence that your not an idiot.

  46. Sorry to here about your friend that has a melanoma – on his retina and on his liver, cancer touches us all. I wish him well and i would respect his choice of cancer treatment and hope you would do the same for these people here on this blog.

  47. People have been diagnosed and went on to use the salves.

    I really do not know how to explain this. It does somehow target the abnormal tissue. Really, I don’t know. Possibly because the salve triggers lymph and inflamation in the healthy tissue above the tumor, and as it begins to scab up it follows a path towards the diseased area.

    It would be good to have a true diagnosis when trying the black salve. There are accounts where there was a true diagnosis and people have used the salve succcessfully. And yes, some people have done a halfway job, thinking the tumor had all been reached, and had to do subsequent applications. It really would be good if MDs would work together with black salve users.

    It does create a hole, a kind of pink bloodless crater. The holes gradually fill in with normal healthy tissue.

    • hi, I’ve used the black salve and it did hurt like hell and it did leave a big hole, but it was worth it.the hole closed up in a matter of weeks and left less scaring than when I’ve had them surgically removed.I’ll continue to use the salve.amen.

    • Bridget , thank you for the reply. I just find it very difficult to understand and I have a fair degree of understanding of pharmacology and physiology. A salve is a chemical paste. It does not really seem plausible or logical that it can target certain types of cells by an unknown mechanism. The concept of a “magic bullet” against cancer cells is not new and has been sought for years. It is stretching imagination to think it can create a hole by killing health cells, cauterise blood vessels to not cause bleeding, directing towards a tumour , destroy cancer cells, extrude any waste material then allow healing and complete closure all by an entirely unknown and unrecognised mechanism.
      The notion that this has not been looked at is not plausible as virtually every cellular step and chemical has been examined. One study in South Africa in 1990 suggested that only cancer cells were targeted but this has not been able to be replicated.
      There have been many reported cases of burns from the use of salves and in one case in Australia a man who developed a fistula by applying the salve to his abdomen. It is obviously a corrosive chemical compound. They have been banned in the USA and Australia for making unsubstantiated claims as to their cancer killing ability. in order to make these claims you need evidence and they did not provide any. The danger of making a patients own salve is that the strength will not be guaranteed. Im afraid I find the evasive answers that it is too expensive to do research or there is no money in the compound as it is made from natural resources or from plants is simply not true. Capsacian ointment was made from an extract of chilli and clearly this is a plant and did not require a patent to be taken out on the plant.
      40 % of Americans take alternative health care products or supplements and spent around $20 billion . I suspect a great deal of the aggression aimed here I suspect is from people with a vested interest simply posing as interested posters.

  48. There are different ways to make it. Zinc chloride is the more corrosive ingredient. Some salves include it, some don’t. I personally have no vested interest. I found the idea intriguing, and a little scary. I did research about it. I have no reason to disbelieve the accounts of people who have used it.

    I don’t disagree, it is stretching the imagination to think it can create a hole by killing health cells, cauterise blood vessels to not cause bleeding, directing towards a tumour , destroy cancer cells, extrude any waste material then allow healing and complete closure all by an entirely unknown and unrecognised mechanism. However, this is would seem to be the case. It would be great if it could be properly studied and understood.

    Ingrid Naiman says she was approached by different groups to do trials with the salve, but she refused each one for different reasons — she was turned off by the greed and the obvious wish to exclude all competitors. She said she was somewhat sorry (but not completely sorry) afterwards that she turned them down.

    And I don’t really want to point out that your initial posts were rather aggressive as well and people tend to respond in kind.

    • Im sure you believe it is not a stretch of the imagination as you clearly believe they work and believe the people who say they work like Ingrid. However on speaking to several physiologists, pharmacologists and physicians none had any understanding of how a simple mixture could have behaved could behave in such a way. Collectively to perform all these actions in a way unknown to science and unrepeatable in a laboratory with no single piece of evidence published is frankly impossible. The chemicals and compounds have been tested. The suggestion that it seeks out cancer cells which you cannot explain , no professionals have explained or witnessed and is not reproducible in anything other than two scientific papers

      The active ingredient in many of the salves is Sanguinarine from blood root amongst others. Two studies have been published 20 years apart regarding its anti cancer properties. One in 1990 on its effect on dermal cell lines and the other in 2010 on prostate cancer. cells so its effect has been looked at.
      They have very specific actions on limited cell pathways as all chemicals do . It has been suggested that it may be a potential cancer treatment in the future. However many compounds are . The effect on cell lines is often not translated to effect in either animal or human tests.
      It is interesting that almost exactly the same claims are made for cannabis oil for treating everything from skin tumours to systemic tumours . Again all these chemicals and compounds have been looked at in spite of having been examined and have pharmacological effects but this has not been translated to clinical effectiveness.
      Zinc oxide has no topical use and is water soluble so would have difficult being absorbed through the skin. “Contact can cause severe irritation, skin burns and ulcerations. Solutions are corrosive. Symptoms include redness and pain.”
      Again it just seems that for any compound to have such a miraculous ability and then for the actual ingredients to not actually matter just is incomprehensible

      However she has a vested interest as she has a fairly extensive book list, diplomas , counselling sessions and directed healing which are also available (including astro medicine at many hundreds of dollars per session),I think it is also unlikely that if the compounds are known ingredients why she would be approached or why research would not go ahead without her. Again this could simply be an unsubstantiated claim. It seems highly unlikely that if the proprietary salves could substantiate their claim they would have legally made a fortune. if it was me I would have gone all out for a share of the billion dollar market.

  49. obviously Michael hasn’t spent time online watching testimonials as they are very compelling…. my best friend was diagnosed in July with breast cancer and was dead in 3 months under the best treatment modern medicine could offer. She suffered terribly and her “expert care” bankrupted her family. My father died of melanoma but not before he was butchered by surgeons at MD Anderson and had to live with horrible facial disfigurement until his death.

    I would certainly try this product before being butchered and/or poisoned.

    We all have eyes that can see the process of echar formation and expulsion is similar in many of these testimonial cases. The application to healthy skin has shown that it is non corrosive to non aberrant tissue. The results are immediately seen.

    • the bloodroot black salve really does work,i used it on a skin cancer on my eyebrow and it worked really was very painful but minimal scarring, not like the ugly scars i have on my face from surgery’s.i’ll continue to use it.marian

      • Oh well it must be true then – cant get any better proof than that – of course – presumably you had it biopsied to prove what kind of skin cancer it was , have the pathology available and some kind of proof that you received no other treatment?
        If you have ugly scars please provide a picture?

        • i saw a skin specialist who had removed previous basal cell carsenoma’s and it was he who told me it was cancer and wanted to remove it like he did the others.but i’ve had enough butchering to last a life time.i will not put photo’s of my surgery’s scarring on here as i really hate them and am embarresed by them.

          • well again it remains your word as evidence. So none at all then…strange that…

          • Lydia Fitzpatrick

            And you shouldn’t have to post pics of your scarring for this moron……please just ignore him….he has issues.

          • Michael Murray

            Issues? Listen shit for brains simply because I ask for proof for any of this garbage I have issues? – and all that constantly happens is excuses, insults or running away. So far it has been video testimonials, ” my grandma said so” facebook , youtube, or a host of unverifiable claims about who had what cured with a magic paste
            here is a quote from the real world ( obviously filled with conspirators in the I want to die from cancer society)

            “The TGA is not aware of any credible, scientific evidence which shows that any black or red salve preparation is effective in treating cancer.”

            “Both black and red salves are corrosive and essentially burn off layers of the skin and surrounding normal tissue. They can destroy large parts of the skin and underlying tissue, and leave significant scarring.”

            Now if you want to come up with one shred of REAL evidence please do so – if you cant then apologise and admit you are simply paert of the scam putting people at risk

          • show fuc…g proof that they burn ars..le, yr TGA are criminals and liers. yr place in hell together with those monsters who persecute honest people for curing sick…

          • Michael Murray

            Gail Bumpus, of Singer Island, Florida,
            During the first two visits, without taking a biopsy, Craft said that she had extensive cancer in the nose and that a black salve that he had invented would remove the cancer without leaving any scars….When the dead tissue was removed from her nasal area, it was apparent that her nose had been burned off. So far she has had six operations to reconstruct a nose.
            In 2007, the Florida Board of Medicine secured a consent agreement under which Craft was reprimanded, fined $9,000, ordered to pay administrative costs, and banned from using “black salve” again”

            Consequences of using escharotic agents as primary treatment for nonmelanoma skin cancer.
            Arch Dermatol. 2002 Dec;138(12):1593-6.

            “Salves intended for the treatment of cancers cannot be legally marketed.”

            “The extreme danger of using escharotics products is illustrated by the experience of Ruth Conrad, an Idaho woman
            Within a week, a large part of her face, including her nose, sloughed off. It took 3 years and 17 plastic surgery operations to reconstruct her face. …During a deposition, the naturopath stated that he had obtained the salve from a woman in Mexico and that he didn’t know who had manufactured it. The picture shows the extent of the injured area.”

            salves using an excessively high concentration of zinc chloride are responsible for the reports of skin damage. Concentrations greater than 40 percent are indeed well known to cause burns, scarring or disfigurement

            Read more:

            Yes of course everyone is part of the world wide lets not treat cancer conspiracy because they are happy to die of cancer or watch their family die.This includes the TGA the FDA the BMA the Brititsh Dermatological College……where treating with surgery has a cure rate of non melanomas of over 98%….no chemo there so no money to be saved

          • I think this Guy is being paid to leave messages online to scare people from using black salve. Or else he’s just kind of mental. I don’t know. LOL

          • Michael Murray

            Yes that right Herbie – I should really be advocating self diagnosing cancer, making a home make acid paste that has no prove it works and slapping it on your face where it will suck out the badness. And of course it works because it is just the “other people/lunatics” that think there is just a realistic chance this is witchcraft and someone will die as a consequence.
            You on the other hand might be one of the people who has a website and sells snake oil. Im not getting paid . I just like seeing if anyone can provide proof or whether it is just name calling and running away.

        • Cancer salves were first documented as a form of quackery in a 1955 Time article:

          “A 37-year-old housewife had a skin condition that later (at Duke) proved not to be a cancer. Convinced that it was, she had gone to a backwoods healer, who applied a salve. Soon a quarter-sized hole disfigured her nose, opened up the nasal cavity. Duke’s plastic surgeons had to build her a new nose”
          Oh Time magazine is in on this conspiracy too…..

          Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
          Volume 53, Issue 3 , Pages 486-494, September 2005
          Escharotic and other botanical agents for the treatment of skin cancer: A review

          McDaniel S, Goldman GD. Consequences of using escharotic agents as primary treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer. Arch Dermatol. 2002;138:1593-1596

          Osswald SS, Elston DM, Farley MF, et at. Self-treatment of a basal cell carcinoma with “black and yellow salve”. J Am Acad Dermatol 2005;53:509-11

          Elston DM. Escharotic agents, Fred Mohs, and Harry Hoxsey: A commentary. J Am Acad Dermatol 2005;53:523-5

          Jellinek N, Maloney ME. Escharotic and other botanical agents for the treatment of skin cancer: A review. J Am Acad Dermatol 2005;53:487-95

          Further dangers regarding the use of escharotics agents include:

          Non-selectivity of tissue damage: escharotic agents destroy normal tissue as well as skin cancers.
          Lesions are often undiagnosed; hence many patients self-treating may be treating anything ranging from completely harmless lesions to dangerous melanomas.
          The manufacture, marketing and distribution of escharotic agents is unregulated, so the strength and purity is unknown.
          The lack of scientific evidence for the efficacy of these agents, or their risks and side effects.

          Sensible words ( for normal people) from FDA ( other liars and people who like getting cancer)

          Furthermore, since Black Salve, Black Salve with DMSO, Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules, and Ellagic Insurance Formula are offered for conditions that are not amenable to self-diagnosis and treatment by individuals who are not medical practitioners; adequate directions cannot be written so that a layman can use the products safely for their intended use

          In 2005, “folk healer” Dan Raber (of Georgia, United States) was arrested and charged with causing severe bodily harm and practicing medicine without a license for dispensing bloodroot paste to nine women with various ailments including breast cancer, causing severe disfiguring destruction of their skin and underlying tissue (as well as failing to successfully excise their tumors). Lois March, M.D. of Cordele, Georgia, was also charged as an accomplice and had her medical license permanently revoked for her role in assisting Raber’s unlicensed treatment by prescribing massive amounts of opiate pain medication to his customers in order to allow them to continue their bloodroot treatment despite the severe burning pain and disfigurement it caused

          From the American Cancer Society ( presumably the society full of corrupt hateful individuals that like people having cancer)

          The Curaderm Web site reports that clinical trials have been done in humans, but this claim refers to uncontrolled trials or studies that have not been published in conventional medical journals. Further clinical trials are needed to find out whether this preparation has any role in the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer.

          Otherwise, claims that cancer salves cure cancer are based on individual reports and testimonials. There have been no controlled clinical studies of cancer salves published in the medical literature, and available scientific evidence does not support claims that cancer salves can cure cancer or any other disease.

          As for the claim that the cancer salves only affect abnormal tissues, pathologists have reported finding damage to healthy cells after cancer salves have been used.

    • No but I have spent a long time reading about proper medical treatments,
      Your friend suffered terribly because she had terminal cancer. You have a corrupt inefficient health care system which does result in huge numbers of personal bankruptcies. Both of these facts doesnt make a magic paste work. If she had widespread cancer even the most optimistic “alternative” treatment or salve user would suggest that applying it all over would somehow have sucked out all the cancer.
      As for melanoma it cannot be shown to be a melanoma until it is removed and looked at under the microscope. Otherwise you have no proof that you are treating a melanoma in the first place. How would a “salve” remove all the spread of the melanoma from all over the body?
      Im afraid I have watched some of the “testimonials” – they are completely unverifiable. Stories. I have seen testimonials that there were WMD in Iraq, Presidents didnt have sexual relationships with women, that people were abducted by aliens, had interactions with Bigfoot……….it doesnt provide any evidence. If you find them convincing I can only assume you are easily convinced. For all the time they have been around a sesnbile person would ask for one shred of evidence rather than provide excuses as to why it cant be done.
      if you would prefer to use them for conditions you havent got and presumably would be able to prove you had them without biopsy knock yourself out. But even on this page it adds it isnt medical advice. Im amazed at how little people need to become an MD.
      However the bottom line is that with no proof you are potentially leaving vulnerable people to increase their chances of dying.
      The very beginning of this imaginary tale she states that she also used laetrile – she really needs to keep up as this was thoroughly discredited over thirty years ago in at least two trials and a meta analysis – this is what happens when you test hockum – it tends not to work – hence the resistance to doing it

    • It is corrosive to normal skin – the people on here cant even seem to agree to that . it is simply impossible for something to make a hole in healthy skin and create an inflammatory reaction without destroying normal skin to gain access.
      This is really twisting reality to suit your argument. Unless the ph is completely neutral and it contains no corrosive or irritant chemicals. I know you can think by claiming what ever you want makes something true but you cant rearrange basic chemical facts to suit yourself

  50. The recipes for the salves are available for free. People who have used black salves for cancer and experienced the results just _want other people to know about it_. That’s all I’m going to say. Probably. But just for fun I’ll add that my great-grandmother, when she was ninety years old, developed a painful growth on her lower back and it started to affect her ability to walk. She directed my grandfather and grandmother to find different plants, and poultice them on her back. They changed the poultice every few days. After several weeks when they changed the bandage, the growth came out and it had what looked like roots. That’s just a family story. My great-aunt took the growth to the doctor but he didn’t tell her anything about it. Doctors in those days were not the first place one turned when sick. My great-grandmother lived many more years after that.

    So you speak to your people, who can’t accept it, and I speak to mine, who can. I don’t know what more to say. But it was nice talking to you. 🙂

    • The main reason they are free is for an illusion. They are not allowed to sell it because they cannot substantiate the claims. However there is still a market in doing so illegally and offering the recipe most people wouldnt know how to make it properly or how to store it and then buy it . It really isnt that complicated. The recipe for Coca Cola is freely available but probably easier just to buy it

  51. The problem is simply by saying something is free is not a cop out for having evidence it works. There are many people like one mentioned above who do sell it along with recipe books and spiritual healing. The recipes for homoeopathy are widely available and free and they have been shown not to work.
    Nor are unverifiable folksy stories about grandma.
    It is simply a chemical paste or varying ingredients and strengths does not have the power to wonder through the body destroying tissue , clearing cancer and magically closing up a hole it created in the first place. The reason it cant be explained is because it doesn’t happen. in all this wonder paste there seems to be no one with any recognised qualification that can verify how or if it works – not one. To try and say its something to do with lymph is just pseudo medical mumbling.
    In order to treat something you need to know what it is . Its not preferable it is essential.
    The fact is that the market for “alternative” treatments in the US runs to around $30 billion, Lots of people make a lot of money, 60% of Americans dont believe in evolution and a fifth dont have health care . Large numbers believe in Bigfoot, 35% in aliens at Rosswell and 50% in the impending war with Islam.
    Frankly finding people who believe in magic creams or have no alternative is hardly surprising.
    However in civilised countries with better education and a proper health care system this isnt the case.

  52. “Dr” Kurt Donsbach sometimes uses salves to treat cancer patients”

    He has now been arrested three times for selling unproven medicines , impersonating a doctor and causing the deaths of several “patients” – mind you his clinic in Mexico looks lovely………huge in fact….

  53. I don’t want to respond to this thread, except to say that I have experienced cansema, and have given it to others. I would not have given it to others unless I was sure it was of value.
    As to responding to others doubts, No need.

    • Thanks P…. I’ve been reading about various products that remove diseased tissue. What I can see is that in areas with thin layers of skin, like the nose or other structures, proceed with caution is the best advice.

      • ” Diseased tissues” ? What on earth does that mean? Either you are a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon with your own pathology lab or you aren’t. Probably not a good idea to diagnose yourself. That is how bad things happen.
        As for areas of thin skin – surely this is completely unnecessary – as stated above multiple times it is completely harmless to normal skin only targeting cancer which falls off after one application. You must be mistaken that the salve could actually do any damage?

    • Patrick again utterly meaningless statements and a cop out of I’m not going to answer because I cant.
      You have used it – so what? You have given it to others – so what?
      And you are sure of its value? Oh well that’s alright then – Patrick anonymous has said he is sure of the value so it must be OK. Unlike the rest of the world where it is of no PROVEN benefit. In fact I seem to recall it was banned – for making false claims it cured cancer. For encouraging people to self diagnose and self treat.
      As for “no need” – you mean no ability to – when something has been clearly and publicly thrown in the proverbial trash you simply look utter ridiculous to continue to make stupid claims.
      Skin cancer needs to be diagnosed. In order to do this is it needs to excised. it has an almost 100% cure rate for non melanomas. t gets really boring to constantly hear the ( oh I cant say its big pharma because they dont make any medicine for it) – I know I have had two cancers – the first clearly left an “ugly scar/butchered” and hey presto – a second cancer comes along – and Cancer Go cream sorted it.
      “Crock of…” I believe normal people would say…………

      • hi it’s marian here and i’ve had 6 skin cancers removed by surgery and they all left bad scars.the 1 on my eyebrow that i used the salve on has left very little scarring.and no i will not put photo’s of my suryery ascars on the net.

  54. It is not my first time to visit this website, i
    am visiting this website dailly and get fastidious information from here daily.


    • That’s very mature I’m sure . However the definition of a troll is ” someone who posts extraneous or off topic remarks with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response”
      I have clearly not posted anything off topic or unrelated to the topic.
      I have simply asked for verifiable proof that the treatment works . I have highlighted the potential hazards of treatment . It is patently incorrect so suggest I do not care for others well being by advising that self diagnosis and self treatment with unproven dangerous medicines is ill advised. Your assumption that readers will use it more given contrary advise is utterly speculative.
      I do not make money – people who sell fake cures , salve “recipe books” Mexican clinics all make money as might you do hence your resistance and aggressive nature when asked about the truth you simply insult and run away.
      People like you are afraid of the truth and are threatening people’s safety and potentially their lives. Someone will try and treat a melanoma with a home made acid cream and die . There – cant put it any clearer. mind you if they go to the other page on here cannabis oil seems to cure all cancers too so I’m surprised there is any left at this rate.


    • Please it is unnecessary to use capital letters , It makes you look even more stupid.
      Here we go then,

      Skin cancer needs to be diagnosed by biopsy . Here they are advocating self diagnosis, This is patently dangerous. This isnt ranting this is simply stating a fact.
      You are the one who needs to come up with the proof as you have none for the “treatment you are dangerously advocating.
      I have stated the problems with salves in details above
      I have shown the statistics on cancer survival proper diagnosis and management
      You have written hysterical trash in capital letters to show you cannot answer any questions or provide any evidence.

      For basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer, the cure rate is close to 100%, This means that there are perfectly good – almost 100% – it doesnt get much better. There people are followed up and the statistics verified openly. There is nothing to hide.
      Including melanoma the survival in the UK 2005-2009, 84% of men and 92% of women in England survived their skin cancer for five years or more.
      90% of deaths were from melanoma. Many of the remaining deaths were from other unrelated causes as the patients are often older.
      Making hysterical declarations about “knives” is nonsense – it is a scalpel and has been used by surgeons . This is normal practice.

      Read more:

      Chemotherapy is not used except for metastatic melanoma. Melanoma needs an excision biopsy to obtain a clear diagnosis.

      Black salves – there is no published data.











      Now anything thats not clear? So by encouraging people to self diagnose self treat with home made unproven medicines is dangerous and unethical. Too bad if you either dont like it or are too thick to acknowledge

  57. ok. so you post lots of known knowledge. I am not here to advocate anything just new solutions that work better. You aare basically saying that the way things are in medical institutions are totally healthy and are doing a great job of healing the cancer patients. this is where we disagree. you basically think that where we are with medical treatment in our society is great, and everybody (your statistics and percentile rate above) prove that we have indeed mastered the cure for cancer. Yes or no? is this what you are saying? When society stops evolving and medically cures stop progressing and people who are the victims to these diseases fall prey to the medical services provided as much as you think they are civilized and super advanced; are really not. thats the point. We as humans need to continue to challenge ourselves and to put on the table the reasons why we are failing in this cancer department. If u cant find fault with the medicine used and fight those that are trying to evolve or medicinal society at large then you are just part of the problem yourself. you can defend this all you want but at the end of the day being content with the medicine we have today will not benefit the advancement for medicine tomorrow. So as long as you keep defending the present medical standards and how they are basically curing people with your “statisitics” then you are defeating the purpose of evolution,despite your intense claims of modern medicine doing such an efficient job, there are In 2012, about 577,190 Americans are expected to die of cancer, more than 1,500 people a day.
    go check it out.You’re lack of concern is disconcerting. I feel sorry for you, maybe you should be a caveman and live in a rock since you hate the concept of man actually taking steps forward to find new and more efficient cures. this is my main point of your obsessive arguing and passion for the status quo in our fight to find real efficient healthy medical treatment for the future of mankind. if you want to blabber on then go ahead you obviously have a bone to pick with anyone who tries to post anything to advocate new solutions and are perfectly happy with the amount of people dying since you don’t want to change anything. I’m done wasting my time with a caveman.

    Click to access acspc-031941.pdf

    • So to summarise the meaningless rant above

      You are providing no evidence at all to dispute any of the facts I have stated.

      Skin cancer to which the salves are mainly referred have an exceptionally good success rate with modern treatment

      The statistics refer to skin cancer .

      Other cancer treatments are being constantly evolved and tested to provide proof that they are effective,

      Advocating self diagnosis and self treatment with unproven therapies is not progress . It is not heroic or intelligent .

      America has a very high rate of cancer because of the lack of preventative health care, universal access to treatment , obesity and addictions. .

      You have made no rational point or evidence to contradict the fact that an acid cream applied to the skin cannot cure internal cancers let alone any evidence for skin cancers. This is simply wrong ,

    • “just new solutions that work better”

      To state that a treatment is better is a bold claim
      In order to prove a treatment worked in the first place you would have to subject people to a treatment and follow them up for a period of time to ensure it is effective.
      In order to state that a treatment is better you would have to prove it by getting enough people, proving that they had cancer, randomising to receive one treatment or the other. The groups would have to approximately equal in demographics. Both groups would have to be followed up for long enough – five years is usual and then mortality, complications, cost, acceptability were measured.
      Enough people would have to be recruited to demonstrate that the difference was statistically significant. In the case of skin cancer you would have to decide whether you were looking at squamous, basal , melanomas or Kaposi.
      This isn’t contentious. This is just the way things work.
      Claims that there is an pro cancer conspiracy are just that. Stats published this week showed that mortality from skin and bowel cancer have halved since 1970’s, breast cancer mortality had fallen from 50% to less than 15%.
      Notions that cheap cures are not wanted seems to be against the research into aspirin and bowel cancer. This will not make money for any drug company or doctor.

      Is the current system perfect? – far from it. However turning one self into an oncology/ pathology expert on the basis of reading a blog by someone who claimed to have been helped by something is not remotely sensible and frankly dangerous.
      The initial claim is unverifiable ,She has a superficial tumour which we see no evidence of. As the tumours originate in the glandular tissue and not in the subcutaneous fat this seems very suspicious. She doesn’t claim it is cured – it just “hasn’t gotten any bigger”. She uses laetrile which was in fact tested and meta-analysed and was shown to be ineffective and potentially dangerous. The website then has a disclaimer that it is not offering medical advice. So collectively this being read by the easily impressed would at first reading seem plausible when in fact is nothing of the kind.

      • Thank you for your rational advice. A friend has just died from cancer. She had a lump in her breast a few years ago that was at an early stage and could have been treated with conventional oncology. I have to assume she was skeptical/cynical of conventional treatment. She went on to treat herself with Black Salve and claimed to have cured herself, and did seem fine for a couple of years. As a result of not being in the medical loop, she would not have had regular tests (ie MRI’s, etc) to make sure the cancer had gone. After losing weight, and various other symptoms, she eventually had tests to discover the cancer had metastisised into other parts of her body…..bones, lungs. She went to Mexico to the Gerson Clinic for six wks. She came home ten days ago and died yesterday morning. I have to accept that she made up her own mind with regards to the treatment she felt comfortable with and that is every human’s right. She was a vibrant, very attractive, intelligent, well read and respected woman. She was also mother to a young boy, an only daughter, an only sister, and adored by her husband and friends. I can’t say for sure that conventional treatment would have cured her, but looking at the evidence, I think she may have had a better chance because she found the tumour at an early stage. Her death was no less agonizing for her at the end regardless of choice of treatment.

  58. I’m guessing you don’t mind me visiting and saying thanks to you for your
    post – it really helped

  59. If a person can see with their own eyes what has happened to them, then what has happened is their reality. Are they to look at the result and not believe? Are we to deny the obvious just because it has not yet been written in a medical journal by which then it apparently get’s it’s authenticity; or is the authenticity that authenticates it to be in the journal in the first place?

    • The fact is that you are simply saying that you will believe anything anyone says because you want to believe it. “Are we to deny the obvious” ? Or use some intelligent questioning to ask for simple justification or proof?
      Sadly as in the case above someone lost their life when convention therapy would have a proven rate of 90% for that stage of cancer.
      Are we seriously suggesting that simply because an unverifiable story” is provided that this is sufficent to risk peoples lives.

  60. Mike check this out, it may help you???

    • No it doesnt help anyone. This is one of the most dangerous videos I have ever watched.
      Ill explain again. Real medical treatments and real proof of effect are not published on Youtube by using a home made video. Or Facebook. Or “testimonials” – as this is just people saying things. ( See below for “testimonials” about alien abduction. It even stretched imagination by the standards of drivel on this website. It is simply a very long rehash of the same unproven fantasy delivered here time and rime again.
      real evidence are published in real trials to show the effect. It just seems a little strange that on another page on the same website cannabis oil cures all cancers as well .Amazing. Wait thousands of years for a cure for cancer and two come along at once. Or in actual fact neither.
      I could have made the same video with a word processor, Google images and interviewing a few friends claiming they had been cured.. Before and after pictures are not proof it is even the same patient let alone what treatment they have had. Anyone of above average intelligence can see it is fake and how terrible it is.
      If you look in Youtube under alien abduction there are tens of thousands of videos and an interview with an “alien” – I am sure there are gullible people who will claim this is proof, there is a government conspiracy etc……..
      I think it is grossly irresponsible and will result in deaths.

  61. This is from the website that produced the video. They have such strenght of beliefs that they deny all the claims that they make in advance.

    “This is a research site covering the black salve issue. ALL material provided herein is in no way intended to provide or advertise any medical advice or make any generalized medical claims in any way shape or form. By continuing to read you agree to not consider any of this research material, or testimonials as medical advice. This information is provided specifically for the researcher only, none of this material is intended to provide any diagnosis, cure, or to prevent any disease, nor to provide any medical advice whatsoever.”

    They also state that black salve has been banned ( because it is harmful and unproven) but if you want to buy it , drop us a wee email and we will see what we can do………….strange that……..not that they are making money out of it or anything….

  62. Si in short they make bold claims which they say they arent actually cures everything – but they arent saying it – it is banned – but let us know if you want to buy it ( wink wink) and we are happy to take your money as a donation – Im sure they are. Are fools like you fall for it. It makes Bernie Madhoff seem quite srupulous. At least people only lost their money with him

  63. You are a paid basher..

    • No I’m just making intelligent rational statements looking for proof.
      You are just making childish comments and provide not a single shred of evidence to contradict anything I have written. Now until you can I would suggest not embarrassing yourself any further.

  64. Michael . . . you’re nothing but a DISINFO AGENT of the orthodox medical establishment. The fact that you would express sympathy for the work of Quackwatch, whose infamous operator, Stephen Barrett, even confessed in a sworn deposition that his job was to discredit viable “alternatives,” shows your true colors. SO . . . . the best thing the people who are participants on this thread can do is communicate their thoughts, share their ideas, and completely ignore your posts as if you weren’t even there.
    The pattern is well-established and I’ve seen it many times : when citizens of good will get together to share experiences about alternative healing techniques that are safe, highly effective, inexpensive, and embarrassing to those in authority, someone is sent in to muddy the waters.
    On this thread, that nefarious character is you.
    You’ve been marked.
    And we know what you’re up to.
    As for those who want to know what is really behind Cansema, other current black salves, and their predecessors, they have only to read the first four chapters of Meditopia ( — a free read online), and come to their own conclusions. (It is the most authoritative history on the suppression of cancer-curing escharotic preparations ever produced.)
    Paracelsus was using escharotic medications to cure cancer in the 1530’s, before those in authority had him assassinated.
    They still do that today . . . but for “small jobs,” it is so much easier to just send in some reprobate like you to try and keep people stupid.
    Your cover’s been blown.
    Tell your handlers to send you on another assignment.

    Greg Caton
    Founder, Alpha Omega Laboratories / Creator, “Cansema”
    Guayaquil, ECUADOR

    • Greg I am honoured for such an astute assessment from such a famous criminal and fraudster.
      To find out I am actually an undercover agent provocateur will come as a surprise to the people I work with.
      Your fantasy imagination including some fourteen century episode of CSI regarding Paracelsus would seem to err towards mental illness.
      Probably unsurprising in view of the fraud charges, time in prison and your cream being banned as it doesn’t work . However I’m glad to see you can still exploit people while living in the third world . So just a shade of a vested interest in selling unproven rubbish.
      If you have any evidence better than a online made up unproven one please let me see it.
      You are albeit rich I would guess slightly paranoid exploiter and I can see why you are trying to discredit an ordinary citizen with fantastical accusations. It does not however make you any less pathetic.

    • Greg, welcome. Great to hear from you, you are one of the foundation stones in alternative cancer treatment cures and I bow before you for your continues courage to stand against pharma mafiozy.
      Do you sell your cures to Russia? How to become your distributor?
      As about the prick named Michael here, everyone ignores him here, he is quite retarded, so no need to waste your energy to prove him anything as he is not able to comprehend it and will continue barking like a mad dog.

    • Hi Greg! Yup. Murray’s a marked man. I am inducting him into my “Hall Of Infamy”. As for Barrett – he actually ADMITTED THAT??? Oh, I’d already got the filthy mongrel on several dirty things and always knew he was a paid disinformant (do you know he even doctored several Wikipedia articles on alternative therapies?) but that confession’s BEAUTIFUL. I want that one for my “Cancer Quotes” – it’s gotta be priceless. Could you please put me onto it?

      • while you are chatting to Greg it might be interesting to discuss the fact that black salve “doesnt cure cancer” – as for marked man? Jesus – talk about paranoid…..
        All fake sellers dont show evidence they just try and attack anyone who questions that they might just be making money out of exploiting desperate people. At least if they have cancer and die they wont come back looking for a refund. Strange how “alternative” medicine never offers a cure for high blood pressure or gangrene…or meningitis … fact anything come to think of it….

  65. Hi, Terra . . . In response : we routinely ship our salves to Russia, Ukraine, and Belaria . . . with much less frequency to other former Soviet satellite countries — probably because the language issue becomes even more acute. (The majority of our materials online are in English.)

    Thank you for the kudos . . . it’s most thoughtful of you . .

    If you’d like responses to some of the more substantive questions surrounding this entire issue, which The Truther Girls were kind (and bold) enough to bring to light, let me know. My mentor, Dr. Russell Jordan, was himself the co-founder of two successful pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. (as I recount in Chapter 1 of Meditopia) and through him I was able to learn a great deal about suppressed remedies spanning centuries. It’s a difficult thing to be accomplished in your field and only discover at the end of your career (and life) that this very field is incorrigibly corrupt and beyond repair. Intellectually, this was Dr. Jordan’s gift to me at the end of his life.

    About becoming a distributor — we no longer encourage it, because in our primary markets, it just sets up good-hearted people to have to go through what we experienced, and we don’t wish that on anyone.

    The U.S., in particular, is quite challenging, as I make clear elsewhere ( It may no longer be the land of the free. But it’s definitely the home of the brave.

    If you’re a clear, independent thinker, you have to be brave to live there.

    Greg Caton

    • Oh dear this is getting really silly……….it doesnt take a conspiracy theorist to work out that you are talking to yourself Greg…Lovingterra is clearly you – praising you for the outstanding work you are doing while getting in a bit of free advertising.But thank you for pointing out that the evidence in the free book that you highlighted to prove how good your treatment is …is published by you……….cant get any more convincing than that can you !?
      Youre combined “he is a prick ” and ” just pretend that man isnt there” sounds a little little the Wizard of Oz on being discovered. As for pricks Im sure you have more experience than most from your time in prison.

      For $49.95 (£31) a product called Cansema guarantees 100 per cent success in the removal of skin cancers, even melanomas – regardless of type or size. The makers say that it can discriminate between healthy and cancerous tissue and can therefore both diagnose and treat. That is simply not scientifically possible. Cansema is a so-called “escharotic”, which poisons and kills any skin it touches, cancerous or otherwise. There are documented cases of patients losing large areas of their skin and face, including the whole nose, after using escharotics, and needing years of plastic surgery to correct the damage.
      Independant 1999

      Cansema is listed by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, as one of 187 fake cancer cures Business week

    • Michael, just shut up your dirty stinky mouth, I am not talking to you. I am russian, direct, rood and bold to such demoralising arsh..s like you , and don’t have time to waste answering your idiosity, or would like to hear my swearing in Russian, piece of crap? I can record an audio and send it to you free of charge.

      Greg, yes the language is the issue, I created blog in Russian where I put info on alternative cures. I don’t have much time to translate everything, so I put links to English resources and give brief resume in Russian. Poor people start writing me and asking where from they can buy an alternative herbal medicine. I do point them to your website and few others, but of course they asking for translation. I wonder, do you plan to make a page with your products in Russian? There are more than 300 million people speaking this language. I am willing to help in translating though I do work full time. I guess you will face the same issues for Chinese language and alike. Love you and all freedom fighters!!!

      • This really just gets worse….
        Lets just clear a few points just for the sake of fun,
        The cure rate for non melanoma skin cancers is over 90%.
        it is usually on the skin – hence the name. This doesnt involve “invasive surgery”
        Youtube is not evidence. There is a video with an interview with an alien. This isnt proof aliens exist.
        Cancer isnt one disease. Cure rates vary depending on the type . spread and age of the patient,
        You have no shred of evidence in controlled trials that your medicines work.That is why you have moved to a third world country like many others who have fake clinics in Mexico.

        The only information you provide is your own websites or publications.
        I have copied information but from independant newspapers. wikipedia and magazines. But I am glad you dont disagree with anything on it.

        This is all standard fare .. I believe there was over 150 fake cancer cures censored by the FDA. Now either yours is the only one that works and are just unlucky or just bear with me – people sell products which dont actually work as people with cancer get desperate.
        I am aware of the secret league across the world of 10 million doctors in every country hand in hand with every drug company , university department and research scientist to hide the cure for cancer and presumably they would risk their own death and those of their loved ones to protect profits…………thats probably it .

        The fundamental question is do the salves work? A rational person would ask for evidence. And other than home made videos there is none.
        End of.

  66. This investigation was initiated based on information regarding the illegal activities of a food processing plant called Lumen Food Corporation, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Lumen Food Corporation advertised products via an Internet website under the name of Alpha Omega Labs, located in Nassau, Bahamas. These products were advertised as containing medicinal qualities for the treatment of cancer and many other diseases.
    From 1999 to 2003, Gregory CATON, President of Lumen Food Corporation, and his employees utilized Alpha Omega Labs to take direct orders for these unapproved new drugs. The chemical substances were not approved for sale by the FDA. As a result of the scheme, CATON received approximately $950,000. In order to legally market a drug in interstate commerce, the drug’s manufacturer is required to comply with all applicable provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in order to ensure that the products sold are safe for humans and effective for their intended uses.
    On at least two occasions known to the FDA, the items shipped by CATON’s firm and used by consumers resulted in bodily injury and harm. The products were Cansema Tonic III and H3O. Cansema Tonic III was advertised for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of cancer. H3O was advertised for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of athlete’s foot, cuts and burns, eczema, fingernail fungus, chronic gas, gastroenteritis, gingivitis and periodontal disease, halitosis, herpes sores, ophthalmia, psoriasis, sore throat, strep throat, and wounds. CATON did not have an Investigational New Drug (IND) application on file with the FDA.
    On September 17, 2003, a federal search warrant was executed at CATON’s residence, Lumen Food Corporation, and an industrial site owned by CATON. All of these locations were in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
    During the search of CATON’s residence, a cache of weapons was found consisting of three semi-automatic rifles, one bolt action rifle, two shotguns, a semi-automatic pistol, 10, 252 rounds of amunition, three body armor vests, leg armor and two bullet resistant helmets. The weapons, armor and ammunition were found concealed in a hidden compartment that was inside a closet. CATON was arrested on possession of firearms by a convicted felon.
    Numerous misbranded and unapproved new drugs were seized during the search at Lumen Foods, as well as items deemed as hazardous materials by chemical engineers. Also seized were (16) sixteen (55) fifty-five gallon drums of a liquid corrosive material at the industrial site owned by CATON. This liquid was subsequently identified as sulfuric acid and was mislabeled as non-corrosive. All of the hazardous materials seized were subsequently destroyed by a hazardous materials disposal company.
    On May 26, 2004, CATON was convicted of violating Title18, U.S.C. § 1341 – Mail Fraud; and Title 21, U.S.C. §§ 331(d), 355(a) and 333 (a) (2) – Introduction into Interstate Commerce of Unapproved New Drugs. CATON also forfeited (2) two buildings and his residence in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
    On August 24, 2004, CATON was sentenced to (33) thirty-three months incarceration to be followed by (3) three years supervised release.

    Only fair for people to see what kind of kind caring person you are – the kind that has body armour assault rifles and 10,000 rounds of ammunition

    • It appears that someone has learned to “cut and paste” from U.S. government websites. Impressive.

      I would respond to this, except that the relevant parts of Meditopia that were written in 2004 already do so quite extensively. See :

      If anyone had doubts about my claim that this thread was infected by a disinfo agent, those doubts have been completely dispelled.

      The FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION . . the most important question of all in this matter is this : ( 1 ) Do “black salves” — when made according to the well-established prior art that can be found in nothing less than the U.S. Patent Office since the mid-1800’s — CURE CANCER? Do they really work and are they really effective? . . . or . . . ( 2 ) Is this a elaborate hoax or mythology that has been perpetrated on the public by a handful of people who are just trying to deceive the public . . . for fame, profit, or some other ignoble purpose?

      The establishment would have you believe the latter . . . only they are loath to explain why I give away the formulas for free — (I have generated more competitors than I care to count) — why YouTube now has hundreds who provide pictorial evidence of their cancer cures — and why Big Pharma’s solutions to cancer treatment continue to be obscenely high-profit chemotherapy, radiation, and invasive surgery, despite the fact that their success rates are abysmal. Embarrassingly abysmal — which is why there are so many millions of people looking for alternatives in the first place.

      Anything that doesn’t directly address this fundamental question is misdirection. Nothing more. There is no other question that is more central to this discussion.

      ONE LAST THING . . . I don’t know who LovingTerra is, but I just clicked on her link and it appears to be a site in Russian. Yes, yes, I know — now I’m an agent from Russia, I suppose.

      We Russians are setting up bases of operation all over Ecuador! (LOL)

      Greg Caton

  67. Hey Greg, don’t you want to follow an example of Departie who just migrated to Russia?? I am sure most of Russian will greatly benefit from you rather then from French actor

  68. Greg, you blow up my cover, now Michael will send FDA agents to Russia to arrest me and my property, I am so afraid, where shell I run to hide from these mad dogs?

    • Terra . . . LOL . . .

      I traveled to Russia twice in 2003, but have not been back since. Please write to me at . . . since a wider discussion of my research in Russia is outside the subject of this thread and would not interest others.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Greg Caton

  69. What a wonderful feeling to see Mikey the dickhead gone. Now back to the original blog of useful information being exchanged outside of the gestapo fda. Best to all and thank you Greg, you are an icon real to life stories with our health system!

    • steve if you ever have an original post not containing insult / all praise to the paranoid ex con / let’s get back to selling fake medicine for profit please be sure to post it …. Otherwise I might get bored .
      I know this will be a shock to Americans but there are other countries with educated free thinking people . I’m sure this will be outworn your tiny collective intellect but just pause for a moment … Would an organised ” attack” or questions as normal people call it be done by one person? Surely the global alliance of cancer cure prevention could muster something bigger and more effective – not just one person asking questions like where is the proof ? Where is the long term follow up ? What is the failure rate? Is there anything except amateur videos on YouTube to back up your claims? If it is 100% effective with no recurrence show just a little evidence .
      Or alternatively you could just insult pretend you didn’t read the questions and run away

  70. Steve . . . the only way to keep this thread meaningful is to ignore disinfo agents who are sent in to criticize pockets of free-thinking citizens who are trying to share their ideas and experiences. I wrote Meditopia ( to demonstrate to the world that escharotics have been used as an effective cancer cure for at least 500 years. Gathering the evidence was no mean feat. YOU COULD HAVE 2 MILLION clinical cases documented with cures that are non-recurrence and the “Disinfo Mikey’s” of the world would still have something to criticize. The clinical studies that preceded the initial 1858 Middlesex Hospital announcement involved over 4,000 successful cases — all using one of Cansema’s predecessors.

    It is extremely rare for me to see a skin cancer case — or even one that is close to the skin — that is not effectively removed with a properly prepared escharotic. My own career began with Dr. Russell Jordan’s clinical studies in Mexico using the “zinc chloride / chapparal” embodiment that cured over fifty cancer patients with no recurrence. Why can’t you find these studies in medical journals? For the same reason that someone as celebrated as Nobel-Prize winner in Medicine, Dr. Linus Pauling, couldn’t get his last studies published in ANY medical journal in the mid-1990’s, because they proved that statin drugs are unnecessary and a sham — at a time when statin drugs were already grossing over $150 billion a year. Dr Matthias Rath, M.D. launched his career as a result of witnessing this atrocity.

    What is amazing isn’t the lack of clinical results that show that escharotics work. What is amazing is that there are so MANY cases proving it works and the establishment is so good at suppressing it. Meditopia explains how the system operates, so that the “Mikey’s” of the world are seen for what they are.


    • Greg ,

      Meaningful – are you having a laugh?
      Once again I am not sure if you are able to read properly. I am not nor is rthere such a word in the English language as a “disfo ” agent or otherwise.
      You are simply refering to your own rambling publication to justify your own theories.
      Your writing is simply full of trash , made up conspirocies and facts and anceitn studies that wither do not exist or are not valid.
      You seem to selectively pick people whop have made unproven claims Dr Pauling regarding vitamin C) or are unethical con men (Dr Raith – unauthourised trials. He simply tries to sell vitamins as medicines making unproven outlandish claims – a little like yourself.

      Five trial participants stated in sworn affidavits that they were stripped to their underwear, photographed, and had blood drawn without their permission. They were told to take pills containing what were said to be high doses of vitamins, including Rath’s VitaCell. Demetre Labadarios, who leads the Human Nutrition programme at Stellenbosch University, questioned the safety of administering high doses of supplements to already-sick patients.[

      During and immediately following the vitamin trials, “many people died,” deaths attributed by Rath’s adversaries to a lack of effective medication..Sanco-Rath clinic workers reportedly instructed patients to return to the clinic in the event of medical emergency, rather than going to hospital

      Swiss Study Group for Complementary and Alternative Methods in Cancer (SKAK), an independent group which evaluates alternative medical treatments, examined Rath’s vitamin preparations and the marketing claims made by Rath.[31] The Study Group reported that they “found no proof that the vitamin preparations of Dr. Matthias Rath have any effect on human cancer.

      And a trial in 1858 ? Are you really serious? Pre antibiotics/ anaesthetics in infancy ? Published where? Randomised? Controlled ? Followed up ? Hoenstly if you werent being serious if it would be absolutely laughable.

      Yes cutting and pasting again – however that doesnt invalidate the content. Not a difficult concept.

      As for your other fantasy about Paracelsus being “assassinated” – everyone else thinks he died of natural causes – or perhaps big pharma sent a cybernetic organism back in time – living tissue on an alloy frame – to kill him to protect their profits in the future.

      So in summary you sell something there is no proof that works , referring to supposed evidence from 170 years ago, your own made up publication and two scientists who didn’t do the things you claim but one who did make claims shown to be wrong and the other to his one time collegue who is an unethical vitamin salesman who kills people in clinical trials.

    • Wonderful summation of Dr Linus Pauling and his later nonsense – suffering from Nobel disease –
      “The Nobel disease has been defined as “an affliction of certain Nobel Prize recipients which causes them to embrace strange or scientifically unsound ideas, usually later in life.”

      As for Rath

      Médecins sans Frontières, ( the famous for profit drug company who treat people for money) which runs three HIV clinics in Khayelitsha treating nearly 2,000 people with Aids drugs, said yesterday that after three years, four out of every five people on the treatment were still alive. Without drugs, half would have died within a year. Those who died mostly had advanced Aids before starting treatment. Only four deaths could be directly linked to drug toxicity.
      Not bad for a drug industry committing genocide….rather badly…

      “Critics of Rath’s micronutrient theories are condemned as lapdogs of the drug industry”

      “The alternative therapy movement as a whole has demonstrated itself to be so dangerously, systemically incapable of critical self-appraisal that it cannot step up even in a case like that”

      In short when i asked the question is there any evidence you could have cut tot he chase and simply said no.

      • You always know when you’re winning a debate. The other party begins cerebrally “foaming at the mouth,” resulting in a concatenation of non-sequitors, generous smatterings of annoying typos, personal attacks, and logical inconsistencies that tell you one thing and one thing only : their sole purpose in communicating with you is that they have an agenda and will apply whatever polemic contortionism they have to in order to make you look bad.

        And why is that?

        Because their sole purpose from the beginning was to try to discredit you and the ideas you have put forth in the first place . . . normally because you have touched upon a nerve that is impacting somebody else’s pocketbook.

        That is precisely what we have here.
        A usurper.

        • You got a thesaurus for Christmas – well done
          “Winning the debate?” This is about science and fact. Either you have proof it works and it is superior in the long term and is with an acceptable side effect profile or it doesn’t exist.. And you don’t. You simply run away and spout when asked simple questions and are unable to refute anything that is written,
          You make yourself look bad all by yourself. While trying to promote your own products on here for profit it is hardly preferable to have some honesty made visible. Im not the one who sells chemical pastes you do . I have nothing to lose you do. I think it is your nerve that has been triggered.

          So far Time magazine, Newsweek, The independent, New York Times FDA TGA, BMA, Medicine Sans Frontieres and the National Association for Complemtary Therapies all seem to have a united voice – what a strange collection of unrelated organisations …but of course this is part of the plan of The Society to let people die of cancer” …..part of the now defunct “lets let people die of infectious diseases if only that chap Jenner hadnt gone and spoiled it all”

          An usurper -? You keep changing your mind as to what i am – how about an intelligent free thinking professional you knows rubbish when he reads it.

          • MDM . . . I have no idea who you are or who you work for . . . though — much like “Mike Murray,” you are a faceless poster who comes on to the scene with a very obvious agenda. And like Mike, you seem to relish propagating provably false information.

            Escharotic preparations are incredibly cost effective. I can’t speak for others, but we ourselves sell Bloodroot Paste for $10 a jar. It can be used on multiple lesions. Yes, a large clinical jar of Cansema DOES cost $59.95, but this can be used to treat an entire room full of people with skin cancers . . . with MULTIPLE GROWTHS. Compare that to a trip to the dermatologist which can run $100.

            Concerning your “thesaurus” jab : I don’t use one. Perhaps neither nor Mike can appreciate that some of us have sufficient command of the English language such that grade school language aids are no longer necessary. Your combined attacks remind me of an old saying I heard when I was a teenager with a short-lived affection for billards: “If you can’t shoot good, shoot hard.” You can’t address the massive evidence I present in Meditopia — which machine-guns the reader with hundreds of verifiable footnotes. You are impotent to come to the table with meaningful counter-arguments, and so you resort to childish personal attacks — all of which I address fully in Meditopia. You are like 5-year-old kindergartner children, whose only response to a classmate’s criticism is “I know you are, but what am I.” You don’t have the intelligence, grasp of the relevant facts, or cerebral resourcefulness to elevate the conversation so that other participants on the thread can ask the right questions and come to their own truths, so what do you do? You work assiduously to drive the discussion into the mud so that there is no meaningful discussion at all.

            The ribbing about the Middlesex incident in a case in point. You criticize my ability to draw from clinical studies that were published in the 1800’s — when physicians commonly knew that few things do a better job of making cancers metastasize than cutting into them surgically — as if a timeless truth is somehow diminished with time. Strangely, these studies were conducted well before it was common practice for pharmaceutical companies to rig clinical studies — a ubiquitous, scandalous, insidious practice that has even been cited by the New England Journal of Medicine.

            You are all ABOUT negating the facts and the real evidence. The suppression of legitimate cures is why Truther Girls did their video on this subject in the first place! Obfuscation is your goal. It is your mission. It is your assignment. Just like Stephen Barrett and Quackwatch, which has been thoroughly discredited.

            I have news for you.

            You’re losing. As more and more people come to realize that conventional medicine is, at best, about maximizing profit, and at worst, about eugenics, your tactics are becoming increasingly impotent. There is an obviousness to what you are doing that more and more is only escaping the village idiot.

            I don’t mind valid criticism. If I make a statement that can be shown to be incorrect or misstated, it SHOULD be corrected. That’s part of a healthy exchange.

            But that’s not what you’re here for.

            And just like “Malignant Mike,” you’ve been marked.

          • If you wish to be corrected you may find this helpful regarding your misunderstanding regarding surgery spreading cancer.
            Factors affecting the spread of tumour include the age of the patient, the location , type of tumour, genetics, race, vascularity, proximity to blood vessels and lymph glands, chemotactic factors, haematogenic growth factors, tumour necrosis factor levels, nutritional status and a host of tumour v host interactions. Surgery is not what makes tumours metastasis. If this was the case resection of metastatic tumour would be universally pointless – I believe Lance Armstrong would be testimony to this being false. This wasn’t known by doctors in the 1800’s as it isn’t true now and the understanding of cancer was primitive. In the 1840s asepsis was barely used, there was no histology, and few microscopes . There were practically no anaesthetics , no antibiotics and no adequate pain killers. Most surgery was simply done by holding a patient down and using amputation or fairly blood excision. Suggesting that an acid paste was better than amputation is hardly a revelation. It is not however proof it is a superior efficacious treatment in the 21st century
            To imply that doctors would not exaggerate or manipulate their results to gain more patients is quite naïve. Doctors were paid by patients. The only country where patients pay for their treatment directly is the USA so your comments about payment are not relevant to every other developed country. A paper -which has now turned in to an incident – involving 25 patients – which a doctor treated 4000 patients – equivalent to almost 30,000 based on todays population seems extreme in the least. I can find no record of this anywhere only your own reference in your own publication to a book. Hardly concrete. It would not have been proven treatment as the diagnosis could not be proved and it was not comparing anything and I doubt there was any follow up. In short the whole example simply borders on the ridiculous. A paper/ incident apparently unreferenced by a presumed honest doctor who knew all about a pathological process which doesn’t exist from 170 years ago. It is utterly absurd.
            I have no doubt he used it especially if the alternative was excision without anaesthetic. However trying to manipulate this into evidence for a theory that surgery spreads cancer is simply utterly false and should be retracted. You clearly have no medical pathological or physiological knowledge and are simply making up facts to justify your medicine.

            If a large bottle of salve can treat a “room full of people “then why on earth do you sell it?

            This is not “suppression of real cures” and the battle is not mine to lose. I don’t make a living selling medicine that is not proven to work. Cancer survival rates have almost doubled in the last thirty years or in the case of childhood leukaemia gone from virtually nil to over 90%. This is proven , documented and reproducible, audited, monitored internationally organised for rare tumours and coordinated. The very notion of extracting internal tumours by plant chemicals that only target cancer cells is physiologically impossible and utterly fantastical.

            As for the volume of references in Metotopia they are simply all quotes from a range of practically identical general knowledge books and cancer conspiracy theories. Nothing from any journal or institution of repute.
            Please don’t flatter yourself – you haven’t “worked with” 20,000 patients – you simply delivered a jar. No response again for anyone else would not be evidence.
            You are simply encouraging self diagnosis and treatment for your own profit not for anyone elses benefit. Lets not pretend any more.

          • I originally responded to this board because a customer asked me to. MDM, you have not responded to the specific claims I make in Meditopia, nor will you ever. And you have made it readily apparent that all the clinical data in the world would not convince you of everything.

            You have your story . . . and you’re sticking to it. You are a member of the medical equivalent of the Flat Earth Society, and, frankly, I don’t have time for it. This isn’t a cop-out. It’s a fact. I have thousands of clients around the world and like most people who are successful in their field, I have time management issues. Tonight is a typical example : it’s 8:30 p.m. and I have 2 to 3 more hours of correspondence.

            As to your claims about the relationship between cancer and surgical intervention, it’s just unadulterated malarky. I cite the compelling arguments of both Blake and Pattison in my book . . . but you’ll never read it, so what’s the point? You’re here to criticism what you are paid not to understand — (George Bernard Shaw).

            It must really piss you off that people such as myself are able to get their customers the help they need at a tiny fraction of the cost of the “burn / slash / poison” allopaths — who don’t get nearly the same positive results and have made iatrogenesis the leading cause of death in the West.

            Tough. Live with it.

  71. Greg, I just removed an area from the back of my neck that has been bothering me for years. It wasn’t big but it was fairly deep. It’s just amazing to me. My whole family including my children use B/S. My brother and sister and their kids also use as well as some friends to. It is a great thing nature has given us all.

    • Sounds like BS to me…

    • Steve . . .

      Thank you for the input.

      You can help people understand the tragedy of this suppressed area of the healing arts by having them read just Chapters 1 and 2 of Meditopia ( It costs nothing but a little bit of time, and when people understand that the therapeutic choices they make can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, they will see the importance of an ongoing commitment to their own self-education. When people don’t take the time to become independently informed, vested interests will fill the vacuum and insert their own agenda . . . a case in point being that viral infection that has recently injected himself onto this board with his own unsubstantiated claims and vitriolic remonstrations.

  72. Greg you are clearly a very deluded man who has no idea of his own confabulations. The bottom line is you keep referring to your own rather verbose, completely fabricated “most in-depth account of black salves” which is one of the worse written pieces of fiction I have ever seen . It is like you have history of medicine and then create stories to fit. Black and white pictures from when 90 year ago – then colour then back to black and white – no histology no reference – just “cutting and pasting yet somehow pro-ported as proof.To be fair half of it is about your conspiracy about how everyone else is wrong and you are the only one who is fighting against this imaginary empire and all for only $50 a jar. You are the one with the vested interest as you are the one who has made a living out of selling unproven nonsense . Pharmacological companies make no money from treating skin cancer other than melanoma yet you cry “profits” continually.
    When you are asked to provide just a shred of evidence you simply say it is not necessary as it wouldn’t be believed or refer to an imaginary study from the 1840’s or produce unsubstantiated claims about either unproven claims by a Nobel prize winner or a man who experiments on poor Africans and kills them for profits.
    If you take off the mask of a world wide conspiracy that doesnt exist you appear for what you are – just like every other seller of snake oil.” Its free, its been used for years , its 100% effective., its natural big pharma suppress it / profit concerns / hiding the truth. – every fake cure say the same thing being it shark cartilage or cannabis oil.
    Im surprised there is any cancer left in the world or the mortality has decreased for childhood leukaemia from almost 100% to less than 10% in fifity years – or would you just suggest covering someone in acid paste and sucking out the badness?

  73. Hey guys, feel a bit tentative jumping in here, but this is my experience – my family and extended family are educated people, pilots, engineers, accountants, business people. I say this to reinforce the fact that I appreciate knowledge, and education. We all have health insurance, and I carry supplemental cancer insurance, in case we should ever need it, with traditional medical treatments. I am going with my 26 year old son this week to have a recommended colonoscopy. I am very thankful for the medical community here in the U.S. My fathe-in-law, and my husband have both had SKIN cancers surgically removed, (non melanoma). They have since then used “black salve” on numerous skin cancers, both medically and self- diagnosed, with great success. I have watched first hand the processed and it works like others have reported above. They have both rubbed the salve on self-diagnosed “non-cancerous” skin, with absolutely no effects. They have reported the pain is intense, especially on larger spots, when the “plug” falls out, it does leave a substantial hole, but they heal up beautifully, in fact, better than some of the surgical scars. I haven’t personally tried it, but I have seen the results first hand. You can’t see the wind either, but you can’t deny it’s results.

    • ” Noname” — your experience is universal. In fact, since I removed my first skin cancer in 1989, I have found only a handful of people who claimed that Cansema didn’t remove their skin cancer . . .. out of about 20,000 cases we’ve worked with.

      This would explain why medical practitioners — “professionals” — hate it so much. Most people do not need oversight, since the product lends itself so readily to self-administration.

  74. Noname thank you also for your input. It’s great to see people share experiences from both sides of the fence. I have been saved by medical Dr. as well with some heart problems. No question of their place in the medical field there. B/S and it’s use will go on forever even if it has to remain underground so to say. I have saved literally thousands of dollars of medical costs because of it. Also I would like to add anyone here reading this that if your Dr. wants you to use Aldara please run as fast as you can away. You can read about this so called cancer treatment here from Big Pharm

  75. Interesting article
    An unqualified salesman .creates a treatment…..
    The treatment consists of a caustic herbal paste for external cancers or an herbal mixture for “internal” cancers……… Reviews by major medical bodies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, have found no evidence that it is an effective treatment for cancer. The sale or marketing was banned in the United States by the FDA as a “worthless and discredited” remedy and a form of quackery. When the evidence he gives for 170 patients only five contain any histology and none actually has cancer he says it is a conspiracy….
    The treatment is now sold from outside America to avoid jurisdiction…..

    Amazing how history repeats itself…….this was 53 years ago…..

    • Here is my response to anyone who would have the audacity to suggest that the U.S. FDA, NCI, ACS, or any other orthodox agency could ever contribute anything positive to the fight against cancer. See :

      The fact that you come here in citing their criticism of escharotics as something to be respected shows how out of step you are with reality.

      • Greg , this really is actually very funny.
        Your reference for your statement that the all legitimate organisations are n fact illegitimate ………is a reference to you …again!
        Your own webpage to back up your own statements…fantastic. What more proof or justification do you need than your own words of paranoid wisdom to show you are in fact completely correct.!!

        I know this will prove an awkward question for a man with a tenuous grip of anything remotely real but if none of these organisations have done anything for cancer treatments why has the adjusted cancer mortality ( that means accounting for other factors) fallen from an average mortality at five years of over 90% to under 35% in sixty years? Why do they vaccinate against cervical cancer? Why have some diseases been eradicated? Why is aspirin being studied for its ant cancer role? Surely this is completely counter intuitive – surely there is no money to be made by keeping people alive or selling aspirin?

        I know you will not be able to address without more unsubstantiated psychotic paranoid ramblings but i am enjoying having a laugh asking.

        • What in God’s name is the matter with you? I frequently link to articles I have written so that I don’t have to retype material that is already on the web. Many web authors do that. It saves time, and it’s not a tautology. (Don’t ask. I’m not answering. Get a dictionary and look it up).

          All the organizations that I mentioned have some jurisdiction over one or more facets of the cancer industry. What’s the deal here? You don’t know that?

          Your cancer figures are completely fictitious. A new study has just come out, decisively showing that out of 17 of the most prosperous Western nations, the United States is DEAD LAST in mortality and overall health. Please see :

          So, what’s next, genius?
          What’s your next move to try and discredit alternative medicine or me personally? Come on . . . I’m waiting for that next burst of psychotic energy!

      • The point is which you deliberately avoided was that at least this salesman had the decency to try and proof his treatment worked, it didn’t You know better not to waste your time .
        He then tried it on himself when he developed prostate cancer and guess what – it didn’t work . He then had conventional therapy and survived another seven years. Strange that when you developed the mysterious “cant fly over 30,000 feet kidney disease” a conventional doctor made that diagnosis……ableit Im sure for the right fee.

  76. Terra keep us all posted as to your B/S in Russia.

  77. No name- how do you self diagnose skin cancer? Just have a look and say – yes looks like cancer to me?

    • Well . . . I think that is the whole point here. Properly-made escharotic preparations — as I make abundantly clear in Chapter 1 of Meditopia ( are self-diagnostic. Their diagnostic capability far outmatches any of the current biopsy, blood antigen, or radiological testing methods that are used to detect cancer. Anyone who has mastered this healing art knows this. You will not know what cancer cell type are dealing with, but you will know with certainty whether the underlying tissue has any cancer or not.

      In our current Age of Iatrogenesis — “death by doctoring” — the imprimatur gained by saying that a certain doctor did or didn’t render his holy diagnosis has plummeted to the point where millions of people are choosing to forego the process altogether. What is the value of a diagnosis if the doctor is only correct 50% of the time?

      • Greg – you discredit yourself every time you type something. You have no credibility with anyone of note. You are a college educated salesman . You have no formal training and lack even the most basic insights.
        ” Doctors are wrong 50% of the time” – and this is based on what exactly ? Don’t tell me another one of your pages? I would love to see an obstertican that gets it wrong “50% of the time” You are simply making up statements.

        “Their diagnostic capability” – have you been tripped out all weekend while watching the harry Potter box set. They are not “self diagnostic” – this is so stupid it doesnt even make sense – do they diagnosis what is wrong with themselves???
        This is an acid paste. It doesnt have diagnostic powers. This isnt black magic . It is utterly unbelievable that you can write such utter horse shit.

        ” Mastered the healing art” – what ? Now you are Jedi ? You are an ex con who is selling acid paste in a jar from a third world country. Please dont flatter yourself.

        As far the cancer statistics being “factitious” once again you are wrong. The ranking on a country’s individual healthcare system is not the same as how the mortality for cancer has changed. Surely someone of even limited education as yourself realises this. However the trouble is you will simply shout its a fake or refer to your own internet page as you have clearly said that any organisation is in fact unacceptable to you which is clearly a statement of utter nonsense. Because you dont believe it doesn’t make it real. That is part of the problem with the mental illness that you clearly demonstrate.

        The information is widely available. Here is the information from McMillan cancer support in the UK 2012

        The estimated average survival times for people diagnosed in 1971–72 and 2007 respectively were:
        adult leukaemia – 4 months (1971–72) and 36 months (2007)
        ovarian cancer – 8 months and 37 months
        myeloma (a type of blood cancer that can also affect bone tissue) – 5 months and 30 months
        stomach cancer – 2 months and 8 months
        oesophagus (foodpipe) cancer – 2 months and 8 months
        brain cancer – 3 months and 7 months
        pancreatic cancer – 2 months and 3 months
        lung cancer – 3 months and 5 months
        kidney cancer – 9 months and 64 months
        rectum cancer – 15 months and 106 months
        colon cancer – 7 months and 120 months
        non-Hodkin’s lymphoma and “other cancers” – 12 months and 120 months
        For some cancers such as breast, cervical, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, larynx and melanoma (skin cancer), the current estimates of median survival time were not fully presented. However, data from the 1970s showed that people with these cancers had a long average survival time of at least ten years.

        Cancer Research UK 2011

        People diagnosed with breast, bowel and ovarian cancers and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma are today twice as likely to survive for at least 10 years as those diagnosed in the early 1970s according to new figures1 released by Cancer Research UK.

        The percentage of women likely to survive breast cancer for at least 10 years has jumped from less than 40 per cent to 77 per cent while the proportion of people likely to survive bowel cancer has risen from 23 per cent to 50 per cent.

        Twice as many patients with ovarian cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma are likely to survive for at least 10 years with survival increasing from 18 to 35 per cent and from 22 to 51 per cent respectively. And for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 10-year survival is predicted to increase from less than 50 per cent to around 80 per cent.

        Ten year survival rates have improved from around 21% in the mid 1970’s to approximately 60% for men diagnosed with prostate cancer between 1996 and 2000.

        Now which bit do you not understand or are you going to say it is all ficticious because it makes you look even more stupid|?

  78. After several dr. visits to have suspected skin cancers checked out, one can become relatively adapt at at being able to self diagnosis. Even the MD. would make a diagnoses without a biopsy. So basically yes – looksl like, feels like, acts like, the same things the MD was cutting out. And if the salve is put on non-cancerous skin, no harm done.

  79. Harry Hoxsey – you surely must have hear of him – his life is almost a parallel of yours . He was a non educated salesman who sold salves . He published books of garbage. He gave his evidence to the authorities and there was no evidence of efficacy. As it harmed people and there was no proof of effect ( sound familiar) he relocated to a neighbouring country. When he developed cancer he tried his own treatment and it didn’t work. Then he took conventional therapy.

    In 1950, Hoxsey submitted case histories of 77 patients to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), claiming that they were “fully documented with clinical records and pathological reports” and that they would demonstrate his treatment’s effectiveness. However, the NCI found that of these 77 reports, only 6 included actual tissue biopsies. Of the 2 biopsies from patients described by Hoxsey as having “internal cancer”, neither showed any evidence of actual malignancy. The NCI concluded that Hoxsey’s records did not contain sufficient information to evaluate his treatment. Hoxsey argued that it was the NCI’s responsibility to seek out the information necessary to verify his case reports, and attributed the failure to do so to a conspiracy on the part of the NCI and AMA

    Now I am not sure if you are a distant relative or can you see any association at all?

    Old wives tale/no proof/ makes money/ gets closed down/ relocates to third world/ its a conspiracy………..

    Anything yet?

  80. Please people don’t even respond to mikey, he has an agenda and just wants to engage you to further it. Who gives a shit what he says, really. He was sent here to sway everyone to his way of thinking and to discredit what we all know to be true. These kind of jerks are all over the internet for various reasons. The stock market being another place.

    • Yers dont even respond to “Mikey” .largely as you will only embarrass yourself trying to explain why published death rates are wrong, how cancer isnt spread by surgery, how 50% of doctors are wrong all the time, why sell jars of paste to treat whole rooms of people, how a simple paste can diagnose……..
      He has an agenda – you are right – to expose colossally fraudulent liars who exploit sick people and who refuse to answer simple questions – like where is the proof?
      He was sent here by who shit for brains??? I know you paranoid maniacs cant contemplate that anyone can have an independent mind. But I await your reply containing the words pharma/ cover up /establishment/ healing . if you actually had an original thought in your mind you would be dangerous

  81. Greg doesn’t respond
    When asked about a ” paper” from the 1840’s – no reference.
    When asked about third world killing vitamin dispensing Rath – no response
    When his photographs on the website are stolen from an aged textbook and then colour with no reference with what they are – nothing
    When asked for proof his treatment works – YouTube – so effectively nothing
    when asked where is the evidence for doctors being wrong 50% of the time – nothing.

    • Mike / MDM / and whatever other fictitious names you choose to you when you post . . . my references stand on their own merit. Thousands of people posting evidence of their cancer cures on the internet stands from the use of escharotics on its own merit. The fact that the government of Ecuador sided with me and issued a declaration saying that my kidnapping at the hands of the U.S. State Dept. and FDA was completely illegal (see stands on its own merit. The many books written by noted authors such as John Rappaport, Dr. Samuel Epstein M.D., Patrick Quillin, Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D., Guylaine Lanctôt, M.D., Stanley Wohl, M.D., James P. Carter, M.D., Ralph W. Moss Ph.D., and so many others on the methods, tactics, and objectives of the MEDICAL MAFIA stands on its own merit.

      You disinfo agents obviously have a lot of time on your hands.

      I, on the other hand, do not. I’m a practicing herbalist.

      If people want MY side of the story, they can read Meditopia ( — Chapters 1 through 4 being the parts most relevant to the original Truther Girls video.

      Don’t listen to disinformation agents with their pubescent personal attacks and biased information sources.

      The best advice I can give to anyone : do you own research and come to your own conclusions.

      Case closed. Court is adjourned.

  82. I had a growth on my forehead, started small and got bigger over the years, and would itch. I’m fair skinned, middle aged, and 3 of my siblings and my mother of had melanoma so I take these things seriously. I asked my internist to remove or biopsy it, he wouldn’t (Im in an HMO and they are reluctant to do procedures or refer), advised me to try using wart remover and said it was just a keratosis. It was unsightly and itched so I tried the wart remover, it didn’t work. In searching online I came across this b/s info so I ordered and tried it. It took 3 rounds,but finally it’s gone and I just have a small indentation where it was instead of a quarter sized lumpy growth.

    I do not say this substance is a panacea for whatever ails you, but it DOES draw out and remove irregularities. It is not comfortable to use, should be used cautiously for sure. But naysayers need to realize many people don’t have insurance or money for doctors. It is very hard to even get into a dermatologist in the U.S., unless you’re paying cash and going in for botox or fillers then you’ll be seen.

    Follow the money. If big interests pockets are threatened they will bring the hammer down, using taxpayer funded agencies as their personal enforcers.

    I can understand an individual wanting to warn people to ‘be careful’, being concerned about public heath, but don’t understand this campaign to demean people’s genuine personal experience.

    I also urge people to use prevention first, use nature’s anticancer weapons, organic vegetables and spices, and use a physical block sunscreen, because cancer treatment is all about slash and burn, and the treatment often causes secondary cancers down the road so best to just prevent it if you can.

  83. And also when people criticize individual MDs for not suggesting this or another ‘alternative’ treatments, in U.S. physicians are hogtied by overseeing agencies and not to mention potential lawsuits. Most doctors, nurses, etc are compassionate and well meaning, but if they make the wrong move or stick their necks out too far, they can kiss their careers goodbye. It’s a very discouraging situation for them.

    • I have witnessed this travesty for over twenty years. Countless physicians have confided to me that they are tired of being forced to use expensive, ineffective treatments because they have a knife over their throat. If they use an effective alternative, they risk the loss of their license. One close personal friend, Dr. Leonard Smith, was an internist in Gainesville, Florida, and in the 1990’s he treated several people successfully with our Cansema and ended up with a $43,000 fine from the Florida licensing board. He was an internist / surgeon with a highly successful practice. After that, he just couldn’t do it anymore. He gave up his practice, closed shop, and became a medical consultant. Few physicians have that kind of moral backbone, but they all know what’s going on.

      Another friend of mine, Steve, was living in Minneapolis when he finished his internship. He couldn’t continue, because — as he told me — “I would never have begun medical school in the first place had I known that we’re just drug pushers. There are things we are urged to prescribe that are more dangerous than what the thugs move out on the street.” Instead, he decided to take the securities’ test and he gave a stock broker specializing in medical IPO’s.

      It’s a defining characteristic of our age. See . . .

      Greg Caton

  84. Amen brraceg, I see you have walked the walk as I.

  85. What ever you slap on your lesions is up to you but make damn sure you get a biopsy afterwards. You dont’ want to find something nasty lurking under the healed up scar.
    Punch biopsies are quick and cheap-surely it’s worth it.

    He’s written many, many books….

    • mdmurray...........d..not t

      Gosh………….If you had a brain you would be dangerous……..I know that the letters T and d sound quite similar but sadly they are not the same…I also know that other countries are usually unknown to Americans but i live in one of them,
      Unfortunately this is another case of exactly the same ………….lone authority educating the world on the “dangers” of everyone else while selling a load of unproven crap or “natural” substances- of course anything “natural ” is good for you – like tsunamis…or snake bites.
      If this is your notion of “truthquest” I would try a bit harder – or get someone to read out the individual letters

      • I think it was British playwright, George Bernard Shaw, who said, “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” That you, Mr. Murray (if that’s even your real name) would have the audacity to come on this board and throw aspersions — some of them mind-numbingly petty, while offering nothing constructive that addresses the original Truther Girls video post, shows your mettle. The experiences of people who have posted comments on this board in earnest cannot be cast aside because you belong to or represent the priestly orthodox medical community and find certain truths distasteful. Your false knowledge isn’t merely more dangerous than ignorance. As I document in Meditopia, it is people of your ilk that are responsible for the premature deaths if HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of innocent people because simple, natural, provably reliable cancer cures have been suppressed in the name of power, privilege, and profit.

        People are catching on to the fact that the profit model of the orthodox medical system is “anti-human.” It is an abject failure. It is every bit as fraudulent as a “democratic” political system that thinks nothing of programming voting machines without audit trails so that an Elite can determine the outcome of elections.

        Thou protesteth too much . . . which is understandable when one considers how many hundreds of billions of dollars a year in criminally-acquired profits are secured by Big Pharma each and every year.

        But you and your fellow reprobates in the criminal medical caste are about to die a cruel death . . . a kind of collective karma for all the harm you have done.

        And I dare say that few will mourn your passing when you do.

        • mdmurray...........d..not t


          I am so glad your keyboard still works – I had asked some direct questions and was waiting on an answer – but nothing.
          By petty I assume you mena inconvient truth – I mean just because the clocks go forward at the new millenium not every rational person buys ten thousand rounds of ammunition three assault rifles and some body armour. So your version of reality is somewhat different to most sane people.
          But one again – quotes from famous people, constant references to your own paranoid web pages and the same rehashed conspiracy crap about how doctors are actually killing people for profit. When a simple point that cancer deaths are going down, how do you explain immunisations or preventative medicine suddenly you have nothing to say except it is false. Nothing to counter just a statement.
          I think you are somehow referring to yourself. You sell acid paste that doenst work while claiming it cures cancer. You say complete and utter crap that it is “self diagnosing” and when you are asked to show evidence for this you simply ignore the question as you know fine well it is crap.
          Herbologist? Again – guff. I once sold a picture of the space shuttle – doesn’t make me an astronaut .
          You are a man with no training, no intelligence no evidence who pedals his snake oil from a third world while shouting “they are all covering up” =I am the Messaih come to save you ………….just give me your money.


    Oops–mea culpa. You’re right. I was doing a quick search for cancer salve pictures and saw the name Michael Murray without reading the posts (no time, I’ve got to go meet my friend in a few minutes, who is freaking out over the salve treatment. I’ll check back in later and read through this blog as I should have done in the first place. I thought DR. Murray, a world-renowned naturopathic physician, was under attack.

    When you’re right, you’re right.

    • Of course, he was right. There’s no relationship between the work of Michael Murray, N.D. and this usurper, but that misses the larger point. People have a right to disagree. Again, it’s all part of a healthy exchange. But when you have a thread that is peppered with this concatenation of flames — one after another — it doesn’t benefit anyone. It only demonstrates that Truther Girls has touched a nerve that doesn’t sit well with the world’s oncologists / dermatologists / pharmacists / health care policy makers, etc. . . . the ones whose fake “legitimacy” is at stake.

      Your board was invaded — once again — by a disinfo agent.
      And you should have expected this.
      The very nature of your work absolutely guarantees that you will be a magnet for “pie throwers” who can’t respond intelligently in kind. They can only hope that by generating confusion the People will go back to sleep.

  88. mdmurray...........d..not t

    its not discouraging. It is simply good practice. Doctors try and provide treatment based on reasonable evidence or on sound practice. It would be plainly ridiculous if someone used a treatment and then justified it by saying “well this bloke on the internet who sold it said it was great and it could suck out cancer” as you would probably rightly thought to be insane, Being carted off while shouting “its all a conspiracy – all cancers can be cured by slapping on an acid paste as sold by that convicted nice honest couterfiter/ bankrupt /parole skipping/ illegal gun owning/non qualified con man bloke who is living in a third world country and cant answer a direct question without referring to his own websites” wouldn’t exactly help your case.
    Its not a matter of” walking the walk ” its a matter of using cut price rubbish because you are desperate.
    Wart treatment could be used to remove a melanoma – wouldnt necessarily
    be the best thing to do – but it would be cheap.
    Time to grow up people – unless of course you sell this crap for a living.

    • Acid paste . . . that’s what you’re calling it? Acid paste? Just what acid are you talking about? Is it the NDGA (nordihydrogauaretic acid) in the Larrea, which is less acidic than tomato juice? Is it the zinc chloride, which has a pH around 5.0? . . . . Hmmmmm . . . can’t be the Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) because that’s alkaline. In fact, there are 60 alkaloids in the bloodroot that, together, contribute to the escharotic process. Are there any other herbals that contain hydroquinones that you don’t like? They’re not acidic, but — hell — let’s call them acidic anyway because it sounds good. Purified water . . . now maybe that’s the acid you’re talking about. since you’re being so ridiculous. It’s usually closer to 6.8 — not 7.0 . . .

      Have you ever worked in a lab? Do you even know the difference between acidic and alkaline compounds? Do you even know the average pH of well-made escharotic?

      Murray . . . you have no knowledge about escharotics or their successful history of use. None. You’re just reading from the FDA’s cue cards because you’re desperate. You’re like Toby McAdams with who — for years — got away with falsely saying that we were putting sulfuric acid in our Paste, just to smear us . . . never mind that no maker of escharotics I have ever known in my life has ever used a harsh acid — organic or inorganic — to make their products. My wife and I have treated over 20,000 cancer cases successfully . . . the majority of them being skin cancer, as skin cancers comprise the largest single class of cancer cases. We have hundreds of documented cases on our web sites, many of them detailed pictorials.

      What is the establishment’s response to this? What’s the best they can come up with? I will tell you. A scam artist named Sue Gilliatt, who in June, 2004, admitted in a sworn affidavit that she intended to work with the FDA to destroy us BEFORE she even received any of our products. She admitted under oath that after using our products, she no longer had cancer. She admitted under oath that she was in it for the money. And she admitted under oath that the photos she produced to try to criticism escharotics were taken AFTER she had her NOSE surgically removed. This is what you’ve got. This is your support. This is your response to escharotic and their successful use. (BTW . . . anyone who thinks that I have exaggerated any of the specifics of the Sue Gilliatt case can read the court transcripts for themselves in Chapter 3 of Meditopia at

      I understand that you’ve got a responsibility to come on here and be an apologist for this atrocious scam. But really? Can’t you come up with anything better than name calling?

      Acid paste . . . . . I’ll tell you where the acid paste is . . . it’s in the relentless, vitriolic postings you make that cannot possibly do anything to the legitimacy of escharotic preparations.


    I’m back home. Of course, I didn’t see any middle initials for Michael Murray but if I’d had time to read through the posts I would have known better. The much-esteemed DR. Murray would never have made such blunders as his “silly statistics” and other offenses. Dr. Murray, if you’re out there, PLEASE FORGIVE THE SCANDALOUS MIS-IDENTIFICATION. I’m so grateful to have been set straight.

    • mdmurray...........d..not t

      Oh please dont make unsubstantiated crap comments. The ” esteemed” Dr Murray is an ND – or quack to other people – who exploits the hard of thinking for his share of the $ 20 billion ” alternative” ( i.e evidence free) health care market in the US.

  90. Caton,

    lets try and extend your education. I ask perfectly logical sensible questions to your lies and you do not answer.

    You stated that the best way to make cancer spread was to cut into it
    This is rubbish.
    You said that doctors knew more about cancer in the 1840’s than today. This is rubbish.
    You have said that cancer survival has not improved. This is rubbish.
    You have stated that the salve is “self diagnostic” . This is rubbish.
    You have quoted a “study” from 1840’s involving 4000 patient. This “study” does not exist
    You have said that the medical treatment of cancer has an “abysmal ” survival rate . This is rubbish.
    You have said that you do not need evidence to prove it works as you have lots of testimonials on the internet. This is rubbish.
    You say you have treated over 20,000 patients. This is rubbish., You have no qualifications and selling fake creams with false claims on theinternet is not the same as treating patients.

    When you are asked direct questions you have simply jibbered on abt “disinfo / if thats your real name/ undercover FDA agent/ here read my blog/webpage/ paranoid rambling web page.

    The bottom line is that you make ridiculous false statements and are unable to back up anything you say. You simply make stupid statements that either defy the laws of physics/ physiology or hide under the “its all a huge conspiracy- Im the only one that tells the truth – and for a man with a colourful past that takes a bit of swallowing.

    It is acidic – that is why it is corrosive. 6M Zinc Chloride has a ph of 1. This is why is it refered to as a corrosive substance. Your fantasy statements bear no witness to reality. The “woman ” allegedly reporting the use it strangley named both your product and your website – now there is a coincidence. She also refered to having morphine hand for the pain. Pain from what? How does an inert substance burn through skin? Accoridng to your made up facts it should be less corrosive than sea water.

    Now answer the questions- straightforward enough for you?

  91. “Put the zinc chloride (99.4% pure) in an uncovered glass bowl. Depending on heat and humidity, it will take as long as 4 days to liquefy. Adding distilled water will promote fast liquidfication. Grind herbs being careful to keep the temperature below 100F. Add the herbs to the zinc chloride and stir thoroughly. At first, the mixture will be a bit thin. Add flour to thicken to the consistency to toothpaste. The pH should be in the 3.7-3.8 range”

    • I know . . . I know . . . Acid paste. Did you know that orange juice is anywhere from 3.3 to 4.1? Using your logic, perhaps we should outlaw orange juice as “Acid Beverage” because it’s too caustic for human consumption.

      Murray — you just wanna dig that hole even deeper, don’t you? Do none of your verifiably false statements bring you even the slightest embarrassment? Is your hatred of natural methods of healing so great that there is no level of self-humiliation you won’t endure?

      BTW . . . only one of the half dozen cancer curing escharotics that have been filed in the U.S. Patent Office use flour as an ingredient. (In 22 years of use, I have NEVER used flour — regardless of grain origin — in anything I have ever made in the lab.) You’d know this if you read Chapter 1 of Meditopia . . . but — again — I understand that reading anything that I have written is just too much to ask. You are closed to any facts that don’t fit your preconceptions.

      Also . . .. Ingrid Naiman is not an authority on escharotic preparations. I wrote this in the Cansema FAQ over 10 years ago (see Unlike yourself, I feel she is sincere, but her book, “Cancer Salves” makes statements about zinc chloride that reflect no more knowledge about its functional properties than yours. You chose her as an authority on this subject simply because you don’t know any better.

      At this point, I have to wonder just how long you’re willing to pose as an authority in a field where you have absolutely no background, no mentoring, no experience, no training, no expertise, no propensity for objectivity, and nothing constructive to contribute.

      You can bring only one thing to this thread, and you have successfully brought it with every post —– SPAM.

  92. from the book CANCER SALVES by Ingrid Naiman

  93. mdmurray,aka, little mikey= ignore

  94. mdmurray...........d..not t

    Oh dear. so far you have said two accurate facts. The ph of orange juice and that you dont know who I am. As such to then give a resume of my experience and knowledge. I have not said I was an expert – I left that to liars like yourself. However even the most simple of minds can recognise a complete bullshit artist when they see one. I have everything to contribute as you are part of the multi billion dollar scam of the sick and the desperate. You steal money from people when you do not have a shred of evidence that your treatment works.
    As for orange juice – yes I would ban it if people made it into a paste and said it “cured” cancer. I did not choose her as an expert I simply quoted her recipe. The only justification for your own statements saying she is not an expert is ..once again your own mywhataloadofcrapia website ………….quoting your own statements doesn’t make them any more real or factual. It just makes you look stupid.

    You are simply showing yourself for the pathetic evasive criminal that you are. I have asked twice for you to justify statements that you have made that are patently nonsense and your response ? ” Case Closed” – meaning you refuse to answer or no answer at all.

    Here are the FALSE statements that you made so far

    You stated that the best way to make cancer spread was to cut into it
    This is rubbish.
    You said that doctors knew more about cancer in the 1840′s than today. This is rubbish.
    You have said that cancer survival has not improved. This is rubbish.
    You have stated that the salve is “self diagnostic” . This is rubbish.
    You have quoted a “study” from 1840′s involving 4000 patient. This “study” does not exist
    You have said that the medical treatment of cancer has an “abysmal ” survival rate . This is rubbish.
    You have said that you do not need evidence to prove it works as you have lots of testimonials on the internet. This is rubbish.
    You say you have treated over 20,000 patients. This is rubbish., You have no qualifications and selling fake creams with false claims on the internet is not the same as treating patients.
    You have said medical authorities are killing millions – this is rubbish.
    You give no explanations as to vaccination and the reduction in deaths, public health campaigns or medicine. to name but a few
    You have said all orthodox organisations are corrupt – this is rubbish
    You have given no explanation as to why you would sell a jar of your potion big enough to “treat a room full of people”

    You said having published your successful recipes for your potions you have given rise to “countless” competitors. Then you say everyone who made your product was actually doing it wrong just to smear you, along with people harmed by the cream

    This is not spam – These are perfectly legitimate questions. Im sure you will struggle with the concept and simply give the standard response and run away.
    But you have business to make so evidence and honesty are simply not in your vocabulary. So now once again answer the questions…..third time lucky

  95. mdmurray...........d..not t

    and Steve…go grow a pair…….

    • Murray . . . you were beyond outrageous before. Now you’ve descended to the ranks of pubescent aspersions . . .just leave. No one takes you seriously here. Leave.

  96. mdmurray...........d..not t


  97. mdmurray...........d..not t

    “Im sure you will struggle with the concept and simply give the standard response and run away.”

    Uncanny isnt it?

    But forgot to ask how something less corrosive than milk manages to burn through skin………but there isn’t really any point .as the ” community” here would think that would be an unacceptable offensive question.(how you would know what anonymous people who you cant see on a website think is beyond me .but I am sure you would have it written down somewhere to quote as to how you know…)

  98. Michael, did you know that the original Moh’s surgery included the use of bloodroot paste, but that because the procedure took too much time, they dropped that part of the protocol? So, yes I have a reference. Unless you think the originator of Moh’s surgery was a quack, you need to rethink your position.

    • Paullie . . . your statement on the employment of escharotics as an essential component of the original Moh’s surgical procedure is factual. I detail this in Chapter 1 of Meditopia (

      Incidentally, Veritas Magazine (Australia) did a magazine article on our work in their Jan./Feb. 2013 edition. It quotes the work of an organization called Panacea that has collected hundreds of case studies, with medical reports and extensive documentation showing that Cansema cures cancer. One of their trustees sent me a copy. See . . .

      Click to access veritas_jan_2013.pdf

      BTW . . . the Nirvana Anderson case is getting more attention. The TGA (Australia’s equivalent of the U.S. FDA) ORDERED Nirvana Anderson to take down her website where she was RELATING her positive experiences using Black Salve. She was NEVER in the business. She was only an END USER. We have now entered a new era in health care where it will now become increasingly difficult to even DISCUSS our experiences with one another . . . So much for freedom of speech. We should enjoy the opportunity to talk to one another now, because we will not be able to do so much longer. Big Pharma realizes that it cannot win this battle, based on the facts. Their only option is to ensure that none of us can talk.

      This parallels the worldwide attempt to make owning a firearm illegal. People need to get the connection here. If you take away a man’s right to protect himself, you are one small step away from taking away a man’s right to express himself. There is a reason why the U.S. Bill of Rights is constructed where the Freedom to Bear Arms immediately follows Freedom of Speech. People have lost their appreciation for this connection.

      • peacefull warrior

        TGA by the way operates under the pretended laws, they are NOT REAL LAWS, people of australia are f..d by Commonwealth Australia CORPORATION, registered in USA, they are not the same as Commonwealth Australia of People, all “profits” (Australian taxes) are going to “shareholders”, check this video:

    • mdmurray...........d..not t

      In 1948, Mohs publicly renounced the use of escharotics without accompanying surgery, claiming that it caused excessive mutilation and was an unreliable cure

      It should be clarified that Mohs used zinc chloride only as a fixative and Sanguinaria only as an organic stabilizer for his fixative paste. The primary procedure undertaken by Mohs was surgical excision

      So is he a quack – absolutely not . Do I need to rethink my position – absolutely not.

      Lets recap –

      Mohs performed surgery. He developed a technique to be as minimally invasive as possible. He used pathology to establish a diagnosis. He followed up his cases as reported on survival and recurrence. He used a mainly zinc chloride paste as a preservative for the tissue as frozen sections were not available. When better techniques were used he adapted. and left unwarranted techniques behind..He did not use pharmaceutical agents and nor are they used today.The current techniques allow for a cure rate between 94 – and 99% for non melanoma skin cancers. He published extensively in peer reviewed journals and his pathological specimens were inspected for diagnostic accuracy.
      The reference you provide does not mention blood root only zinc chloride paste.

      In 1978, Tromovitch and Stegman demonstrated that in situ fixation with Mohs surgery was not essential and that a similar cure rate of BCC could be obtained with fresh frozen tissue sampling

      In short he did NOT recommend escharotics, self diagnosis , no follow up . no peer reviewed publications and did not claim 100% success of any skin tumour let alone bone tumours or bowel tumours. He did not and no one does today use chemotherapy agents for non melanoma tumours.
      Many of the people posting here have recommended frankly dangerous activity under a banner of pseudoscientific garbage and pretend conspiracy to justify their own greed for profits.

      • Michael . . . as with nearly every post you have made, you present us with a cavalcade of misstatements. No one that I know in the alternative health care field says that they anything 100% of the time. Even with skin cancers, Cansema does not work in about 1% of all cases. This 99% success rate drops precipitously with inner cancers. Taking into account the large number of people who come to us, for instance, after chemo and radiation have brought the patient to the edge of death and irreversible cachexia, there are some cancer types for which we are successful only 50% of the time.

        I provide more detail in the use of an escharotic preparation in Moh’s in Chapter 1 of Meditopia ( Zinc chloride was only one of the active ingredients; Sanguinaria canadensis root being another.

        Don’t ever talk to me about greed.
        You dare to mention greed when the average American losses over 80% of their lifetime assets in the last 60 days of life with completely useless therapies. You dare to mention greed when most pharmaceutical companies have way over a 2,000% profit on “cost of goods” as a standard part of their business model. You dare to mention greed when health care costs are out of control and Americans are coming in last in health care outcomes? Orthodox medicine is the epitome of greed . . . and anyone who has objectively studied the subject knows it.

        If I worked with the kind of profit margins that are routine in the pharmaceutical industry, I’d be a billionaire by now.

        • mdmurray...........d..not t

          Greg – you have been asked no less than three times to provide answers to direct questions and you have refused to do so mainly as you are a professional and convicted liar.
          I have provided no false information. AT ALL. You on the other hand have not provided one verifiable fact other than “its on my website”
          Regarding Mohs – the information is detailed above. He did not use it to treat, nor did he recommend it. He said quite correctly it didnt work and could result in scarring. Once again referring to your fantasy webpages to justify your own statements – continually – borders on insanity.
          Now you are simply manufacturing statistics based on your imagination. You do not see patients , do not know what is wrong with them and do not follow them up. You have no idea what your “cure” rates are. You have no qualifications and are simply selling jars of potion on the internet. Please stop flattering yourself.
          To compound your fantasy further now you extend it for “internal ” tumours – what tumours? Bone tumours? Renal tumours? Leukaemia??
          You are simply a dangerous criminal who persists in replying to posts with utter garbage and runs away like the criminal coward you are when you are asked direct questions or to provide a shred of proof.
          And why ?- because you cant answer the questions and there is no proof.

          • As I’ve said before, I answered your questions point-by-point and you ignored it. I have provided web pages with detailed information to address your questions. You ignored that, too. You’re a quack, Michael, and you represent an entire system ot quackery, which is the very reason I penned Meditopia in the first place.

            Did you read this month’s article from Veritas, which I posted earlier? Of course, not . . . and you’re not going to. You are set in your opinions and no accumulation of facts is going to persuade you.

            As for “treating people,” we deal with hundreds of practitioners around the world and THEY treat many of the people who use our products. My wife is an N.D. and she counsels hundreds of direct users per month. I know, I know . . . you don’t think naturopathy is a legitimate healing discipline.

            Tough. Good naturopaths get results. Live with it.

          • mdmurray...........d..not t

            Once again you are an evasive liar . You did not address any of the points . I asked how something less corrosive than milk could burn through skin for example. You have said NOTHING.
            As for N(ot D(octors) you are at last correct in one thing – they arent doctors and are useless. Again evidence free zone. And once more you are challenged on where you dream up these statistics and more nonsense appears as you cannot provide a SHRED of evidence about mortality.It really doesnt take a genius to work out this utter crap is made up on the hoof.
            To summarise you dont treat patients you dont know what they have and therefore cannot establish their mortality.
            You did not answer any of the questions and did not provide any substantiated evidence.
            You said the salve ” self diagnostic” – which is utter nonsense . Along with virtually everything else you have said.
            Now man up and answer the questions rather than hide behind excuses of ” I gave you references” – you will find them above – three times – or do you want them again?

          • Michael . . . I have responded to each and every one of your questions in detail. They don’t always appear directly below your query — for reasons that are unclear to me . . . but if you look above, you can see my very extensive comments.

            Don’t call me a liar.
            You may disagree with me. But I don’t lie. I don’t need to.
            You, on the other hand, have chosen to completely ignore my responses, because you get too much enjoyment out of saying I ignored you.

            Nobody goes through the trouble of authoring the body of work I have created online (i.e. there are over 1,600 pages on alone — all created by me), and providing the footnoted materials that I do, if they do not believe in their work.

            You have already made your point.
            No amount of proof will ever convince you that escharotic preparations are legitimate. We get it.

            Anything else?

          • mdmurray...........d..not t

            Spare the mock indignation. You have convictions for forgery and fraud and you pretend to be offended by the truth. You are evading the questions – feel free to cut and paste your reply. There are multiple questions in plain English. I get notified about every response – and there haven’t been any.It would seem strange I get every reply except when I ask direct questions – then you say you have referenced elsewhere…its posted somewhere else …which one is it? I have looked through the entire site and cant find them.
            You are a liar and you do need to . Your livelihood depends on selling cream that there is no proof works. If I was you I would cut and paste and reference lots of articles and put in on my own pages and then constantly refer to by way of justifying saying the same thing. “Created” being the operative word.
            You deny anything real as long as it suits your purpose. Any real evidence would be accepted. It is just you haven’t presented any. This is a convenience for you to not to do so. Just as usual your own pages, imaginary patients, unverifiable testimonials, Youtube, Facebook.
            Where is the study from 1840’s. Where is the evidence that they knew more about cancer? Where is the proof that incision spreads cancer? How can the salve be “self diagnosing? How can it burn through skin when it less corrosive than milk?
            This isnt even asking for proof – this is questioning biological impossibilities.
            The fact that hundreds of fake cancer cures were listed at the same time either means they were all fake or you were singularly unlucky and all the other vendors of shark cartilage, cannabis oil, coral calcium sound waves machines and light therapy were all fake and you were lumped in with them or in reality you have no proof or different spin other than the cover up/ big pharma rubbish,.
            So please I do look forward to being proved wrong …………….copy and paste all your answers…….

          • Michael . . . my responses to your questions are so long that I am getting “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” And the last two have not cleared.

            I will look into why they are still not “cleared” — because nobody on an alternative medical board should get away with the kind of nonsense you’ve been pulling here.

        • mdmurray...........d..not t

          Greg you have an amazing ability to respond to a post by not mentioning anythnig in the post at all. I have read many of Noam Chomski’s books. However American literature is filled with paranoid writings and as you aptly demonstrate in your own postings simply writing something or having an opinion doesn’t make it real
          You have a government which uses laws and organisations to its own end – like many. However there is no world wide plan to ban guns although only an imbecile would encourage firearms as way to maintain freedom of speech and security.
          Children in America are four times more likely to be abused , most likely to die than other developed countries and more likely to be obese. One in three women experiences domestic abuse and one in four children sexual.This fantasy about protecting your family is a convenient excuse to maintain a gun fetish . In reality a child is killed or wounded every few hours.
          These arent difficult concepts . You have developed a paranoid , gun fetish/ culture where some people of limited intelligence use catch phrases like ” our guns are there to overthrow the government ” – and presumably after committing treason they would then have to establish their own government. This is why people think it is normal to have military weapons , body armour and thousands of bullets because the clocks are going forward at new Year.

          • You must have failed American History.

            The founding fathers were very clear on the importance of a gun-holding populace as a check to tyranny. The Federalist Papers — authored by three of the founding fathers — are filled with comments on the importance of a well-educated, well armed citizenry so as to protect the People’s welfare.

            That you would come on a blog thread that was created to talk about Black Salve and keep harping about the danger of guns is only further confirmation that you’re a Disinfo Agent. I only mentioned it once because it is tangential to the Nirvana Anderson case and the clear evidence of a declining respect for freedom of speech in the common narrative.

            No person in the U.S. who understands the history of their republic or its constitutional underpinnings would ever talk the way you do.

  99. mdmurray...........d..not t

    The “worldwide attempt to make owning a firearm illegal.” By whom? This must have missed most people.
    Most countries do not have issues with firearms. Most enjoy more freedoms of expression and a better longer fitter life than most Americans. It seems rather contradictory to connect free speech and liberty with having the ability to kill people.
    Lets look at reality. there are 290 million guns in the US, It has one of the highest murder rates in the developed world. Most are by firearms. Every decade there are over one million people injured or killed by firearms. Having a gun in your home means you are four times more likely to be killed or injured during a burglary. For very justifiable homicide there are another twenty related killings from accidents, domestic abuse and suicides..Most guns used in crime are stolen.There is a direct correlation between the level of gun prevalence and of gun crime. Gun crime takes two yeas of the average American life expectancy.

    Because of the poverty, social inequality, racism, prison industry and the lose interpretation of the constitution to suit a multibillion dollar gun industry and the political impotence to try and improve the situation it is unlikely it will improve. However most countrlies in the world manage free speech without bearing assualt rifles to express their opinion

    • Michael . . . I believe you’re one of those people who enjoys being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian — because you certainly have no proclivity to stick to the facts.

      Even as big an intellectual luminary as Noam Chomski (professor emeritus of language at MIT for close to 50 years) has written volumes documenting the steady erosion of civil rights by governments worldwide since 9/11. In the U.S. the collapse of civil rights is what inspired former U.S. Federal judge, Joseph Napolitano to write his books over the last ten years, “Constitutional Chaos: When the Government Does Follow its Own Laws” and “It’s Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong.” Even more stinging are the recent articles by former Asst. U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts. One of his most recent articles says it like it is : “In Amerika, Law no longer exists — the extermination of truth.”

      For my part, I don’t have to read Paul Craig Roberts to realize that there are little minions of darkness who are out there trying to stamp out truth.

      I only have to scan your posts.

  100. Obviously no one would spend so much time bashing natural alternative without a clear agenda and a very nice pay check from the mafia!

    • Hans . .. .. your observation is universal. Unfortunately not everyone has your experience so that they are able to understand that the very foundation of the Medical Industrial Complex is terminally flawed. It cannot be repaired. In time, it can only be destroyed and replaced with something that is life-supporting and nurturing to those it claims to serve.

      This same experience comes from reading Chapter 1 of Meditopia ( — a free online read.

      • “No one that I know in the alternative health care field says that they anything 100% of the time”

        ” your observation is universal”

        Now Greg can you manage to spot your own contradiction?
        And still waiting for your answers …so far excuses include
        “Case closed”
        ” I have answered and referred elsewhere”
        “My posts are out of synch”
        “My post is being moderated”

  101. I have been diagnose with melanoma and the dermatologist was very eager to send me to the butcher shop (Hospital) to have it surgically remove(just a nice word use that mean leaving a hole the size of an orange on your face).

    This happen 7 years ago and i use black salve recommend to me by a farmer who cured cattle with it (Amazing i know farmers can replace a highly educated thief with a stethoscope) and i apply only once a thin coat on the melanoma and after 2 weeks it was gone.

    I went back to the thief(Dermatologist) and show him the lesion and he said how the hell did you remove that melanoma? I told him that now i will consult a farmer for anything related to skin cancer!

    It is truly working folks there is no scam about that the only real scam there is are the medical mafia thugs that are polluting every single place on the web so they can keep those big juicy check flowing.

    Same goes for so many so call professionals who are only professionals at buying BMW&AUDI, 3 houses and a Spain Castle, one private jet and many, many prostitutes.

  102. I have used black salve about 20 times for skin cancers, always with complete success. The smallest was about 1/8″ on the side of my nose. The largest was about 2×3″ on my upper chest. I’ve noticed 2 distinct responses. One kind rarely gets bigger than a quarter, usually dime-sized, always has one black center surrounded by an ashen gray zone and comes off clean. The other looks like black pepper sprinkled on cigarette ash, always has very irregular borders, is always big, and always bleeds, sometimes quite a lot. I think these are more like clusters of tiny tumors. My salve came from a woman here in Arizona who called herself The Kitchen Chemist. Her salve had the reputation of being the best in the Southwest. I wrote the instruction sheet for its use. It was bloodroot-based. Unfortunately, no one can reach her now. She was in her 80s and may have passed away. To my knowledge, no one ever learned completely her recipe or process. If anyone has any knowledge of her whereabouts, please contact me at RRR; 9927 W. Peoria Ave.; Sun City, Ariz. 85351. Note: This works. Surgery can never be counted on to get all the toxified tissue around the central tumor, virtually assuring a future recurrence.

    • Richard . . . in all candor, I have never heard of this “Kitchen Chemist” before, but she was obviously using an earlier embodiment of Black Salve, which was based primary on a zinc chloride / bloodroot / humectant combination. I provide plenty of recipes from U.S. Patents going back to the 1860’s in Chapter 1 of Meditopia. See :

  103. Well what an interesting barrage of institutionalised crap from Mr Murray. I knew the ‘Undercover Boys’ were using mind control and they have certainly done a good job on him. Hope he manages to wake up at some point and see what’s happening in the real world of cancer. Maybe he should look up Professor Ulrich Abel’s 10 year research (published in the Lancet) on the effectiveness of Chemotherapy and read his conclusions. After contacting 350 of the top cancer centres in the world, he pronounced that the evidence of chemotherapy being of any use in the treatment of cancer was ‘A Scientific Wasteland’ much like Mr Murray’s brain actually!! By the way I am a 6 year survivor of colon cancer with spread to the liver and refused Chemotherapy and it looks like the medical mafia were wrong, I didn’t die after all.
    I don’t know Greg personally, but I know who is telling the truth,and it’s not Mr Murray.

    • Vanguard……………laughable embarrassing stuff.
      You shouldnt really encourage people to reply as it will only humiliate yourself.
      Lets start with a few corrections. You are likewise a liar like Greg – or just exceptional stupid.
      Professor Abel is not a professor – he is a doctor. He is not a medical doctor – he is a statistician. He did not publish in the Lancet. He first published a monogram in 1991 in an in house publication of the Gerson clinic. ( Yet another place , located in Mexico where for a lots of money you too can drink raw liver smoothies and have coffee enemas – then die) . He then published the same material – albeit expanded in the journal ” Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy in 1992. No, Id never hear do fit either.
      If his work too ten years then most cancer papers look at five year follow up and take approximately two years to analyse and publish so this means his work was based on studies carried out and ending before 1974. So almost 40 years ago.
      It was a very thin study, not a meta analysis and asked opinions of some oncologists from which he drew his own conclusions. He did not detail all the studies nor did he offer comparisons or filter any studies to allow comparison. In short it was nothing.
      So a paper by one non professor, non medical person based on studies from forty years ago using non stastical analysis to provide an opinion and published in a journal no one has heard of. Cant get any better proof than that then can you?
      Obviously seeing the light he then went on to be involved in three other publish trials of chemotherapy up til 1999 – the last being on pancreatic cancer.
      This is life comparing the chance of surviving a road traffic accident now based on studies of the 1973 Ford Pinto with no air bags, ABS, seat belts, crumple zones, fuel cut off, pre tensioners or collapsible steering column by a non engineer published in a photography magazine and saying it is valid proof today.
      Just utter crap. its the problem with you thieving lying types – you dont provide proof and get rather aggressive when it is pointed out you are talking complete bullshit. Rather than facts there is the inevitable attack/ conspiracy theory/ brainwashing/ “disinfo” agent/ big pharm/ mafia/ Spain castle/ prostitutes/ greed/ paid informant drivel.

      The notion that it might just be some person with a reasonable and rational questioning approach asking valid questions is simply too great to contemplate.
      The power of the internet allows information to be checked. it also allows people to invent references or testimonials or statements which are false.

      And if chemotherapy doesnt work just as an example – Lance Armstrong? Childhood leukaemia – from virtually incurable to over 90% success? Please provide some evidence rather than just weird accusations. I wait with baited breath – or will you just give ” the dog ate my homework” excuses like dear old mr Caton – the man with two convictions for fraud and couterfiting – but you believe him. Probably new him in prison.or you are him

      • Michael Murray . . . is their a problem with the software on this site, or have you added impersonating me to your bag of tricks? (There’s no other explanation for your post appearing with me as the author).

        So, you’re a chemotherapy supporter! HOW PREDICTABLE!
        Conventional chemotherapy produces therapeutic results so bad, so — as I have said before — dozens of doctors have confided in me that they would NEVER undergo it if they had cancer themselves. This makes good sense, because as the Starfield Studies made perfectly clear (JAMA — June, 2000), DEATH BY DOCTOR (iatrogenesis) is a leading cause of death. Few things besides smoking are as dangerous as a stay in the hospital. See . . .

        Michael . . . you’re a merchant of death. You know that, don’t you? I mean . . . when you’re alone, in your bedroom, looking into a mirror, you surely must be aware that you represent the most immoral, unethical, greedy, and ravagingly insane industry in the history of civilization.

        I know, I know . . . I’m a liar. You’re comebacks are predictable. The way Americans who don’t believe we should be going halfway around the world killing everything in sight for the oil and opium money are automatically labelled TERRORISTS now. You’re like the guy accused of rape who goes before a judge after the victim has been able to provide indisputable evidence as to what happened to her. And in your defense you assert, “I was walking along, minding my own business, and this vicious woman got in the way of my erect penis.”

        That’s where we’re at.
        That’s how insane it is.
        And that’s why anybody who reads your posts are just taking in more spam. You’re biggest problem : consciousness is rising. Every day people realize that conventional medicine is about power, profit, and prestige . . . not real healing.
        It’s gotta really piss you off that there is NOTHING you can do to change this trend.

        • disinfo agent/ big pharma rep...etc...etc...

          Greg – you once again direct the accusations that are of course reflectiong on yourselfSpam???? Are you serious???
          vanguard posted about a paper that effectively doesnt exist. It wasnt published where he said and was of poor quality ( as you wouldnt know what this means just take it from me) by someone who participated afterwards in studies of chemo whose professional standing he exaggerated dooesnt contain proper statistical analysis , was a single author and published initially 22 year ago based on 40 year old studies. This may be acceptable to you but to me it looks like a crock.
          In what way is this spam? The post was misleading and disingenuous. You address none of these facts but like all fakes try and shut down any criticism by equating me to a rapist. Thats very mature but it doesnt really address any of the issues. Largely because you are not capable. You just drivel on about irrelevant issues or quote your own web site……..again……..and again…..

          You on the other hand must be pissed off. You are the one that sells unverified crap from the third world to desperate people to make money to satisfy your own greed and ego. .
          Nothing you write is verifiable. ” Dozens of doctors have confided in you” – ” I have a friend who ” ” Thousands of phone calls” ” Hundreds of testimonials”
          When you are asked to explain justify or provide evidence for the patently colossally biologically impossible statements ( “the salve is self diagnostic”” ” it has a ph of 6.8) you make you run away.

          So far –
          ” case closed”
          ” Ive already answered”
          ” the information is referenced elsewhere”
          ” Ive posted and its gone missing”
          ” The post is too long and its being moderated..”
          ” It doesnt matter how much evidence.. you still wouldnt believe it”

          There are only so many times you can make up excuses for not
          answering direct questions and pretending that somehow you know what everyone who reads this post is thinking is simply egoistical fantasy.

          The JAMA paper refers to what the rest of the world knows . Involve money in medicine and corruption will occur. Any kind of medicine – especially fake.The US ranks outside in virtually all health parameters. This is an entirely different issue. You are simply using it as an excuse to peddle your potions and forget that there is a whole world out there where a different health care system payments mean that your conjectures about doctors being paid more is simply and utterly wrong. There is a huge difference from a genuine medical mistake and deliberately selling something which will potentially endanger someone’s life when you have no proof it works.

          Once again I have stated the falling death rates from cancer , the effect of chemotherapy on leukaemia as an example and again you ignore it , pretend and run away saying if its not on my website its false.

          You are si,mply a pathetic individual who doesnt have a shred of manliness to try and asnswer a few questions. A quack and a coward. You must be very proud
          As for the name I was simply illustrating how easy it is to write a post while posing as someone else.

          • Murray . . . I never commented on Vanguard’s cited study specifically because I’ve never seen it before. As for quoting my web sources, I have — throughout my career — had to address thousands of Medical Industrial Complex apologists, like you, and that is why I created hundreds of web pages to address specific issues.

            You insist that quoting one’s own work is somehow unprofessional, invalid, or otherwise dubious. Like so many of your posts, it’s a non-sequitur. What is WRONG if I provide posts to expand on something which I’ve already have to address hundreds of times before — especially since so much of my work is heavily footnoted with authoritative references?


            Michael . . . I stand by my assertion that you’re an orthodox medical hack and you lack credibility. You don’t see any of your supporters around here rallying to your selfish cause, now do you? There’s a reason for that. If you did enlist the “aid” of supporters, all the normal people would leave and you’d end up talking to yourselves.

            As for the fact that I actually do make money as an herbalist, and have for most the past 22 years, how dare you compare me to the likes of million dollar a year internists, big pharma execs, and hospital corporation trustees. In your worldview, anyone who doesn’t belong to your idea of the “system” is committing fraud on the public if they earn one cent making a living. Only an MIC hack would have the nerve to suggest that someone is working in the alternative medical field — which is very dangerous to begin with — because they are “in it for the money.” You say this with such frequency because nobody knows more about profiting big with a system that so completely bankrupt — morally and ethically — than someone like yourself. It is a deflection of your guilt — what the Kabbalah calls “bread of shame.”

            Nobody here is buying your nonsense, Michael . . . nobody.
            As you can see in the Veritas Magazine article I posted, properly prepared escharotics, in general, and my products, specifically, work. You cannot ignore the clinical results and neither can your friends in the various regulatory brothels.

            You’re toast. It just hasn’t sunk in yet.

          • disinfo agent/ big pharma rep...etc...etc...

            Once again you prove you are a loser. Add brothels ,rapists………….one would detect some kind of fixation here…..
            Veritas “MAGAZINE” – you mean journal? Scientific publication? Surely not the hippy new age love and peace publication……..Ignore clinical results? You surely dont mean you have some proof ? Or was it the crappy black and white unverifiable photographs from your website? Please , anyone can recognise an advertorial when they see one. It gives nothing new . ive read the same rehashed shit so much i could write the article myself……and swop black salve for any other “cancer cure” like oncopeptides, vitamins, cannabis oil………..

            You simply refuse to answer the questions . I have asked them repeatedly. You have spoken utter and absolute crap – answer the questions.

            You dont have any of your “own work” – cutting and pasting web pages is not exactly taxing. it is just inane fabricated ramblings and references to other quacks.

            You are not a herbalist – this is as much a fantasy as someone calling themselves a “nutritionist”. If I sell a picture of the space shuttle it doesnt make me an astronaut.

            What is WRONG is that you are a deficient con man who is afraid of answering direct questions . Surely to be called a fraud, a coward a con man and a liar would stimulate most people with any integrity to refute the accusations. . But not you , BECAUSE YOU CAN’T. This is just another excuse. You are making statements which are even by psychiatric deluded standards utter shit and you are incapable of answering a direct question. So now you are saying you simply dont have to answer because it is wrong – – think that makes eight excuses so far.

            You simply look like a freak for suggesting that vaccination, emergency surgery , eradication of diseases, public health, preventative medicines and falling death rates in maternal , infant and increasing life expectancies are all down to 15 million doctors worldwide trying to kill everyone for profit. The idea is so stupid it barely registers with sane people. Instead you pick one country and pick one part – oncology in the US – then chemotherapy for certain diseases – while ignoring the rest of the world as it doesnt fit in with your delusions – and then pretend. I have repeatedly stated the falling death rates from cancer and the success in leukaemia and you keep running away.

            Is this not how you make your money? You are not big pharma – you are little doesn’t work prey on the vulnerable pharma and try and silence criticism with insults .

            Now for the fifth time answer the questions

            Here are the FALSE statements that you made so far

            You stated that the best way to make cancer spread was to cut into it
            This is rubbish.
            You said that doctors knew more about cancer in the 1840′s than today. This is rubbish.
            You have said that cancer survival has not improved. This is rubbish.
            You have stated that the salve is “self diagnostic” . This is rubbish.
            You have quoted a “study” from 1840′s involving 4000 patient. This “study” does not exist
            You have said that the medical treatment of cancer has an “abysmal ” survival rate . This is rubbish.
            You have said that you do not need evidence to prove it works as you have lots of testimonials on the internet. This is rubbish.
            You say you have treated over 20,000 patients. This is rubbish., You have no qualifications and selling fake creams with false claims on the internet is not the same as treating patients.
            You have said medical authorities are killing millions – this is rubbish.
            You give no explanations as to vaccination and the reduction in deaths, public health campaigns or medicine. to name but a few
            You have said all orthodox organisations are corrupt – this is rubbish
            You have given no explanation as to why you would sell a jar of your potion big enough to “treat a room full of people”

            So can you be a man or not?

          • Mr Murray, glad to see you posted showing your true profession now, I was getting confused. Sorry I could not reply earlier but some people have to make an HONEST living, unlike yourself of course who get’s paid for trying to discredit real medicine as used for thousands of years before the Chemical Boys got involved. Anyway, just to put you straight, Dr Ulrich Abel was indeed medically trained at The Institute of Epidemiology and Biometry at the University of Heidelberg/Mannheim Tumor Clinic. This hospital represents itself as a ‘World Class Oncology Hospital’ so you might assume that they know a little about cancer. His reasearch from that hospital on the effectiveness of Chemotherapy was damning as mentioned earlier. Interesting that you cite Lance Armstrong as a good example of a Chemotherapy success story. He is obviously someone that you admire and as probably one of the most successful liars in history, having deceived the world for 20 years or more, he is a prime example of how lies and deception can be very proftiable, but in the end, evil allways gets found out..

          • Vanguard . . . you will NEVER convince Michael Murray of anything. All the evidence in the world would not convince this hack that we shouldn’t all be taking 100% of the RDA for chemotherapy intravenously (LOL) . . . As you have noted yourself, he’s here not to engage in a healthy discourse, but to slander anything that isn’t orthodox and in comformity with his professional (read : profit-driven) views.

          • disinfo agent/ big pharma rep...etc...etc...

            No – you can convince me if you show evidence. Greg simply uses this an excuses not to answer questions. God Ive seem more balls in a eunuch. Greg is the kind of muppet who will say he believes anything he likes it suits his purpose
            The fact is that the paper didnt exist , the person who wrote it isnt a professor. and eight or nine short comings which might be acceptable to retarded crooks like Greg but not normal people.
            So in short it was a fake reference. But Greg is good at fake,

          • disinfo agent/ big pharma rep...etc...etc...

            So do you want to issue your apologies for your lies now then. PHD does not indicate a medical degree – he is a statistician, The paper was not written by the department it was written by him. It wasnt published in the Lancet. he isnt a professor. It didnt use statistically recognised techniques. Trying to bullshit around it doesnt make a crap one persons opinion any better.
            The fact regarding Lance Armstrong was that he was cured of metastatic cancer – I dont think he lied about that bit.
            I know this might be hard for fuckwits like yourself and Greg to contemplate but here goes anyway- simply by pointing out you made a crap reference which was largely fabricated and 22 plus years old doesn’t mean you can tell my personal likes and dislikes, employment, or location. I know its hard – next you will be saying rubbing potion on a melanoma is a good way to treat it………….

          • Calm down Michael, you really must try and control your rage, You know what Ghandi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”
            You seem to be fighting the truth, so we are nearly there!!

          • disinfo agent/ big pharma rep...etc...etc...

            Again – you cannot tell a state of mind from writing. But Im glad you acknowledge that everything you wrote was shit. Oh no you didnt …….I forgot . Nothing liek addressing the facts.
            If you want to tackle truth – try writing it first.

          • Vanguard . . . we’re just mercilessly playing with this disinfo wack job at this point. I am wondering if Michael Murray is one of the 3,575 professionally paid “disinfo agents” that are discussed by a DHS insider in the following interview :
            If so, it would make perfectly good sense. Sounds like a pretty good job, too . . . you get paid to sit at home in your underwear all day on the computer, and screw with people’s heads using pre-scripted propaganda.

            You gotta know that with a name like “Truther Girls,” you are just begging to attract one of these sick puppies . . . and so, it looks like we did.

          • Michael, anybody reading your rant’s can judge very well youir mental state, it is not good! Anway, I won’t fuel your rage anymore as my job is done here and you might want to find another site where people are more gullable to your misinformation. As more evidence emerges about the rigged drug-trial results and safety of the most profitable drugs that you are peddling, the more obvious this will become.Bye Michael, we win!

  104. and I thought I would just mis- sign it just to show how easy it for the same person to write posing as someone else and say what a jolly nice honest person someone else it – and say something like ” I was dead and used black salve and came back to life – which proves its healing properties”

  105. One thing seems fairly obvious. MDM/Murry/Whatever doesn’t have any personal experience with this. While obviously very bright and educated,
    he is dangerously ignorant in a practical way. If people knew the truth about cancer the fury of the people would make the French Revolution look tame.

    • I am just a littke surprised that a temoerature csn flush away cancer or a bit of asparagus. Makes you wonder how anyone could possibly die of it if this was the case. Not an unreasonable question

      • Michael Murray . . . I have to believe you’ve never taken a course in human physiology. Although hyperthermia-type cancer therapies are hardly cures, I think it is entirely unfair to discount the research done in this area. But hey — you’re anti-natural, so why shouldn’t we expect this of you? A common mammalian response to viral attack is fever. It is the body’s way of using hyperthermia to immunologically target the virus. What is the response of Big Pharma to this very natural, self-induced way of curing the problem? Medication to lower the fever, or course.

        You seem to hate asparagus. Did your Mommie make you eat it as a toddler? I’m so, so sorry you had to endure that. Bad Mommie!

        As it turns out asparagus is one of a variety of vegetables that contain cancer-fighting phytochemicals that should be included in any natural approach to curing cancer. Raw asparagus, broccoli (and other brassicas), tomatoes, apricot seeds, turmeric, and raspberries all contain anti-cancer compounds and unless allergies with one or more are present, should be employed in treating cancer successfully and avoiding the salivating oncologist’s desire to get you on chemo or radiation therapies. Max Gerson (M.D.) cured MANY patients using diet alone, and I personally have met about two dozen people who successfully treated their cancers using diet as their primary weapon.

        Henry Beil (M.D.) wrote “Food is Your Best Medicine” in 1965. It had a deep effect on me early in my career. The title says it all . . . and it takes medical industrial prostitutes, like Murray, to divert us from the obvious when it comes to the ways and manners we should be treating our own bodies.

  106. My best guess Murray = Caton

    • ” Murray = Caton ”
      You couldn’t be farther from the truth.
      Philosophically, we don’t even reside in the same universe.

      • thankfully the final gets tiring dealing with snake oil salesmen

        LOL!! well done Greg – now three points of fact – you are doing well

        Lets summarise
        I am a professional published graduate – Greg is not
        I have not an ex convict with convictions for fraud and forgery – Greg is
        I am not a conspiracy theorist who believes all established institutions, journals universities, drug companies, governments , medical institutions and all doctors only have one role which is to increase death rates and only treat one disease – cancer – with only one modality – chemotherapy. Greg does.
        I do not believe in unproven techniques like injecting distilled water, giving vitamins and massaging naked children to get rid of cancers. Greg does,
        I do not beleive putting a chair in a box to heighten sexual satisfaction will get rid of cancer. Greg does.

        I do not believe in a multitude of theoretical explanations for the cause of cancer Greg does.
        I believe different cancers can be caused by environmental substances including , smoking, radiation, UV exposure, some infective agents,inherited genetic defects, acquired genetic defects, alcohol Greg does not.
        I believe that cancer is a huge range of diseases and locations and suggesting one treatment modality is patently incorrect . Greg does not.

        I do not believe in theories and treatments which mostly date from before the second world war if not longer. Greg does.
        I believe if you are going to show the success rate of a treatment you must show the person has the condition and follow them up to show they survive. In essence the most basic of proof.
        Greg does not.
        I do not believe that anonymous unverifiable conversations statements, photographs or Youtube videos are sufficient evidence of proof. Greg does.
        I believe that if you are going to claim you are treating people you should have seen the patient, examined them, established the diagnosis and follow them up . Greg does not.
        I do not admire mentally ill people who think their father came from outer space, sexually molested children or experimented on Africans to their death.Greg does.
        I believe that the average life expectancy has increased, the mortality from cancer has decreased from over 90% in 1926 to an average of 36% at five years in 2000. Greg does not.
        I believe that chemotherapy for childhood leukaemia has decreased mortality from virtually 100% in the 1940’s to less than 10% today . Greg does not.
        I believe that the mortality from myocardial infarction has decreased from 2000- 2010 from 78/100,000 to 34/100,000.. Greg does not.
        I believe that pathological processes and pharmaceutical action should be understandable and not be in the realms of being unexplainable or biologically impossible.Greg does not.

        I believe in the last thirty years the following have contributed to better treatment and survival rates all of which were not widely available before any of the mass of theories that he believes in.
        MRI , CT scanning , ultrasound, computerisation, interventional radiology, genetic screening, stem cell research, immunosuppression for transplants, organ replacement, better antibiotics, better screening programmes, improvement in blood pressure control, more effective medicines, improved immunisation, bone marrow transplants, public health campaigns, reduction in smoking. Key hole surgical techniques improved audit, research and disease surveillance. Greg does not.

        I believe that if inexpensive treatments are shown to work for disease treatment or prevention they will be adopted rather than not as they will not raise money for the pharmaceutical industry like magnesium for ecalmpsia, folic acid to prevent birth defects,aspirin to stop cardiovascular disease complications or be investigated at the reduction of bowel cancer. Greg does not.

        I do not believe if a group of professionals were to discover and publish these results in a peer reviewed journal , as they have in these cases,that the information would be out there and there would not be able to be suppressed by external organisations. Greg does.

        I believe that when properly tested if the results show a treatment to be ineffective then it should be abandoned as with many previously “conventional treatments like laparoscopic hernia repair. The following have been tested and shown to be ineffective . Homeopathy, Gerson technique, Hoxley paste, Rafe machine, “vitamin b 17”. Greg does not.

        I believe that many “alternative health practicioners will not put their treatment forward for testing as they not not want it to be shown they are ineffective . Greg does not.

        I do believe there are fake treatments for cancer being sold. Greg only does if it is his own which he then blames on a competitor

        I am able to answer direct questions. Greg is not.

        And lastly and most importantly I do not sell potions nor make my living from a third world out with jurisdiction of proper controls . Greg does.

        I do not believe there is such a thing as “alternative medicine” I am with Richard Dawkins
        ” It either works or it doesnt work – if it works it is medicine. If it doesnt it isnt”

        I believe that the “alternative ” health care market is worth around $30 billion in the USA alone and is therefore worth the investment of false claims and multiple websites to obtain a share of that market,.Greg does too.

        • Murray . . . before it was readily apparent that you were on the board to defame alternative medicine. This much was clear. But now I think you’ve thrown a head gasket. BETTER THAN 90% OF THE THINGS THAT ARE IN YOUR POST ARE MORE THAN SIMPLY LIES — YOU MADE THEM UP. Like having stated that you were touch with Veritas Magazine talking about my involvement with them, when I knew this to be impossible.

          And all this talk about using distilled water for cancer (?) — (an excellent cure for thirst, by the way) — and naked children and myocardial infarctions and what-not . . . where do you get all this nonsense? You can read this entire thread and not find one instance where I have mentioned any of it. YOUR DESIRE TO FLAME ME PERSONALLY IS SO GREAT THAT IS NOTHING TOO OUTLANDISH THAT YOU WON’T POST. It seems to come from a demented mentality that if you lie often enough, eventually something will stick. It isn’t.

          Interestingly I have never had a State charge for anything in my entire life. I have had two “Federal” run-ins — one in 1989 in which an associate in one of my businesses (George Ackerson) ran some $100 bills through a photocopy machine at my printing company (none of them passable) — an event I detail in Meditopia (Chapter 3) that resulted in a slap on the wrist (as no was intending to actually pass those photocopies). And then my FDA charge in 2003, which I detail exhaustively online to such an extent (because it is my intent to show how scandalous it is on the part of the U.S. government). Everyone of your posts contains the same mantras, which — like that self-confessed disinfo agent, Dr. Stephen Barrett — gets tiring. “Fraud,” “quack,” “snackoil doctor,” etc. . . . No mention is made of the fact that NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, has ever taken me to task for what has been posted on Meditopia since 2004. Least of all, you.

          You can’t. You can only do what you do now. Make statements that you attribute to me that I never made. Ignore my responses. Give no thought to the fact that the materials I have put online are more thorough than anything you can reasonably present.

          You seem to be proud of your pedigree. You shouldn’t. It’s not a badge of honor. It’s a badge of shame. Your supreme reliance on formal education from a system that has performed so horrifically is not something I would brag about. As historian, Gary North (Ph.D.) has noted : “Always beware ‘respectable people,’ so they are beholden to the very institutions that are the source of that respectability.”

          Your flames do not, of course, reflect the fact that my mentors were THEMSELVES formally educated and realized that in their OWN process of post-formal-education they had learned far more than they could have ever learned in a university. Dr. Russell Jordan taught me the history and practical art of escharotic preparations. He was a teacher of virology at the University of Michigan medical school. He could have chosen any number of people to impart what he knew before he died, but he taught me. He was not a lightweight, like you, Murray, he was the co-founder — earlier in life — of not one but TWO successful pharmaceutical companies (i.e. Vipont Pharmaceutical and Chemex, Inc.) Only late in life did he realize that modern medicine was a broken system that was beyond repair. I detail ALL of this in Chapter 1 of Meditopia.

          The idea that orthodox medicine’s greatest legacy is that it has suppressed legitimate cures clearly annoys you. I understand that. It is why your posts are all ostensibly erratic and irrational. But virtually ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA — be it in the the field of orthodox medicine, politics, education, technology, etc. — is beholden to large financial interests. This is the entire point of the journalists’ anthology, “Into the Buzzsaw : Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press” by Kristina Borjesson.

          Murray, here are the simple facts of the matter :
          ( 1 ) You are going to believe what you want to believe because your mind, heart, and soul are tied to orthodox medicine. No amount of evidence will persuade you otherwise.
          ( 2 ) You are on the wrong side of history, and this is evident by the astonishing number of people who are abandoning the orthodox approach and evaluating alternatives. As Dr. Eddy (M.D.) says in his writings (see Chap. 4 of Meditopia), orthodox medicine has been mortally wounded by AVOIDING an evidence-based approach. “Doctors don’t know what they are doing,” he says. Keep in mind this is coming from an esteemed colleague much farther up the totem pole than yourself; he’s an M.D.; and he has a Ph.D. is mathematics and statistics.
          ( 3 ) You can do nothing to address the criminal behavior that is now part and parcel of modern medicine. The Ecuadorean government here issued a ruling last April that I had been kidnapped without any legal foundation whatsoever — ( And because your side can’t win on the evidence, you’re getting even more ridiculous. Nirvana Anderson is an Australian woman who created a website ONLY TO DISCUSS how our product cured her cancer — with documents and pictures. She doesn’t sell anything. Never has. She represents no one but herself. AND YET the TGA (Australia’s equivalent to the FDA) raided her and said she had to take her website down. See :

          Slowly, but surely, we are witnessing the end of Free Speech — worldwide. Why? . . . I’ll tell you Murray . . . because nobody believes you anymore or the organizations you represent. Mafia tactics are all your people have left to try and enforce your global hegemony.

          • thankfully the final gets tiring dealing with snake oil salesmen

            Willlliem Reich – massaged naked children to remove their “armour” which caused cancer. He stated his father was an alien. He created an orgatron – a box with a chair in to treat cancer
            William Koch William Koch glyoxide antitoxin” (fraud), also called “recrystallized synthetic toxin”, which proved to be distilled water

            Rath carried out trials that killed people.
            These are all the people you claim are having their successful treatment suppressed. A bos with a chair? Honestly?

            Really you should surely you should know about the lunatics you are in love with.

            “Same mantras” – these are commonly used phrases. Like fraud…..

            “Ignore my responses” Im still waiting on them
            “He was not a lightweight,like you” – “ Really ? What is on my CV then? Flattering your friends people is one the lowest forms of self praise.

            “No amount of evidence “ – any would be good.

            “ Where do you get this information from ?” Everywhere – it is fairly widely available , published freely and tied in with hospital diagnoses and death certifications.

            You just ramble like the deluded leader of some kind of cult.
            “ Its all lies” – yes of course it is The only part was a clearly demonstrated and declared admission to prove how easiy it is to make untrue statements, The rest is entirely factual.

            But over all I would have to give it a F minus.

          • As usual . . . misinformation is your calling card.
            ( 1 ) Wilhelm Reich — I know nothing about Reich massaging children to remove “amour.” What I do know is that when I was in Moscow in 2003, I was surprised to learn that the Russian Institute of Sciences has researchers there who were using “orgone energy” to successfully treat cancer. On the way back from visiting Russian billionaire, Brinsolov, who owns one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia, one of his representatives told me,, “We get our best research ideas from watching who the American government prosecutes.”

            Reich may have been eccentric. I couldn’t say because I have never claimed to be an expert on Reich and I do not use orgone energy in my own work. But the trumped up FDA charges against him and the manner in which he was assassinated by U.S. agents in 1958 just before he got out of U.S. federal prison is an indicator that Big Pharma wasn’t happy with the success of this work. I’m not the first to make this observation. Many other researchers have made note of it.

            ( 2 ) William F. Koch — Dr. Romero (M.D.) is using Koch’s technology in Mexico extensively and has a very high success rate in treating cancer. You know NOTHING about Koch or his work. If you did, you would know that glyoxylide was a homeopathic, and if you use chemical analysis to test ANY homeopathic that it potentized to 10(6), you will get just water. The mechanism of action of any highly potentized homeopathic is energetic, not chemical.

            Oh —- I forgot. You don’t think homeopathics have any value, either . .. . after all, it puts no money in your pocket.

            ( 3 ) “Lunatics you are in love with . . . ” Quick comment . . . If a fellow medical researcher — past or present — is having clear and convincing clinical success, I will investigate it and perhaps even use it in my work. I don’t care whether you care for them or not. You can’t argue with success.

            ( 4 ) “Any would be good.” The studies that are the basis of my work are quoted in Meditopia. You don’t like the results. So they are not valid in your eyes. Tough.

            ( 5 ) “Rath carried out trials that killed people.” Like Reich, I am not an expert on the work Rath has done SINCE his close working relationship with Dr. Linus Pauling. What I DO know that their evidence in condemnation of statin drugs was very convincing and compelling. See Chapter 4, Section 4 of Meditopia (

            ( 6 ) On Grading . . . Predictably, you are like every apologist I ever met who believes that all things that pour forth from the Medical Industrial Complex is good, noble, and holy. My work is “F -” in your eyes because it does not conform to your worldview.

            But here’s the thing . . . tens of thousands of end users around the world know that Cansema cures skin cancer 99+% of the time. They are eyewitnesses to its performance, and it costs a small fraction of the cost of conventional approaches.

            Is there ANY conventional treatment for skin cancer that gets that kind of success rate? Of course not.

            Murray . . . you’re an angry, enraged man because you’re on the losing end of performance. This is a battle you cannot win, because this just happens to be one business where actual performance trumps the power of propaganda.

            I shouldn’t blame you.
            If I were in your shoes, I might be a raging, irrational, maniacal lunatic, too. But that’s just it.

            I’m not.

          • still not answering the questions

            Here is the thing you are missing .
            its not complex and I am being very patient .
            How do you establish the success rate? It doesnt seem apparent. Youi dont see patients so you are assuming they have the condition. how long and how do you follow them up to know it has gone and what is the period of time before you declare them disease free? Assuming this is talking about non melanotic skin cancers?
            With “internal cancers again what is your success based on? telephone conversations?
            This is not some kind of outrageous questioning this is basic common sense.
            As for conventional treatment for skin cancers coming close I believe it is around 94-98% – even you would have to admit that was “close”
            However if your only “proof” is your word in reality that doesnt count for anything and and again I know you struggle with this concept – it cannot be demonstrated.
            If you do not know enough about the fakes that you are praising I would suggest reading a bit more about them . Surely you are not suggesting that a chair in a box would treat anything?
            As for Dr Romero – surprise surprise – he has used homeopathy to treat tumours – and how do you know this? Because someone will have said it on his website thats how. But you are right homeopathy has been shown to be completely ineffective.
            Koch if you didnt know claimed to have synthesised a compound. But wrong again – it puts money into the pockets of homeopaths

            Your evidence is non existent – you dont have any . It is not my eyes it is anyone with half a brain. You dont treat patients, You dont have a diagnosis . You dont know what is wrong with them ,, You dont follow them up so how can you possibly know what your success rate it . It is simply impossible.
            You clearly are deluded enough to state that because you say people have said it works that is sufficient. It is patently not.
            Combined with your denial of death rates from cancer, success in leukaemia, and increasing life expectancy from every source in the world but you believe anonymous statements clearly trump that.

            And you dont know anything about Rath – well you sang his praises in a previous post and I gave you information about him. So you are either ignorant or have a selective memory loss.

            Im not looking to win nor am I angry. I am just trying to protect people who might otherwise die by buying fake unproven evidence free potions and who do not have a diagnosis

            And really you need to stop playing the “assassinated” card quiter so often……….Paracelcius , Reich……Raffe dies of an overdose – what at 83? Couldnt possibly have been he was 83?

          • still not answering the questions

            but you are right – you cant argue with success – but if you cant define what is evidence of success you might be a long time trying to establish it.
            But collectively you dont seem to know a great deal about all these people from eighty or so year ago other than they ALL cured cancer. ( metcrapai chapter 4 ) And you didnt knwo Linus Pauling wrote about vitamin C and cancer………tsk tsk………not doing wella re we?

          • Actually, when you mentioned it, I did recall the book. It is important to note that Linus Pauling did NOT promote Vitamin C as a cure-all. He was very precise in his defining of hypoascorbemia.

            I have known many cancer patients who have gone through orthomolecular therapy using Vitamin C. It always helps, but clearly, Vitamin C is not a cure for cancer. And based on my reading of Pauling’s work, I don’t believe that was his point.

          • still not answering the questions

            Now you are really stretching it even by your own standards – he wrote a book called “Vitamin C and cancer” in which he stated that “75% of all cancer can be prevented and cured by vitamin C alone.” but it wasnt about curing cancer with vitamin C ??
            The fact that you dont beleive that was his point is hardly surprising.
            H elater fired and was successfully sued by a colleagues who showed that it accelerated skin cancers in mice.

            It is highly doubtful that the concept that vitamin C might cure cancer and other diseases would ever have been taken as seriously as it was for as long as it has been had it not been championed by a scientific figure as towering as Linus Pauling. Unfortunately, in his zeal, Pauling popularized his ideas not primarily by publishing in scientific journals, but mostly by writing books, giving talks, and forming his own insitute to do experiments designed to prove his ideas. Another sure sign of a zealot, Pauling couldn’t tolerate data that contradicted his belief in vitamin C. Indeed, when data from the experiments of a colleague at his institute, Arthur Robinson, suggested that vitamin C at the doses advocated by Pauling might actually increase the rate of tumor growth in an experimental model in mice:

          • Murray . . . the material I present in Chap. 4 of Meditopia dealt with hypoascorbemia. I make very clear throughout my work that Vitamin C is an important adjunct, but clearly not a cure. Just because I cite the work of a researcher — regardless of who they are — doesn’t mean I agree with everything throughout their entire body of work.

            I think anyone reading this board would like to know what that has to do with Black Salve. Or . . . are you once again going out of your way to prove that you are only here to kavetch ??

          • hoe do you calculate successful treatment?

            It is relevant as you are the one who raised his name, his suppressed work and the “millions” of deaths caused by statins on a paper he did not publish. What this has to do with black salve only you can answer.
            You also talk at length about him (Metopia chapter 4 page 4 ) and stated he did not say anything about Vitamin C curing cancer.
            My point was that you talk about someone extensively as having his work suppressed and have made inaccurate statements about his claims, seem unaware of his publications or the major contraversies in his life. and now strangely seem to be saying that his cancer theories you dont agree with. As for your ” work” I assume you mean writings as you presumably havent done any kind of trial to quantify the improvement of cancer survival by taking vitamin C?

            But to get to my earlier poitn which again you refuse to answer – if a patient has for example a melanoma – how do you establish they have , how do you establsih it has been successfully treated and how do you follow them up?

            This is not a trick question.Perfectly straight forward. In order to get a success rate of 99% you must have some numbers. 100 people treated – one will get recurrence? repeat treatment? die?
            This is utterly crucial to your claims. so please explain

          • Among my other duties, I’ve been working on the web since Sept., 1995 — as a designer and web merchant — and in all that time I have never seen anyone so fervently committed to consistently making posts that are exercises in extreme tautology. You criticize me for referencing my own work, insisting that they do nothing more than loop back to my own opinions, when it is clear that my comments and claims are heavily footnoted.

            I provide you access to more material than anyone I know who sells ANYTHING related to health care on the internet, and still I hear your bellowing from afar, “Where’s the proof? Where’s the proof?”

            You should be more careful how you waste my time.

            I remember years ago reading Jerry Mander’s “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television,” and one of his points in an early chapter is that our modern day pundits have created their own self-serving constructs that make the observations of ordinary people mute. He references a study where millions of dollars were spent to scientifically determine the BEST bait for a mousetrap. What was the conclusion of this lengthy, double-blind study and ardent exercise in errant pedantry? [ Drum roll, please. ] . . . . CHEESE.

            Tell ya what I’m gonna do . . . You have provided me with so much material that illustrates the mindset that has contributed to this colossal abortion that IS the modern medical industrial complex that I’m going to write another Ashwin (my periodic essays). I don’t write them much anymore, because we have a caseload where my wife and I have to work 60 to 70 hours a week, but I know from my stat counter that thousands of people read them. I estimate that there are well under 20 people that have read and contributed to this blog. Something that does this good of a job of demonstrating why things are as screwed up as they are needs a much larger audience. MUCH LARGER.

            I will post my essay on “” and return with a link.
            After that, you can carry on with the business of creating more convoluted SAT tests for your next target, and I can get back to work — dealing with customers who trust in the power of their own observations, who trust in what they eyewitness . . . namely, that orthodox medicine failed them miserably — in many cases I’ve worked with, bringing them to the edge of death — and they were able to get results that were cheaper, safer, and more effective somewhere else.


          • Well I can only say I am glad to have been of service.

            What I am trying to establish is how you arrive at the percentage success rate of your treatments.
            The number of people treated divided into the number of successful treatments will give a percentage success. How do you get the information to arrive at these figures?
            Is it based on sales, refunds, testimonials or notes of treatment failures?
            Simple question

          • Mmmmm…. Snake Oil.

            Rich in Omega fatty acids. These are active Cox-2 and 5-LPO inhibitors. Not only are they anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but also anticarcinomic. Further, the oil is transdermal.

  107. Hmmm … your writing styles are very similar and what better way to get your opinion out there than to have a devil’s advocate, a worthy opponent. And no one else seems to have anything to gain by the continued ridiculous rant. Just sayin’

    • Sansa . . . I sense that you’re sincere. But it’s not true. Honestly, I don’t know who Michael Murray is, and my wife (Cathryn Caton, N.D.) says he’s so outrageous that I should just leave it alone and not let him get under my skin. But — for whatever reason he does — because he is emblematic of the ridiculous polemics that cause many people to automatically seek out on orthodox practitioner without evaluating alternatives. I’ve had to deal with this for the last 30 years of my professional career.

      Do you really think we have similar writing styles?
      OUCH !!! [ I hope you’re kidding. ]
      Lastly . . . can you give me a reasonable explanation as to why you think I would waste my time coming onto a low-traffic blog in order to slander, defame, and flame myself? I don’t see how your “devil’s advocate” theory benefits me. Just how does that work?

      Just curious.

      • thankfully the final gets tiring dealing with snake oil salesmen

        well my wife ( proper MD, phd and managing director of a charity) says you are a ridiculous lunatic who doesnt answer any questions
        By the way – Im not sure selling crap is a profession – its just a living.

        But you are right – you dont know who I am – so stop making wrong assertions,Oh hang on that would mean being based in reality , having a back bone and being honest – so that will be a no then……….

  108. pause for thought

    Interesting article in regards to the following aspect
    a. a substance that is extracted from a plant and cannot be patented
    b. A cheap compound that has no commercial value
    c. A treatment being advocated that will stop people getting ill.
    d. Doctors publishing results offering a cancer prevention but not cure which seems to imply that they do not gain from death or illness
    e. Huge numbers of patients in transparent trials openly published and reviewed with statistical techniques apparent and followed up for many years
    f. Studies form other countries implying that there is more than one country in the world

    Clinical Evidence for Aspirin’s Efficacy as a Chemopreventive Agent

    Perhaps the most compelling evidence for the cancer prevention effects of aspirin comes from the examination of the national medical records of individuals enrolled in nine non-cancer clinical trials.[4] Taken together, these studies represent data from >23,000 patients who regularly took aspirin (at least ≥ 75 mg/day). While none of these studies intended cancer outcomes to be primary endpoints, the meta-analysis of these studies demonstrated nearly 20% decreased risk in overall cancer mortality after a 20-year follow-up period, with most of the benefit occurring after five years of aspirin use (hazard ratio 0.66, p = 0.003). The reduction of cancers was most significant for esophageal and colorectal cancers, but an overall gastrointestinal (GI) cancer reduction was observed for patients with >10 years of follow-up (representing a larger pool of patients). Particular attention was paid to GI cancers as studies have long suggested that aspirin and even other NSAIDs may decrease colorectal cancers.[4-6] Moreover, in this meta-analysis, significant reductions in cancer deaths were also observed for lung cancer and for a variety of other solid cancers; no survival benefit was observed for hematological cancers.

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  110. Very interesting, I am attaining the ingredients to make my own black salve. I dont have cancer (at least I dont think so? lol) but I believe it should be in the fridge of everyone. as for fuckterd “definately a quack journalist / disinfo agent” this obviouse male in mid to late 20’s is nothing but a narsisistic and most likely bi polar piece of crap, waffling on so much rubbish. him (oh screw it, it is now “it”), it, is more than likely one to administer domestic violence towards partners and is so clearly egocentric that “it” believes “it” is right in whatever bullshit garbage….screw it…why bother wasting ones air on rubbish such as that? YAY for the internet and wonderful information that people can take from it and learn and experiment for themselves on! PS I have read that shitaki mushrooms kill breast cancer, raw fresh cabbage, beetroot and celery kill cancer cells too. and the apricot kernal, vitamin b17 (foudn in the apricot kernal) also kills cancer. and there is my 2 cents 🙂

    • I have to congratulate you. It is not often that people as utterly thick as you would provide evidence in the public arena of just how a brain dead person can still manage to post on the internet.
      So lets just get this straight – you are going to make your own biodegradable acid paste which ( doesn’t) treat anything to have it in your fridge “just in case”? Why not keep a harpoon in your fridge “just in case” a passing whale suddenly causes a career change and a hankering for baleen plates……………..and please – if you are going to swear at least be able to spell it properly. It just adds to the laughability factor
      As fro quoting things you “read on the internet” – two cents is probably a gross over valuation. Quoting decades old crap about things that dont exist – there is no such thing as” vitamin b17″ just reinforces you are either a cretin or a seller of fake medicine. All of these fake cancer cures are at least forty years old – strange that.
      There is a cult of “complimentary medicine” – or not medicine as it should be better known – as self appointed messiahs like Greg typify the stereotype – they are the master , the one true way, behold the unbelievers – they shall die…..etc etc……….
      Why doesnt someone just walk into a hospice with their “goods” and cure everyone – or in Gregs case “50% of internal cancers” – now that would be good.

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  113. I am wondering. There are many recipes for black salve on the internet. How do we know which ones work. I see that the recipe on this site has plain flour in it. Why. What would the flour be good for.

    • The inclusion of flour — found in several embodiments of Black Salve in the late 1800’s — was common among medical doctors who had mastered the art of curing cancer with escharotic preparations. This would include John Pattison, M.D. and Eli G. Jones, M.D. This is, of course, well before the Medical Industrial Complex began targeting natural cures in favor of far more profitable approaches, including chemo, radiation, and invasive radical surgery . . . before efficacy was thrown out the window . . . before the eugenic high priests of orthodox medicine took over. I detail this development in Chapters 1, 2, and 4 of Meditopia (see The evidence is both massive and nauseating.

      In the tons of Black Salve — (yes, tons) — I have made since 1990, I’ve never used flour. It’s only contribution is that of improving consistency. There are herbs and processing techniques you can use to improve consistency without adding an ingredient that does nothing to further its medicinal properties.

      Greg Caton
      Alpha Omega Labs

      • So at a little over a million dollars a ton its not surprising you produce this crap about how cancer mortality was lower one hundred years ago….

        • If you address a post to me and it isn’t at all cogent or logical, don’t expect me to respond in kind. I make my position quite clear in Meditopia ( and there are literally hundreds of well-documented cases to be found linked from my Cansema page ( and on numerous YouTube video documentaries about Black Salves, in general.

          If that’s not enough for you, I don’t know what to tell you. Stay with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. You deserve it, and you’ll be doing us all a favor by helping to cull the global herd of those are no longer capable of independent thought or appreciation for overwhelming empirical evidence. The engineered iatrogenesis of modern medicine is producing an unintended “survival of the fittest” response. (See :

          The irony is palpable.

          • You are right about irony . You have made at least two million dollars by ready reckoning and you talk of big pharma and the profits they make Presumably little fake pharma is acceptable .

          • Murray . . . you obviously know nothing about my business — which is why you have used this thread, which is supposed to be about sharing knowledge about Black Salve, as a place to flame me.

            I make about 300 different products — the majority made and shipped from inside the U.S. and which have nothing to do with cancer. We’re successful at what we do because we’ve been on the web since 1995 and our customers trust us and the integrity of our products. Endorsements from scientists, including a former NASA astronaut, have added to our legitimacy.

            Again, you’re here to present the standing, self-serving mythologies of Big Pharma and the MIC as it relates to conventional cancer treatment. We all understand that. And that’s why you cannot directly address the thousands of people online who have shared their success with Black Salve — whether I had anything to do with its manufacture or somebody else.

      • Thank You Greg, I appreciate your response and agree that plain flour will do nothing to assist the medicinal properties of the salve.

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    • You do that …. Also note that ” very unique ” is a meaningless statement …. So shouldn’t look out of place on here with old Greggie boys messiah proclamations about how it was much better to get cancer or be ill in the 1800’s as people clearly lived longer, no nasty antibiotics , antiseptics , vaccinations , investigations to cause harm and death .
      You should watch “The Master “. …. There is a great line in it when his son says “Its all crap anyway – my father makes it up as he goes along”
      In the film Anyone who disagrees is challenged not with proof but in all cults with personal insult and reference to their own writings ….
      “alternative” medicine is exactly the same . They exploit and effectively kill people by offering fake treatments , Demonise anyone who queries for more that what amounts to hearsay . Faith rather than fact . As Ron hubbard said if you want to get rich start a religion – failing that sell crap medicine.

      • Murray . . . you need to take your meds BEFORE you post on the internet, so that somebody else can understand your ranting. You are in no position to criticize other people’s “command of English” or deficiency in “rational thought,” since you show no embarrassment in lacking both yourself.

        • Caton you thick shit…. ” very unique ” – its either unique or it’s not .
          And speaking of more irony
          I think I just posted something about personal attacks rather than evidence ”
          You just regurgitate your own pages of copy and pasted drivel about every fake cancer cure there has ever been or reference to invisible patients or YouTube …. I mean FFS … YouTube??? If someone has made a video it must be true right ?
          I’m still waiting on an answer as to how you calculate your mortality for internal cancers . You have refused to answer this simple question.
          And your calculations are interesting ….at least 2 tons made, 20,000 ” patients treated ” that works out at least 10 jars a patient ….strange…

          • And I k ow I ask in vain w wry time as you are too cowardly to answer a direct question
            Childhood leukaemia …. Fatal in the 1940s …. Now over 90% cured …
            Cancer mortality reduced by 45% since the 1970s …
            The euro card study looked at a population of 200 million and 800,000 cancer cases over fifty years to show the influence of age sex country …. They should just have asked you and got the answer much quicker…. ” it’s about 50% survival …. For internal cancers …. All of them …..”
            It really is funny… Well it would be if you didn’t potentially kill people

          • “Potentially kill people . . .”
            Black Salve? Kills people? Oh really?
            Pray tell, Fred McMurray, just exactly how does that work?

            I get sick and tired of hearing you orthodox people rant with one fraudulent statement and made-up fact after another. It is now 2013 — ten years since the FDA destroyed my U.S. lab — and still, S-T-I-L-L, you have doctors using the Sue Gilliatt case (see Chapter 3 of Meditopia) as their poster girl for WHY black salve is dangerous. They even made it the lead subject of a book targeting natural remedies.

            You never hear them mention that on Page 93, Line 14 of a sworn deposition she took in July, 2004 (cited, again, in Chapter 3 of Meditopia) that she confessed to removing her own nose with embroidery scissors. It had nothing to do with the use of Black Salve . . . So yeah . . . she was a complete psych job . . . and she is the one oncologists cite as proof that you shouldn’t use Black Salve.

            I have already posted (some 10 to 15 posts ago) information that completely destroys any notion that orthodox medicine is “winning the war on cancer.” Certain cancer types may have dropped, just as polio numbers went WAY down, beginning in the 1940’s, after which orthodox medicine fraudulently began taking credit for this fact with the introduction of vaccines. Never mind that it is an epidemiological fact that polio had dramatically dropped on its own. On balance, cancer rates are way up, and as the Starfield Report noted in the June, 2000 issue of JAMA, it is exacerbated by iatrogenesis . . . doctor screw up.

            As for my earlier statement, yes, a small jar is enough most individual cases of skin cancer. And, yes, one jar will treat a room full of people who have a single growth to treat. But Black Salve isn’t just used for skin cancer. It is, for example, frequently used on breast cancer. (Go 70% of the way down the most current testimonial page at Something this large is GOING to take one or two large jars — perhaps more. Additionally, you do not take into consideration the fact that there are people who may have a dozen or more growths that they treat. They still count as just one person. But they are treating quite a number of growths.

            Arithmetic, Murray . . . arithmetic. You really need to bone up there.

          • answer the questions and stop avoiding them

            I asked ” How do you calcualted your mortality of 50% for internal cancers ”
            You didnt answer

            I asked how you explain the drop in mortality in childhood cancer from almost 100% to less than 10% (with this abomination of modern medicine)
            You refuse to answer

            I asked you to answer without refering to your own website – fail.

            I asked repeated for the reference to the paper in 1848 treating 3000 people with black salve in London. No paper.

            “Polio cases reached there peak in the 1940s and 1950s” – Immunisation followed afterwards along with the development of ventilators to replace the iron lung. So once again you are completely wrong that and just making things up . If you want to provide evidence to the contrary please do so.

            Infectious diseases did fall with other factors such as improved nutrition and sanitation. However diptheria cases in the US in the 1920 was equivalent to around 600,000 with 15-20,000 cases. There have been thirteen cases since 2000. The same with at least a dozen other conditions and smallpox has disappeared The problem is that vaccination doesn’t fit with your conspiracy theory that all doctors are trying to make money from people being ill and hence these childish arguments.

            You will remember the disclaimer on your own website saying that this ” advice ” doesn’t not substitute for professional diagnosis . This is how black salve kills people by ignorant people believing unsubstantiated claims about the efficacy or treating cancers.
            You group all non skin cancers as “internal cancers and claim about half are cured but you are unable to make any rational explanation of how you know this.
            People like you encourage people by your actions to use unproven medicine and will die as a consequence.

            Cancer rates are increasing in some cancers.That is because of the aeitology of cancer. You cant get a secondary cancer from treatment if you havent had a cancer treated in the first place so one agian this statement is simply stupid. Many risk factors are for mutliple cancers. Secondary primaries are common with smoking.
            Age is a risk factor for cancer . prostate cance ris almost universal in men over ninety. As more men live to that age the cancer incidence will increase.
            And before you label this as an apologist this is simply factual explaination. You need to stop making up excuses for pathological processes you dont agree with
            As for your “testimonials” it seems strange you have 20,000 of them and have treated 20,000 people.The fact is you have no idea what people have what they are using it for or what effect it has. You dont ask on the order form you dont follow people up nor do you ask for proof of diagnosis.
            It is all based entirely on your own statements.
            You are simply changing your statments to justify that you are a liar and refuse to answer direct questions.

            As continuing our commentary on irony you talk of fraud and then make claims about 50% cure rates you cant prove , papers that dont exist and deny simple facts about immunisation or simply make up testimonials or rely on imaginary statements.

            I will ask now for the ninth time – answer the questions

          • Murray, if you had even taken 60 seconds to examine Meditopia, you’d know that I provide plenty of references for the fundamental work that was done in the 1800’s. You seem perturbed that the standards of clinical studies that were conducted by the early pioneers of escharotic preparations do not meet your standards.

            Anyone who will go through this thread will be irritated to find that I have answered your questions at great length, often numbering them point-by-point, and then you follow up with more demands for material that I already covered. I have no compunction for your refusal to acknowledge my information.

            As for the cases we work with, you demand that I provide clinical figures, when anyone who knows what we do are aware that we provide products and work with end users and their practitioners. We don’t treat people. We are not in their physical presence. The vast majority of our customers purchase our products and then we never hear from them again until they order our products again. I often get emails from customers where they relate an internal cancer — liver, lung, colorectal, bone . . . it varies — five or ten or fifteen years ago. They are grateful, and the fact that they did not get back to me sooner has no bearing on the legitimacy of their experience. You have this perverted notion that if people from your camp cannot verify “cancer cures” using YOUR criteria, then lay people have no right to lay claim to any legitimacy of what they’ve experienced with their own bodies. What wholesale bullshit.

            The percentages I cited earlier in this thread concern those customers who decide to work with my wife (Cathryn Caton, N.D.), because they have no other practitioner to work with, despite that the fact that my wife always prefers that people have their own local, qualified practitioner to work with. She documents her successes and her failures, which are about evenly split. Nowhere on any of our sites have we ever claimed that we have conducted blind studies, nor was the structure of our relationships with our customers such that this was ever possible.

            What irks me most, however, is that the blind studies that you clamor for have turned into a medium of massive fraud by the pharmaceutical industry. The NE Journal of Medicine had received so many complaints along these lines that they published an article about it a few years back — this, despite the fact that they get their advertising and virtually all their support from the very industry they were criticizing.

            You lost any molecules of respect I might have had for you when you began pushing — on this thread where the focus is Black Salve — on the virtues of vaccinations. I have dealt with countless doctors over the years who have come to the conclusion, privately, that vaccinations are one of the biggest scams ever pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. I happen to be a fan of the work of Andrew Wakefield, M.D. — see : . . . and then I have been an eyewitness to this travesty on a very personal level. My one and only nephew, Daniel, born healthy and without any infirmities, became autistic in 1994 after receiving a set of childhood vaccinations.

            So . . . just keep that disinfo machine going . . . because the mountain of lies behind the industry you represent just keeps getting more and more evident.

          • The fact that you are a fan should be no surprise. Your terrible website if full of homage to every fake and quack in the last 150 years albeit nothing for over forty years. The similarities between a fake like him who exploited vunerable people and has contributed to the deaths of people and yourself is quite uncanny.
            You should read Brian Deers excellent dissection of this organized fraud. Its so simple even you would find it hard not to comprehend. But that you admire a conventional medically trained doctor who was funded by big Pharma to promote vaccinations – albeit single ones – and made up a paper published in a peer reviewed journal of the type you now object to while withholding any declaration of interest- seems to contradict everything you have said.
            He did not tell parents he had been paid around $700,000 to gather evidence for the claim that the MMR caused autism. He implied that the triad of bowel disease, autism and MMR were linked in the twelve children. However even in his paper only six of the children had all three. When the cases were examined none of the twelve had all three . When the pathological samples were re examined none had signs of inflammation.
            The average time of onset of symptoms of autism was between three months and thirty nine months – he rounded it up…. to 38 hours.
            A recent study of MRI in neonates has demonstrated that autism is a congenital condition . The notion that is created by a vaccine is simply utterly wrong.
            So in short it was an entirely fabricated paper by a dishonest man who made a lot of money dishonestly – now remind me why you admire him again?!
            Vaccinations save lives. You have avoided the fact that you were wrong about polio dropping in the 1940s. Polio, tetanus, whooping cough, mumps, measles ,rubella , H influenzae have all been reduced by more than 99% and smallpox eradicated completely. Rotavirus has reduced infections in Mexico by over 80% in a few years. But trying to present facts and patently visible evidence to a denialist will be predictably rejected. Safe to say that no one of any intelligence holds vaccination theories in any regard.
            I have to say I did laugh at your endorsement by astronaut and scientist…….he did seem to go a bit loopy at the same time as endorsing you he was driveling on about strange energy and aliens that coinhabited the earth……………!!

            As for answering my questions you haven’t – you simply say you have and refer continually.
            I have asked about childhood leukaemia and you have never answered
            I have asked for the reference to the paper from 1848 you said was published and you haven’t given it.

            As for your explanation of your cure rates I don’t think I have ever seen a thinner waffle in my life. And again forgetting your earlier post you had said you had treated over 20,000 people and I reminded you that you are an unqualified salesman with a history of fraud and criminal charges – or as you like to call yourself a master herbatologist.
            There is no “camp “ for defining what a cure is. It is generally accepted that not being dead or not having the disease is a good place to start. You made extremely definitive claims about “ cure” rates which you are now, thankfully, admitting to be absolutely baseless. THIS is “wholesale bullshit”. You are saying half the people with “internal cancers” are cured when in actual fact you have no idea who had what and who survived or not. You are simply making stuff up on and expecting people to take your word for it. It is just utter crap. If you want a maths lesson in order to get percentages you have to have two numbers – you don’t have either.
            You cannot explain how your crap works, what process it undergoes how it travels in the body and what happens to the tumor. You cant explain how something less corrosive than sea water burns the skin and out pops a tumor. Perhaps you need to read your own disclaimer about “ this isn’t a treatment ..and there is no evidence……….” it’s the only honest thing you have ever written
            As for the ND – not a doctor – again completely made up and we have to take your word which we have seen is pretty flimsy. Based on cure rates ? Could be two patients if even any existed. So more “bullshit”
            And spare the autism / vaccine fantasy………as demonstrated above it is a congenital condition and the paper was removed from history. Even someone as limited intellect as you can see the made up bits.

            Go and read for yourself. It will be an education.

          • Epidemiologists have known for years that diseases follow cycles within societies, with or without treatment. Orthodox medicine has ridden with these peaks and falls, attempting to take credit for a host of phenomenon that occur naturally within mammalian populations. (That includes us, Murray.) Yet, behind it all, orthodox medicine has been a dismal failure, which is why Ivan Illich, after a lifetime of study, could come to the conclusion (by the late 70’s no less) that, “”The medical establishment has become a major threat to health.” Anyone who wants to know what a complete joke conventional medicine is, need only read his monograph, “Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis and the Expropriation of Health.” See : . . . or that of Dr. Thomas McKeown, “The Role of Medicine: Dream, Mirage or Nemesis?”

            Murray, you’re like a crooked accountant who cooks the books and condemns anyone who questions the methods you used to come up with your phony numbers. You have the audacity to come on to this board when the majority of contributors just want to honestly and openly express their personal experience with Black Salve. It is — after all — why this board was created in the first place.

            But you don’t like that. You belong to a class of people who don’t think that people have the right to interpret their own experiences for themselves. You insist on using your own scientific criteria. But SCIENCE, as Thomas Kuhn made so clear in “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions,” IS NOT ABOUT THE QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE. It’s about the quest for concensus among a professional elite who insist on telling everybody else how to think and what to believe.

            It is this that you embody.
            And you must now face a world that is waking up . . .and which, regardless of how assiduously you work to impede it, is just plain sick of your shit.

          • Murray . . . I suppose that adherence to third-grade arithmetic would be too much to expect of you. Eight years of college did not evidently improve your math skills. Let’s start from the top. If I have made a total of 4,000 pounds (2 tons) of product since 1990, and we have had not less than 20,000 end users, that would mean that each one has used — on average — 1/5th of a pound of product. The larger jar (which is mostly what we sell) is 102 grams. There are 454 grams in a pound. More advanced cases may use two jars.

            Feel foolish yet? Any apologies forthcoming?
            Of course, not.

          • still waiting...

            My mistake – four jars – if conviently the most conservative estimates on the weight of produce and the liberal end of people sold are actually correct. Which scientists endorsed? One astronaut? Gosh….Oh course they would be good scientists as they agree with you and if anyone disgreed then they too would be an apologist for some world wide conspiracy….Having one scientist or Buck Rodgers of course doesnt make a fake real.

            But oh dear Greggie – I think you are forgetting your own lies. You said earlier that one jar was enough to treat most people – 25 grams. You said that the large jar was “enough to treat a whole room full of people” – when I asked why you sold it you didnt reply – now one person needs at least two jars to treat two rooms presumably. So at a dollar a gram still a lot of cash and hence why you are apologist for selling fake medicine.
            Assuming that anything you say is actually verifiable or true ….nothing so far…If I said I had email testimonial that I had healed 20,000 people just by thinking about them this would be no more believable
            And Ill try again as your gutless run away instinct took over again when asked a direct question – and please dont for Jesus sake refer to your own shit website

            “And I know I ask in vain w wry time as you are too cowardly to answer a direct question
            Childhood leukaemia …. Fatal in the 1940s …. Now over 90% cured …
            Cancer mortality reduced by 45% since the 1970s ”

            ” How do you calculate 50% mortality form “internal” cancers?”…

            So man up girly boy and answer the questions.

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  119. answer the questions and stop avoiding them

    Here we are greggie boy – think this summarises your anti vaccine nonsense

    “How one addresses the antivaccine movement has been a problem since the time of Jenner. The best way in the long term is to refute wrong allegations at the earliest opportunity by providing scientifically valid data. This is easier said than done, because the adversary in this game plays according to rules that are not generally those of science.

    Ehreth estimates that vaccines annually prevent almost 6 million deaths worldwide.In the USA, there has been a 99% decrease in incidence for the nine diseases for which vaccines have been recommended for decades accompanied by a similar decline in mortality and disease sequelae.”

  120. stop wasting space.

    • Ive tried to tell him but he keeps conung back with more and more derranged shit as he makes a fortune selling crap but maybe he will listen to you

      • It’s probably time to stop typing as every time you do you simply show your ignorance 
        So back to the epidemiologists -or convention doctors who support vaccination in that modern medical abomination as they are otherwise called . 
        Not all diseases show  cyclical variation in incidence . They are called endemic and there incidence is relatively static.  Some diseases cause epidemics and some pandemics. 
        Transmission of disease depends on a host of factors type of organism infectivity easy of transmission the role of a vector, geography climate genetic variance. Hence there is no epidemic of rabies or malaria. 
        So with many diseases relatively static in incidence a vaccine or twenty are introduced in a country or two hundred and the incidence goes down or in the case of smallpox is irradicated . In countries with cyclical incidence like rota virus the incidence can be tracked for the last forty years and the peaks stop after the introduction. It’s utterly evident but you are as I have said before the medical equivalent of a holocaust denier. You are simply made to look stupid and the best you can do is pretend that it’s all made up . As for me cooking the books I’m afraid you flatter me as I have no real control over the incidence of infectious diseases and who dies from them worldwide .
        The WHO recognises the extent of the problem. It states five times as many  articles on harm  as benefit but mainly without science or evidence and largely from litigatous cultures. 
        So hundreds of countries with tens of diseases so several thousand documented  reductions or removal of each disease in a country and it’s all a coincidence?
        Why not demonstrate an epidemiologist who thinks this rather than the personal opinions of a philosopher from 38 years ago? Why not ? Because you can’t that’s why not. As I stated no one of any intellectual capacity holds to vaccine conspiracy theories . 
        For modern medicine being disastrous presumably if you had meningitis you would reject antibiotics , got diabetes reject insulin and not have anaesthetics or aseptic equipment and not have a pacemaker if you got heart block .
        In your mentally disturbed world all scientists doctors pharmacological companies and governments liaise to try and exploit people increase illness shorten life worsen prognosis and increase maternal and child deaths and let diseases flourish…..and champions  like sell acid pastes for millions of dollars and if it doesn’t work its their own fault, a fake , not enough effort or not your fault as you said it is practically completely effective. 
        You are morally bankrupt and profit from people’s death by encouraging them not to seek a diagnosis and to self treat . People die for your greed. 

        • Murray, you can stick to your “talking points” all you want. It doesn’t make any of them true. Black Salve is not “acid paste.” We’ve covered this before, ad nauseam. Your posts contain this hidden assumption that if you lie often enough, post it frequently, and don’t stop, that somehow — magically — your dribble will assume an air of possibility. It doesn’t work that way.

          We have NEVER told anyone that they should not get a reliable diagnosis. Many people, however, are aware that Black Salve is both therapeutic and diagnostic. Properly made, Black Salve, does little more than irritate healthy tissue. The presence of cancer cells are required to initiate a full escharotic reaction. This is a solid fact you cannot change no matter what you do.

          As for launch support for vaccinations, you will find few people in the alternative medical community who will cater to your prejudices. You make it sound like people such as Andrew Wakefield, M.D., are complete frauds. For what good reason? Why would someone risk their life and reputation by warning the public about the dangers of vaccinations? Why would they make up fake data? It’s nonsense.

          Your promulgation of fake cancer figures is nauseating. I had a friend of mine in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a retired M.D., who — strictly as a hobby — would collect newspapers from the 1800’s. He wasn’t interested in the news. He meticulously studied the obit sections. He told me on several occasions that the most striking observation from his study was how few people ever died of cancer in those days.

          This correlates with Samuel Milham, M.D. and his work. He published a book last year entitled, “Dirty Electricitity : Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization.” His conclusions mimic Ivan Illich’s. The man is 81 years old now and throughout a long, illustrious career, he had to deal with one attempt after another to have his data altered by medical authorities who didn’t like his conclusions. EM pollution has caused cancer incidence to skyrocket and has introduced a carcinogenic etiology that few people were ever exposed to even a century ago.

          None of this has any meaning to you, of course.
          Because truth is your greatest enemy.
          It is anathema to any conventional medical propagandist.
          What you do sickens me to no end.

          • wakefield - what everyone else knows apart from you.

            Im not sure if you are mentally ill retarded or just trying to keep up the pretence just fr the sake of your fraudulent business.
            My “talking points” ? You mean a brief summary of the nature of incidence of infectious diseases? What doesnt make them true? You are simply arguing about facts by saying they arent true. You have no medical knowledge and are at best a college educated ignoramus. THESE ARE FACTS YOU MORON. They are not disputed by anyone except you.

            The fact that a man who worked for a vaccine company and was promoting vaccination is heralded by the anti vaccine movement as a “blend of Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ” just shows how fucking thick they / you are . You honeslty couldnt make this stuff up.
            And please FFS?????? Why WOULD he fabricated research HE DID FIFTEEN YEARS AGO YOU THICK FUCK.
            At least if you are going to be someones bitch try and keep up.

            Here is a summary…………
            Andrew Wakefield is about as discredited as it is possible for a doctor to get. He was found to have ordered invasive investigations on children without either the qualifications or authority to do so. He conducted research on nine children without Ethics Committee approval. He mismanaged funds, and accepted hundreds of thousands of pounds from lawyers attempting to discredit the MMR vaccine, being found by the GMC to have intentionally misled the Legal Aid Board in the process. He was not just dishonest, unprofessional and dangerous; his contempt for the rules and regulations that safeguard children in research projects was vile.
            He held one child down with three adults. Another child has his bowel perforated while gather samples for his research and had life threatening complications resulting in a payout for negligence of £500,000.
            He claimed to have found measles in the samples of bowel and CSF. He found none.

            Here are some of the fabrications
            .This is in the public domain – please feel free to check

            The paper in The Lancet was a case series of 12 child patients; it reported a proposed “new syndrome” of enterocolitis and regressive autism and associated this with MMR as an “apparent precipitating event.” But in fact:

            “Three of nine children reported with regressive autism did not have autism diagnosed at all. Only one child clearly had regressive autism;

            “Despite the paper claiming that all 12 children were “previously normal,” five had documented pre-existing developmental concerns;

            “Some children were reported to have experienced first behavioural symptoms within days of MMR, but the records documented these as starting some months after vaccination;

            “In nine cases, unremarkable colonic histopathology results—noting no or minimal fluctuations in inflammatory cell populations—were changed after a medical school “research review” to “non-specific colitis”;

            “The parents of eight children were reported as blaming MMR, but 11 families made this allegation at the hospital. The exclusion of three allegations—all giving times to onset of problems in months—helped to create the appearance of a 14 day temporal link;

            “Patients were recruited through anti-MMR campaigners, and the study was commissioned and funded for planned litigation.

            Why DID he do it ( note the use of the corrrect word – not WOULD ) ?
            Like yourself to make money.

            Wakefield—in partnership with the father of one of the boys in the study—had planned to launch a venture on the back of an MMR vaccination scare that would profit from new medical tests and “litigation driven testing”. The Washington Post reported that Deer said that Wakefield predicted he “could make more than $43 million a year from diagnostic kits” for the new condition, autistic enterocolitis. He was also promoting the use of single vaccines which he was paid for by the company whcih made them.

            There now this isnt too difficult for you.surely??

          • wakefield - what everyone else knows apart from you. 2

            Before the introduction of the measles jab in the UK in 1968, about HALF A MILLION people caught measles each year of whom about 100 died.

            Annual measles deaths fell to SINGLE FIGURES after the introduction of the MMR vaccine in 1988 but concerns over the jab’s safety were raised in the late 1990s when Wakefield produced a since discredited paper suggesting MMR was linked to an increased risk of autism.

            Now immunisation has gone down the disease has reappeared…………what an amazing coincidence.

            Please explain how you see no connection whatsoever?

          • Murray,
            MMR vaccines contained Thimerosal. For adults, they may still do so, though for children, the vaccines allegedly no longer contain this preservative – a highly toxic mercury compound. (I say, “Allegedly…”)
            Ever heard the expression, “… mad as a hatter…” ? Of course, you have, Englishman. Hatters used mercury vapour to shape the hats they made. It sent them mad. Completely bonkers. They put this filth in vaccines for children. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin. NEUROTOXIN. NEUROTOXIN. NEUROTOXIN. That’s central nervous system poison.
            So what do you think autism is? Sugar addiction?
            Funny… I could have sworn it was a CNS dysfunction.

          • prof? dont flatter yourself...

            No autism is a congenital condition which can be detected in neonates by MRI scanning. It is not caused by vaccines or preservatives. Im sorry to disappoint and educate you at the same time. You might want to read the posts above on Andrew Wakefield and his falsified results above…again good education.
            Please if you dont have an original thought in your head please stop posting its embarrassing.

            And as for AZT …..Im afraid it went out about twenty years ago as the mainstay of HIV treatment………..but its certainly better than poisonous gas thats for sure…….

          • prof? dont flatter yourself...

            and just for your information Im not English….
            and “filth” – they manage to put mercury in teeth in massive more quantities and no harm there……arenic is present in many food stuffs and its posionous…………..heavens above even carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas and they put it in fizzy drinks……..wonders will never cease.
            Zinc oxide…a potent chemical irritant..they put that in that black salve crap……

          • prof? dont flatter yourself...

            actually i see you have read it you are just too cretinous to understand. Another medical holocaust denier . All you do when confronted with an intelligent summary and when there is not a shred of proof linking MMR with autism is make your self look unbelievable ignorant and have to rely on the “I know better – its a cover up” /FDA/ Pharma/ government……..
            have you honestly asked yourself why? Why governments would want autistic children or people to die of cancer? Why woulld workers for companies jepordise their own lifes and their families lives to hide an apparent cure? How would they manage to prove this only to keep it secret.? – it would take a massive cover up involving tens of millions of people – but you dont answer questions do you…as you cant
            The increase in autism diagnoses even occured after mercury was removed…………..what bit are you struggling with?

          • back to the autism nonsense......

            But here is a wee thought………would poisoning by mercury not give you .em mercury poisoning…..? I know I know……such awkward awful questions….

          • No, you’re not English. I was kidding. You can’t even write the language correctly. Mmmm, mercury-silver amalgams… I hadn’t mentioned those, but since you have, consider yourself quoted on them: “… they manage to put mercury in teeth in massive more quantities and no harm there……arenic is present in many food stuffs and its posionous…………..heavens above even carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas and they put it in fizzy drinks……..wonders will never cease.
            Zinc oxide…a potent chemical irritant..they put that in that black salve crap……
            Mercury in teeth certainly is in much more massive quantities, but it’s bound up with silver and releases slowly over time. That’s not so in the case of the vaccine. But in dispute with your claim that there’s no harm there, the damage it does is enormous. Nobody can ever state correctly that it doesn’t leach out and that it does no harm. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge in the chemistry of metals wouldn’t dare say what you have said except an inveterate liar. It cannot fail to leach and it cannot fail to have toxic effects. Neurotoxin. Neurotoxin. Neurotoxin. Don’t waste your keystrokes claiming incorrect timing on autism incidences either, nor put it down to a congenital defect as if the cause must be genetic. Incidence patterns suggest something very different. Gestating infants cop the lion’s share of mum’s mercury, but I suppose you don’t know that, either. It occurs to me that it could easily account for the “congenital” incidence. See my next post with quotations from a former Boehringer-Ingelheim scientist.
            Arsenic is present in certain processed foods and has apparently been fed to chickens for the table, too. Frankly, that’s just as reprehensible as mercury in vaccines and teeth; there’s no excuse for any of it; and it must be stopped.
            Carbon dioxide exudes from our lungs. We produce it as a byproduct of metabolism. So if it’s so toxic, why haven’t you dropped dead already? Surely the toxic concentration can’t be so high if you must trouble to cite fizzy drinks? Ahhhh, perhaps it’s some other gas you’re full of. Oh! I know… Hydrogen sulphide…. Haaahhh… Where’s the bloody clothes peg? I’m sure it’s started to seep in through the router… Something sure smells bad.
            Mmmm, zinc chloride… You know, the way you talk, this stuff must be more toxic than mercury. I make my own hydrated form from Zn ingots and HCl. I put it in the black salve I make. (Snigger!) I get more reliably known purity at less expense that way. Interesting stuff. It’s got a whole range of distinct hydration states. Ever seen a ceramic material that rings like a bell, but soaks up water to become an oozy goo? Yeah, note that’s zinc chloride – not zinc oxide. Didn’t have that one right earlier either, did you?
            You’re not posting to an unknowledgable ignoramus here, nor someone with a miniscule IQ comparable to yours, Murray. I’ve read your drivel. Thjere’s no comprehension proble. Only a credibility problem and I DON’T get intimidated by my inferiors. Not a damned thing you’ve posted in this forum to ANYONE is either educational, or even constructive. How bloody dare you presume to “educate” me. You’re hardly even fit to educate a dog on the etiquette of pissing on lamp posts.

          • Sorry Greg, I think this is actually your discussion (I use the word very loosely!) discussion string – but please permit just this liberty here, with the quotes from Helen Ratajczak.
            “The article [Theoretical Aspects of Autism: Causes—A Review” by scientist Helen Ratajczak] goes on to discuss many potential vaccine-related culprits, including the increasing number of vaccines given in a short period of time. “What I have published is highly concentrated on hypersensitivity,” Ratajczak told us in an interview, “the body’s immune system being thrown out of balance.” University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Brian Strom, who has served on Institute of Medicine panels advising the government on vaccine safety says the prevailing medical opinion is that vaccines are scientifically linked to encephalopathy (brain damage), but not scientifically linked to autism. As for Ratajczak’s review, he told us he doesn’t find it remarkable. “This is a review of theories. Science is based on facts. To draw conclusions on effects of an exposure on people, you need data on people. The data on people do not support that there is a relationship. As such, any speculation about an explanation for a (non-existing) relationship is irrelevant.” Ratajczak also looks at a factor that hasn’t been widely discussed: human DNA contained in vaccines. That’s right, human DNA. Ratajczak reports that about the same time vaccine makers took most thimerosal out of most vaccines (with the exception of flu shots which still widely contain thimerosal), they began making some vaccines using human tissue. Ratajczak says human tissue is currently used in 23 vaccines. She discusses the increase in autism incidences corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR [Mumps, Measles & Rubella] vaccine, and suggests the two could be linked. Ratajczak also says an additional increased spike in autism occurred in 1995 when chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue. Why could human DNA potentially cause brain damage? The way Ratajczak explained it to me: “Because it’s human DNA and recipients are humans, there’s homologous recombination tiniker. That DNA is incorporated into the host DNA. Now it’s changed, altered self and body kills it. Where is this most expressed? The neurons of the brain. Now you have body killing the brain cells and it’s an ongoing inflammation. It doesn’t stop, it continues through the life of that individual.” Dr. Strom said he was unaware that human DNA was contained in vaccines but told us, “It does not matter…Even if human DNA were then found in vaccines, it does not mean that they cause autism.” Ratajczak agrees that nobody has proven DNA causes autism; but argues nobody has shown the opposite, and scientifically, the case is still open. A number of independent scientists have said they’ve been subjected to orchestrated campaigns to discredit them when their research exposed vaccine safety issues, especially if it veered into the topic of autism. We asked Ratajczak how she came to research the controversial topic. She told us that for years while working in the pharmaceutical industry, she was restricted as to what she was allowed to publish. “I’m retired now,” she told CBS News. “I can write what I want.” CBS News reporting on Helen Ratajczak’s article linking human-DNA vaccines with autism. [Here, I note several specific items the CBS article raises. 1. The body’s immune system is being thrown out of balance (by vaccines in increasing number and frequency); 2. The prevailing medical opinion disagrees that vaccines are linked with autism, according to Dr. Brian Strom, who in the same breath ADMITS direct association with brain damage – so what the hell does he think autism is – sugar addiction? “Brain damage” is much worse and actually adds dozens of other neurological diseases to the list alongside autism, since one must be mindful already that vaccines are notorious autoimmune disease triggers; 3. Toxic Thimerosal in vaccines and if most has been taken out, that still leaves some, but wait! It’s been replaced with something else to continue fuelling the global disease epidemic – recombinant human DNA and that is your autoimmune disease trigger, because as Ratajczak correctly points out, it is recombinant in humans and therefore “changes self” to trigger immune response – permanently; 4. A number of scientists said they’ve been subjected to orchestrated campaigns to discredit their research into vaccine safety issues and especially if it went near autism, indicating SOMEBODY behind the scenes knows precisely that vaccines and autism ARE linked, but is determined to prevent official acknowledgement by those who represent the “prevailing medical opinion” by merely perpetuating an apparent “absence of peer-accredited proof”; 5. Ratajczak herself was restricted in what she could publish while in the employ of pharmaceutical corporation Boehringer-Ingelheim, but can now write what she wants; 6. She’s not the first who was on the inside of this stinker of an industry to blow the whistle and she won’t be the last. 7. Something not mentioned in this CBS news article is the advent of the infamous “Danish Studies” of 2002 & 2003 organised by Poul Thorsen. These retrospective metastudies produced conclusions that there is no correlation between the Thimerosal-bearing MMR vaccine and the incidence of autism. The studies are widely criticised as being invalid – that they were corruptly contrived to protect sales of the vaccine and also protect the progenitors of it from litigation or prosecution. There are very strong indications that the claims correctly implicate Thorsen and colleagues in scientific fraud and Thorsen was actually indicted on charges of fraud, money laundering and “theft” of up to $2 million from the Centers for Disease Control. CDC was the sponsor and major funding source for the studies – the charges against Thorsen were limited to the financial arrangements of the studies as they were disbursed through a CDC insider named Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp and had nothing to do with the study conclusions. CDC was able to get off the hook and leave Thorsen as the fall guy, yet still benefited from the work of Thorsen and colleagues. Despite the accusations against Thorsen and colleagues on the veracity and reliability of the studies, CDC and other affiliated organisations still cite the Danish Studies’ conclusions to allay public concern in America about the vaccine. Even Dr. Stephen Barrett cites them in his pro-orthodox literature. So although Thimerosal is now supposedly no longer present in MMR vaccines administered to children, I am not aware of any overt official recognition of the Thimerosal-autism link; nor of any class actions of litigation that would surely arise out of a wider public awareness of the real truth.]

          • This is the most delusional crap I have ever read. So there is no connection proven repeatedly in hundreds of thousands of children looked at in dozens of countries with thiomersal, MMR or vaccinations. None . Zero. in fact it was described as the “biggest medical hoax of the last 100 years. ……..pretty definite there.
            And you come along and single handed make up another excuse for how mercury poisoning in the mother somehow translates into autism, or DNA ……..not that vaccines are purified or anything. Could you honestly get any more a fantastic explanation by a sole lunatic??

      • Murray, I have no relationship with any of the posters who have been posting their comments on this page. Nor do I hold conversations with them elsewhere. The very fact that you would think that I would do something so pubescent as to take up other screen names and post in another identity — which you have been doing since you first discovered this blog — tells me that you know no more about me or my work than you know about Black Salve and the nature of escharotic preparations.

        Not a damn thing.

        You have failed to convince anyone here of your position. You have only managed to activate Gresham’s Law on this blog, driving out and diluting the good, the honest and true, by compound trash upon more trash, which is all your comments have been.

        • The good the honest and the true – you are one of the most publised fakes on the plant . Nothing you say has any basis on reality and people need to be warned of your profiteering disregard for humanity. You are scum just think everyone should be aware of it – a bit like Andrew Wakefield

        • Hello Greg.
          This one’s for you. It’s a recipe. Ingredients are:
          1. DMSO 99.9%
          2. MSM 100%
          3. Olive Oil, extra virgin
          4. Emu Oil
          5. Wintergreen Essential Oil in 1:1 Ethanol:water (White Willow bark can be used instead)
          6. Lemon Peel Essential Oil
          7. Calendula Flower
          8. Arnica Flower
          9. St. John’s Wort
          10. Menthol crystals 100%
          11. Jalapeno fruit
          12. Ginger
          13. Boswellia as 1:1 Ethanol:water extract or pure resin crystals
          14. Black Peppercorn
          15. Turmeric
          16. Cats Claw
          17. Comfrey
          18. Gotu Kola (Indian Pennywort)
          19. Astragalus
          21. Aloe Vera
          22. Gibberellic Acid
          23. Magnesium Chloride

          Most ingredient quantities are flexible. Use your own “feel” for the ingredients and what performance you most want to get out of it.
          DMSO steep to extract essences from herbs etc. and then strain and filter them through unbleached paper – each separately from its own steeping bottle into its own ready-to-mix bottle. For most herbs, I use about 20 g of dried product in 200 ml DMSO. I then use as much filtrate of each ingredient as I want and document the exact amount of each for any given batch. Magnesium chloride dissolved in minimum necessary distilled water. DMSO won’t dissolve it, but once it’s aqueous, DMSO will marry with the solution. Simply weigh and add the crystal ingedients, then measure and add the oils. Gibberellic Acid (GA3 Isomer only) is the special one – an optional ingredient – but then, so are several of the others listed, anyway. It is only available in 90% purity and I don’t like that. I purify it further to 99%+ by settling out the heavy metal impuritities in Acetone, drawing 80% of the solution off the top after three days kept still and cool in a tall, slender bottle and then evaporating the Acetone completely. The remaining 20% solution is retained for comparative analysis, but is never used. Only 0.01 gram of this hormone per litre of formula is used, so measure and add it last. The mix is not homogeneous – the oils rise. So mix thoroughly before decanting into each and every bottle for near-uniform constituency. Bottles are 50 ml or 100 ml narrow-necked amber glass with polyethylene dripper neck inserts. Polyethylene is DMSO-proof. So is Polypropylene. Other than those, the usual glass, steel, wood or ceramic containers only. Same with any other utensils used with it.

          I think you can easily guess what this stuff will do, but firstly, it’s topical for unbroken skin only.

          It’s foremost an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Penetrates the skin in mere seconds, takes full analgesic effect in about 45 seconds and just a few drops can last up to 12 hours. I typically get 10 hours out of mine, but that may take more than a few drops – maybe six – or even more if the seat of the pain is deep, such as in a hip joint. It’s because this ingredient list is considerably extended beyond the original dedicated anti-inflammatory and analgesic formulas, which had only ingredients 1 to 13 or 1 to 15 in them. Doesn’t work for every ache and pain but does beautifully for most – arthritis, muscular, back, sciatica, sunburn (but not on broken blisters), sprained and broken ankles, migraine and so on. Not for sensitive skin areas such as eardrum, anal region, eyelids, mucous membranes, open wounds etc. It may not actually burn or harm in these regions, but it’ll sure as hell light up the nerves something fierce for 10 to 20 minutes until acetylcholine neurotransmitters are depleted enough to numb the region. On normal skin areas, it merely feels “warm and silky”. Some small percentage of people can show a local allergic reaction on the skin. Test with a drop first before using fully. Cannot be used.internally, must not be swallowed and keep it away from children. Keep it at coolish room temperature and out of sunlight. Never allow it to become contaminated (you know the rules with DMSO). Apply and gently rub it in with fingers – gloves are not to be trusted.
          Secondly, it’s a healing promoter, especially for bone, cartilage, tendon and ligament, but it will help just about any tissue to heal faster and may help regenerate arthritic joints over time with regular use.
          Thirdly, it’s a potent antifungal and works brilliantly on tinea, ringworm, etc. Kills the itching for ten hours or longer, but 2 to 3 days of regular use about every 6 hours will also totally eliminate the fungus. I know. I’ve tested it.
          Fourth, it’s antibacterial and will even handle multi-drug-resistant bugs.
          Fifth, it’s a local immune response regulator, therefore very good for RA, SLE at the local level.
          Sixth, it has anticarcinomic and some protective properties, though it’s not actually formulated with this in mind.
          Other than the cautions mentioned, it is free of any nasty side effects and very potent. I love mine.
          I think you will, too.
          FOOTNOTE: To other readers here, please understand that you need to know what you’re doing in the making of this stuff, as you would with black salve. It’s not child’s play, so although I would not discourage you out of hand, it definitely requires fairly advanced chemistry and herbal knowledge and considerable care – lest thou inadvertently createth a monster that can harm thee.

      • You have just made me laugh.

  121. Hi,
    I found your website when I was at the end of my ropes. After a long time battling skin cancer I had decided my only option was to end my life. I sought help from the medical community and the treatment options would have left me totally disfigured. I was just a number, a billing invoice and no one really cared. I do believe modern medicine has a place but so does natural elements. Mankind did survive a long time with out what we call modern medicine. Whenever I asked for natural treatment I was shown the door and my problem progressed. I have suffered greatly and as I said I was about to give up completely.

    Your site has given me some hope or at least one more chance. I will gather my strength one more time and with God’s help and yours I will survive this toxic situation. Thank you for giving me some hope when the doctors gave me none.

    • Good luck. You might as well give it a go. Don’t forget the check out the utube testimonials.

  122. is there anythnig you dont believe?

    Black salve is an acid paste.It has no “diagnostic” capabilities – only in your imagination. IIn order for it to penetrate the skin it must damage the cells .If in your supposed treatment of breast cancer it doenst part the cells like Moses and walk through. You are simply making stuff up . You cant explain how it works or how it penetrates skin. You cant explain how the paste works or how “internal “tumours are removed.
    There are many published examples of people being burned or in one case a man creating a perforation of his bowel which I have detailed earlier. But as they are printed in the real world you simply dismiss anything written by anyone more intelligent and more honest than you – which is virtually everyone – as fake/ cover up / abomination/conspiracy/ dont need facts or proof / all science is made up. Such a colossal collection of excuses as to why you are right and everyone else is dishonest and wrong.
    You have repeated said it is cheaper than going to a dermatology clinic – that you have treated 20000 people that you have a cure rate of more than 99% then admitted you have no records no proof and no idea.
    Then on your webpage make lots of excuses as to why if it doesnt work then it is all down to the user.
    Ans sweet Jesus – an imaginary docotr looking at old newpapers and this somehow is evidence. Jees – there were no aircraft deaths, no road traffic accidents….there were not many post mortems, no microscopes til 1840 , no staining till 1900, no MRI CT, XRAY Ultrasound……….and they didnt make a diagnosis of cancer. Next you will be saying that they died of infectious diseases that arent prevelant anymore ……………..all twenty of the biggest killers – by a strange natural phenomenon …or in childbirth- or accidents – or malnutrition….and that they all lived even longer as we do now – if only those pesky modern inventions hadnt made things so much worse.
    Fucking moron

  123. cancer in the 1800s with Dr quincy......

    and the average life expectancy was forty two……………as cancer gets more common with age…..perhaps .and just hear me out …………it wasnt as common .or maybe wasnt diagnosed…………….radical ……

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  126. this is a joke

    Unfortunately this website could have been useful for those in need of assistance and support for skin cancer but it has turned into a joke.

    • From there it became an infomercial for everyone selling the stuff to make as many made up claims about 99% cure rates of all skin cancers and half of internal cancers . Claims referred to on YouTube claim it curing widespread bone cancers to brain cancer. At the same time decrying every single doctor university researcher government and pharmaceutical company as all being part of a works wide conspiracy to let people die of cancer – presumably only using the US model of health care as the rest of the world is counted out . Every fake and disproven cancer cure has been used to justify outlandish claims from orgasmatron boxes to vitamins.
      What is the joke is that the alternative health card select is worth billions – about $40 billion in the US alone- yet the sellers of fake medicine decry profits made by “big pharma” as it suits them . I would have thought $40 billion was big in anyone’s estimations .
      Yet ask for evidence and two things always happen – personal attacks and claims that proof doesn’t matter. Science is rubbish unless they agree with you – Nobel prize winners and loopy astronauts . And extending it to simply denying basic facts . Crooks that fabricated results for money have respect and vaccines which eliminated diseases and prevented millions of deaths are simply cashing in on a strange coincidence .
      If you have a disease make sure you have a diagnosis before embarking on treatment . And make sure the treatment works. To do otherwise is the real joke

  127. this is a joke

    MD – yes, it is a good idea to have diseases diagnosed but after doing that, wouldn’t you give black salve a go, just in case it does work. I would think that if you had a skin cancer such as basal cell carcinoma, you would want to try it out.

    • Personally I don’t think it’s a “good idea” I think it is essential to know what you are dealing with . The notion that one treatment can treat all sorts of conditions is simply not true.
      I’m not sure I want to ” have a go” to see if something works . If if doesn’t it might locally invade , rarely spread or cause much harder to treat complications . I don’t mind ” having a go ” with cup cake recipes but cancer is a slightly different issue
      So in my country I could see a specialist for free be diagnosed have a basal cell cancer excised it could be looked under the microscope to ensure complete excision treated in a sterile enviroment using proven techniques and followed up .
      Alternatively I could buy a paste from the Internet which would be home made , not quality controlled and potentially be fake . I would have no idea of its effectiveness or shelf life . I would have no recourse to compensation of it went wrong . It wold then take a period if time of self administered treatment which is dependant on my effort to treat myself.
      I would be relying on the word and evidence of non medical people who by all accounts guarantee cure rates based on speculation and unverifiable sources, are unable to explain how it works , attribute nothing short of magic and physiologically impossible effects and make ridiculous statements like removing g cancerous lesions by surgery causes them to spread .
      Thanks but no thanks .

  128. Wow. I came across this blog after viewing your youtube video (Dermatologist hate this video – natural skin cancer cures). I have to commend you for telling the truth about cancer, exposing big pharma, and providing resources to help those willing to free their minds. I was unaware of black salve as a treatment for skin cancer. I guess that can be added to the list of ALL the others.

    Thanks again. And keep it up.

    • Wow i just read you blog and it’s the same rehashed rubbish and advertising your own website to sell your own fake cures . What an original idea .
      Dr Clark – who could cure cancer- died of cancer . Maybe she got the parasite that causes cancer that doesnt exist in America
      Hoxley – own treatment didn’t work when he got cancer .eventually died of cancer .
      Vitamin b17 – doesn’t exist . Isn’t a vitamin . Doesn’t work .
      Royal rafe – disnt work either didn’t cure anyone but you can still buys battery with two electrodes for $300
      Budwig – unproven dietary nonsense from sixty years ago

      There we are – that will save anyone having to read another pile of crap

  129. this is a joke

    HI MD, Freedom of choice is very important. For those who want to use the salve, they should have the right to do so. If you prefer the traditional medical solution, that is your choice and you should be free to follow that path. All treatments have successes and failures. I have had close friends who followed exactly what their doctors had advised but unfortunately passed away. One required a bone marrow transplant due the effects of chemo and lost her life less than a year after the transplant. I guess that there there may also be patients who have followed the natural path who have also lost their lives. Whether someone chooses traditional or natural, the patient should feel supported and have faith in their decision.

    • Of course people have freedom of choice. However the also need freedom of information . There is a common marketing ploy used by “alternative” sellers that natural is good. Many of these sites quote the same historical quacks who to summarise have claimed that distiller water , coffee enemas, small electrical currents, boxes to sit in , vitamin c , different diets and tailored chemotherapy. Most are at least 40 years old and many approaching 100 ..
      quite simply cancer isnt one disease and there will not be one cure. It is big business which prays on the vulnerable and the desperate who will try anything.
      Of course there are unsavoury business practices , fail rates – however they usually get exposed pretty quickly. Wakefield , researcher on chronic fatigue , anti sickness drug, xigris for septic shock. If there is fraud or it’s made up it will get found out. However these are the exception and people denying better survival rates and more prevention and screening are simply flat earthers .
      However in the “alternative” field it’s multi billion dollar business and they have no morals and know that they have no proof fr what they do amd in many cases know that what they sell is completely ineffective. They are not bound by statute simply profit and it is utterly naive to think these people dont exist. However they make outlandish claims to make money. Mexico or indeed Guatemala seem to be thick with clinics outwith control.
      If people want to use them that is their choice. Unfortunately many victims of fraud are willing ,.

  130. And while success and failures are present in both treatment that is proven and “alternative ” treatment the existence if both does not equate with equal successes.
    Early breast cancer has a five year survival of almost 97% -while claiming alternative treatments may have successes it simply isn’t documented. And the is the crux of the issue . In the euro are study tens of millions of people and almost a million people with cancer studied . Information about treatment effect of age type of cancer and country where treated were all analysed.
    We know the outcome with normal treatment. It doesn’t exist for “alternative” .

    • I have breast cancer figures over five years from Contreras Hospital in San Diego, California. Much more respectable than the statistical norm. They use an Integrative Medicine model surprisingly similar to mine.

  131. And most have the moral equivalence of the man recently convicted for making millions selling fake bomb detectors

  132. this is a joke

    Michael, when money is involved, we will always get dishonest people out there. But unfortunately, those dishonest people make the honest ones look bad. I am sure that there are genuine providers of natural products, who care about the health of their customers. So many herbs in the world have not yet been proven to fix an ailment but just because they are not yet proven, it does not mean that they do not work. For example, echinacea. There must have been a time when echinacea was considered snake oil but now many people use to shorten the severity of a cold with great success. I know that a cold is not a serious illness but this is just a small example of a natural product that does work. Maybe the perfect solution is for doctors to work alongside naturopaths where they can combine their talents. Maybe one day.

    • “just because it hasn’t been proven to work doesn’t mean they don’t work ”
      This sums up the immoral irrational and unscientific approach of naturopathy . They may care but giving a ” treatment ” which is not proven to be effective is simply wrong . It is theft and it is dangerous . Covering someone’s head in orange peel in the basis that it hadn’t been proven not to work us plainly just stupid but suits the corrupt programming .
      These remedies advertised and not prefixed with ” hasn’t been shown to be effective ” rather statements of what they can and will do.
      Thd majority of medicines come from plants and natural substances . Echinacea had been looked at extensively . It doesn’t work . One study showing it reduced the duration failed to reveal the results methodology conflict Of interests or who funded thd study which turned out to be a maker of herbal supplements .
      Homeopathy has been looked at and is ineffective . Vitamins have been shown to either be ineffective in supplements or increase cancer risk as in folic acid and vitamin E.
      Real doctors in most countries have a fixed salary . They work on the basis of giving people treatment that works rather than the inescapabily stupid notion of giving something on the basis it hasn’t been proven not to be ineffective yet

  133. this is a joke

    Hi Michael, I should have been clearer when I wrote ‘just because it hasn’t been proven to work doesn’t mean they don’t work’. I meant that it may not have been proven to work by western medicine. For example, natural therapists may have used protocol A to fix illness Z for many years, with success. They can see that protocol A works against illness Z and therefore will continue to use it. So, it have been proven to work via natural avenues but not proven by western medicine. Given that western medicine will not use protocol A to fix illness Z, they will probably never see or prove that it works. I hope that this makes some sort of sense.
    I really do believe that there are some wonderful doctors out there but there are also some very good natural therapists that are helping patients where doctors may not have been able to fix the problem. That statement may also works the other way around where doctors may have come to the rescue where a natural therapist has not been able to assist.

  134. Im not sure there could be considered to be a lesser degree of burden of proof by the notional attribute to an ancient imaginary Eastern culture. Most institutions in the Far East will still look to commonly accepted levels of proof as evidence. Im afraid i dont buy the someone has used it and it works therefor it actually works as this is not proof – only non randomised irrepudicable here. Relying on a practionnners word that a treatment that they sell works is utterly and wholeheartedly unreliable. It certainly doesnt “prove” that a treatment works.
    The power of placebo , the power of paying for alternative “treatments” all contribute. However very often in alternative practice the diagnsisi is not clear nor is or can be evidence of resolution of a problem for which there cannot be clear diagnosis made. Simply because someone says their chronic fatigue is betteror there is less “bloating” is not proof.
    Ayou are trying to imply equivalence. Doctors treat everything and anything from orthopedics to cataacts to childbirth to pathog

    • Murray, I put this to you.

      Let’s take an hypothetical cancer case – a victim diagnosed correctly with Liver cancer – an aggressive one.

      How would you treat this patient?

      • And is your name Michael J. or Michael Thomas, in either case a radiation oncologist? Perhaps you’d recommend and use Cyberknife? After all, Paddy Swayze went for it with his pancreatic cancer, yes? Why not the liver, then?
        Hey, pardon me all to bits – I’m jumping to premature questions. YOU’RE gonna tell the story as to how to treat a liver cancer patient, aren’t you?

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    • I know the concept of there being more than three people in the world called Michael might seem strange but there you go – its true . Now liver cancer …. You do mean liver rather than pancreatic?
      Well the treatment depends … Are we talking primary or secondary . If a secondary which one? How many mets ? Of primary what is the cause ? Is there liver failure ? Hep b hep c? Hepatoma ? Cholangiocarcinoma ? Lymphoma ?
      Age of the patient ? I know on lala land one size fits all but in grown up land it’s a bit different….

  146. Primary hepatoma, HCV, mets existing, number and locations not all known, liver failure imminent. Age 35.
    I gonna love this….

  147. (Imminent = Early signs of jaundice).

  148. but if you do want to show some evidence that it works please feel free….or are you going to do a Greg and say evidence doesnt matter there are thousands of testimonial on the web etc etc……..

  149. but I do love how you go from ” precipitate “perhaps” in the heart” and then go on to confidently say something that may happen…according to you then suddenly definitely causes a doubling of the heart attack rate.. and no one has noticed but you with your access to your imaginary study group……..amazing

  150. Im sure you have hundreds of similar cases where they have all survived and regenerated their liver by using some recently discovered rock like kyrptonite…

  151. Kryptonite, not to be confused with the noble gas, is the theoretical 126th element. It will be an 8th period member of a third series of 15 Group T(a) transition elements like Lanthanides or Actinides. It will be radioactive with no stable isotopes and quite possibly have a toxicity similar to Plutonium. About two years ago, I named it Hawkingium (Hk) and the series Teslanides. Not that any of this would mean anything to you.
    And no, radiotherapy is destructive, not regenerative. If anything can regenerate the liver tissue, it will be oxidative therapy in concert with conjugated SOD, Glutathione and CoQ10 in two of its three redox states, plus something like Comfrey. But for the cancer, that “recently discovered rock” is none of the foregoing, but instead a hydrated Aluminium Silicate of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium, plus our old friend DMSO to deal with the HCV, perform as an adjuvant oxidative agent and do some chelating, potentiating, and differentiating. But all this is just rock basic stuff. It gets quite a bit more involved than that. Now, what have you got? Sticks and stones?
    And you’re right. I’m doing a Greg. He’s got nothing to prove to the likes of you and neither have I. You haven’t even managed to dredge up two rather well-known clinical studies, as it is. As far as you’re concerned, they don’t exist. WRONG….
    I’ll tell you what. You still haven’t troubled to describe how you would treat our hypothetical liver cancer patient, but I think you’re not going to. Perhaps you want us all to accept that drivel about coffee enemas, chemo, Cansema and – what else? – as if you were serious; but even then, you illuminated nothing whatsoever about the administration protocols of anything in it – no surprises there. You simply don’t know haw to administer anything of the kind. So I definitely don’t think you will illuminate anything. After all, the only stuff you’ve got to fall back on for use in such a case is the poison, slash and burn approach, which will quite comfortably yield a sub-1% survival probability in cases like this one. That’s a FAIL in any language, even though it is par for the course in allopathic medicine.
    Now, as a consequence of all this verbal time wasting and somewhat unappealing lambasting that’s been flying about, I have decided YOU don’t exist. There is no satisfactory proof that you exist. You’re no better or more substantial, to say nothing of being even in the slightest degree more intelligent or constructive, than one of those fake site agent “stringer” profiles on an American-styled adult dating site. They’re just about as vacuous as anybody can get. But at least they show some manners…
    That’s it. You are erased. You don’t exist.

    • I take it back .greg might be deluded but he patently isnt mentally ill as you clearly are . I think people claiming to discover new elements is clearly a sign.
      Pretending you treat people with practically incurable diseases successfully is just fantasy . As for your other post on an imaginary compound ….” gloves not to be trusted ” ? Acetylcholine is involved in meuromuscular transmission not pain so you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about .
      And it treats everything and does everything . If you weren’t mentally illit would be quite funny

  152. why are people on this forum so mean

    • Im afraid there is an element of frustration and retaliation. The premise of most of the posts on here and with many ” alternative ” health care websites are the same. Mulitnationals are out to make money, having already discovered a cure for ” cancer” which is free, universally successful, has no treatment failures., no recurrence, made from natural ingredients and there is a hidden conspiracy involving every doctor, healthcare system , university and government .
      The notion is that all ” alternative” health care produce is of course completely effective with no side effects and discounts the notion of sell diagnosis or misdiagnosis as potentially fatal.
      The page has simply been highjacked by many sellers of internet unproven medicine to promote their wares and who dismiss any reasonable suggestion by ridicule or ludicrous accusations rather than actually providing any evidence for their claims.

    • Good question, Be Nice.
      In general, one can only surmise that like politics and religion, there is a polarisation between “Left” and “Right” in Medicine and personal passions evidence themselves without reserve. And somewhere amongst all of this, money and profits in the billions are involved. So it’s inevitable that organised crime involving graft and corruption on a monumental scale, up to and including multiple instances of murder, become involved, too. Unfortunate – and almost equally unavoidable in the current socio-politico-economic environment. I can only suggest you garner what you perceive to be worthwhile information from the posts and disregard the vitriol.

      • And on the subject of murder (which will swing back to Black Salve as the central point of relevance in this forum) it happens that one Harry Hoxsey is strongly suspected to have been one of those victims at the end of a 35-year battle against Morris Fishbein, the AMA and FDA. Fishbein accused him of being nothing more than a horse doctor and although horse doctors ran in the Hoxsey family, he was nevertheless something more. He distinguished himself in the annals of alternative medicine, not only for being arrested some 157 times in 16 months, but for three cancer formulations passed down in his family and learned from observing what a cancer-afflicted horse ate – and subsequently recovered fully from the malignancy. Two of these formulas were orally ingested “tonics” and one was a topical salve. One might fairly safely presume one of these is ancestral to modern-day Black Salves and if I were to hazard a guess, I’d even surmise that Greg Caton’s “Cansema III” could be based upon a Hoxsey oral tonic formula as much as Black Salve certainly appears to be loosely based on the Hoxsey topical formula. That is something I consider to be worth investigating and possibly even using, so perhaps you might follow up with Greg Caton himself on Cansema III.

        The Hoxsey formulas have been claimed to yield an 80% success rate in cancer cure, separately so by Hoxsey himself and subsequently by a nurse in his employ who eventually took over the operation and after three years in the US, took it to Tijuana, Mexico. Qualified data on these 80% efficacy claims are not currently available to me and seem rather sketchy. Only one qualification is reported by my info source and that is that it’s 80% efficacious provided there has been no prior chemo or other allopathic medical intervention. That much makes perfect sense, since in no way should one fully expect a good rate of cure under treatment regimes that crush the Immune System.

        Now, the ingredients are are follows, according to the information source I discovered.

        Harry Hoxsey’s formulas included Red Clover, Burdock root, Barberry bark, Licorice root, Buckthorn bark, Prickly Ash, Poke berries and root, Stillingia root, Cascara Amarga, Potassium Iodide, Zinc Chloride and Antimony Trisulfide.

        Note the similarity with Black Salve. These ingredients are variously anticarcinomic either directly or indirectly, detoxifying, immunomodulating, cathartic, diaphoretic, lymphostimulant, endo-exocrine stimulant, exiguent, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. The Zinc Chloride would be limited to the topical formula, whilst Antimony Trisulphide is an interesting one. If it is included in an oral tonic, it must be in homeopathic concentrations, meaning very, very small. If so, the philosophy behind its use would be along the lines of giving the human system a bit of a nudge and then letting the flow-on effects of a biological response take over. Presently, I have not verified whether it is used as such, or limited to inclusion in the topical formula only. The topical formula, by the way, is obviously an escharotic, like Black Salve as we currently know it.

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  154. Hello Olga,
    I’m unsure as to whether you’re addressing me, or someone else, perhaps. If it’s myself, well, thanks! Sorry that I shall probably move on soon, since what I had to offer on the matter of Black Salve has already been posted and I do need to get back to doing other things.
    I do perceive that there are a couple of loose ends to tie up.
    For example, there may be some confusion among readers regarding Zeolite, due to some disinformation mixed with fact being posted about it in this forum.
    So to clear that one up, it happens that the epidemic of asbestosis and mesothelioma caused by Zeolite mining in Turkey is quite true. But here’s where the disinformation was snuck in under the radar. At least 175 different varieties of Zeolite mineral have been documented. Zeolites are formed when volcanic lava meets saline water, resulting in a generalised composition described as a hydrated aluminium silicate of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Because lava composition varies considerably and also because salinity, temperature and pressure of the water involved also varies, the exact chemical constituency, structural morphology, porosity and chemical behaviour of different Zeolites also vary a great deal. They may be used as filtration agents, chemical catalysts in the laboratory, or possibly in the case of Erionite, as thermal refractory material like asbestos, The type responsible for the epidemic in Turkey is Erionite, a filamentous crystalline type. Its fine needle-like crystals resemble those of Asbestos and indeed, this particular mineral is very much as virulent as Blue Asbestos in destroying lung tissue and causing cancer. It’s very nasty stuff.
    In addition, I would not even recommend that anyone inhale any kind of mineral dust whatsoever, whether it’s any kind of Zeolite or other material. Even without the asbestosis or mesothelioma as it is caused by Erionite, dust encountered in mining operations of any kind is bound to be harmful to the lungs and tends to shorten life expectancy. That would even apply in some degree to Micronised Clinoptilolite, if one were silly enough to inhale it, even though the micronised material will clear from the lungs more easily than non-micronised mineral.
    OK, so Micronised Clinoptilolite is a very different member of the Zeolite mineral group and this is the one specified as the potent cancer cure. It is porous and the pores with a certain electric charge distribution pattern are what capture toxins. It does not have a filamentous structure, does not cause asbestosis and it does not cause any kind of cancer whatsoever. Instead, it is in effect a Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor (CDKI) and that means it will cause genetically faulty cells to fail the G-phase fidelity tests in the cell replication cycle and leave healthy cells completely unaffected. It has unparalleled selectivity. Thus it is an excellent anticarcinomic agent. Naturally enough, it is taken orally – NOT INHALED.
    Another loose end is Oxidative Therapy, where the most commonly used agents are Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide.
    Is Ozone a poisonous gas? In certain concentration ranges, yes. It can cause oxidative damage to tissues. However, that concentration range varies a great deal between different individuals. Disinformation was slipped in under the radar once again in the form of lack of information on HOW it is correctly administered – it was simply and blithely described as a poisonous gas. Guess what? Dioxygen, the oxygen we breathe and can’t survive more than five minutes without – is also lethally toxic at high enough concentrations and pressures. Ask any deep sea diver. It merely happens that Trioxygen (Ozone) is more so because it is a less stable molecule and therefore much more reactive, as well as having a tendency to release Oxygen singlet radicals. With any oxidative therapy, a strict protocol must be followed in order to mitigate this in favour of managing the radicals for the better, instead of allowing them to roam free to do harm in the system. The most strongly favoured protocols are known as Autohaemotherapies. In these, between 200 ml and 600 ml of the patient’s blood is removed and treated with the oxidative agent, whether that be Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide, EX-VIVO. Once it is fully reacted, it is returned into the patient. This signals oxidative stress to the patient’s homeostatic machinery without actually causing oxidative stress, which then responds by generating increased quantities of endogenous antioxidants – CoQ10, SOD and Glutathione in particular. This may be repeated about once every three days. The therapy is also called Oxidative Preconditioning. The antioxidants manage the oxygen radicals, direct them where they can do good work instead of harm (Mitochondrial Complex I for example) and protect the tissues. People thus preconditioned can safely absorb much higher levels of oxidative agents than non-preconditioned people and do so without harm, but instead enjoy accelerated healing capacity, better health, a more active, yet balanced immune system and more energy.
    So it’s a similar story with Hydrogen Peroxide. It’s a bleach. Toxic? Yes, again in certain concentrations or dosages. But as with Ozone, Oxygen or even water, there is a range of concentration that is safe and a range that is not. Yep, that’s even true with water! Ozone is oxidised Oxygen. Likewise, Hydrogen Peroxide is oxidised Water. Both are less than completely stable and release Oxygen singlets. With these singlets, you can make good, or you can make problems. Antioxidants are the keys to effective regulation and tissue protection. You can either stimulate their creation within, or you can infuse them intravenously, or you can take “protected” ones orally. Hydrogen Peroxide can be taken orally with greater safety, because you can govern the dosage, whereas breathing ozonated air does not afford the same level of dosage control. In the case of H2O2, use 35% food grade and dilute it with distilled water one part to 34, which is 1%. The protocol for oral ingestion of an oxidative agent, whether it is Hydrogen Peroxide, DMSO or Chlorine Dioxide, is to begin with very small dosage amounts at low concentrations on an hourly basis and slowly increase the doses over a period of 14 to 21 days towards full therapeutic levels, Older people should use a longer preconditioning period. This gives the body time and opportunity to respond to the oxidative presence by creating those antioxidants and progressively increase them towards high enough levels to deal safely with therapeutic dosages of oxidative agent. It’s a very good way to keep the arteries clear and the heart strong. If you administer full therapeutic doses of an oxidative therapy agent without following such a preconditioning protocol, you will certainly cause harm. Medical supervision is very strongly recommended. Since MD medicos and allopathic clinics rarely if ever provide for such therapies, the logical choices are integrative medicine clinics and ND, BHS or MHS practitioners.

    • Summarizing the substantial and growing body of study results showing deleterious health effects of breathing ozone, in 1976, and reiterated in 2006, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reflects the scientific consensus that ozone is a toxic gas which has, as yet, no demonstrated safe medical application in specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy. One possible reason, noted by the FDA, is that in order for ozone to be effective as a germicide, it must be present in a concentration far greater than can be safely tolerated by man or other animals.
      I gave never seen quite so much I’ll informed and frankly stupid statements in my life.
      Only a moron would suggest that another chemical causes asbestosis. Asbestos causes asbestosis . I think you mean mesothelioma . Which is caused by both .
      ” ask any deep sea diver ” about oxygen ? You mean a high partial pressure of oxygen not just high concentration ?
      There is no evidence for any of the rubbish you print you are simply regurgitating pseudo scientific sounding rubbish . There is not a shred of proof for any of it and since you clearly have no idea what you Re talking about while laing to be intelligent you are only embarrassing yourself with your failure to grasp even basic concepts .
      As for the attribute of made up research or made up properties of made up compounds it’s just pathetic . You writing things doesn’t make them true . Just shows you are grossly deluded and ignorant

      • Erionite is known to be a human carcinogen and is listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a Group 1 Carcinogen.[5] The prevalence of malignant pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma due to erionite exposure in the Central Anatolia Region is very high.[6] Descriptive studies have reported an excess of mortality from mesothelioma in individuals living in three Turkish villages where there was chronic exposure to erionite; only two cases of mesothelioma occurred in the control village, both in women born elsewhere.[7][8] An excess of lung cancer also was reported in two of the three villages contaminated with erionite. Respirable erionite fibers were detected in air samples collected from the affected villages, and lung tissue samples collected from mesothelioma cases contained erionite fibers. A higher proportion of ferruginous bodies with a zeolite core were found in inhabitants of the contaminated villages than of those from the two control villages.[4][5][7] Erionite is reportedly present in the local volcanic tuff.[8]

        There is sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity of erionite in experimental animals. Rats exposed to erionite by inhalation or injection (intrapleural or intraperitoneal) and mice exposed by intraperitoneal injection had high incidences of mesotheliomas.

        You seem to just be choosing chemicals at random and saying they are

        As for Hoxey

        In 1950, Hoxsey submitted case histories of 77 patients to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), claiming that they were “fully documented with clinical records and pathological reports” and that they would demonstrate his treatment’s effectiveness. However, the NCI found that of these 77 reports, only 6 included actual tissue biopsies. Of the 2 biopsies from patients described by Hoxsey as having “internal cancer”, neither showed any evidence of actual malignancy. The NCI concluded that Hoxsey’s records did not contain sufficient information to evaluate his treatment. Hoxsey argued that it was the NCI’s responsibility to seek out the information necessary to verify his case reports, and attributed the failure to do so to a conspiracy on the part of the NCI and AMA.[12]

        Based on a folk story from the 1800’s on his grandfathers claim. He was an ex coal miner. He had no training . He cured no one at all . There is no proof . He has been discredited for almost seventy years . he tried his own treatment when he got cancer . It didn’t work . He took conventional treatment t and lived another seven years . What bit dont you get ?

        • Th is the same rubbish Greg produced …. Interesting that no ond has produced any miracle cure in the last fifty years when people have the ability to diagnose and show proof .
          Just pathetic . And you talk about ” disinformation” . You just write regurgitated rubbish

  155. Michael Murray, you are my hero. I have not even begun to read through the entire exchange you have been having with these folks, but I applaud your attempt to save them from themselves and more importantly from that snake-oil salesman Greg Caton.

    Here are some (extremely graphic) images of what happens when you apply black salve If you are very sensitive, please do not click the link as they show a woman with most of her nose burned off and a large lesion on her forehead.

    Please, people. You are right to question all information given to you. Ask questions and become better-informed. But make sure you can verify your facts and your sources. Don’t become a victim.

    • Are we also victims of the medical industry when a doctor makes a mistake that may cause serious defects of even death.

      Who knows what formula of black salve this lady used.

  156. That’s a fair question. The images are quite graphic and do indicate the use of an escharotic of some kind. It’s unfortunate that there are no accompanying data on the formula, administration methodology and so on. Something else is curious – the final picture depicts the lady and her nose before treatment began. It looks reasonably healthy to me, so if that’s so, then why would salve have been applied to it in the first place? Too many unknowns to draw reliable conclusions. That’s a pity, because if genuine, the whole thing could have been importantly informative. Could there be a contraindication for the use of black salve on tissues with cartilage underlying them? Could that have implications for ears or the costal cartilages? If so, could it be attributable to specific ingredients that possibly should be dispensed with when treating cartilaginous tissue complexes?
    There’s another series of questions relevant to this poor woman’s plight.
    What alternatives could be expected to have done better?
    Chemo? Not a chance. It’s systemic and creates a whole range of other serious susceptibilities via immunosuppression and toxicity.
    Radiotherapy – perhaps Cyberknife? Utterly unthinkable. Not only is there a horribly high failure rate, but the consequences (especially cyberknife) are even worse than what those pictures show. You wouldn’t use it on your worst enemy.
    Maybe an MAB carrier-based photodynamic therapy could work OK, although MABs are notorious for causing autoimmune diseases and anaphylaxia, which is sometimes fatal. Bit extreme for a nose job.
    Surgery? Ah, this must be the obvious orthodox solution. But OK, that means cutting away the offending tissue, doesn’t it? I suspect it would yield results quite comparable to what we already see, so the lady would still need to undergo tissue grafting to reconstruct her nose.
    As I see it, that pretty much leaves other CAM modalities as the only viable options that might produce a more satisfactory outcome. There are a few.
    Interestingly, Clinoptilolite is one of these options, because it has shown efficacy as a topical paste application on superficial cancers. In addition to working in a similar way to something like Bentonite or Pascalite clay, which takes up toxins out of the skin (yes, this kind of clay is a black salve ingredient), but also exhibits a range of direct and superlatively selective anticarcinomic actions, while being at the same time utterly harmless. Even so, whatever is used may not provide a 100% guarantee of complete success. Cliniptilolite’s efficacy is generally around 90% or so for non-terminal cases of just about any cancer (including liver), or around 75 to 78% for terminal cases, but even it does not yield a universal 100% cure rate.
    Thus I still strongly advocate a multimodal approach to the treatment of any patient with cancer – under a sound Integrative Medicine model. Look to the simplest basic priorities first – nutrition, lifestyle, positive outlook, immune support, detox, cut out the carbs, systemic pH, tissue oxygenation, eliminate pathogens. Get the basics right and go from there to the more complex stuff.

    • How do you treat a skin lesion ? Well you go and see someone who makes a diagnosis . Then decide what needs to be done . Skin cancers non melanomas are routinely removed by surgery and has a success rate between 95-98% .
      Or alternatively you follow the crap talked by mad prat …. Apply an unknown quantity of god knows what on to what ever it is you have and hope for the best .
      All because he spouts Mumbo jumbo and picks a chemical at random .

  157. There’s another consideration concerning the lady’s nose. The malignancy may very likely have resided in the cartilage – not the dermal tissue and hence not be visually evident in the last photo. I consider an escharotic would be inappropriate in such a case, because cartilage is very slow to regenerate. On the plus side, it should also be a relatively non-aggressive cancer. I think what would be called for would be a slow apoptogenic treatment supplemented with fibroblastic regeneration promoters, such as Comfrey and Gibberellic Acid. This approach could reconstruct the tissue while the malignancy is being progressively eradicated, thereby causing minimal damage.
    SURGEON: “Well, dear lady, the operation was a success. Never mind the bloody great hole. We’ll reconstruct it for you. How good is your medical insurance?”
    When looking at the basics as described, namely nutrition, lifestyle, positive outlook, immune support, detox, cut out the carbs, systemic pH, tissue oxygenation, eliminate pathogens – these are essentially nonmedical basics. They REQUIRE NO DIAGNOSIS. They are preventive measures to live by in the first instance for good overall health (yes, even pathogens with the right herbal/nutritional components) and in the second instance, still powerfully capable of renormalising compromised biological systems of cancer victims to such an extent that they will cure a significant proportion of sufferers without resort to the more intricate stuff, or necessity to resort to medical interventions. Diagnostics are required, but NOT for any determination of whether these aforementioned measures should or should not be put into effect. They SHOULD BE. This is entirely consistent with the fundamental principle that when you give your body the right resources and opportunity, it will better resist disease and better heal itself. In no disease is it more true than in cancer. LET NOBODY REFUTE THIS. IT IS A FACT. PERIOD. So instead, the diagnostics (which in cases of cancer or any serious diseases are certainly necessary) will be used to determine what other more advanced measures in the form of medical interventions need to be effected IN ADDITION to the basics; and for ongoing monitoring of the patient’s condition.

    • More misinformed rubbish.
      Benign cartilage tumours are usually left alone. Chondrosarcomas are very aggressive and often difficult to treat. And you would suggest “treating” it with plant food.
      Most skin cancers are caused by uv light exposure . Spouting nonsense about tissue ph oxygenation and carb avoidance is unbelievablably stupid.
      Invasive candida is extremely rare normally and claiming that if you don’t eat live yoghurt you will die again is just garbage.
      I’m not sure if you are just incredibly thick or just totally deluded.

  158. I overlooked one of the basics – microbiome support – so add this one to the list. Symbiotic flora are the body’s first line of pathogenic defence and they serve numerous other important functions, including GIT maintenance, digestion, transformation and regulation of a range of biochemicals. They are largely responsible for preventing candida from getting out of hand, thus eliminating, or at least minimising, the risk of it breaking out and becoming aggressive and systemically disseminated.

  159. Back to the lady and her damaged nose, I am convinced the pictures are quite genuine. The likely cause is overuse and Greg Caton has warned against doing this in no uncertain terms on his Alpha-Omega Labs website. I reproduce part of the narrative from a tube clip with a still picture series found at on black salve treatment as it was contributed by Nirvana Anderson. It highlights what I’m getting at. Pictures are not included here – please refer to the clip.

    “Everywhere I put the Salve, I get a reaction. No two sites are identical & they heal quickly, leaving my skin improved. After just a few days, the original treatment has dried and is ready to fall off. There are internet sites that warn about this Salve. Here are the pictures that are used over and over again. I believe the warning pictures are accurate. Never apply the Salve to the whole nose. It requires special care. It is usually the area most extensively damaged by sun exposure. I treat my nose in small sections… …because the Salve can’t discriminate. If there is cancer, the Salve will remove it all. Treating small sections allows each area to thoroughly heal. I have discovered that many people are fiercely anti-Salve without having seen or tried it. They believe that at best, the cream is a superseded treatment, at worst it is a skin eating caustic product that only fools would use. The following pictures are the results of two treatments. One treatment is Aldara, the other is Black Salve. One has damaged the immune systems of its users, the other hasn’t.”

    • So lets get this straight – you – a clearly unqualified person who has repeated demonstrated that you dont know what you are talknig about – comment on Gregs website regarding a treatment that even you admitted doesnt cure cancer – that Greg an unqualified ex convict says not to over do it – amongst the disclaimers saying nothing he says is medical advice – and then report on another nut case unqualfied rant quoting an unqualified ex actress as proof?? This couldnt get any more ridiculous

  160. mad prof – thank you very mach for your informative information. I find your posts are super usefull and will integrate your advices into life, keep it coming and ignore troll murray, he is paid for spreading disinformation

    • I also give English lessons as well …. I have a lot of time on my hands getting paid £1000000 a year to write ” disinformation” ona few websites saying outrageous things like ozone is a poisonous chemical or asbestos gives you asbestosis ….

    • Oh yeah, chemo has a 100% cure rate…NOT. I think ignoring Murray instead of answering to him makes more sense. I’ve seen the effects of chemo, and it’s really a “hit or miss” game.

  161. Wonderer, you are so right. You have said what we are all thinking.

    • Actually having re read all your comments I have to say I have reconsidered. You seem an ill informed idiot who is publishing anything and writing a whole load of crap about nothing and then refusing to make any comment when your cretinous comments and wrong facts are stated….

      • real wonderer

        you are not f@king wonderer but a f@g troll. as you can see english is my 2nd language, try to imitate that! f@g @shhole

        • No you is a fuckin troll by preetend no apeakie engleesh dontA mean you es fuckin stupido as well .
          Whatabit of the crap who likied?
          Abestosis is caused by something other than asbestos? That live yogurt prevents opportunistic infections? That cancer causing chemicals should be used to treat cancer or poisonous chemicals ?do tell because I’m all ears you thick shit…

    • thanks - how easy it is to post and make ti look like someone else

      Please…………. ” thinking “?? Are you serious?


    Yes, you are right. Let’s fix cancer with western medicine. Just like we fixed morning sickness with thalidomide. Western medicine is always right. No need to ever look outside the box. Don’t think for yourself. Just do what you are told. Western medicine has all the answers. Nothing else can ever work.


    And if it does work, we will just discredit it so you think it doesn’t work. Gee, we will even discredit the inventor to ensure that you do not believe anything he or her says. That’s just who we are. WE ARE WESTERN MEDICINE. WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. EVEN IF WE KILL YOU.

    • I know this is difficult for you but bear with me. Cancer is a multitude of diseases. Often it cannot be cured. Western medicine is not successful universally. However nothing is. However it is usually publically funded, published, researched,monitored and administered by trained individuals. It doesn’t make claims that cannot be substantiated. If the hs go wrong like thalidomide ….sixty years ago …. They are found out and changed. It’s not faultless not does it offer 100% cure for everything.
      This however doesn’t mean that this an be used as an excuse to sell any fake medicine over the Internet to desperate people to make money by cashing in on anxiety ,claiming a conspiracy, making unfounded unproven claims and hiding behind pseudoscientific Mumbo jumbo . It’s a multimillion dollar enterprise run by crooks .

  164. It, what doesn’t exist because there’s no proof of its existence, seems nevertheless to have contrived a truth or two. Oh, my, that must have been DIFFICULT.
    Thanks to Wonderer and Thanks. As already mentioned, I may not stick around too much longer, but as long as I do, I’ll try to offer worthwhile stuff.
    Let’s Out Our Trust, you are so right!
    I mean, Western Medicine demands scientific proof. That’s what the Double Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial is all about, right?
    It makes the evidence acceptable, replicable, reliable, trustworthy and so on.
    For example:
    A pharmaceutical corporation gets hold of an idea, which might have come out of university research on a plant, or anywhere else, for that matter. In the case of the plant and usually a single active natural principle isolated from it, it then seeks to develop an artificial method of synthesis from petrochemicals (which is therefore a patentable process) and then further, to develop an artificial derivative which can itself be patented, also. You could take an artificial Flavonoid like Flavopyridol or Ipriflavone, for instance.
    Then it runs all the usual in-vitro and animal in-vivo tests until finally, it comes time to test it on humans, after shelling out an exhorbitant 1.4 million dollars (at last quote I read about) to the FDA for an Investigational New Drug Permit.
    So then, it designs the clinical trial, recruits trial subjects and screens them according to its requirements, custom designs the placebo and keeps its constituency a secret from everybody including the FDA, controls exactly how the trial is conducted, controls the way it is evaluated and assessed, and controls the way its results are reported.
    This keeps everything nice and precisely scientific and nothing gets out of hand.
    And let’s not speak of palm-greasing baksheesh behind the scenes, because that never happens – right? Oops! I spoke of it. Damn…!
    But I have a question.
    Isn’t this a bit like letting the prisoners have the keys to all the prison gates? If you’re a university student, should you get to write your own examination papers and assess them yourself?
    Is this methodology in the way it is regulated by the FDA genuinely true to scientific method – or is it more like the political and marketing sciences applied to the nth degree?

    • “worthwhile stuff”? Are you being serious ? Every time basic mistakes are pointed put to you there isn’t response.
      Your half baked explanation is just that – half baked. Trials are monitored, audited and registered . Placebos are examined and double blinded means no one knows who gets what . They are carried put intend or hundreds of places often invoking thousands or hundreds of thousands. Then larger supervised clinicAl trials then post market observation, that’s why drugs are given warnings or withdrawn because if side effects.
      Alternatively you have black salve or cannabis oil . Both proport to do the same thing. Cure any cancer without relapse without question no side effects .no testing no quality control, no proof, no qualified manufacture. No come back . Of course this is much better .this is ” opening your eyes to the cure” this is ” natural ”
      No wait it is crap.
      Now run along and stop filling up pages with mindless gobbledegook. Just a thought if any of these were actually effective would someone like Steve jobs not be alive? Or just perhaps like the minister who recently sold a cancer cure which turned out to be suntan cream and beef stock – it was just total crap?

  165. Well, that’s your scientific proof, whether you approve of it, or not.

    • You wouldn’t understand the concept of proof if it was spelt out in front of you ….so what is proof then? Testimonials ? YouTube ? Greg catons word? Facebook ?


      • And you do know there is more thsnpnecountry in thr world that trials and tests drugs – hundreds of regatpry authorities thousands of other groups who will test and publish and question others results …
        Daft question really of course you don’t

  166. 1. “But nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause be. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention. That prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt, for man wishes to survive. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime, millions of men must die of cancer unnecessarily.”
    Two Time Nobel Prize Winner Otto Warburg in a meeting of Nobel Laureates, June 30, 1966.

  167. 2. Dr. James Watson won a Nobel Prize for determining the shape of DNA. During the 1970’s, he served two years on the National Cancer Advisory Board. In 1975, he was asked about the National Cancer Program. He declared, “It’s a bunch of shit.” Nobel Prize Winner James Watson. See:

  168. 3. “Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud.” Two Time Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling, pioneer of Vitamin Megadosing cancer therapy and author of several books on Vitamin C and cancer.

  169. 4. “To the cancer establishment, a cancer patient is a profit center. The actual clinical and scientific evidence does not support the claims of the cancer industry. Conventional cancer treatments are in place as the law of the land because they pay, not heal, the best. Decades of the politics-of-cancer-as-usual have kept you from knowing this, and will continue to do so unless you wake up to their reality.” John Diamond, M.D. & Lee Cowden, M.D.

  170. 5. “We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison.” Glenn A. Warner, MD.

  171. 6. “Chemotherapy is an incredibly lucrative business for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. The medical establishment wants everyone to follow the same exact protocol. They don’t want to see the chemotherapy industry go under, and that’s the number one obstacle to any progress in oncology.” Dr. Glenn A. Warner, M.D.

  172. 7. “You wouldn’t believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn’t believe this, or directors of the AMA, or ACA, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That’s the fact.” Hans Alfred Nieper M.D. (1928-1998) [Dr. Nieper was described as an “Orthomolecular Physician” who applied principles of physics to his medical practice. He used a Caesium Chloride protocol in Hanover, Germany to treat cancer patients, but was also a noted pioneer in the treatment Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, he used mineral therapies to treat alcoholism and liver damage.]

  173. 8. “Odd that it’s good enough for, and sought after by the bigshots with enough money, but not allowed for the common people. Ed McCabe, commenting on Dr. Hans Nieper’s remarks about FDA & AMA officials. [Author’s Comment: As of 1998, Ed McCabe was in jail for his campaigning against the medical orthodoxy and was released from custody after serving 18 months. I am not acquainted with precisely what he was convicted of. If I were to hazard a guess, it would likely be for advocating unsanctioned non-pharmaceutical substances for use as actual medical treatments. This is commonly an illegal practice in developed countries. Some such substances may only be advocated as “health supplements”, if anything, whilst others like Ozone or DMSO require administration by qualified, licensed medical practitioners, but are (or have previously been) prohibited. Used successfully and legally in Europe for many years, Ozone is now legally used ex-vivo in California by Oasis Of Hope Hospital as a cancer treatment, which signals a recent change for the better. But generally, advocacy laws prohibit promoting agents that are “not scientifically proven”. That really means “not administratively proven in officially approved trials and thereby not fully sanctioned under existing pharmaceutical regulations”. It has little or nothing whatsoever to do with what is scientifically proven or unproven; and absolutely nothing to do with what is safe and effective, or NOT safe and effective. Money and power are demonstrably more relevant in the provenance of cancer treatments than genuine safety and efficacy.]

  174. 9. “We are not dealing with a scientific problem. We are dealing with a political issue.” Dr. Samuel Epstein, M.D.

  175. 10. “Eleven years ago I discovered that inexpensive zappers routinely cure cancer and AIDS. What’s taking so long for this news to spread? The answer, of course, is subversion, ritual magic, DOR-based radionics and other high-tech magic and, not least, the studious avoidance in the What To Think Network of any mention of this phenomenally liberating, accessible technology.” Don Croft (July 2007) [It is presumed that Don Croft is the progenitor of the electromedical device called “Croft Terminator”. For “Zappers”, see Synoptic List and other Appendices for references to – “Robert Beck Protocol”, “Royal Rife Machine”, “Rife-Bare Machine”, “George Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator”, “Hulda Clark”, “GEIPE”, “Electromedicine” and “Croft Terminator”. Detailed articles exist in Cancer’s Answers for several of these.]

  176. 11. “There will never be a CURE for Cancer until the Establishment can accomplish their objectives by permitting it. Their primary goals are money and control. What big conglomerate will get the blessings of the Big Establishment? Nothing happens on the world scene that is not planned and designed by The Big Establishment. After 30 years of planning Metabolic Programs for some 33,000 Counselees and developing the scientific Paradigm for the PROPER CURE AND TREATMENT OF MALIGNANCY, I would like to share some of the conclusions. First, we fall victim, not only to cancer, but also to the very clever brainwashing of our number one ENEMY. The Medical Establishment and the unending barrage of the conspiracy with the MEDIA and support groups such as the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the American Medical Association and an unlimited number of organizations that make their income from the crumbs that fall from the establishment’s table.” Dr. Kelley DDS.

  177. 12. “An examination of the 62 random cases shows that our success rate has been 82 percent. Considering the patients we called inconclusive but for whom we were able to be of some help, it is over 90 percent.
    Now compare our figures with the official (as of early 1983) American Cancer Society figure of 15 percent of patients who are helped by radiation or chemotherapy. (Also, note that the two physicians in our sampling elected not to be treated with radiation or chemotherapy. We find this to be true of practically all the physician-patients who come to our clinic.)
    Of the people we could not help, those who died or are presumed dead, I am willing to state that we probably could have helped these patients had they not come to us with enormously debilitated immune systems resulting from having already undergone massive chemotherapy or radiation. The profound sadness we at the clinic experience when we receive a patient who already is beyond help is only offset by the great joy and satisfaction we feel when so-called terminal patients walk out of our doors after the accepted tests show them to be on the road to recovery, or when the disease is at least controlled to the point where they are able to lead comfortable and normal lives.
    Each patient cited here has been proved to have cancer by a qualified pathologist examining tissue under a microscope. In medicine only this represents the final proof of cancer. Once the diagnosis is firmly established, the metastases or recurrences may be judged by other means, such as X ray, CAT scan, and palpating (feeling) nodules.” Virginia Livingston Wheeler M.D. (The Conquest of Cancer: Vaccines and Diet p. 18, 19). [Virginia Livingston-Wheeler’s centrepiece of treatment was an autogenous vaccine – possibly the safest of all vaccine types. American legal authorities (spearheaded by the FDA) have stopped her from using that particular part of her cancer treatment protocol on the false pretext of contamination and anaphylactic risk. In this passage, she states a central, incontrovertible truth: “…we probably could have helped these patients had they not come to us with enormously debilitated immune systems from having already undergone massive chemotherapy or radiation.” The same American medical authorities are NOT stopping the butchers who use chemotherapy and radiation.]

  178. 13. “From different kinds of malignant tumours, good results were achieved in the following cases: mammary cancer, cancer of the prostate, testicles, rectum, ovaries, uterus, larynx, brain tumours, malignant melanoma, Hodgkin’s disease. (However, tumours with poor vasculation, e.g., tumours of the bones, sarcomas, lymphoadentises, neuroblastomas, etc. do not show satisfactory improvement.) In the case of leukaemias the blood picture of the patient shows fast and lasting improvement, the number of white blood cells decreases to the normal value, the number of platelets increases. Although I did not deal with diseases of different origin, patients and doctors using the Drops observed that they are effective in the following cases as well: lack of appetite, disorder of digestion, fatigability, weakness, insomnia, enfeeblement, persisting headache, anaemia, menstrual and menopausal problems, nausea, asthmatic diseases, bronchitis, child retention problems in pregnancy, cervical lesions, frequent subfebrility and developmental anomalies in children, certain types of diabetes in children and adults, persisting diarrhoeas of non-bacterial origin, vasoconstriction and hypertension, non-traumatic epilepsy, ulcers, arthritis, haemorrhoidal disease, aphtha, pemphigus and multiple sclerosis.
    The Drops can help 65-70% of the patients suffering from these diseases. Out of this group of patients about 30-35% will be capable of going back to work and lead a normal life. In the case of the remainder (approximately 35%) the question of going back to work does not arise partly because of their advanced age, partly because of the permanent damages caused, e.g. by operations.” Interview with Dr. Jozsef Beres.

  179. 14. “Without exception, all the oncologists I talked to about Dr Burzynski were scornful and hostile. Twenty-five years of practising unconventional medicine did not prepare me for what I discovered. Delving into attitudes, actions, and beliefs of modern oncologists was like opening a box of cereal and finding it full of worms. They just don’t care…. The question I kept asking was why, and the answer to that question gradually began to creep out: Dr Burzynski’s discovery threatens one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the history of mankind, the cancer treatment industry.
    All those radiation machines and doctors who run them
    All those chemotherapy drugs and the doctors who prescribe them
    All those so called studies that just juggle the doses of chemo & radiation, and
    All those surgeons who have been flailing at cancer for over 100 years
    If it (antineoplastons) is allowed to flourish, it renders obsolete the entire cancer treatment industry. He has discovered a non-toxic treatment that is about as close to cure as we have ever seen. If you think the lumber jacks in the Pacific Northwest were scornful of the spotted owl, you haven’t seen anything yet….
    Also it is not just about money, it is about strongly held beliefs, beliefs that have meshed with the personality of virtually everyone in the cancer treatment industry, especially the physicians. In short, these beliefs are that cancer can only be treated with therapies that mutilate, poison, or burn the patient, in the hope that they “kill” the cancer… Therefore, each patient who is miraculously cured by Burzynski’s nontoxic therapy is not viewed as a breakthrough, or even as something good, but rather as a dangerous messenger of heresy, a terrible threat to their beliefs.” Dr Whitaker, M.D.

  180. 15. “My investigation to date should convince this Committee that a conspiracy does exist to stop the free flow and use of drugs in interstate commerce which allegedly has solid therapeutic value. Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals and scientific research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations.” A Report by Special Counsel for a United States Senate Investigating Committee … Making a Fact Finding Study of a Conspiracy against the Health of the American People. [Author’s Note: What should be regarded as both astounding and brazenly criminal, yet in hindsight is hardly surprising at all in the light of the sheer magnitude and depth of corruption in the American medical and political systems – is that the findings of the Senate Investigating Committee made no difference to anything whatsoever.]

  181. 16. “Every discoverer of a cancer remedy has encountered a Chinese wall of resistance,” which has been the same in every page of recorded cancer history, and that the myth that the discoverer of a cancer cure would be “honored, acclaimed, and practically deified as a saviour of the human race,” should be changed to “dishonored, denounced and crucified, unless he is a fair haired boy of the dominating oligarchy.” THE CANCER BLACKOUT: An Illuminating Factual Survey by M. H. Clutter, D.R.L.

  182. 17. “Stanley Kops….has produced proof positive that the oral polio vaccine has always been contaminated with SV-40, a monkey virus which has been linked by the FDA and other organisations with cancers such as mesothelioma and meduloblastoma. Since 1963, we have been assured that polio vaccines have not contained this deadly contaminant. Stanley Kops shows that not only is this not the case, but that the vaccine regulators who are charged with keeping our families safe, have known all along that SV-40 was never removed from vaccines.” Meryl W. Dorey. [Author’s Note: Only the matter of whether the vaccine was actually made free of contamination since 1963 remains unverified and open to question – all other salient facts in this quote are absolutely accurate. That poses the question, “Who is telling the truth and was the virus actually removed post 1963?” Refer to “DIP” in the previous Section A of this Chapter – a methodology for assessing probability of accuracy on the parts of Dorey & Kops Vs. NCI & the Orthodoxy on this question. The inevitable inference to be drawn from it is that the SV-40 contamination was probably not removed. Update: Nowadays, vaccines are made using infected cells bred in laboratories from three aborted human foetuses, according to HSI. I have not yet established when animals ceased to be used for making vaccines, if that is in fact the case. But modern day use of foetal cells throws the door open on a whole new scandal in which the causality of autism in young children (plus a host of other extremely serious autoimmune diseases) is implicated. Human DNA is inherently recombinant in humans, as is viral DNA, whereas animal DNA is not. Daughter cells from recombined DNA exhibit a high degree of genetic incompatibility with the recipient hosts and trigger destructive autoimmune responses on a scale far exceeding that of animal-sourced material. That is not to presume that animal-sourced material (particularly in the form of serum antibody vaccines) doesn’t also trigger autoimmune responses, because it does; merely less frequently. The antibodies (which are proteins encoded in non-human systems, not DNA) are still foreign and shouldn’t be introduced into a human system where they don’t belong.]

  183. 18. “Ozone eliminates… viruses and bacteria from blood, human and stored… Medical ozone is successfully used on AIDS, Herpes, Hepatitis, Mononucleosis, Cirrhosis of the liver, Gangrene, Cardiovascular Disease, Arteriosclerosis, High Cholesterol, Cancerous Tumours, Lymphomas, Leukemia… Highly effective on Rheumatoid and other Arthritis, Allergies of all types… Improves Multiple Sclerosis, ameliorates Alzheimer’s Disease, Senility, and Parkinson’s… Effective on Proctitis, Colitis, Prostrate, Candidiasis, Trichomoniasis, Cystitis. Externally, ozone is effective in treating Acne, burns, leg ulcers, open sores and wounds, Eczema, and fungus.” These results were from many different clinics and repeated year after year.
    Despite all this, the U.S. media still barrages us with sad pleas for money constantly so our medical establishment can “Find a cure” for these diseases. Well, if myself, only one man with a computer and a telephone, can find all this documentation I really don’t think the medical establishment with all its money and vast resources is looking very hard. Do you? OZONE HAS CURED AIDS IN OVER 300 CASES.” Ed McCabe, campaigning medical journalist known as “Mr. Oxygen” has the website [McCabe is correct. It is also true of Hydrogen Peroxide and to a similar extent, Chlorine Dioxide and DMSO. These are all potent oxidative agents that deliver Oxygen into all tissues, healthy and malignant alike. What is significant is that healthy tissues thrive on Oxygen and use antioxidants for regulation and tissue protection, whereas malignant cells and pathogens cannot.]

    • You have verified him fully ?? Really ??0h well thats alright then .
      So just summarise a few tiny mistakes
      Rife zappers don’t work
      Vitamin c doesn’t t work
      Burzynski clinic uses traditional chemo and has published nothing and cured no one
      ” cancer cells can’t use oxygen ” – absolute crap
      ” ozone has cured ….” crap

      You are simply rehashing all gregs rubbish and even quoting from his website
      Individual quotes from conspiracy nutcases is not proof .

      Chemotherapy is a small percentage of drug spending . It is however a massive market for fake cures.

      There are more than one country in the world. There is no conspiracy beyond an unintelligent Americans paranoia .

      So in summary you Have nothing new to say no proof and simply rambling paranoia and random statements from unverifiable sources ,magazines . Not an ounce of evidence . Not a single credible source. Nothing on summary. If that’s your best shot runalong ….

  184. 19. “I became interested in Vitamin C and cancer in 1971 and began working with Ewan Cameron, M.B., Ch.B., chief surgeon at Vale of Leven Hospital in Scotland. Cameron gave 10 grams of Vitamin C a day to patients with untreatable, terminal cancer. These patients were then compared by Cameron and me to patients with the same kind of cancer at the same terminal stage who were being treated in the same hospital but by other doctors–doctors who didn’t give vitamin C, but instead just gave conventional treatments. Cameron’s terminal cancer patients lived far longer compared to the ones who didn’t get 10 grams a day of vitamin C. The other patients lived an average of six months after they were pronounced terminal, while Cameron’s patients lived an average of about six years.” Linus Pauling Interview by Peter Chowka 1996 [Author’s Note: Pauling and Cameron pioneered Vitamin C megadosing, administered intravenously. Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Charles Moertel subsequently conducted clinical trials of Vitamin C Therapy sponsored by NCI in order to determine the relative benefit of using this type of therapy. The results were not statistically better than orthodox performance at all and Moertel made public statements (and of course, formal reports to medical review boards) to this negative effect. However, it was later found that Moertel fixed the design of the trials. He administered lesser doses of Vitamin C; foreshortened dosage periods so they continued only for a small fraction of the full duration of the trials; gave the vitamin C via oral administration instead of intravenously; and which Pauling and colleagues agree to be a relatively ineffectual route; and is accused of other indiscretions of even more vile nature, for in having cheated the trial’s design, he allowed patients to die who might otherwise have lived. He is further accused of convincing other patients on the same vitamin C therapy to discontinue it in favour of some filthy orthodox treatment – resulting in more unjustified deaths. According to Pauling and Cameron, the dosages must be significantly higher; must be administered intravenously; and must not be discontinued in the persisting presence of cancer. Therefore, those Moertel trial results at Mayo Clinic must be taken to be false and corrupt. Moertel and his colleague Creaghan must be considered to be murderers.]

  185. 20. “As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, your best chance of living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals and learn nutrition, herbal medicine and other forms of natural medicine unless you are fortunate enough to have a naturopathic physician available. Almost all drugs are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone. Vaccines are highly dangerous, have never been adequately studied or proven to be effective, and have a poor risk/reward ratio. Most surgery is unnecessary and most textbooks of medicine are inaccurate and deceptive. Almost every disease is said to be idiopathic (without known cause) or genetic – although this is untrue. In short, our mainstream medical system is hopelessly inept and/or corrupt. The treatment of cancer and degenerative diseases is a national scandal. The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be.” Dr. Allan Greenberg (Dec 24, 2002). [My research into pharmaceutical drugs fully confirms Dr. Greenberg’s assertion that almost all of them are toxic; and further, that vaccines (plus MABs and rDNAs) are highly dangerous. Even the seemingly innocent Paracetamol is actually the world’s Number One cause of Liver Failure – which is fatal; while Aspirin actually kills about one in two thousand chronic users, or about one in thirty thousand people each year overall in developed countries, by causing brain haemorrhage. Additionally, having come to understand the human biology and dynamics of cancer and several other diseases in depth, I can only agree fully that nutrition and natural medicine are cornerstone knowledge bases for anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life.]

    • This is thr funniest ….. So you are in a road traffic accident …and have a fractured skull with a subdiral maematoma .,.. And he would seek a natruropathic doctor for aromatherapy and dietary advice …. Well guess what he is a moron

  186. 21. “There is not one, but many cures for cancer available. But they are all being systematically suppressed by the ACS, the NCI and the major oncology centres. They have too much of an interest in the status quo.” Dr. Robert Atkins, M.D. [It took many years of painstaking research and study, but the project has been worth my time and effort. As a result, Cancer’s Answers now elucidates most of these many cures for cancer to which Dr. Atkins refers. I have also verified him fully correct on the matters of suppression and other misconduct on the parts of ACS, NCI and major oncology centres – MSK and Mayo in particular.]

    • I want murderers try clinics sin Mexico where they give coffee enema s or people who sell black salve on the Internet and claim it cures “50% of internal cancers ” or ozone or suntan lotion with beef paste ….
      Or better still try not getting “evidence “from fifty years ago …. Even greg agreed it was crP

  187. A university radio station aired an interview with two female university scientists on July 5th, 2013. They’ve been studying effects of two immunomodulating agents on Mesothelioma and other lung cancers, which presumably, though not stated, are SCLC and NSCLC. Complete and permanent cures, where the cancers never return, were indicated. The immunomodulating agents were not named. Apparently, in view of the ongoing research being far from complete, the researchers are playing it close to the chest and not revealing too much. Aloe Vera was mentioned as a source, If there was another source for the second compound, I did not catch it as I listened to the segment. But since Aloe Vera accounts for at least one of the two substances, I can at least name that one with confidence. It is Acetyl-mannan, a long-chain fibre sugar built on mannose units. The researchers speak of the compounds activating macrophages in particular, though I have reason to believe there is a broader spectrum of immune response that engages other types of leucocyte, too. This compound is one of the most potent innate immune system activators known to medical science. Many types of long-chain sugar are known for activating the innate immune system. Beta-1,3-1,6-glucans found in some species of Japanese mushroom such as Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi contain these. Incidentally, although it is totally harmless to humans, Acetyl-mannan is illegal in the US. No surprises there!
    The researchers have published several papers relating to this work in peer-reviewed journals and they say there has been a good deal of enthusiastic reaction to the results so far achieved in this “new research”. In my view, much of what they’re doing sounded a bit like “old hat” to me, since the general properties of Acetyl-mannan at least are already fairly well-known. However, there may be some useful elucidations of biochemical pathways and mechanisms of action emerge from the work that will add to the body of existing knowledge.
    Beyond that, I doubt that when it comes to the crunch, there will ultimately be a formally recognised and approved cancer treatment emerge from it. So, it is likely to become another string of research and means of treatment that goes underground, like so many others have over the last 90 years.

  188. 22. “We went through the records and we found over five hundred of his patients who were alive and well five years after their treatment, with no cancer. And Dr. Burton didn’t selectively give us these. These were “take what you want. Here are the patients I treated.” So there was statistical improvement — more so than any cancer institution in the United States could show.” Fascism in Medicine by Gary Null, Ph.D.

    • responding to continious posting of utter rubbish

      Please are you going to quote the entire book as if it is evidence?

  189. 23. “Dear Reader:
    My name is Charles Pixley, 4810 Saint Paul Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14617.
    My telephone number is 716 266 4630.
    In April of this year [1997] I was found guilty in a Federal Court and sentenced to serve a jail term, for causing to be imported a Homoeopathic compound derived from camphor, from Canada known as 714X. A very successful treatment for cancer and other degenerative disease. Not because it did not work, but because it was mis-labeled. The US Attorney told my attorney that the FDA wanted me silenced. As a result of this trial my book was banned and a GAG order placed upon my speech.
    Just as the high tide raises all boats, we need again all the public response that we can muster to expose the light of truth of this story, which is born of commitment to working to achieve a goal common to all, persistence and obstinate resistance to crimes against humanity.
    Today America and most other nations are caught in the middle of an epic betrayal; the deadliest of tyrannies or trade wars ever. Today personal choice in medicine may be likened to Henry Ford’s comment, “you may have any color car, so long as it’s black.” This trade war is not new, but a culmination of a concerted effort focusing its energies particularly since the 1920’s.
    In cancer therapy alone 2.5 million Americans die per year, predominantly because they are only allowed “Allopathic” methods of treatment, limited to Surgery, Chemicals and Radiation, which are lethal, destructive to the bone marrow, the immune system, the heart, liver or kidney’s [sic], and carcinogenic.
    They are dispensed with regular doses of negative reinforcement and/or false hope, cloaked in the term remission between billing cycles.
    Insurance companies are cost plus providers, which have no incentive to reduce costs. They act as “gatekeeper” and for their role in the monopoly will not pay for any treatment which comes from outside the cartel. This nation is coming to understand this horror is a result of complacency as well as collusion between government agency, pharmaceutical interests and institutional medicine and its powerful financial influence over nearly every facet of the worldwide bureaucracy and mass media.
    For many years there have been treatments available which are successful and usually NOT harmful for diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, organ regeneration and other diseases. One by one these treatments and their creators or proponents have been targeted by the FDA, which I call the “office of orthodoxy enforcement,” illegally using just powers derived from the consent of governed.
    These forms of tyranny are always accompanied by multi agency intrusions or harassment, confiscation of private medical files, censorship of written materials and threats or prosecution.
    Kervorkian has forced the issue into the Second and Ninth Circuits which have ruled that the Sovereign Citizen has a Right to choose the time and manner of his/her death. This Fall, we will argue in the Second Circuit that denial of access is the equivalent of passive genocide, and that the concomitant Right must also exist, the manner in which you choose to preserve life.
    There is much more to share, should you have an interest, we have done much research in the area of passive genocide through FDA programs. We have an exceptional chance of success; however, to win this battle, I need your help too! Conversely, if I can be of service, you may call upon me at any time.
    Charles Pixley.” Charles Pixley, National Executive Director, Association of Eclectic Physicians. [When reviewing Cancer Quotes, I decided it was time to find out precisely who Charles Pixley was and what were his credentials. The original quoted text here was that now shown in dark blue (from Cancer Tutor) and “Charles Pixley” appeared as the source with no additional information. I presumed he was an investigator. When I punched up the name in the Firefox search field, it returned several hits and the first yielded the full text of his quote and his position in the organization named above. I can now fairly safely presume that he is a practising physician as well as a founder of this Association of Eclectic Physicians. Clearly, he also has an active association with the famous microbiologist, Gaston Naessens of Canada. From another letter by Charles Pixley, I derived eight more quotes – #155, #156, #157, #158, #159, #160, #161 & #162. Like so many other quotes reproduced in this series, they lividly show the FDA up for what it is – a rotten-to-the-core clique of inhuman, passively genocidal criminals, who are, for all practical intents and purposes, effectively owned and bankrolled by the pharmaceutical cartel. The outcome of the Second/Ninth Circuit hearings was unsatisfactory: something to the effect of, “We are reluctant to set new precedents on this matter”, so despite previous and direct legal precedents in this very stream, the “concomitant right” to choose one’s manner or methodology of preserving human life, was not supported, reasserted or enshrined by the courts. The judges elected to ignore the relevance or status of those prior cases of legal precedence. One would have thought that in a benevolent democracy, such a Right should be considered automatic and inalienable, but here is evidence that it is not.]

  190. 24. “There had been a head of the AMA (who later turned out to be a fraud) his name was Fishbein and he was rampantly opposed to any alternative therapy. He went after Hoxsey, the Hoxsey therapy back in the 1940’s and 50’s, and destroyed Hoxsey. But not before Hoxsey sued the AMA and Fishbein and [proved] that the therapy actually worked. But it didn’t help him because they closed him down anyhow” Fascism in Medicine by Gary Null, Ph.D. [That wasn’t all. It’s a matter of official record that the compensation he won in his “successful” lawsuit against the AMA and Fishbein was $2. Yes, that’s right… TWO DOLLARS. Even in the present day, it remains a favourite tactic on the parts of orthodox shakedown artists (especially, but still not limited to the FDA) to prosecute or litigate regardless of the probability of obtaining a successful verdict.]

  191. 25. “Over the next three years, Krebiozen was destroyed. But to destroy Krebiozen you first had to destroy Andrew Ivy. How do you destroy the most influential, respected scientist in the United States? You get friends in the media. You get rid of his academic affiliations. You start a whisper campaign. And next thing you know, nobody wants to know the man. It took about five years, then they brought him up on a trial of fraud. It was at that point the longest medical trial in the United States’ history. At the end of it, the jury found Ivy and the Durovic brothers innocent. Not only that, but they found the FDA irresponsible. And the jury actually made a statement, which is rare, about the contempt that the FDA had for honesty in what it did at trial.” Fascism in Medicine by Gary Null, Ph.D. [Krebiozen, an alternative cancer treatment agent I eventually identified as Creatine Monohydrate, was used by Stevan Durovic and Andrew Ivy – see,9171,842474-2,00.html and Wikipedia.]

    • responding to continious posting of utter rubbish

      more quotations…………….personal opinion by a looney selling a book…..meaningless

  192. A little more on Clinoptilolite (Zeolite):

    During five months, the progress of 114 terminal cancer patients treated with zeolites was observed and their case histories were recorded in the Svecnjak clinic in Zagreb and the VITA NOVA clinic in Umag, Croatia.

    21 of these patients had brain tumours considered terminal. They were in bad general condition, immobile and only received palliative care, i.e. antidepressant and pain medication. Three to four weeks after starting on the powdered zeolite, their health had significantly improved. No longer did they suffer epileptic seizures, they also had become more mobile and some of them had regained the ability to read, to wash themselves and to communicate normally. After five months, 14 of these patients (67%) showed no signs of cancer.

    40 other patients had end-stage primary lung tumours. Three and four weeks after beginning the zeolite treatment, their overall condition was significantly improved. They suffered much less pain and were able to breathe and move without difficulty. Only one of those “terminal” cancer patients died due to an extremely cachectic state.

    53 final-stage highly cachectic patients suffered from gastro-intestinal cancer. With this group of patients, the positive effect took somewhat longer to become apparent (weeks 5 to 7), and 4 patients died in the initial phase of taking the supplement. All the other patients improved and recovered, after 5 months only a few showed traces of their former symptoms (92% positive response).

    • responding to continious posting of utter rubbish

      where is this published? Are you back to the chemicals that cause cancer and “asbestosis” in the USSR … they are curing ? if you want to be taken seriously – which clearly you dont – publish the reference as to where this article was published – otherwise it is meaningless

  193. 26. “So what do they do? They start writing articles in the New York Daily News. Boy, that’s a paper that loves to write crap on people, isn’t it? Wanna talk about a paper that supports fascism! Man, I’ve seen more doctors hatcheted in there. The butchery they did on Emmanuel Revici, the butchery they did on Lawrence Burton, calling him nothing more — what was the quote the guy said?. . . “Burton is nothing more than a horse doctor.” Denigrating him, tearing down his character.” Fascism in Medicine by Gary Null, Ph.D.

  194. 27. “But today in the United States, and this shows you where fascism REALLY exists, ANY doctor in the United States who cures cancer using alternative methods will be destroyed. You cannot name me a doctor doing well with cancer using alternative therapies that is not under attack. And I KNOW these people; I’ve interviewed them.” Gary Null (1994).

  195. 28. “A solution to cancer would mean the termination of research programs, the obsolescence of skills, the end of dreams of personal glory, triumph over cancer would dry up contributions to self-perpetuating charities… It would mortally threaten the present clinical establishments by rendering obsolete the expensive surgical, radiological and chemotherapeutic treatments in which so much money, training and equipment is invested….The new therapy must be disbelieved, denied, discouraged and disallowed at all costs, regardless of actual testing results, and preferably without any testing at all.” Robert Houston and Gary Null.

  196. 29. “I think Coley’s Toxins used in a proper manner for a long enough duration could cure well over half of all cancers that are solid malignant tumours…. But treating cancer with Coley’s Toxins in the US today (1994) is illegal” Wayne Martin. [Coley’s Toxins were comprised of a bacterial inoculation (dead baceteria of the two species, Streptococcus Pyogenes and Serratia Marcescens) and produced an immune response.]

  197. 30. “We have found Laetrile to be effective in people that have active cancer; but that is not its only function. For the prevention of cancer and the maintenance of remission there is nothing as effective as Laetrile. Its non-toxicity permits its use indefinitely in the prevention of relapses and the prevention of metastases.” Contreras Hospital, Mexico [This statement was made by Dr. Ernesto Contreras when he was in charge of Oasis Of Hope, many years ago. His son, Dr. Francisco Contreras, now heads the medical teams at Oasis in Tijuana and California. Daniel Kennedy heads the administrative division. Take particular note of Ernesto’s comments, “… maintenance of remission there is nothing as effective as Laetrile. It’s non-toxicity permits its use indefinitely…”]

  198. 31. “Throughout his career Dr Christopher spent his life in and out of court and in and out of jail. He was handcuffed and taken away after one of his lectures for giving herbs to ease the suffering of a woman with terminal cancer. Usually the jury acquitted him against the instructions. Finally in 1969 he was not so lucky and was given a suspended sentence, because prescribing (suggesting herbs) without a licence was a felony.” Dr Shulze, M.D.

    • responding to continious posting of utter rubbish

      are you going to print A . any proof? b. Anything that isnt a quotation? c. anything that isnt at least forty years old?

  199. The centrepiece of the Johanna Budwig Diet and Bill Henderson Protocol is a mixture of cottage cheese and flaxseed (linseed) oil. The flax is rich in Omega fatty acids, which, whether O-3, O-6 or O-9, are all active Cox-2 and 5-LPO inhibitors. That means, they exhibit anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and in addition, exhibit anticarcinomic action as a flow-on effect (5-LPO commonly characterises a good many cancer cell lines). They are used in a number of topical anti-inflammatory and pain-killing formulas to very good effect. However, when mixed with cottage cheese, they react to produce an enzyme that exhibits more profound anticarcinomic effects.

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      More crap – fatty acids and cottage cheese – absolutely ridiculous

  200. 34. “If you can shrink the tumour 50% or more for 28 days you have got the FDA’s definition of an active drug. That is called a response rate, so you have a response…(but) when you look to see if there is any life prolongation from taking this treatment what you find is all kinds of hocus pocus and song and dance about the disease free survival, and this and that. In the end there is no proof that chemotherapy in the vast majority of cases actually extends life, and this is the GREAT LIE about chemotherapy, that somehow there is a correlation between shrinking a tumour and extending the life of the patient.” Dr. Ralph Moss, PhD (former publicist for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital.) [Although Ralph is not a medical doctor and his PhD is a classic one, he is nevertheless correct. All over the internet, you will find hundreds of CAM experts (especially practising naturopaths and maverick medical doctors) stating flatly and vehemently that there’s no significant correlation. And they back it up with reliable science. Time and again, Cancer’s Answers states that killing cancer cells is not the main solution, because it does not correct the cause of the disease; and because in the cases of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it destroys the body’s constitution and its innate ability to restore the internal biological balance. So usually, chemotherapy makes things worse. Slaughtering large numbers of cells, whether healthy or malignant, actually presents deadly dangers such as increased virulence and TLS – not solutions. What we have here is a false medical paradigm.]

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      Even more crap – he is not a doctor – but a classic Phd ? What the fuck does that mean? “All over the internet” – so what – they back it up with reliable science? Really – where??????
      Print a single reference ……… to these hundreds of non doctors printing anything of relevance that stands up to any scrutiny

      You are just printing any crap you can find – you are simply copying statements . This is not evidence . It is as valid as quoting people who say they have been abducted by aliens . its opinion – usually by quacks trying to make money or sell books

  201. 35. “We know that conventional therapy doesn’t work—if it did you would not fear cancer any more than you fear pneumonia. It is the utter lack of certainty as to the outcome of conventional treatment that virtually screams for more freedom of choice in the area of cancer therapy. Yet most so-called alternative therapies regardless of potential or proven benefit, are outlawed, which forces patients to submit to the failures we know don’t work, because there is no other choice. “The FDA, NCI and ACS, and the large treatment centres work to eliminate choice of cancer therapies, particularly better ones. They openly attack breakthroughs made by “mavericks”, which they define as anyone outside their ranks. Folks, any serious study of how these entities work together to destroy hopeful approaches to cancer reveals a trail of corruption, conspiracy, dishonesty, and inhumanity that warrants designation of evil…. We continue to use them not because they work, but because those who perform them have so vigorously eliminated any other choice.
    First, I would not even check in with a conventional oncologist, particularly not one from a prominent cancer institution. Their expertise is in implementing the erroneous paradigm that cancer must be purged from the body with toxic methods. This, in my opinion, is no more valuable than maps from the Flat Earth Society. When there is a paradigm shift—and we definitely are in the middle of one with cancer treatment—those sitting on the lofty perches of authority are the last to make the change, because they are guarding the paradigm about to be replaced. I don’t buy maps of a flat earth, and I wouldn’t go to the NCI or Memorial Sloan-Kettering Centre for cancer treatment.
    I’d turn my back on 50 years of institutionalised expertise, because it follows the wrong paradigm. Everything that is done in medicine today or in any other discipline fits some paradigm. The paradigm I use for cancer is that it is a systemic problem in which the normal control mechanisms of your body are altered. Your immune system likely bears the largest burden for this control; thus, all techniques that enhance it are promising. Those that damage it are not.” Julian Whitaker, MD. [Author’s Note: I reproduced one sentence of this quote in bold. Read it again. It’s the first and most important piece of good advice you will ever receive concerning cancer. NCI and ACS maintain websites, which I have myself visited for the purpose of garnering and analysing information about cancer and its treatments. In my Websites Directory of the Appendices, I have recorded comments and accordingly rated these sites, amongst others. Of course, after studying vast amounts of material, I openly state that I am in agreement with Dr. Whitaker’s statements regarding these organisations (plus others, including MSK and Mayo). Doctor Whitaker is not alone amongst medicos and scientists in making such statements against these institutions, either. I personally recommend that you firstly see my comments on the NCI and ACS websites; and then visit them yourself – in doing so, I believe you can only draw the same conclusions as those of Doctor Whitaker and myself. And it happens that Dr. Whitaker’s analysis of control mechanism failure (largely borne by the Immune System) as being the engine of cancer proliferation is absolutely, if conditionally correct. The one caveat one needs to understand is that behind all this is a fundamental microbial cause – viruses and microbes. It follows for various reasons that his resultant treatment paradigm is without question the correct one, also.]

  202. 36. “There is no better example of the weakness of our dominant medicine than its clearly ineffective War on Cancer. There is no better example of the superiority of a complementary approach than in the management of this dread disease…. We are equally concerned about whether mainstream medicine’s demand for proof works to maintain it at its current level of ineptitude.” Dr. Atkins, M.D. [That’s the opposite side of the same coin. No, the demand for proof does not work in the same way for pharmaceutical or other orthodox treatments. If it did, there’d be no such drugs for cancer treatment as Mustard Gas derivatives, Platins, Anthracyclines, MABs or a host of other dangerous poisons. In point of fact, it’s not a demand for proof, but a demand instead for huge fortunes, that masquerades as a demand for proof. This is particularly so in view of the quality of proof required for a pharmaceutical drug to gain FDA approval. It is borne by the fact that clinical trials for an IND (Investigational New Drug) are conceived, designed, recruitment screened, conducted, assessed and reported on by none other than the pharmaceutical corporations seeking their approval – AND their placebos, which are not truly placebos at all, are also custom formulated and kept absolutely secret, even from the FDA.]

    • responding to continious posting of utter rubbish

      another quotation . Meaningless.
      You seem to be avoiding answering any questions like how do American authorities control the rest of the world?

  203. responding to continious posting of utter rubbish

    Coleys toxins………….from 1896 ………….yes of course ….and laetrile……….the cyanide poisoning nut extract from 1920’s ….are you sure you’re not Greg as this is all the same stuff over and over………..but guess what – some blocke who seels it says its safe .well that is alright then …must be true

  204. 38. “The great success stories of chemotherapy were always in relatively obscure types of cancer. Childhood leukemia constitutes less than two percent of all cancers and many of chemotherapy’s other successes were in diseases so rare that many clinicians had never even seen a single case (Burkitt’s lymphoma, choriocarcinoma, etc.)” Ralph Moss

  205. 39. “The drugs’ or surgery’s only approach that modern medicine uses to treat today’s diseases is archaic.” Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. [I wouldn’t use the word, “archaic”. Traditional medicine is archaic, yet in principle and generally also in efficacy, it is usually often found to be superior to orthodox medical practices of the 19th, 20th and early 21st Centuries. I would instead prefer to use the descriptor, “barbaric”.]

  206. 40. “I look upon cancer in the same way that I look upon heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, or even obesity, for that matter, in that by dramatically strengthening the body’s immune system through diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise, the body can rid itself of the cancer, just as it does in other degenerative diseases. Consequently, I wouldn’t have chemotherapy and radiation because I’m not interested in therapies that cripple the immune system, and, in my opinion, virtually ensure failure for the majority of cancer patients.” Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. [This is one of the central failures in orthodox oncology – the irrefutable fact that most orthodox chemotherapy drugs cripple the Immune System, when it is the Immune System’s optimal functionality that is itself central (and indeed critical!!) to combating the disease successfully. Dr. Whitaker is unconditionally correct.]

  207. 41. “The Hunzakuts eat the fresh apricots for the three months they are in season and the remainder of the year they eat dried apricots. They never eat a dried apricot without enclosing the seed between them. This supplies them with better than average of 50 to 75 milligrams of Vitamin B17 a day. There are many of us in the Western World who don’t ingest this amount of Vitamin B17 in the course of an entire year. As a result we’re in the midst of a fulminating deficiency of Vitamin B17 or nitriloside, the anti-neoplastic vitamin. Its absence from our diets accounts for the fact that cancer in our population has reached such a pandemisity as to account for its occurrence in one in every three American families.” Ernst Krebs. [The vitamin status of Amygdalin, Laetrile or Linamarin is disputed by most scientists and in addition, it has been claimed that Dr. Krebs named it Vitamin B17 in order to capitalise commercially on the Vitamin supplement craze which was burgeoning at around that time. But when one examines all the other vitamins and even just those of the B Group alone, one finds a chemical diversity that defies understanding – they are mostly complexes: that is, substances comprising two or more distinct types of basic molecular chemicals and in this, these three nitrilosides are no exceptions. By definition, a vitamin is an essential substance the body MUST have in order to maintain health – and which the lack of results in a specific deficiency disease. Scurvy, Ricketts and Pellagra are but three examples. In most cases, these are substances that the body cannot synthesise itself. Vitamin D is a peculiar exception, since it is naturally synthesised in human skin with UVB. Technically, it is therefore not an “Essential Vitamin”, since to qualify for that descriptor, it must be one which the body cannot synthesise otself and must acquire from external nutritional sources. If we accept Dr. Krebs’s assertion that Amygdalin is a genuine anticarcinomic and that its deficiency is conducive to cancer, then it should technically qualify as a vitamin and indeed, an “Essential Vitamin” on the additional basis that the body cannot synthesise it. So the qualification of what is or isn’t a true Vitamin does seem somewhat arbitrary. The Hunza do in fact enjoy longer lives (up to 120 years is common). They also enjoy far lower cancer incidence rates AND far higher cancer survival rates, despite having very poor access to orthodox medicine (or rather perhaps thanks to poor access). That further legitimises Dr. Krebs’s claim. However, a situation has arisen whereby the substance itself was systematically discredited through manipulated publicity and systematically disapproved within the medical and pharmaceutical system, regardless of its true vitamin status or its real efficacy – especially through corrupted medical trials at MSK. Finally, it is in fact a provenly effective anticarcinomic and when used correctly via IV infusion, surprisingly safe. See Cancer Quote #30 from Dr. Ernesto Contreras of Oasis Of Hope Hospital and Quote #42.]

  208. 42. “Kanematsu Sugiura…..took down lab books and showed me that in fact Laetrile is dramatically effective in stopping the spread of cancer. The animals were genetically programmed to get breast cancer and about 80 – 90% of them normally get spread of the cancer from the breast to the lungs which is a common route in humans, also, for how people die of breast cancer, and instead when they gave the animals Laetrile by injection only 10-20% of them got lung metastases. And these facts were verified by many people, including the pathology department.” Ralph Moss. [Ralph Moss was employed by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital as its media publicist. Kanematsu Sugiura was a laboratory researcher at this same hospital. When MSK administrators started fudging Kanematsu’s lab reports on Laetrile, he must have brought the dirty work to Moss’s attention. Moss went public with the truth and MSK subsequently fired him. I have no information about what happened to Kanematsu, but it is probable that his career was crashed and burned by MSK.]

  209. 43. “Since I had never been seriously ill, I wondered if my (cancer) condition had anything to do with the death of my son. Three years later, as chief of internal medicine in a so-called gynecology-oncology clinic at Munich University, I had the opportunity to study female patients with cancer and to compare my findings to see if the mechanism was the same as mine; if they too had experienced such a terrible shock. I found that all of them, without exception, had experienced the same type of biological conflict as I had. They were able to recollect the shock, the resulting sleeplessness, weight loss, cold hands and the beginning of tumor growth. At the time, my point of view was very different from all the current medical concepts, and when I presented these discoveries to my colleagues, they gave me an ultimatum: either to deny my findings or leave the clinic immediately.” Dr. Hamer (website source redacted) [The condition referred to in this quote is sure to be what psychiatrists call “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Central Nervous System disorders of this kind, to which we can add Chronic Depression, Bipolar and some other disorders are known to associate with abnormally low levels of healthy cell signalling compounds and correspondingly high levels of problematic ones. A major and almost inevitable effect of such systemic biochemical imbalance is Immune System dysfunction, resulting in a host of susceptibilities – to such afflictions as infection, obesity, diabetes and cancer – and the victim’s inability to combat the conditions satisfactorily.]

  210. 44. “As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good.” Alan Nixon, Ph.D., Past President, American Chemical Society.

  211. 45. “It amazes me how much of what passes for knowledge in cancer therapy turns out to be incomplete, inadequate, and anecdotal.” Ralph Moss, Ph.D.

    46. “Your toxic concoctions (chemo) are actually the false hope you worry so much about.” William Kelley Eidem, author “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer”.

    47. “Two to 4% of cancers respond to chemotherapy……The bottom line is for a few kinds of cancer, chemo is a life extending procedure—Hodgkin’s disease, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, Testicular cancer and Choriocarcinoma.” Ralph Moss, Ph.D. 1995 Author of Questioning Chemotherapy.

    48. “A combination of laetrile, Gerson, enzymes and Coley type vaccines would cure over 95% of cancers.” Frank Hourigan, co-author with Dick Richards, M.D. of The Good News on Cancer.

    49. “This (Coley’s toxins) is really an effective treatment and it’s an OUTRAGEOUS crime of the century that we at MSK were able to cure cancer a 100 years ago that they can’t cure today.” Ralph Moss

  212. 50. “Medications are palliatives. They are not designed to cure the degenerative diseases of the body.” F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. [That is a perfectly accurate assessment in the vast majority of cases. Only very recently have some pharmaceutical drugs begun to emerge on the market with some partial ability to cure. An example is the latest drug for the treatment of viral Hepatitis – particularly HBV & HCV. Success rate is claimed to be in the order of 90% and side effects are claimed to be minimal and easily tolerated. How true these claims are in reality still definitely remains to be seen. The drug is based on recombinant DNA. I have not examined it closely, but I strongly suspect it may use an engineered virus as the carrier. If that surmise is correct, it must surely throw up a new spectre of possible danger. Playing with engineered viruses opens a veritable Pandora’s Box of potentially dangerous unknowns, especially with recombinant DNA. Some MABs produce cures in cancer and other diseases, but there is a terrible cost in fatalities and the infliction of permanent autoimmune diseases. Addendum November 2012: A personal friend of mine was administered this new and allegedly safe hepatitis treatment. It nearly killed her and no, it did not wipe out the HCV – only some 95% of it. Before very long, the viral infection would have returned to its previous levels of severity.]

  213. To blog readers here, I should perhaps confess I’m having some fun, here. Lots more to come and although they are quotations (hardly original, of course) they do form a compelling body of evidence, even if they don’t meet the “strict” standards of “proof” that have given us such wonder drugs as Vioxx, Avandia, Neurontin, nitrogen mustards, anthracyclines, nitrosoureas, platins, MABs and rDNAs. Yet even then, the comments point to a host of excellent alternative medicine modalities and with my own footnotes, also form a body of information about various useful things to know such as aspects of the human biology and so forth.

    I’d like to speak of pharmaceutical contrivances a bit more, here.

    Until recently, approximately 25% of pharmaceutical drugs were derived from natural agents isolated from plants or some other natural sources. They would be isolated after the whole plant or other whole biological entity/substance was tested and tested individually – usually in-vitro. The most active isolates would then be concentrated and a chemical process would be developed for each to duplicate it artificially. Oh, but that’s not much good commercially, because the competition can still easily market the same stuff. So they take each one and treat it with chemical reagents, such as nitric or hydrochloric acids with buffers to nitrify or chlorinate these substnaces. In many cases, they may also methylate, acetylate or polyphenylate them – or some such modification – any modification that will produces a range of derivatives which do not occur in Nature. These can be patented and therefore protected from plagiarism under law. They are progressively eliminated from contention as the “new drug” on the basis of “efficacy” and “safety&#